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Wired868 and I: Tell us your story

Fast, clever and entertaining.

Wired868 opened its doors on 12 January 2012 and has pumped breaking sport stories, witty satirical news pieces and thought provoking columns and opinion pieces to your smart phone, computer and other internet devices ever since.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago football fans enjoy the show during 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 24 March 2017. (Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago football fans enjoy the show during 2018 World Cup qualifying action at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 24 March 2017.
(Courtesy Chevaughn Christopher/Wired868)

Wired868 is proud to lead the way in coverage of the Trinidad and Tobago national football team and local football ever since and to be a vital source of information on the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA), the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) and CONCACAF.

Our list of exclusive stories are too much to mention and includes: the Soca Warriors’ historic 2006 World cup bonus case, the questionable “I Support Akeem” Native Spirit campaign for late footballer Akeem Adams, Jack Warner’s Haiti aid scandal and ownership of the Centre of Excellence, TTFA president David John-Williams’ use of local football money for his own Caribbean football ambitions and his club’s shabby treatment of ex-national player Dwight Quintero, Brent Sancho’s diversion of CONCACAF money for Central FC to his private bank account while Sport Minister and his alleged request for an improper payment during transfer negotiations, and Thema Williams’ tumultuous battle with the Trinidad and Tobago Gymnastics Federation (TTGF) as she tried to represent her country at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and unprecedented court action afterwards.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago international gymnast Thema Williams. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago international gymnast Thema Williams.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

While our satirical pieces, courtesy of Mr Live Wire, also cause quite a stir.

Who can forget President Anthony Carmona’s eye-raising battles with comedian Rachel Price and blogger and educator Rhoda Bharath? Or Kamla Persad-Bissessar v Jack Warner? Or Warner’s revenge against the then cougar-in-chief?

What about when Prime Minister Keith Rowley invited Krysis to a National Security Council meeting? Or when Live Wire sat in on a Skype conference call between Pastor Rodger Samuel, Archbishop Joe Harris, Sat Maharaj, Jack Warner and Jesus? Or when Pastor Winston Cuffie traded the good book for photoshop?

But enough about us. How do you think we helped the media landscape?

Read our “Comments” section below for thoughts from our readers. And please join the Wired868 family by subscribing for our free, once daily updates on our desktop home page, “liking” our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and Instagram @wired868.

And, of course, be a part of the conversation by always sharing your thoughts on our stories. Welcome to the family!

Photo: Eighteen year old Trinidad and Tobago winger Levi Garcia (right) celebrates with "Soca Warriors" fans after his double set up a 3-2 World Cup qualifying win over St Vincent and the Grenadines at Arnos Vale on 25 March 2016. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)
Photo: Eighteen year old Trinidad and Tobago winger Levi Garcia (right) celebrates with “Soca Warriors” fans after his double set up a 3-2 World Cup qualifying win over St Vincent and the Grenadines at Arnos Vale on 25 March 2016.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/CA-images/Wired868)

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  1. Roneil Walcott

    Wired definitely brings something new and more exciting for readers, while maintaining a high quality. The satirical pieces are golden.

  2. Lasana Liburd

    Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time out to leave feedback on the site. It is greatly appreciated!

  3. Wired 868 is by far my main source of information from Trinidad and Tobago. The site offers a fresh take on journalism, providing accurate and trustworthy reporting, combined with sharp wit and just the right amount of tongue-in-cheek. Living in Boston, I rely on the up to date emails and social media posts to keep me abreast of developments in my homeland.
    Wired 868 is the blueprint and the beacon for modern, online Caribbean journalism and I do not know what I would do without it!

  4. Wired 868 – Informative, up to date, analytical.. and the list goes on… The recent satirical pieces are hilarious!! I get that you are very enthusiastic about your work and appreciate the professionalism and thoroughness – Keep striving for excellence!

  5. Everald Gally Cummings
    Everald Gally Cummings

    Let me tell you a little story I heard once.

    This coach was doing some work around his house one day and heard his seven year old son talking with his friends about what their respective dads did for a living. One said that his dad was a Banker, the other said his father owned a Gas Station etc, They then asked his son what his dad did for a living and he said, my father is a coach and all he does all day is play games.
    When the other boys left the yard the father put his son to sit down and explain this to him.
    Being a coach also involves helping people to develop and become the best individuals they are capable of being. Helping them to overcome problems that hold them back from their best performances. It involves building character and to face problems not as insurmountable obstacles but as challenges to met and conquered.

    Lasana, you represent much more than you get credit for.


  6. Lester Henry

    Wired868 is different and a welcomed change from the usually pedestrian reporting of sports and current affairs in Trinidad and Tobago. Lasana Liburd brings life to his stories and never misses a chance to poke at both the government and the opposition. So essentially, he is not a “rogue”! Anyway, given the current political climate, there is enough scandal and drama to keep wired868 in business for a very long time.

  7. The first thing that needs to be said, I think, is that Lasana has not merely transferred his paper from newsprint to its electronic berth. What he has done is that he has carefully developed a journalistic form which is congruent with the demands of the medium and of the age. That is why although I still read the dailies on newsprint, I read Wired868 on its own terms…and enjoy it immensely.

  8. For a non-football fan like myself to say that I read Wired868 daily is high praise. Along with Slate it is in fact, the only online magazine/newspaper I read daily. The mixture of sports, intelligent, snappy political news updates and satirical commentary is unique. The discussions on the comments boards informed, balanced and rational (instead of hysterical, racist and ignorant).

    The fact that other newspapers have been “paraphrasing” (a proper legal caution is required here) wired868 pieces is of course the sincerest – if unethical – form of flattery.

  9. If as Bill Shankly would say “Football is not a matter of life and death…it’s much more important than that” then in the same way Wired868 has become essential reading. Nowadays, people want much more than just the score, they want the inside story and the back stories as well. In this way, Wired868 has become a convenient and fast source of news, analysis and satire to bring a wry smile to your face to brighten your day yet always keep you thinking.

  10. Great Job to Lasana and team. Wired868 keeps me well informed and entertained at the same time.

  11. I enjoy the satirical commentary on events and issues – usually insightful, and at the same time witty. It’s a pleasure to be informed, and to be invited to think about serious matters while being made to laugh at the absurdity of life in T& T. Controversial issues are also usually dealt with even-handedly, and that’s important to me too. [I actually don’t care much about sport – so in the end, I read Wired868 simply for the pleasure of encountering the qualities I’ve described in Lasana’s writing.]

  12. When I want coverage on my Soca Warriors, I look first to Wired868. I also appreciate the honest and investigative news coverage. It’s refreshing to see such open and indepth coverage of our current events. Their FB page is a must as it allows me to follow T&T from afar. I love wired868 and I am a believer in its content.

  13. So often news stories in Trinidad are lazy. You get the feeling that reporters are actually just “quoters” and there is no investigation but for a few. Wired868 always comes across as informed, relevant and unafraid. I have confidence in Wired868.

  14. It is one feat to keep a site clear, crisp and current, but Lasana Liburd brings the puller and keeper with his writing, which is insightful, well researched and witty. More than that, he inspires trust and in these times, credibility is gold.

  15. Stuart Charles-Fevrier
    Stuart Charles Fevrier

    I always enjoy reading wired 868 as the articles are informative, analytical and well researched. For me, Lasana is one of the best sports journalists and is fearless in his writings.The satire pieces always makes for enjoyable reading.
    Keep it up Lasana and best of luck!!!

  16. With near-instantaneous local and international sports coverage and playfully trenchant interpretations of daily news events, I can consistently rely on Wired868 to keep me highly informed and entertained. Now that so much content is being published and exchanged in real time through social media and aggregation sites, I feel like Wired868 was a savvy first-mover in daring to deliver a more interactive and nuanced experience for sports aficionados and readers alike. The online Facebook group keeps the conversation going by encouraging readers to share their views and participate in discussions about the articles. The convenient Smartphone app makes it possible to read on-the-go and be informed almost in real-time about events sometimes entirely neglected by the mainstream media outlets. The website is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate. But what keeps me coming back is, easily and by far, the impeccably seamless writing – both witty and imaginative – as well as the first-class, cutting-edge investigative reporting, occasionally out-scooping the established media houses. Kudos to the founder and writers of Wired868 for providing a contemporary and delightful alternative and thank you!

  17. Lasana’s integrity and professionalism is what attracted me to wired868. Here readers get the bonus of intelligent reporting and often witty commentary on both local and global sporting and other critical news events. Wired868 is an innovative addition to the journalistic landscape of T&T.

  18. Wired868 is encouraging, balanced and fair. I like its satires on the political landscape. Lasana and his team. The information shared with the public is always current and up to date. Keep up the good work Lasana and the team. god Bless!!!!

  19. I wish to echo many of the wonderful comments expressed already. Wired868 is the only online newspaper that has succeeded in making me interested in local news. I am impressed by the high quality of precise reporting and appreciate the humorous takes on various issues. I always look forward to the succinctness of the Good Morning section and hope this will continue to be featured. Wired868 has certainly made a significant and indelible impression on the media landscape and should be commended for accomplishing such a monumental task in the face of established media houses with decades of tradition behind them. Congrats, well-done and carry on!

  20. Much gratitude and well wishes to Wired868. A medium of both ethical and precision reporting that is rarely seen in this part of the hemisphere. Where institutions have failed in its mandated duty to educate and inspire, Wired868 (In it’s short history) has certainly filled that gap.

    Amongst its readers, it provides an outlet that has renewed their desire to articulate current events in a manner not made available before.

    Wired868 has a bright future ahead and we wish you the best of luck !


  21. You write with intelligence and humour, which are like a breath of fresh air.

  22. Andrew Jennings

    Every day I read Wired86 first for T&T and Caribbean news because I trust Lasana Liburd’s skilled reporting. He is truly independent, never hesitating to take on the big battalions on behalf of his readers, has a mature understanding of politics and sport, can write beautifully – and sometimes makes me laugh!
    Andrew Jennings

  23. Lincoln Phillips

    I have always admired Lasana’s respectful but tenacious approach in getting to the bottom of a story…..a characteristic that cannot be over-valued in a reporter and commentator.

    Wired868 provides a refreshing perspective on news in Trinidad and Tobago that is different and unique from the main media houses, which keep the readers, at home and especially abroad, in touch with what is happening in Trinidad and Tobago.

    Lincoln Phillips

  24. Wired868 is the best thing to happen to the media landscape in TNT. Keep going Lasana.

  25. I have always enjoyed Lasana’s writing. So when wired868 came I became its numero uno fan. I am able to keep updated about the happenings plus I luv the satire. Keep going from strength to strength.

  26. Wired868 is an excellent online forum where you can be informed about current events with some intelligent feedback from its followers. It is a well put together news group where anyone can partake and become involved in be it sports, politics or global events.

  27. Wired 868 is the realest it can get….. Quick, organized,precise, reader friendly, informative, colourful, interactive, unbiased, relevant and ALLROUND…

  28. Sunity Maharaj

    wired868 has opened a door for T&T into the future of journalism, where news is nimble, stylish, interactive, and liberated from the old paradigm of press-times and the news clock. It is a new journalism for the new media, imbued with the old values of professional journalism. Lasana Liburd is a T&T news pioneer who understands that the challenge is not simply to transfer journalism from the old platform to the new, but to seed a new journalism culture that expands the boundaries in exploring the full possibilities of new media.

  29. Maureen Craig - Rousseau

    Wired868 – Gives an objective, well investigated and sometimes a rib tickling and thought provoking view of life. I look forward to the critical thinking style of the writer who always gives a fresh perspective.
    You are truly a live wire.

  30. Raffique Shah

    Wired 868 is an informative online news and sports medium that sometimes scoops the mainstream media, and always complements them. Its contents are usually reliable and responsible, as good journalism ought to be. Its recent experiment with satire has been very entertaining. I am happy to receive its alerts and analyses.

  31. Practical, fearless and unbiased, the cornerstones of good journalism can all be found right here in Trinidad and Tobago’s number one independent news source.
    868 has been cutting edge in its approach to news and online presence offering readers a first hand 3 dimensional view of the stories like no other has dared to do before.
    868’s interactivity is also another key component to its success while Lasana’s style of reporting, editorials and satirical skills have been of a world class standard making him one of my favourite bloggers.

  32. Ever since its inception I have relied on Wired868 for all things real-time in T&T. With serious analysis of news and sports, objective reporting and comment from its writers and readers, often times offering the subjects of opinion pieces the opportunity to respond, I know I can rely on Wired for constructive debate and discussion. And when I’m in the mood for some good Trinbago picong I call on Mr. LiveWire!! 🙂

  33. Wired868 has, in my view, made its mark on the online news landscape in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean – not only for its wider coverage of sports events much of which isn’t picked up by established media houses – but for its in-depth commentary, relevant satire and bravery to tackle subjects left untouched by mainstream media. Guest spots are well-written and fit within the overall tenor of the site, and the articles are not only credible but easy to read and relate to.

  34. When I am desirous of serious journalism, and opinions on current events, including sports and news, I visit wired868.com for investigative journalism of the highest calibre. Congratulations to Lasana and all at wired868.com –brilliant work…The future of media information is online.

  35. Wired868.com offers a refreshing take on news relating to T&T. The site offers readers a behind the scenes look at sporting organizations and policy makers. For anyone wishing to get to the essence of a story taking place in T&T, Wired868 is a good place to start.

  36. It’s been inspiring watching Wired 868 mature since its inception. Lasana and his team have consistently delivered excellent reporting, leading the field in deep, authoritative sport reporting cross a range of disciplines and interests.

  37. Wired 868 has been a breath of fresh air with its reporting. Lasana always seems to have the “scoop” on what is happening prior to the major news outlets. As an old football man, I really enjoy the objectivity of his coverage and I think that it’s safe to say that he is always fair. Love the site! Keep up the great work Lasana! God Bless.
    Anthony Sherwood

  38. I read all the comments above and I agree with all that was said about Wired 868. Lasana and his team are professionals and I wish them all the best.

  39. Wired 868 has brought an innovative, humorous and witty edge to local journalism. It’s been a pleasure to see the mixture of creativity, maturity and boldness in Lasana and his team’s reporting.
    Wired 868 has been a welcome addition to the media landscape and I only expect this crew to blossom more and more. Keep up the good work!

  40. Wired868 has been a breath of fresh air on the local media landscape. No longer do we have to read corporate sanitized versions of the events of the day. When it comes to local football coverage, no other media outlet comes close to the breadth and depth of coverage offered by Wired868. Even The T&T Pro League’s website took notice and had to up their game. The interactivity offered by Wired868’s social media presence is a definite plus, as it fosters excellent and entertaining discussions amongst its readers. I hope it keeps on improving and establishes itself as a pillar of Trinidad and Tobago’s online media.

  41. wired 868 is the truth, i rep the 868 as an artist, and wired 868 paints pictures with words, in an electronic world where communication is at your finger tips, wired 868 keep me informed and entertained … BIG RESPECT Lasana yuh still have a girl name but You rock 😉 hardlocalcheewah say so

  42. Cherisse Moe

    Wired868 gives us news on the go and the articles are informative, engaging and accurate.
    And, oh yeah, Lasana is a bit of a comedian too! Hats off to you Team Wired868…Keep up the great work!

  43. I have been a follower since its inception! Lasana and the entire Wired 868 give a fresh account on what’s happening in Trinidad and Tobago; something that is practically not seen in traditional mass media. Whether it touches on true events or satire, I am truly a fan and look forward to its evolution as time goes on. Congrats to Wired 868 team… job well done!

  44. Wired 868 has been very special place where special people engage in all sorts of special debates. The main “speciality” of course is sport, particularly football, where coaches, players, and administrators past and present can be counted on the add their voice to the always spirited discussions and debates of the local football fan.

    “868” has evolved into a place for political discussion as well, where Lasana and the rest of us are free to call it as we see it, and to respond to the calls of others. We also now have Fibert Street – a wry satirical take on current events.

    Wired 868 – most definitely one of the top TT online places to be!! I’m proud to be part of it.

  45. Great refreshing investigative stories with a mix of humor. It is another way of getting to know news both local and international. It is news articles of high class and social media news is growing as it a faster way to get the news out. Lasana and his Team at Wired868 are on top of their game with top class journalism.

  46. i find wired868 very captivating and informative… as towards sports in trinidad and tobago, wired868 covers it best. i like the general interaction of the other subscribers to wired868 and there is never any issue that is taken overboard by radicals. fair journalism at its best..keep thriving wired868..cheers

  47. Wired868 is the most innovative media outlet in Trinidad and Tobago. Its style, format, and presentation is refreshing and bold. The news never goes stale, stories are updated, and news and information unfold as it happens. I particularly enjoy the witty takes on politics and sport, and the more stoic views and updates on local and global sport, soccer in particular.

  48. Informative and Hilarious…Without a doubt Wired868 gives mainstream media a run for its money.

  49. I think the site presents a frank and open environment for differing views on current events, mostly but not all to do with sport.

  50. Over the last few months I’ve found myself anticipating the inevitable snarky 868 satire that follows political/social bungling. T&T is rich on content and wired is never short on the wit that helps us keep this island life in perspective. So many of us are getting our news and views on Facebook and Twitter feeds rather than from evening newscasts and daily papers. Wired868 has very neatly and quickly assumed the role of informed, funny online friend.

  51. W868 is the main source for insightful sports news—especially pertaining to T&T and regional football.
    Lasana and Co have proven their commitment to QUALITY coverage of the region’s top game. They use their inside connections to break through the hype and spin that gets reported by the mainstream media, yet without the bias and awkwardness of they typical bloggers.

  52. This very interactive news forum is a demonstration of the power of what can happen when a news blog incorporates the participatory elements of social media to inform, articulate, review and revise news stories as they develop. The Wired 868 news forum is definitely a pioneering example of giving voice to Trinidad and Tobago perspectives in interaction with alternative world views. Thank you for the “inter-action”

  53. The articles are interesting and the photographs are great.

  54. Wired 868 is better quality than most media sources. The features are well researched!

  55. You go where many dare to tread walking through landmines but doing so skilfully. The cleverness, probes, bravery, no nonsense, no BS qualities displayed in the past 16 months of existence is a welcomed breath of fresh air in our news landscape.

  56. I highly regard your work ethic. You and your team are as relevant as any of the media houses and (dare I say) more esteemed. You are the news…….Keep it up!

  57. I believe in the Wired 868 Philosophy. An amalgamation of honest presentation of the FACTS and healthy discussion of the issues. I am pleased with the effort thus far and I am a proud supporter of Wired 868 and its Management Team.

    Keep up the good work.

  58. Hillan Cadena Morean

    Simply refreshing and on point each time. The satire is entertaining and informative at the same time. The Pro league coverage and unique articles are invaluable and written with insight and purpose. Don’t stop!

  59. Wired 868 is something fresh and different. Exclusive stories so good that they are actually stolen. And I just can’t get enough of Good Morning and Filbert Street!! Hysterically funny………I love it, and always look forward to it. Thanks Wired868!!!

  60. I love the way wired868 is organized – with the clear red tabs it is easy to navigate. I also love that the articles are always relevant and on point. It’s wonderful that I can count on checking wired868 after major political fiascos to get their take on it as well. These things keep me coming back to wired868!

  61. I have enjoyed wired868’s combination of comprehensive coverage of local & international events, combined with satirical humor that’s second to none! On the latter point, I vote that the recent “Yes Prime Minister” blog be made into a weekly feature, and I am certain I am not alone in this. Social Media is the future of news, and the future is NOW! Hats off Lasana and team!

  62. I believe wired 868 presents an aggregation of up to date and relevant information about our country and its environment, far better than any of the newspapers because it combines all the newspapers plus instant analysis from some pretty sharp characters on the facebook page. I don’t really get involved in the action but if you can get in the group you can learn a lot and its funny as hell sometimes.