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So whappen, WI is not Stokes too? Can Holder’s men find a hero to hol’ up de side?

CWI’s Interim Chairman of Selectors Robert Haynes and his merry men have named a minimally changed West Indies 13 for the Second Test against India, which starts in Jamaica tomorrow. I would say that the selected squad is nothing to write home about but is that really news? The squad …

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Blessed are the ignorant WI for they shall not know what hit them

No reports have so far emerged to tell us just how Jason Holder’s West Indies spent the bonus off-day they got on Monday following their 318-run four-day defeat by Virat Kohli’s India. But you don’t have to be a sceptic to doubt that some significant fraction of the extra 24-hour …

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If WI-shes were horses, Holder wouldn’t have to worry about hurricanes

Buoyed by the recent receipt of awards and bestowal on him of new accolades, Jason Holder may well believe that the home side he leads can match the visitors in the two-Test series which starts in Antigua today. I honestly hope he does not. Named West Indies Test Player of …

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Brutal breaching of our maidenhead: bards, bandits, Burroughs, Bakr, Brooks 

“Bring back the old time days,” Richard “Nappy” Mayers croons in the song of that name. “Used to be everyone/could afford to live right/Just to be nice/didn’t need no Paradise. “Used to be everyone/cared for each other/Lived like brothers/respected one another.” David Rudder punctures that balloon. “Oh how we danced,” …

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W/Cup addict comments: Lord’s luck—Pt 3: What care they for cricket who dare not tell England no?

Writing on the same WhatsApp chat as his erstwhile captain, Valentino Singh, former QRC opener Zafar Khan opts not to focus on the tiebreaker and the seemingly unfair outcome. He does not say so explicitly but it is clear that he agrees with Singh about how unsatisfactory the eventual outcome …

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W/Cup addict comments: Lord’s luck—Pt 2; Media, players hit ICC from beyond the boundary

An excellent ESPNcricinfo piece with an Osman Saimuddin by-line headlined “What the luck! New Zealand and the randomness of life” has this to say: You can analyse events down to their minutest detail. This happened because he did this and he did that and next time he did this and …

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