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  1. I love reading your newd feed about sports in the land of my birth Trinidad and Tobago. Keep up the good work.
    I must however fill you in on the biggest cricket farce going on in Canada The Canada Global T20 league.
    I have lived in Canada for 50 years and follow world cricket daily especially the games and leagues of the West Indians . It is a shame to see a few wealthy Asians using our Canadian city names to fill their pockets and fool the world about their league.
    Winnipeg Hawks? No one in this city knows about the team, no local media, no local players and no one watching. Attendance .. just a few Asian turning up to see the stars..

    They could have named the teams lime, oranges, coconut, dog or cat no one cares. Global names could have made more sense.
    Wish them all the best.
    Thanks for reading


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