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Master’s Voice: The tumour of racism; addressing Trinbago’s ‘Nigger’ question (Pt Two)

By 1787 the English had just about constructed myths of their own about themselves where to be British was to be free and white. This despite their own history of being slaves of the Romans, at least one of whom, Cicero, wasn’t too impressed with them. They exported their notion …

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Master’s Voice: Fear of the dark; addressing Trinbago’s ‘Nigger’ question (Pt One)

“Where a black man, by working about half an hour a day (such is the calculation), can supply himself, by aid of sun and soil, with as much pumpkin as will suffice, he is likely to be a little stiff to raise into hard work! Supply and demand, which science …

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Bim at 45 (Pt 3): Melodies from a master craftsman; is Tanker the Derek Walcott of Caribbean music?

Bim Singh’s final fall is the harsh culmination of the metaphor of entrapment that runs through the film. A mesh, inescapable, awaits Bim everywhere, even in his opulent, new haven. It is an element of the past which refuses to go away that jumps out of nowhere on his return …

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Bim at 45 (Pt 2): Robertson’s masterful camera work adds to Tanker’s music to make a politician cringe

Andre Tanker orchestrates—there is no better word—perfect harmony between musical movements and plot movements. Key to that harmony is the articulation of a fusion that proved a prophetic precursor to the diversity of musical forms taken for granted in Trinidad today. At a time when ‘Trinidad music’ meant almost exclusively …

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