Insp Alexander wets Alleyne: Lawman arrests TV rival on taxpayer’s time

What should have been a police investigation into a domestic violence matter in Chaguanas this morning turned into a cocolooks measuring competition between rival television hosts, Inspector Alexander and Ian Alleyne.

And, to summarise, Alleyne ended up flushed, begging for mercy and getting treatment for a sore hand. While the social media was left breathless.

Photo: CNC3 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne (right) is taken for medical treatment by a policeman. (Copyright CNC3)
Photo: CNC3 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne (right) is taken for medical treatment by a policeman.
(Copyright CNC3)

Beyond The Tape showed the incident at least three times.

Alexander dragged Alleyne away by the scruff of his neck, as a dog would carry a puppy, and slammed him against a SUV.

“Is ranks thing you on?” asked a quivering but struggling Alleyne, who was trying to film for his own show.

“Don’t play you embarrassing me,” said Alexander. “I good until you cuss me…”

There was no footage to prove Alexander’s claim that Alleyne used obscene language.

The scuffle headed TV6’s newscast tonight with Raymond Tm Kee’s resignation as Port of Spain mayor coming in as an afterthought.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that Tim Kee watched the programme and said to himself: “If only Alexander had roughed up Ian on Monday morning… Everybody would have forgotten me and all now I still mayor!”

TV6 and CNC3 star hosts in a street confrontation? What’s next? Desha Rambhajan sucker punching Golda Lee Bruce in a parking lot?

Photo: Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that CNC3 is considering hiring a bodyguard to protect asset, Golda Lee Bruce.
Photo: Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that CNC3 is considering hiring a bodyguard to protect asset, Golda Lee Bruce.

Mr Live Wire isn’t sure who has jurisdiction to review this case: the Police Complaints Commission or the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT).

Does acting Police Commission Stephen Williams have a view on a law officer using his badge to score points for a television station?

Was Alexander on TV6 time or police time when he plastered CNC3’s pseudo-crime fighter against a parked vehicle? If it was the latter, then why was he providing running commentary to a television camera?

Is TV6 setting a new low standard for the treatment of former employees? Couldn’t Marlan Hopkinson make do with merely singing along to Cee-Lo’s “Forget You?”

Almost certainly, Beyond The Tape got record viewership figures today. CNC3, in contrast, was forced to show a re-run as Alleyne remained otherwise detained and presumably musing over the difference between a real policeman and a fake one.

Photo: Inspector Alexander: Dontcha wish your crime show host was bad like me. Dontcha... (Courtesy TV6)
Photo: Inspector Alexander: Dontcha wish your crime show host was bad like me. Dontcha…
(Courtesy TV6)

Somewhere in central Trinidad, a battered housewife watched Beyond The Tape and asked herself: So what the arse happened to my case?!

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  1. I wonder what he is saying to his son now , last year he was telling him who not fit to be prime minister.

  2. Hahahahaaaaa. Allyuh does watch too much tv inno. Just now you gonna ask if Ian was read his Miranda rights. And ftr. That’s what ALL police officers in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO say to arrested suspects. ALL. But let’s listen out for the “you’re under arrest…..” a la Law and Order ????

  3. Is that the new accepted legal term to apprehend a suspect? Apparently you’re intellectually impaired?

  4. You didn’t hear him say “yuh lock up”? I feel somebody need to break the down Frame by Frame for the visually and hearing impaired yes

  5. Again…was Alexander in uniform? Is he wearing any police identification? Has he identified himself as an officer? He obviously didn’t have a handcuff in possession! Did he say “you are under arrest”? Is this how you apprehend a suspect for “use of annoying language” which was the charge laid in court.

  6. It says when you’re instructed to remove yourself from a police operation move yuh lil girly ass

  7. wat demonstration effect does Inspector Alexander’ violent conduct have on black ghetto youth in the gang-challenged secondary school system?

  8. Question is – Given that he had been charged, why did Guardian hide the evidence?! Also, given that they knew that he used the unbecoming language, why allow him to have that show with Ramdeen? Was it so that everyone would know about Ramdeen’s ability? Ethically and morally wrong!

  9. So TV6 news got their hands on an unedited version of the Ian and Alexander tussle and it turned out Ian did in fact cuss Alexander. TV6 then called CNC3 for a comment and they declined.

    Not for nothing eh, but one can’t help but marvel at the stories our media deem important enough to hold each other’s feet to the fire for.

    When Newsday reported that Big Mike from Legacy said Asami did not play with Legacy and he did not know her, no rival media outlet questioned Newsday about that false report!

  10. Like you hear it…it sound so….

  11. Leggo my effin hand boy!!! ???? #dohcussdpopo

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