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Insp Alexander wets Alleyne: Lawman arrests TV rival on taxpayer’s time

What should have been a police investigation into a domestic violence matter in Chaguanas this morning turned into a cocolooks measuring competition between rival television hosts, Inspector Alexander and Ian Alleyne.

And, to summarise, Alleyne ended up flushed, begging for mercy and getting treatment for a sore hand. While the social media was left breathless.

Photo: CNC3 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne (right) is taken for medical treatment by a policeman. (Copyright CNC3)
Photo: CNC3 Crime Watch host Ian Alleyne (right) is taken for medical treatment by a policeman.
(Copyright CNC3)

Beyond The Tape showed the incident at least three times.

Alexander dragged Alleyne away by the scruff of his neck, as a dog would carry a puppy, and slammed him against a SUV.

“Is ranks thing you on?” asked a quivering but struggling Alleyne, who was trying to film for his own show.

“Don’t play you embarrassing me,” said Alexander. “I good until you cuss me…”

There was no footage to prove Alexander’s claim that Alleyne used obscene language.

The scuffle headed TV6’s newscast tonight with Raymond Tm Kee’s resignation as Port of Spain mayor coming in as an afterthought.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that Tim Kee watched the programme and said to himself: “If only Alexander had roughed up Ian on Monday morning… Everybody would have forgotten me and all now I still mayor!”

TV6 and CNC3 star hosts in a street confrontation? What’s next? Desha Rambhajan sucker punching Golda Lee Bruce in a parking lot?

Photo: Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that CNC3 is considering hiring a bodyguard to protect asset, Golda Lee Bruce.
Photo: Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that CNC3 is considering hiring a bodyguard to protect asset, Golda Lee Bruce.

Mr Live Wire isn’t sure who has jurisdiction to review this case: the Police Complaints Commission or the Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago (MATT).

Does acting Police Commission Stephen Williams have a view on a law officer using his badge to score points for a television station?

Was Alexander on TV6 time or police time when he plastered CNC3’s pseudo-crime fighter against a parked vehicle? If it was the latter, then why was he providing running commentary to a television camera?

Is TV6 setting a new low standard for the treatment of former employees? Couldn’t Marlan Hopkinson make do with merely singing along to Cee-Lo’s “Forget You?”

Almost certainly, Beyond The Tape got record viewership figures today. CNC3, in contrast, was forced to show a re-run as Alleyne remained otherwise detained and presumably musing over the difference between a real policeman and a fake one.

Photo: Inspector Alexander: Dontcha wish your crime show host was bad like me. Dontcha... (Courtesy TV6)
Photo: Inspector Alexander: Dontcha wish your crime show host was bad like me. Dontcha…
(Courtesy TV6)

Somewhere in central Trinidad, a battered housewife watched Beyond The Tape and asked herself: So what the arse happened to my case?!

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  1. I wonder what he is saying to his son now , last year he was telling him who not fit to be prime minister.

  2. Hahahahaaaaa. Allyuh does watch too much tv inno. Just now you gonna ask if Ian was read his Miranda rights. And ftr. That’s what ALL police officers in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO say to arrested suspects. ALL. But let’s listen out for the “you’re under arrest…..” a la Law and Order ????

  3. Is that the new accepted legal term to apprehend a suspect? Apparently you’re intellectually impaired?

  4. You didn’t hear him say “yuh lock up”? I feel somebody need to break the down Frame by Frame for the visually and hearing impaired yes

  5. Again…was Alexander in uniform? Is he wearing any police identification? Has he identified himself as an officer? He obviously didn’t have a handcuff in possession! Did he say “you are under arrest”? Is this how you apprehend a suspect for “use of annoying language” which was the charge laid in court.

  6. It says when you’re instructed to remove yourself from a police operation move yuh lil girly ass

  7. wat demonstration effect does Inspector Alexander’ violent conduct have on black ghetto youth in the gang-challenged secondary school system?

  8. Question is – Given that he had been charged, why did Guardian hide the evidence?! Also, given that they knew that he used the unbecoming language, why allow him to have that show with Ramdeen? Was it so that everyone would know about Ramdeen’s ability? Ethically and morally wrong!

  9. So TV6 news got their hands on an unedited version of the Ian and Alexander tussle and it turned out Ian did in fact cuss Alexander. TV6 then called CNC3 for a comment and they declined.

    Not for nothing eh, but one can’t help but marvel at the stories our media deem important enough to hold each other’s feet to the fire for.

    When Newsday reported that Big Mike from Legacy said Asami did not play with Legacy and he did not know her, no rival media outlet questioned Newsday about that false report!

  10. Like you hear it…it sound so….

  11. Leggo my effin hand boy!!! ???? #dohcussdpopo

  12. Not really…fellas….”.different me ” from the rest….

  13. I feel is Hassan who get the real tape 🙂

  14. He cursed when Alexander told him to leave and that is why he was arrested.

  15. Lol. Greer, did he curse after he was arrested or before?

  16. Yes, a CNC3 member of staff gave tv6 the unedited version of the tape with the F word!
    Alexander was telling the truth, Ian cuss him.
    I knew that my boy Alexander wasn’t lying.

  17. Well tv6 news got their hands on an unedited version of the Ian and Alexander tussle. It seems Ian let the F-bomb go. Tv6 called cnc3 for a comment and was told allegedly by Shelley Dass that they don’t air the F word on TV. Hmmmmm

  18. Silliest? With police officers who cannot find reports where the woman complained while she has the receipts? Those same officers? Okay 🙂

  19. Exactly, he was in police custody at the time. The search warrant is just ‘permission’ to enter the house.

  20. That’s the silliest thing I’ve seen on a while Richard. It happens, but cig it happen here it’s privilege?! If it never happened before I’d understand that thinking but oh gosh man. Steups

  21. If police come to execute a warrant 3am where yuh supposed to be? Not in yuh house? Allyuh need you stop majoring in minors now eh

  22. Oh, ive seen it… im just saying this smells of privilege. Don’t ignore who we’re dealing with.

  23. It could be that they are allowed to search with and without the person present

  24. Ummmm. Richard. Make up yuh mind. It does happen or it doesn’t?

  25. This case is ‘special’. Keep that in mind. We are not talking about a regular ‘small fry’.

  26. And you’ve never seen one with the person present? I’ve seen footage on tv with premises being searched and the person sitting right there in the house

  27. Im jus going from what I see and im asking. I’ve seen warrants executed without the person present.

  28. Sigh. I see you’ve been on the execution of all warrants ever served in TT Richard.

  29. No Nicole, I dont need to be ‘pleased’. I’m concerned about police procedures and practices. This smells of ‘privilege’. You should be concerned too. 🙂

  30. The police said they wanted him there to see what they were doing so that he could see that they would be leaving his premises intact.
    If he is not there, he could claim that the police stole his items or any money or jewellry in the house.
    It was a mere precaution.

  31. See how yuh can’t please people. Police kick down his door. Allyuh vex. Dey behave like a human and explain what’s going on, take him to d house for him to properly open d premises, allow him to view what they’re doing so he can’t say they plant nutten in he house. Allyuh vex #damnedifyoudo #damnedifyoudont

  32. If the police has a warrant to search my building, do I need to be there?

  33. They were executing a search warrant Richard

  34. Something strange here… in the bacchanal with Ian and Alexander we missed something…what was the reason for the police bring Sheron to his home after he was arrested? What possible reason is there? He’s in handcuffs, normal procedure is to take him to the station and have his people, lawyers etc. bring whatever documents are needed. Sheron goes in to the house with police escort and comes back out in his same clothes!! Is THAT normal?

  35. Okay, Vernal, Melina and Mel… Meh good friend Rhoda said Alexander’s cameraman is actually a police videographer…
    If that is the case, then this ent a media issue at all and there isn’t a question of bias really in the fact that the TV6 cameraman was allowed on the scene.
    So let me go slice my humble pie!
    Alexander may still have to answer for his treatment of Alleyne. But once Rhoda’s info correct, there was good reason why one cameraman was allowed on the scene and the other wasn’t! 🙂

  36. 96.1 WEFM
    47 mins
    The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) has explained why it cannot investigate complaints against Inspector Roger Alexander.

    See the full statement issued on Thursday afternoon.”The Police Complaints Authority (PCA) is aware of an incident involving Inspector Roger Alexander and Mr. Ian Alleyne on Tuesday February 16th 2016.”

    “The PCA acknowledges the calls from the Public for the PCA to launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

    “Relative to the incident, the PCA has been informed that criminal charges have been laid.”

    “In this connection, Section 37 of the Police Complaints Authority Act, Chapter 15:05, prohibits the PCA from commencing an investigation into the incident.”

    Section 37 provides as follows:

    “Where the subject matter of a complaint or an investigation is the subject of judicial proceedings, the Authority shall not commence or continue an investigation pending the outcome of those proceedings.”

    • Well this makes no sense and should be struck from the law. For example, are you saying that a police stops a guy with a pack of weed, drop 2 hard slap on him and pull his gun and shoot him in the big toe…then charge him with possession of weed and the whole thing caught on videotape…and PCA cant do a thing till the case done? Then get rid of that whole damn PCA because that is a waste of time and money.

    • another white constitutional elephant

  37. Further..from the video I saw. I never heard anyone say “you are under arrest”. Alexander said “you getting lock up” after he already had the man in his grasp. How can you resist arrest if you are never told you are being arrested? Man I’m betting the lawyers are going to have so much fun with this case and no one but the 12.5% VAT paying property tax paying citizens will foot the bill.

  38. Regardless of how you view Ian Alleyne and if he’s a clown or not…are people ok with the police being able to manhandle and rough up someone for use of obscene language? Why is obscene language even illegal? Is there a law saying I must not disrespect a police officer and it’s a criminal offense if I do? I would expect use of obscene language to be subject to a fine just like a parking ticket or speeding ticket. Would you be ok that a police pulls you over for speeding and grabs you by the collar and throw you against a car and handcuff you? Alexander was ranting about “you cussing me; you disrespecting me” throughout which proves he was acting out of emotion and temper and personal feelings. Any officer treating a suspect aggressively out of personal emotion should be disciplined. Regardless of who the suspect is or how annoying he is.

  39. There must be a thorough investigation into this entire matter, including the future role of Inspector Alexander as TV Show Host. This must not be swept under the carpet!

  40. Only in Trinidad this foolishness happens. Ian alleyne using obscene and then foolish people going down to protest/ defend him. Only in Trinida the Law is no longer an ASS but a Crapaud.

  41. i not watching TV6 until they drop that Bully

  42. You know it’s kind of funny ….. Trinidadians want a modern and effective police force, but at the same time we don’t thing the higher standards adhered to by modern police forces are important.

  43. And so begins Inspector Alexander’s inevitable slide down that slippery slope!

  44. I’m watching Breaking Barriers with Inshan and he just pointed out that the vehicle with the dent is not the same one in the video. The rims were different

  45. I feel that Ian and Crime Watch is a loose canon. I don’t know what legal framework there is to govern what he does (thinks he is doing) but I feel as though he and his legal reps are exploiting whatever loop holes there are. Sad thing is that as with many other things here in TT, things are allowed because they are not illegal even though they may be dangerous and harmful. The illegal stuff also continues unabated because enforcement seldom takes place. Ian has been on multiple crime scenes, in the morgue, had suspects in his car and never once did any officer or agency clamp down until now. As far as I am concerned he is full of himself and doesn’t care about crime in any genuine way.

  46. If he parang d wrong house ha ha ha dat drama queen…

  47. When you play with water, you will get wet!!

  48. Bully bully he has a gun and a badge

  49. Hear nah …. this thing shaping up like the movie ‘LA Confidential’.

    We could call it ‘Central Confidential’ or ‘Confidential Central’ or ‘Too Much Bowe Rat in One Hole’ or something like that.

    I’m open to suggestions!

  50. This one way too funny Lasana. Both of them are jokers imho. Having visions of Golda Lee and Desha going at it. LMAO!!

  51. Alexander is deserving of those kudos.
    I think he is doing an excellent job.
    Ian is just a comedian.

  52. You gave Alexander a lot of kudos there! Lol. I’d agree in so far as Alexander’s show is more palatable and instructive.
    I’m wary of him too though.

  53. Alexander is a senior police officer who is working hard through his program to educate the public and gain their trust in the police service.
    Ian is a bacchanalist, not a crime fighter.

  54. Ian could’ve gone to the house after the police left and taken all the pictures that he wanted.
    He is a big bully and went there to try and overpower Alexander.
    Ian parang the wrong house this time

    • Hahaha. Once there is one camera crew, it is unfair to say another media house can’t have the same access though. It is ticklish.
      And I’m not a person who has ever had much appreciation for Alleyne’s brand of “entertainment.”

    • No it isn’t unfair Lasana.
      Alexander is a senior police officer who is reaching out to the public to forge a better relationship with the police force.
      Ian was there to defend his friend Sherron and we all know that.
      He can’t decide he is entering the house where the police have a search operation ongoing!
      Ian is fooling everyone into thinking he is a crimefighter when he is just a silly little man.

    • I’d agree in your description of Ian and what he was going there to do. But if the police decides for instance that they will let Mark Bassant on to a crime scene but not Sampson Nanton… It will be immediately discussed and debated.
      In that sense, I would think either Alexander send both cameramen outside or let both stay.

    • I didn’t say he was. But he works for a media house. Reporters are not the only media workers protected by MATT.

    • How did MATT reach here?
      They have no authority to tell the police how to do their job!
      The police are the ones who determine who is allowed onto a crime scene.
      In this case, Alexander has the permission of the Comm of Police to take footage of crime scenes and air them on his program for the public’s information.
      Alleyne had no such authority to enter the crime scene to interview a man who is being arrested for beating his wife!!
      That is outrageous!

    • Lemme repeat. Two television shows were being filmed on the spot of a police investigation. One was for TV6. The other was for CNC3.
      One of the policemen in charge of the scene also works with TV6.
      The CNC3 crew were told to leave but not the TV6 crew.
      MATT can appeal to the Police Service that all media houses are treated fairly. Simple.

    • Lemme repeat.
      Ian Alleyne had no authority to go to the crime scene and interview the suspect. Alexander was carrying out his duties as a police officer according to the mandate of the police service.

    • I have to believe you are intentionally being obtuse now. I don’t really think you were unable to grasp what I just said. So I will not pursue this further with you.

    • I don’t think you have grasped what I said either.
      MATT can’t tell the police how to function!

    • Nobody is questioning Alexander’s right to be at a crime scene Melina. We are questioning the right of the TV6 cameraman to be there.
      What MATT will ask is why can a civilian cameraman from TV6 can be there and not a civilian cameraman from CNC3.

  55. Essentially, a policeman attached to one station can allow access to a cameramen and photographers from one media house and not the other…
    And this why it could very seriously become a MATT matter at some stage.

  56. Well, I suspect so. But the police were right to ask him to leave. The murkiness starts with fact that Alexander had a cameraman there himself who wasn’t on police business.

  57. Ian glad he got Alexander to hold his hand his cocolooks was jumping

  58. But Lasana don’t U think Iana has seen the inside of the house on many occasions?

  59. I suppose he was already in custody …. hard to say what the local policies are in these regards.

  60. Seriously though, I feel police are very liberal in the application of handcuffs here. The owner of the house was giving them a tour while in handcuffs the whole time.
    Why was that necessary?

  61. Hahahaha! It might have to do with the strength of one’s legal support staff

  62. So is it that suspects are extended a seat in the back seat of police vehicles based on their perceived high statuses in this society while lessor suspects are relegated to the luggage compartment?

  63. These two are realy bright shifting the publics focus on the real matter. What about the girl huh? Bunch of puppets

  64. I wish this incident happened in the great old USA….
    Ian Alleyne cuss an Inspector and chuck him in his ribs , with 12 other police men around. …
    Man all now so they still cleaning up shell casings…. And for the next week.
    He real get off lightly.

  65. Ian Allen you must understand the importance of police officers carrying out there duties
    The rank of a sheriff is for TV
    Inspector your men was liming on duty poor drills you could of get shot
    How all the police officers let him enter the compound this is the reason civillan have no respect for
    service men
    Take command of the area were the operation is conducting
    And next time inspection tell one of your men to arrest him you in command of the operation
    Let the young police work
    Also police officer 4 stolen vehicles wss recover at the same gentleman business place them slack drills are not acceptable

  66. Ian is not above the law and he is not a police officer

  67. Crime watch began with great intentions…now it’s another tabloid that’s centered around an individual. At the end of it all…one reaps what one sows.

  68. Mayor Tim Kee proberbly saying he wished this happened a few days before.

  69. How much more of these two clowns will we have to endure? Steups, oui!

  70. I watched the programme “Beyond the Tape” that took place subsequent to the arrest of Ian Alleyne. I observed that Insp Alexander is very abrupt with callers who attempted to take him to task for his behaviour. I know that the Insp thinks he was in the right, but the law says he must use reasonable force. He obviously thinks he did but that is a subjective issue, not an objective issue and he is wrong to unceremoniously cut off callers. Indeed, he gives the impression of being ‘wrong and strong’ which can possibly give the impression that he knows he was out of order and therefore unable to defend himself. The programme is obviously skewed with Marlan Hopkinson yipping at the heels of Alexander like a pompek, and licking away for attention and affection.

    Back to reasonable force… it is a subjective issue that must be tested in courts. There are many cases in which the definition of reasonable force was not what was used, eg the case of Tony Martin who shot two burglars with a shotgun loaded with birdshot.

    Therefore, it is quite possible that some members of the public will have an opinion that Alexander used reasonable force and some think the opposite. Silencing those who object to his behaviour will just alienate those viewers against the autocratic manners of the Insp in particular and the police in general… after all, it is an extension of the autocracy we see in the streets that is being taken to the television studio.

    The Insp needs to tone down the attitude and rhetoric. As one caller said, you have to earn respect, not demand it.

  71. Oh, so that is the Goat proxy profile. I always thought it belonged to cripplewood.

  72. Wet wet wet wrong man to man up Ian

  73. I still ent get past ‘cocolooks’ yet……hahahahahaha

  74. Haven’t heard that word ‘cookolooks’ in ages..dwl

  75. Was this an act for the public to discuss Alexander and Alleyne instead of the real issue? I hope they are investigating and not attempting to fool us into thinking they were.

  76. Six months ago he was diging hole for Dr Rowley old people say when you diging hole for people you may end up in it dig two

  77. What next? Machel suing Dwight Yorke..errr forgot that was before !!!

  78. It has nothing to do with TV, Ian needs to remember his place.. He is a drama queen.

  79. You were asked politely to leave a police operation. Yet you feel you are bigger than the law. You should have been in the USA ,then you’ll know what excessive force really means. You cuss and chuck an inspector in his ribs and all you got was shoved against a car?? They should have break in your tail…. You’re too farse !
    And you’re so dishonest you edit out the cuss because your followers dotish enough not to notice. … but you can’t fool the rest of us.

  80. His father said he get sick when he has to much tention, Well I think Ian is in the wrong line of work.

  81. Someone said the Alexander and Alleyne fiasco is Trinidad version of the TV show Scandal. It is called ‘Lacorey’. Ah weak here… LMAO!!!!!

  82. I not able inno, but valid points were made and I agree.

  83. Lasana so you is comedian now huh? well yes! This has become the “Country of bacchanal” all of a sudden, and I dont want to get serious on your piece, enjoy yourself, smh!

  84. Sorry I couldn’t read anything past “cocolooks.” I straight up passed out. I’ll try to read it again tomorrow. #HaaHiii

  85. Ian Alleyne relegated Raymond Tim Kee to number two in the newscast yes. They didn’t even let the man go out with a bang.

  86. Kamla and them must be vex the focus is now on their mouth piece god doh like ugly

  87. Apparently this is the next hot topic Lasana

  88. Omg Lololololololololololol wow

  89. Well either way there was only one person with the full weight of the law behind him, And if you had to measure cocolooks by size of hand, well boy! Ian in trouble.

  90. We look forward to see men protesters all around Chaguanas station calling officer Alexander to step down well yes the focus not on d mayor now its on Alexander

  91. Gaiven Clairmont

    Very well said, the wife of the Business man from Central is probably the most upset of the lot, smdh

  92. Satire shouldn’t be so very accurate!

  93. There you go again, misleading headlines, it seems to be more than what stares us in the face people, its damn scary! wealth abounds

  94. cocolooks measuring contest?