1. Well I think the last 3 or so years were the thin support then

  2. Lol. Red Devils through thick and thin. Fergie won me over but they’re still in my system.

  3. Trying to recall when lasana talk about Manure so much. I knew he supported them way back when Veron played…….

  4. Brian your trophies are 4th place and that infamous 10 your get

  5. Dearie me. Don’t this to yourself Brian Jordan! Hahaha. Since Arsenal won the FA Cup in 2015, Man U lifted the FA Cup in 2016 and League Cup in 2017.

  6. I thought you were going to compliment our unbeaten run for a second there Shawn. Lol.

  7. Man u just broke Wigan’s record for been in the same position for the most number of days which is sixth

  8. I hope Chelsea destroys Man U in the FA Cup. So there.

  9. Thanks eh Lasana. Man calling out my pain boldface so yes. Steups. Kronke and Wenger have to go.

  10. We were FA cup winners recently as well eh

  11. Lol. Well Brian, Old Trafford paraded trophies quite recently and we just added another eh. You real prize earning the right to be mauled by foreign clubs boi! 🙂

  12. Been waiting for 3 years to see Man U in CL, so hopefully, that too is temporary..

  13. I would rather be at the Emirates going through this temporary pain than be at Old Trafford eh..

  14. Walcott deserved a penalty

    Maybe the game would have been diff

  15. There was a case in.the U.S. fairly recently where the ppl who voted on a particular issue stood to benefit they ended up having to pay. And yes, the decision makers in the Clico issue stood to benefit but there was no conflict of interest…not so? Lol

  16. ..The Grinch. Guessing as usual and depending on the players to save his bacon..

  17. Tge defenders of today are poor quality….lol

  18. Dude what a goddamn great article. ….. I wanna scream it to the world when I read this. Only one blemish the world cup semi it was Edgar Davids “le terrible” who made the recovery tackle …only a defensive demon could slow an offensive god …. Deboe was still stuck in traffic lol…..great freaking read!!! Ah sharing this !!

  19. And the reason for that is because the rules of engagement for them change many moons ago eh. Them really good yes

  20. the defenders these days are of very poor quality not like the bruisers of the past it would have been very difficult for players like messi and cr7 to have played a whole season

  21. Lol. I have no problem with people sticking to Pele. Just I’m asking for them to back up their claims. Point to the minutes in 90 minute games that prove it. I can show you with the other greats.

  22. ….and when people stick to Pele…..its because Pele is a a religion. SMH.

  23. Lawd lasana!! Can’t win with you and your Messi!! If Messi do a murder and 2 million ppl witness it you will say it wasn’t him.. Geez an ages!

  24. It is more protected now and not as violent. And violent players are punished. But it is a stretch to say Messi hasn’t been chopped or treated to some criminal tackles himself.

  25. Lasana..some small clips are not’s known universally that today’s game is far softer and attacking players are protected

  26. Messi was not chopped down or roughed up? Let me help you there Kello

  27. There are no pure defenders in today’s game.. Take some hours everyday and watch the tackles Maradona, Pele endured.. It’s ridiculous! You will never see Messi chopped down.. Not in today’s game.. Messi is great.. Great player! Not at the level of Maradona or Pele.. Even the mental and leadership side Messi falls short.. He lacks Maradona’s presence.. There is nothing Messi could do that Maradona couldn’t do.. Not a thing.. But Maradona Willed a team to become World champions and he transformed Napoli almost singlehandedly.. Well.. Pele is Pele..

  28. I live football., do crazy analysis and many are brainwashed by the many times some commentators talk about the greatness of today’s players.. I wonder if people remember.. Brehme, Scirea, Amoros, Batiston, Dassaev, Pfaff, Baresi, Boniek, Hagi.. Great great players.. Great!

  29. Hungary lost the 1954 World Cup Final to West Germany. Was the German side “greater” than the Mighty Magyars? N.O.

    Great sides lose championship games sometimes. Ask Holland 1974.

  30. Shaun.. If he is better.. It’s MARGINAL

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