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  1. Lasana Liburd I was referring to the comment by someone that somewhat ridiculed the Brazilian/South American leagues back then

  2. Platini better than Zidane? .

    Only in the bribery and kickback world

  3. Was Zidane better than Platini? I saw Platimi and he was no joke.. Midfield general and a far better goalscorer than Zidane.. Was also the best free kick specialist of his generation.. Alongside Zico. People have short memories and they’re hypnotised by the present superstars who play in a era when you could blow a kiss and it’s a foul. Messi better than Maradona? What era or what damn year.. Maradona is the most gifted player to have walked this earth and WILL score 50-60 goals a season in this day and age.. Which defence would stop Maradona? Christiano Ronaldo? He is one of the greatest goal scorers but his all round game is found wanting at times.. This last euro he was so average; hopelessly greedy..

  4. Ok. Santos got two finals while Pele was there and they won both. Estudiantes got to three finals in a row in the 1960s and Penarol got to three and won two.
    So won’t you say Penarol’s success eclipsed Santos? And in the 1960s when Pele was at his best, Argentina clubs got to five World Cup championship finals and Uruguay clubs got to three.
    So based on that, Pele’s Santos was definitely not the best in the world for that period unless you restrict it to only between 1962 and 1963.

  5. World Club champions Lasana Liburd

  6. Kelvin Jack, on what evidence do you say that Pele’s Santos was the best team in the world?

  7. Ronaldo obviously was just an outrageous talent.. Just supremely gifted. But there are some who question Pele’s greatness. Listen guys..the greats, Beckenbauer, Eusebio, Cruyff, Moore, Zagalo… I can go on and on. Like Ronaldo.. Pele would score a huge amount of goals in today’s game.. Also.. Someone mentioned Pele didn’t play in the top leagues.. I’m sorry but that’s nonsense. He later in the league in the country who were the undisputed champions of football. Santos at that time was the worlds greatest club side. Some people are clouded by the players of today, many of whom that are bang average.

  8. I was lucky too see all the greats of the last era and the current one play live in competitive matches.
    Messi accomplished the most. But to be honest, the Brazilian Ronaldo was the most electric.

  9. Il Fenômeno.
    …let us bow our heads…

  10. But Kelvin Jack if you really know your football history eh, most of those nowadays players especially some people that we know football God Messi wouldn’t have lasted in the days of the greatest football player in the universe and others because anything was accepted with respect to the tackles by some of the most brutal defenders that existed until the rules was charged to protect these nowadays professional players and the owners of the professional teams investments. Them really good yes

  11. Garrincha is probably the greatest match-winner in the game’s history. Once he was fit and his head was in the right place, teams he played for were almost unbeatable – in the games where he and Pele played together, Brazil NEVER lost.

  12. Ronaldo is without question the most devastating striker of the last 40 years.. No one can compare. People say you can’t compare generations.. That’s rubbish. Stevie Wonder could see that in today’s game he would score 50 goals a season in La liga and maybe close to 60 in the Premier League. THATS NOT AN EXAGGERATION

  13. Alyuh make certain that alyuh attend Mr Live Wire football festival in January eh, ah coming with meh flat screen TV and video and when alyuh see some of the other videos that I have with my greatest player in the universe eh, alyuh will hold alyuh heads and bawl eh, and I hope that Mr Ambassador will be there also and don’t forget to walk with your boots eh Dr Amery Browne hahaha

  14. And that is the problem with alyuh nowadays folks eh, and that is to bad. Alyuh really good yes hahahaaha

  15. I’ve never had the pleasure to see them play in the flesh but the above-mentioned are the greatest of all time regardless of how you rank them.

    What’s even more amazing is that Pele has often said that there’d have been no Pele without Garrincha.

  16. Ronaldo is the greatest ever… I’ve never seen Pele play live… It’s always been tapes… I’ve seen Maradonna though… And I have NEVER seen a player like Ronaldo. As good as Pele and Maradonna were… Neither was called ‘El Phenomeno’

  17. Ronaldo greater than who eh, look alyuh try alyuh best eh, he couldn’t even fit in the shoes of my two greatest Brazilians. Them really good yes

  18. Could someone explain to my why Pele is considered the greatest?
    3 WC titles?
    He never played I the best leagues in the world. ..in fact it is alleged when he was approaching 1000 goals opposing teams use to give him a blye and let him score
    3. Whereas we would have seen Ronaldo live…week in week out..who has really seen 10 games. ..10 whole games of Pele?
    I agree…ronaldo is brasil greatest ever
    Most just parrot Pele because well…their father said so… whose uncle said so…neither having actually see 5pele games

  19. The scary thing about ronaldo is that he accomplished all he did with career ending injuries. If you take those injuries out of the equation, the heights this man would have climbed. He did not win a champions league medal but 2 world cups would suffice I guress

  20. he was a phenom barring injury he would have been even greater

  21. I have always said that the greatest even goes in this order 1) the real Ronaldo 2) king Pele 3) the Don Diego 4) Messi and 5) Zidane. Messi is not even d greatest in his own country!!

  22. Lasana,when he was young and dangerous he was not fat…Sir Alex damn fast with that comment….as for his greatness he is one of Brazil’s greatest….we spend too much time studying who is the greatest .. my opinion….

  23. I cannot deny genius. He was Brazil’s greatest ever player. 🙂

  24. My husband and I had this exact conversation tonight. His mental record of football is better than mines. He provided the exact stays and more. I still don’t think a penalty kick can define Messi. Media is a great player. Most great ppl fail at important times to recover again. You know the other player who missed did not get hurl before public opinion who is to say if he got it right the next Chile player won’t have miss. . .but that’s what happens when you are grate, the world judge you more harshly. He is still a grate player of not the greatest and time is still in his side to do so.

  25. Great article Joel Leach Hanna Sukhu-Maharaj

  26. “The vast majority of lives, in football and elsewhere, end in failure.”

    What an opening?

  27. Lol. Like Ramesh? They have to be sure he won’t mash up their party first.

  28. Too bad he cannot get into Trinidad politics where disloyalty to your current party is rewarded by rival parties…

  29. Guess foot-in-mouth disease is often fatal to public careers!

  30. I don’t expect the TTFA can afford to pay his version of minimum wage! Lol

  31. that is a touchy one to me..cause that look bought ..anyone cud say what they say!! but that CL was Bought …No way Bayern with how the was playing go in to that final an throw away goals so..an flop hard!!

  32. Lasana – when you said Pep created a style, I almost choked laughing. What exact changes did Pep make in comparison to Barcelona of the past? There was certainly a change of personnel which by default alters how a system is implemented to take advantage of their strengths. But explain to me the tactical changes Pep made to the Barcelona way that began with Cryuff.

  33. How do people rate di mateo winning the CL with Chelsea ?

  34. Lasana Liburd well said, could not agree more, and ronaldo was still playing fantastic football at that time

  35. Kendall, here is another difference. Jose won a title with Porto. Pep created a revolution with Barca that spawned a way of playing that teams and countries tried to emulate.
    Not that he created the style from scratch but he made some notable modifications.
    All the same, I agree that it was some feat for Jose to win the Champions League with Porto. No question.

  36. I am still in mourning that Perez fired Carlo.

  37. It takes great man management skills to handle a team of superstars. Pep certainly has that as does Anchelotti. Having the best players still requires knitting them into a coherent unit.

  38. ..I hear you. MY comment was not a response to yours. LOL..

  39. There is no denying that clubs that can afford the best players dominate their respective leagues.

    I didn’t dismiss Pep’s achievement at Barcelona. What I am saying is that the core of that team was already there and he had the resources to get whatever players he wanted.

    In contrast, Porto achieved a level of success with Jose with far less resources and with players who weren’t global superstars at the time.

    That’s why I rate what Jose did at Porto so highly.

  40. ..People who don’t really understand football and, moreso, coaching, assume that money guarantees success. I can only conclude this based on the commentary. You still have plenty work to do even when you have the biggest budget. People also let their likes and dislikes get in the way of fundamental respect for other people’s achievements..

  41. However look at it is certain clubs he moves back an forth to an look at the pattern of his team building big spending .

  42. Pep improved Barcelona though. The club was dipping and he cleared out top players like Ronaldinho and Deco and later Eto’o, Henry and Yaya and created a machine.
    I agree that I would like to see him do it elsewhere. But I won’t dismiss his achievements at Barcelona so lightly. The man created one of the most formidable teams in the history of European club football.

  43. ..True. But you know what they say about points of view. LOLLLL..

  44. Everyone has there point of view,its not rocket science

  45. Another thing, it wasn’t just their accomplishments inside the ring that made boxing’s greats great. It was their overcoming of adversity and their willingness to take up causes greater than themselves.

    That just ain’t Floyd!

  46. “Don’t get me wrong, Mayweather is a superb fighter. He could teach a trigonometry class a thing or two about angles. He is so good defensively he can leave opponents dazed without even throwing a punch. His unbeaten record includes 10 world titles in five weight categories. And he will almost certainly go down as the finest boxer of this era.” A great boxer, undoubtedly, and the winner of the fight against Pacquaio without the slightest semblance of doubt, but the greatest of all time? No way! Muhammad Ali owns that title! I would also place Sugar Ray Robinson ahead of Floyd any day.

  47. He was playing in Turkey? I think. Not sure but I stand to be corrected.

  48. That would really be a surprise. Looks like he lacks the mental toughness.