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Wired868 and I: Tell us your story

Fast, clever and entertaining. Wired868 opened its doors on 12 January 2012 and has pumped breaking sport stories, witty satirical news pieces and thought provoking columns and opinion pieces to your smart phone, computer and other internet devices ever since. Wired868 is proud to lead the way in coverage of the Trinidad …

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About Wired868

Wired868.com is an online newspaper that distinguishes itself through clever, analytical sport stories and blogs as well as satirical weekday news briefs. Our sport stories and blogs are filed in Volley and View Point respectively while Live Wire hosts our news quips. Wired868 is smart, honest, bold and creative and exudes Trinidad …

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Wired868 Unplugged: A new adventure in sport

Wired868 is pleased to re-open its doors to the world today with a sleek and modern website that improves upon the vehicle initially launched on 12 January 2012. This re-launch comes as the world is enthralled with video and images from the London 2012 Olympic Games. All Trinidad and Tobago …

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Wired868 Copyright

All content on this website is copyrighted by Wired868 Ltd. Any organisation or person wishing to reproduce part of any article may do so providing they reveal the source and provide a link back to this website. Anyone wishing to reproduce an entire article should email lasana@wired868.com or louann@wired868.com for …

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