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Letters to the Editor

Cockroaches must stay out fowl business! T&T Shia Muslims condemn Trump but pledge peaceful approach

“Based on our faith and understanding of Islam, we are sworn to the protection of the realm of Trinidad and Tobago and to peaceful coexistence with persons of all faiths… “The AIATT—nor any Shia Muslim organisation or person of Trinidad and Tobago as far as we can tell—[is not] a …

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Baptiste-Primus: NEDCO’s Business Accelerator encourages new type of entrepreneur

“Competitiveness will depend, to a large extent, on the ability of firms and our people to innovate. We need to encourage a new kind of entrepreneur in Trinidad and Tobago—resourceful individuals who can draw from their creative genius and give birth to new products and services and rather than merely …

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Communications Minister: TTPS on patrol around banks; we will help T&T through TT$100 bill transition 

“The Central Bank is committed to providing updates and public education about the new TT 100 dollar note while the TTPS has given the assurance that officers are on foot and mobile patrols around the banks. “[…] The new note is part of a national security measure which will assist …

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