The Grand Bizarre Shooting; Live Wire reviews worst shooting since Raheem Sterling against Man Utd

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In what may go down as the Grand Bizarre Shooting, two fully armed policemen with personal scores to settle fired shots at each other from point-blank range outside the Ruby Tuesday restaurant on Wednesday night.

“I thought I was dreaming; this could not be happening right before my eyes,” one eyewitness told Newsday. “It was like a scene out of a western movie.”

And by comparing the incident to a movie scene from the Wild, Wild West, the eyewitness presumably meant that he thought the two officers were shooting blanks—both lawmen were said to be in stable condition after the incident, although the aggressor, Sergeant Darryl Honore, later died as result of injuries.

Photo: Stop or I’ll shoot!

The drama kicked off shortly after one police officer—believed to be a corporal—exited Ruby Tuesday with a female companion. According to witnesses, the pair spent less than five minutes in the building. But what happened next was far more bizarre than the cost of a plate of ribs with two side orders.

“You make me lorse my wife and my house,” another policeman—believed to be a sergeant—told the first officer, “and I ain’t taking that tonight.”

Of course, with a little less luck and considerably better aim, Trinidad and Tobago would have woken up to another murder that owed much to emotional immaturity and instability.

‘You make me lorse my wife?’

Well, clearly she was not lost. She just wanted to try a different gunslinger—Live Wire cannot confirm whether the woman in question has since been satisfied. But the point is women are not property and men unable to differentiate between a person and an object really ought to be made to walk around with a scarlet letter for the rest of their days.

Maybe it is time that women sent prospective partners to psychiatrists for a little word-association test before they ‘tie their foot.’ Or follow the advice of calypsonian Black Prince and be sure to get a referral letter from the wanna-be boyfriend’s ‘last ooman,’ complete with her signature, passport photo and contact information.

And, once more, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service is made a laughing stock.

Reports suggest that acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams has ordered the Professional Standards Bureau to investigate the incident. It is uncertain whether both men are suspended and/or relieved of their firearms for the duration of the probe.

So if you cuss a policeman, he can immediately handcuff and toss you into the back of the van like a garbage bag. But a shoot-out in a public place and the two officers are not under armed guard already?

It could be worse. Anthony Garcia may have been National Security Minister and we might have heard something like this: “Hey, boys will be boys!”

Editor’s Note: The Grand Bazaar shooting took a tragic on the night of 6 May 2018 when Sergeant Darryl Honore was pronounced dead at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex, after failing to recover from gunshot injuries related to the incident on 2 May.

The loss of a life is always cause for mourning. Wired868 will like to reiterate that infidelity—real of imagined—should never be considered a reasonable excuse to physically attack anyone. And a husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend is an autonomous being; not property.

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  1. the wife was feeling it most of all ?

  2. Story took a tragic turn. It is interesting that in this case the murderous ex-husband is the one who didn’t make it.
    We have seen many cases where the jilted lover murders his former girlfriend, her children, the neighbour, etc…
    It is sad that a life is lost. But clearly he did a very wrong thing in taking up arms in that way.

  3. I heard the husband died tho.. humor done..

  4. “She just wanted to try a different gunslinger”…. Ahhhhhhh Lasana, you have lyrics to save Kasio

  5. After the shooting, he was stable and the other was discharged… What the hell happened since?! I feel it for the wife most of all.

  6. Anxiety was the cause of no one getting killed

  7. Totally enjoy the humorous comments on this post. Glad we can have a laugh on an incident that could have gone so wrong…..

  8. Policeman enters Ruby Tuesday and shouts “first round on me “

  9. One recieved 4 shots the other 3 shots..according to reports over 20 spent shells were recovered..see why the criminals have no respect for the police and them..

  10. In the midst of chaos there is always humour. Seriously this is comical but say what. Next episode will be soon. I am sure

  11. And he will lose his job too. House, wife and job. That making any sense?

  12. Was dat story written by a child who recently wrote SEA ?

  13. Its Gods grace and mercy this happen like it did it could have been worse by some innocent passerby could have been innocently killed but as it happens only they shoot themselves and they did not die so they have to stand the full brunt of their actions, gave an account as to wat cause it and feel shame all on their own doing…..Isn’t God great

  14. I think those 28 shots were exaggerated, because they did not have semiautomatic or automatic weaponry, if you tell me 12 to 16 shots, remember they have to reload, and they also may have been intoxicated as well!

  15. Did reminds me of BOANANZA!!!!!

  16. Hear this one two police gone ruby Tuesday after 28shots they end up in hospital To much drinking two many shots

  17. Remember the barbershop shootout between plain clothes officer and bandit that left a civilian dead and bandit home free?

  18. I cannot stop laughing. I could play that over and over.

  19. And yet the tyre shop owner managed to kill TWO bandit with just TWO bullets….

  20. I just love this. Lol. Best thing I’ve read in a while lol.

  21. That look like it hurt … just a little bit ..
    Nun a Panadol and a plaster cya fix

  22. They trainned to shoot an d bandits shooting straighter

  23. Good thing he didn’t have the bandit mindset to just walk up and go for the head shot.

    I’ll wait for the actual shot count, it’s all kinda madness being reported — Newsday — with magazine and rounds, I don’t know what the hell they talking bout!

  24. Agreed. Garcia is a patriarchal pig

  25. Presumably, there are no children from that unsuccessful relationship.

    I was unable to can after that line

  26. Sasha Thomas look the video of the officers wow

  27. you could imagine them chasing criminals!!!

  28. Law & Order Trini Style (Episode to be continued)

  29. Why allyuh embarrassing Inspector Wiggum so? He is a way better officer than them two jilted mooks!

  30. $10 says the Commissioner finds that two guns started misfiring at the same time but they won’t rule out false play until they take statements from the two officers involved.

  31. Next ting the woman name is really Trinity in truth, and these poor officers were engaging in a simple reinanctment of the Matrix rooftop scene. Let’s see what the Commissioner’s finding will be.

  32. Let’s not assume that they were both bad shots…maybe, just maybe they are great marksmen but both are agents proficient at dodging projectiles:

  33. Asked for comment, acting Police Commissioner Arsene Wenger said he didn’t see it.
    Technical director Sir Alex Ferguson said the ref made it look worse than it was!

  34. Onlookers did not panic during the brief fracas, because many assumed it was just the TTPS taking their ‘marriage proposal’ theatrics to the next level.

  35. They need to take lessons from the bandits. Send them for Beetham Training.

  36. …fortunately both combatants had already expended most of their energy on trying to chew the house steak.

  37. They were involved in a heated exchange of words and a somewhat lukewarm exchange of gunfire.

  38. They visited the establishment but then shot out of there after a few minutes.

  39. He came looking for his ‘missing rib’?

  40. Melville, a straight case of Babylon Bloopers?

  41. To protect and serve…One was protecting himself, the other was serving himself.

  42. Reminds me of the song,”My Wife Ran Off With My Best Friend, And I Sure Do Miss Him.”

    • Earl Best

      This is 2018, Melville. How can you be sure whether the last word refers to the wife or to the best friend? The days for such certainty are now gone!

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