Sex, lies and audiotape; Warner continues charge on alleged ‘Cougar in Chief’

So much for the People’s Partnership’s attack on PNM leader Dr Keith Rowley for wining on a teenager.

There is always the likelihood of heavy hypocrisy and immense irony when Chaguanas West MP and former FIFA money transfer extraordinaire Jack Warner is lecturing about wrongdoing. But, not for the first time in the past fortnight, it is his former Cabinet colleagues that squirmed most uncomfortably.

Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (left) and Leader of Government Business Roodal Moonilal presumably discuss Parliamentary morality. (Courtesy Baltimore Post)
Photo: Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (left) and Leader of Government Business Roodal Moonilal presumably discuss Parliamentary morality.
(Courtesy Baltimore Post)

In the latest press gathering of Warner’s long farewell tour, the former Minister of National Security, Works, Transport and Phone Taping revealed a fresh tale of sex, bribes, kickbacks, extortion and fraud.

Naturally, nobody heard anything said after the “sex” part.

Thus far, the title-loving Prime Minister SC has refused to claim the additional portfolio of “Cougar in Chief.” But it will take years before the image of a grinning Glenn Ramdharsingh allegedly telling his driver Jit Hardeen, two years ago at approximately 2.30 am, that: “we got her high so Kristyan can fix up.”

At the time, Kamla Persad-Bissessar was 61. Kristyan Gokool was 33. But don’t expect rabid PP supporters like P*****p to demand to see birth papers in this scenario.

Of course, the only “evidence” thus far is a former FIFA vice president who couldn’t pick Truth out if it was the only member of a police line-up, a SRP driver who changes his version of events according to who is recording him and the reported discovery of what appeared to be marijuana on a window sill rather than in someone’s hand or purse.

Photo: Ahmmm...
Photo: Ahmmm…

And what was the weed doing outside the window anyway? Thankfully, there were no reported sightings of a soucouyant in south Trinidad.

Mr Live Wire must stress that Tanty Kamla could be absolutely innocent of all the innuendos. The problem is when you lead Cabinet ministers allegedly prone to nibbling nipples, touching up tot tots, pulling pokemons, molesting maids and mauling mistresses, it is inevitable that people will one day wonder: What is your vice exactly, PM?

Whatever the extent of Tanty Kamla’s generosity to her young, male neighbour, one should recognise that no crime was committed by his alleged presence. Even if he did take the entire night to deliver his cup of sugar.

In fact, after an era when Justice Minister Herbert Volney spearheaded Section 34 and National Security Minister Warner was pursued by the FBI, the allegedly self-titled “assistant to the Prime Minister’s husband” might have been the only person living up to his job title.

Allegedly, of course. Mr Live Wire has no intention of joining Warner in court.

Photo: Oh gaddo! Nah Live Wire... Yuh gone too far this time!
Photo: Oh gaddo! Nah Live Wire… Yuh gone too far this time!

It is the other non-salacious stuff that needs urgent investigation.

Crooked policemen? An inefficient Integrity Commission? Politicians enriching themselves on the public purse? Ministers who do nothing but show up to gallery in Parliament? Corrupt contractors…

Wait a minute. Did Warner really tell us anything we didn’t know already? Or was that the best repackaging of old food stuff since mammy’s bread pudding?

Warner was at pains to stress his noble intentions today at the press conference, which was held at the Normandie Hotel and not the Centre of Excellence that he allegedly stole from CONCACAF.

“I didn’t come here to demolish Kamla,” he said, while trying to demolish Kamla.

His patriotic fervour.

“I have an obligation to expose this country to who Kamla Persad-Bissessar is,” he said, two years after recording her supposed misdeeds.

And his trustworthiness.

Photo: Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar share a light moment during the 2010 FIFA Under-17 Women's World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago. Warner served as Works Minister and National Security Minister for the People's Partnership Government before his resignation in 2013. (Courtesy
Photo: Ex-FIFA vice-president Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar share a light moment during the 2010 FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup in Trinidad and Tobago.
Warner served as Works Minister and National Security Minister for the People’s Partnership Government before his resignation in 2013.

“Sometimes you have to crush grapes to make wine,” said Warner, after playing a recording of Hardeen expressing fear for his life and begging to be left out of the affair.

The FBI has a great recipe for wine too. Although, granted, it might not be as good as Kristyan’s.

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  1. Hmmm lost for words Lasana yuh not easy

  2. Is this bacchanal enhancing Mr Jack Warner’s life? All this mauve langue will not save him from the being prosecuted in the American Courts. So Mr Warner stop your foolishness. The pit you dig for someone you will fall into it. God is watching and one day we will all stand before God to give an account for what we have done in the flesh. You politicians be very aware . ” To whom much is given much is required.”

  3. ‘the only person doing their job is Krisytan’ lol

  4. I just heard that there are lots of Egyptians in the UNC, because there a lot of them in deNILEal.

  5. When Vernella Allen Toppin was insulting Dr Rowley’s Mother in the nastiest way she didn’t find that degrading or insulting to all Women but now the shoe on the other foot it’s a different story. That pile coming from Cougar in Chief which by the way was the best nick name so far. Boss Lasana.

  6. he has been castrated or renered impotent

  7. They’ve been attacking him since he became leader of the COP. Why do you think he keeps his tail between his legs?

  8. this is a straight fight between pnm and unc,cop is in its dying throes ,at this he is ,praks is looking for survival or may be leader of the opposition,he will have to fight motor mouth coney lal suraj who will attack him relentlessly ,their kind of politics is doomed

  9. To your question about feeling attacked or insulted… Lasana, uhhh…come again? Hell no! And…. as a matter of fact, i don’t even listen to any of JaWa’s revelations…because it’s really all over but the shouting now for me…and JaWa could say what he want, I just waiting for him to make a real jail (although I fear North American jails are not all that real from what I hear…but perhaps for JaWa they will be real enough), this time not just a two days! And for the rest of them – formerly known as JaWa’s cohorts, I am priming my voting finger for September 7th…and hope enough people think like me that the time for drama is over, the real work of nation re-building has to begin and it starts with a new administration in the seat of government…not this farcical PPG.

  10. Albert Edwards, Praks spoke out. He asked JW to go to the US and facce his charges. LOL

  11. Better yet..does he have 13 members?

  12. I know that, you know that, we all know that
    except Prakash of-course! He wants 13 seats? does he have 13 candidates?

  13. Mel Lissa for all intents and purposes the cop is dead,it is leaderless and has not commented on the rambling within the government

  14. There was some haggling going on for months about exchanging St Joseph [UNC] for Tunapuna [COP]

  15. there will be some horse trading,very robust ,some will get cold feet,the wave of euphoria that erupted with their accession to powerhas all but evaporated

  16. That’s a good question Judy-ann

  17. I saw that Albert but it’s the same with Dookeran Aneka.. he isn’t running again so it’s left to be seen which Party will replace them

  18. Will there be any COP candidates?

  19. but isn’t she COP? so what will she be replaced with a COP or UNC candidate?

  20. carol seepersad bachan is in doubt

  21. She’ll remind him when she catches a break
    if she ever does..

  22. Who has to tell Powers that he has to announce the election officially so that we can have a nomination date and see all candidates? It looks like KPM but the way she is going, she might forget.

  23. And the forum was cancelled this week

  24. Haha! Albert you on d ball there

  25. Their application process closes at the end of the month

  26. this should play in the next unc forum

  27. we already have one canidate saying that there are serious doubts on her running again

  28. Well he did say he’s only just begun and who eh dead badly wounded

  29. But allyuh notice something…the allegation pool now start to widen…Jack calling glenn name now, and i realise he eh sayign a ting bout suruj, &&, or any others in the cabal..YET.

  30. Candidates? They don’t have time for that right now

  31. jack is on the attack,the extradition papers have not arrived as yet,he has a point ,why the haste to send him to the usa

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