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  • Afra Raymond

    Afra Raymond is a Chartered Surveyor and Managing Director of Raymond & Pierre Ltd. He is the ex-president of Institute of Surveyors and immediate past president of the Joint Consultative Council for the Construction Industry (JCC), having served between December 2010 and November 2015.
  • Akins Vidale

    Akins Vidale

    Akins Vidale lectures at the Cipriani College of Labour and Cooperative Studies and is a UWI graduate with a B.A. in History. He has served as the president of the Trinidad Youth Council and is the General Secretary of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions and NGOs (FITUN). Read his blog: http://akinsvidale.wordpress.com/
  • Allan Powder

    Allan Powder

    Allan Powder is an avid writer currently pursuing his BA in Mass Communications at COSTAATT. He is employed as an IT professional at Republic Bank Limited, and is a freelancer at Wired868. Powder is also a certified photographer.
  • Allan V. Crane

    Allan V. Crane

    Allan V. Crane is a freelance photographer.
  • Amiel Mohammed

    Amiel Mohammed

    Amiel Mohammed is a sports enthusiast and has worked in communications for Central FC and the Women's Premier League TT. He has also pioneered numerous projects geared towards creating opportunities for the differently abled such as the Differently-Abled Football Camp 2015 and Focus Football Coaching Academy.
  • Andrew Friday

    Andrew Friday

    Andrew “Fries” Friday is an actor, comedian, impressionist, live event host and broadcaster. He launched his performing career at Presentation College, San F'do (1991-98) and featured in over a dozen plays and films. He had guest roles in Contract Killers (2007) and Girlfriends Getaway (2014) and is currently working on The Longest Wait.
  • Andrew Jennings

    Andrew Jennings

    Andrew Jennings has been chasing 'bad men' around the world for more than three decades. His book, The Lords of the Rings, on Olympic corruption and the fascist background of the IOC president was named by Sports Illustrated as one of the Top One Hundred Sports Books of all Time. His last book on FIFA corruption, Foul!, is now in 15 languages despite an attempt by Herr Blatter using FIFA funds in Switzerland to persuade a Zurich court to impose a global ban.
  • BC Pires

    BC Pires

    BC Pires is a veteran columnist and satirist of extensive experience in Trinidad and Tobago and abroad. You can read more of his columns at: http://bcpires.com
  • Bryan St Louis

    Bryan St Louis is the education officer for the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU).
  • Carla Procope

    Carla Procope

    Carla Procope is currently in her final year at COSTAATT pursuing her Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications and a Wired868 intern. She is a working mother in the insurance industry for over 15 years. Procope enjoys working with and helping people, and follows the principle that action is the key to success.
  • Carlotta Rivas

    Carlotta Rivas

    Carlotta Germine Rivas is in her final year at COSTATT, pursuing her BA in Mass Communications and works in the Customer Service Department at Sagicor. She is also presently an intern at Wired868. Rivas is passionate about people and spends most of her spare time working on various NGO boards in the service of others.
  • David Nakhid

    David Nakhid

    David Nakhid is the founder and director of the David Nakhid International Football Academy in Beirut, Lebanon and was the first Trinidad and Tobago international to play professionally in Europe. The two-time Caribbean and T&T Player of the Year and cerebral midfielder once represented FC Grasshopper (Switzerland), Waregem (Belgium), POAK (Greece), New England Revolution (US), Al Emirates (UAE) and Al Ansar (Lebanon).
  • Dominique Fernandes

    Dominique Fernandes

    Dominique Fernandes is pursuing her BA in Mass Communication at COSTAATT and is an intern at Wired868. Fernandes is passionate about communication and enjoys using it as a tool to learn about individuals from different backgrounds.
  • Sheila Rampersad

    Sheila Rampersad

    Dr Sheila Rampersad is a member of the current MATT executive and the Women Working for Social Progress. She is a veteran columnist.
  • Elizabeth Solomon

    Elizabeth Solomon

    Elizabeth Solomon is an award winning journalist, who has recently returned home after more than 15 years working on Human Rights and Conflict Prevention with the United Nations.
  • Rhoda Bharath

    Rhoda Bharath

    Rhoda Bharath works as a lecturer by day and remains obsessed with politics by night. Follow her blog here: https://rhoda-bharath-jxtv.squarespace.com/
  • Fixin TT

    Fixin TT

    Fixin T&T's mission is the realization of good governance to achieve healthy, holistic, and fulfilling lifestyles for all citizens through the study, promotion, and furtherance of strong democratic institutions; sound infrastructure; integrity in public and corporate affairs; and a culture of respect by all for the laws and regulations of the country to create a safe, secure, efficient and productive Trinidad & Tobago.
  • Hannibal Najjar

    Hannibal Najjar

    Hannibal Najjar is a former Trinidad and Tobago national senior team and youth team coach. He considers himself a lifetime learner and advocate for the under-served and has been recognised for his contribution to sport and academia in T&T, Canada and the US. He is a guest speaker on race-relations and curriculum planning and is working on his first book.
  • Jabari Fraser

    Jabari Fraser

    Jabari Fraser is a journalist employed at CCN TV6. He is an executive member of MATT.
  • Jamaal Shabazz

    Jamaal Shabazz

    Jamaal Shabazz is the Guyana National Senior Team head coach, founder and technical director of Morvant Caledonia United and ex-head coach of the Trinidad and Tobago men's and women's senior teams. He helped steer T&T to second place at the 2012 Caribbean Cup, Guyana to an unprecedented 2014 World Cup qualifying semifinal berth and Caledonia to its first CFU Club Championship title in 2012. He is a member of the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen group that staged an unsuccessful coup in Trinidad in 1990.
  • Julie Guyadeen

    Julie Guyadeen

    Julie Guyadeen has a BSc. in Government with a Minor in International Relations and Postgraduate training in International Relations both at the UWI St. Augustine Campus. She is a firm believer in civil society having an active voice.
  • Juliet Solomon

    Juliet Solomon

    Juliet Solomon is a globtrotting Trinidadian who now lives and writes in Peru. She is the official scorer and Cricket Women`s Officer for Cricket Peru (http://perucricket.com/) and an active member of the Good Companions Theatre Group. Her book about her experiences in Lima, “Yes…But It´s Different Here” is available on Amazon.com.
  • Keisha Saunders

    Keisha Saunders

    Keisha La Toya Saunders is a COSTAATT student pursuing her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism/Mass Communication. She is also employed at RBC Royal Bank and presently a Wired868 intern. Saunders is motivated by her young daughter and mother to be successful in life and hopes to one day become a Communications Specialist.
  • Keita Demming

    Keita Demming

    Keita Demming holds a PhD from the University of Toronto. His podcast Disruptive Conversations is an effort to unpack how people who are working to disrupt a sector or system think. Dr Demming has worked internationally and in a variety of sectors within the field of social innovation. He also holds the license for TEDxPortofSpain.
  • Kelvin Jack

    Kelvin Jack

    Kelvin Jack is a former Trinidad and Tobago international football team goalkeeper and was first choice at the 2006 Germany World Cup although injury restricted him to one outing against Paraguay. Jack is an ex-San Juan Jabloteh captain and played professionally in the UK with Dundee (Scotland) and Gillingham (England).
  • Kendall Tull

    Kendall Tull

    Kendall Tull is a Certified Management Accountant with the Ontario arm of the Society of Management Accountants and has an Honours degree from UWI in Industrial Management. He has over 20 years of experience in both the private and public sectors in a variety of industries at both CFO and CEO level. He is a former Trinidad and Tobago Hockey Board (TTHB) official and captain of the Queen's Park CC and Notre Dame field hockey club.
  • Keston K Perry

    Keston K Perry

    Keston is a PhD candidate in Development Studies at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS). He has 10 years' combined experience in the private, government and non-governmental sectors and international organisations.
  • Kirwin Weston

    Kirwin Weston

    Kirwin Jules Weston is a sport enthusiast, and a Physical Education student at UTT. Weston attributes his love for sport to his father who exposed him to a variety of sports from a tender age. His favourite saying is: “Success breeds success.”
  • Laurel Hunt

    Laurel Hunt

    Laurel Hunt is a past pupil of Providence Girls Catholic School pursuing an Associate Degree in Journalism and Public Reations at COSTAATT. She also hopes to begin her Masters Degree in Business later this year. Hunt is currently a Business Analyst at a State Company and an intern at Wired868.
  • Lester Henry

    Lester Henry

    Lester Henry is a Government Senator and Senior Lecturer in Economics at UWI St Augustine. He is an ardent follower of the West Indies cricket and “Soca Warriors” football teams.
  • Letters to the Editor

    Letters to the Editor

    Want to share your thoughts with Wired868? Email us at editor@wired868.com. Please keep your blog between 300 to 800 words and be sure to read it over first for typos and punctuation.
  • Lisa Hernandez

    Lisa Hernandez

    Lisa Hernandez works with a local diplomatic mission and has been involved in field hockey for over 30 years.  She is a former national player and international hockey umpire who is devoted to contribute to sport in whatever capacity.
  • Martin Daly

    Martin Daly

    Martin G Daly SC is a prominent attorney-at-law. He is a former Independent Senator and past president of the Law Association of Trinidad and Tobago. He is chairman of the Pat Bishop Foundation, a board member of The Little Carib Theatre and Folkhouse and a steelpan music enthusiast.
  • MATT Executive

    The Media Association of Trinidad and Tobago is the authorised representative body for local journalists in all formats.
  • Maylee Attin-Johnson

    Maylee Attin-Johnson

    Maylee Attin-Johnson is the Trinidad and Tobago Women's Senior National Team captain and has represented her country at senior international level since the age of 15. She has a bachelor's degree in Sports Management from the Kennesaw State University in Georgia, USA.
  • Mistah Shak

    Mistah Shak

    Mistah Shak is a Trinbagonian singer/songwriter/musician/performer from the modest but culturally vibrant southern town of Siparia. He considers himself to be an intelligent lyricist, thought provoking songwriter, competent musician and an unwavering and purposeful musical soldier.
  • Mr. Live Wire

    Mr. Live Wire

    Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.
  • Otancia Noel

    Otancia Noel

    Otancia Noel has a Literatures in English bachelor's degree at COSTAATT and is finishing a Masters in Fine Arts, Creative writing and Prose Fiction at UWI. She grew up on the Jamaat-al-Muslimeen compound in Mucurapo.
  • R.Walcott


    Roneil Walcott is a Journalism and Public Relations student at COSTAATT and a freelancer at Wired868. Walcott is an avid sports fan and former Harvard Cricket Clinic member and ex-St. Mary’s College cricket player.
  • Raffique Shah

    Raffique Shah

    Raffique Shah is a columnist for over three decades, founder of the T&T International Marathon, co-founder of the ULF with Basdeo Panday and George Weekes, a former sugar cane farmers union leader and an ex-Siparia MP. He trained at the UK’s Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and was arrested, court-martialled, sentenced and eventually freed on appeal after leading 300 troops in a mutiny at Teteron Barracks during the Black Power revolution of 1970.
  • Raheema Sayyid-Andrews

    Raheema Sayyid-Andrews

    Raheema Sayyid-Andrews is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Journalism/Mass Communication at COSTAATT. A wife, a mother and a lover of the English language with over 20 years experience of reading novels, she has a limitless supply of stories to share, her way of demonstrating the sheer power of the written word.
  • Rishi Maharaj

    Rishi Maharaj

    Rishi Maharaj holds a BSc. and MSc. in Government from UWI and has over 10 years work experience in Trinidad and Tobago's public sector. Maharaj is also a certified member of the Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals.
  • Roger Bonair-Agard

    Roger Bonair-Agard

    Roger Bonair-Agard lives in the USA where he is a close observer of human behaviour and makes his living as a poet and a creative writing instructor. He is a former USA National Poetry Slam individual champion and the co-founder of the LouderARTS Project, of which he is currently the Artistic Director. He has already had four books of his poetry, including Bury my Clothes (2013) and Gully (2010) published.
  • Rose-Marie Belle Antoine

    Rose-Marie Belle Antoine

    Rose-Marie Belle Antoine is a Dean at the Faculty of Law, UWI, chaired Professor of Labour Law and Offshore Financial Law, and is an award winning author, attorney, activist and international legal consultant, holding a doctorate in law from Oxford University and an LLM from Cambridge. She is a former President of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, OAS, Washington, and has also served on numerous distinguished international bodies.
  • Scotty Ranking

    Scotty Ranking

    Damian R. Scott is an ICT professional and a lifelong student (and part-time teacher) of language and communication. As Scotty Ranking, he frequently comments on topical issues of the day, dispensing knowledge to all and sundry.
  • Sean Taylor

    Sean Taylor is a freelance writer with seven years' experience in the field, who has written for local publications including the Campus Chronicle, UWI Today, USPORTT, Metro and the Trinidad Express. He also studied Communication Studies and Portuguese at the University of the West Indies.
  • Shaka Hislop

    Shaka Hislop

    Shaka Hislop is a football analyst with ESPN and a 2006 World Cup player with Trinidad and Tobago. He played professionally in England with Reading, Newcastle, West Ham and Portsmouth and has an Executive MBA in Business Administration and a Mechanical Engineering degree from Howard University. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame athlete in Trinidad and Tobago and Howard while he was the inaugural winner of the England PFA's Special Merit Award for his services to football.
  • Sherron Charles

    Sherron Charles

    Sherron 'Jabari' Charles is a football coach and graduate of the University of the West Indies (UWI) Sports Management BSc programme. He is also a sports entrepreneur and an avid Soca Warriors fan.
  • Sunity Maharaj

    Sunity Maharaj

    Sunity Maharaj is a journalist with 38 years of experience and the managing director of the Lloyd Best Institute of the West Indies. She is a former Trinidad Express editor in chief and TV6 head of news.
  • Terry Fenwick

    Terry Fenwick

    Terry Fenwick is the technical director of the Football Factory in POS. He is a former England World Cup player who played professionally for Tottenham, Queen's Park FC, Crystal Palace, Leicester City and Swindon Town. He is also one of the most successful coaches in T&T's professional era having won regional and domestic titles with Central FC and San Juan Jabloteh.
  • Thane J Pierre

    Thane J Pierre

    Thane J Pierre is an Attorney at Law with extensive experience in forensics and law enforcement.
  • Tia Vialva

    Tia Vialva

    Tia Vialva is a student at COSTAATT currently pursuing her BA in journalism. She has been published for the Trinidad Newsday and CariFin Games and enjoys creative writing as well as video editing in her spare time.
  • Transparency International

    Transparency International

    Our Mission is to stop corruption and promote transparency, accountability and integrity at all levels and across all sectors of society. Our Core Values are: transparency, accountability, integrity, solidarity, courage, justice and democracy.
  • Michelle Cox

    Michelle Cox

    Michelle Cox is a Wired868 freelancer who was born and bred in South Trinidad and lives in the village of La Brea. Cox holds an Associate degree in PR and Journalism and is currently pursuing her BA in Mass Communication at COSTAATT. She has been employed in the energy sector for over 15 years and is the proud mother of daughters Denielle, 10, and Amelia, 6. Her mantra is: ‘the learning never stops until you do and then… you still never know.’
  • Working Women

    Working Women

    Women Working for Social Progress is a 30-year old organisation based in Tunapuna, which was co-founded by activist Merle Hodge. The “Working Women” group does advocacy work on behalf women and children and led the way in discussions like anti-corporal punishment or “parenting for peace.”

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