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Andrew Jennings has been chasing 'bad men' around the world for more than three decades. His book, The Lords of the Rings, on Olympic corruption and the fascist background of the IOC president was named by Sports Illustrated as one of the Top One Hundred Sports Books of all Time. His last book on FIFA corruption, Foul!, is now in 15 languages despite an attempt by Herr Blatter using FIFA funds in Switzerland to persuade a Zurich court to impose a global ban.

Omertà (part nine): The Belly Eats FIFA


Chapter 9: Blazer’s Michelin Guide to the World  CHUCK STUFFED HIS FACE in the world’s most expensive restaurants. Football paid. When, at the end of 2012, the new people at Concacaf sacked him, they forbade him to pay himself any more money. The money tap was being turned off. But …

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Omertà (Part six): Knifing Mandela in the back

Photo: Late South Africa president Nelson Mandela.
(Courtesy CBC)

Chapter six: Bribes took the World Cup to Germany                A RIO RACEHORSE OWNER was paid $1 million to strangle Brazil’s faint hopes of hosting the World Cup. The dark campaign to give the 2006 tournament to Germany involved the humiliation of Brazil and …

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Omertà (Part five): Looting Brazilian Football


Chapter five: Ricardo’s favourite shoemaker  IF YOU BELIEVE Ricardo, he discovered the world’s most generous bank. It was located in Vaduz, in Europe, it lent him millions and charged interest, in the words of the Senator Alvaro Dias investigation, ‘absurdly below market rates.’ In fact, he never paid any interest …

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