Media misleads public again on Tim Kee; Live Wire demands their resignation

The following is the actual excerpt from an an interview with Raymond Tim Kee on Sky 99.5 FM, just after lunch today:

Photo: Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee.
(Courtesy Wired868)

Interviewer Jessie-May Ventour: Mr Tim Kee, at the 12 o clock news we found out that you are still the mayor of Port of Spain, that you have not officially tendered your resignation. Is that still the case at this point in time?

Tim Kee: As we speak, yes… That is the case. But I can tell you before we put our lights on this evening that will no longer be the case.

Ventour: I just want to be absolutely clear. By this evening, you will no longer be mayor of Port Spain?

Tim Kee: Precisely.

The subsequent headline: “Tim Kee resigns” was immediately splashed across almost every media house in the country with many claiming that Tim Kee had already tendered his resignation.

Did he resign to Jessie-May? Is saying you are going to something the same as doing it?

Is it the fact that he said it a third time, which made it true? Does the media operate by the same rules as the “Candyman?”

Photo: Just to confirm. You said you have not yet resigned... So can we say you resigned?
Photo: Just to confirm. You said you have not yet resigned… But since we already said you promised to resign, can we just say you resigned?

Having recklessly misinterpreted Tim Kee’s non-resignation and misquoted the Port of Spain, Mr Live Wire thinks the local media should now do the honourable thing.



Editor’s Note: Click HERE to listen to Raymond Tim Kee’s interview with Sky 99.5 FM. 

Raymond Tim Kee resigned as Port of Spain mayor at an emergency meeting at City Hall this afternoon. Tim Kee is set to be replaced by deputy mayor Keron Valentine.

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  1. The media in this country is mostly made up of people who can’t get work with their creative arts degree or awaiting on a job in communications. Many real investigative journalists have been stifled in the system and replaced by a new breed of men and women who try their best to get complimentary tickets to be seen while surfing Facebook to write about what’s trending .

  2. If what Tim Kee did was wrong, does that mean that persons who supported him were wrong as well? “Tongue in cheek.”

  3. Are you saying that it is possible for Omatie and Sunity to have their own agendas in writing and publishing articles?! That they may have their own motives….?!

    ‘Say it aint so Lasana, say it aint so Lasana.’

    “Pay no attention to the journalists behind the curtain!”

  4. You mean the media in T&T actually misleads the public?! Oh no!! Who would have thought!

  5. Mr. Tim Kee was used as a pawn and not one of his people stood up for him. Trinidadians are the most hypocrite bunch of people

  6. So many words are being spelt wrong on television and in the media. I have my reservations about media personnels.

  7. Media people these day’s very weak and bias if u read the 5 papers u will get 5 different stories so which one to believe CRAP

  8. After watching the players over the past week in the Tim Kee affair, it brings home to me how we are most of all hypocrites to the bone!

  9. Deputy mayor Keron Valentine set to be appointed as new Port of Spain mayor, after Raymond Tim Kee finally resigns

  10. Confirmed: Raymond Tim Kee has officially resigned his post as mayor in an emergency Port of Spain council meeting. More details later.

  11. Whaaaatttt? They have to be joking! Aha, I figure it out. After Carnival comes Comedy Festival, and you know with the recession people cyah afford to buy much tickets. So Mr Tim Jo-Kee, “assisted of course by the” media, has decided to give us his own show, free of charge!

  12. Confirmed: Raymond Tim Kee has officially resigned his post as mayor in an emergency Port of Spain council meetings. More details later.

  13. Did the media ask him outright? The media for some reason don’t like to ask straight forward questions, have you resigned, yes or no? that is a simple question.

  14. But no matter what he does or says, he’s done. He’s just trying to save face, but he’s out.

  15. It’s almost like the media didn’t learn from the initial resignation announcement…
    It’s not beneath him to retract. It’s above him to understand why he shouldn’t retract, but it’s not beneath him to actually retract.

  16. I am still in shock at him. Some of the dumbest political moves I’ve seen in the past 2 yrs. This is on ‘PP’ level. He actually drove himself out of office.

  17. Isn’t it especially ironic that the media is doing precisely what we accused Tim Kee of doing? And by that I mean rushing to put something out there without thinking it true. Steups. Sad yes.

  18. “Oh what a circus, oh what a show…!” Resignation and apology, take 3.

  19. Because everybody is rushing to put something out there without thinking it through Chris Chinapoo.
    And the great irony is that is PRECISELY what we accused Tim Kee of doing.

  20. I second that motion…. T&T media must resign, now!

  21. He is painfully slow to execute…

  22. oh yeah..I listened to the interview…to me it still didnt sound like he resigned. Oh well…now we wait.

  23. oh gord. wait…let meh read lol

  24. it is passing strange that there are so many misquotes finding its way in the news smh

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