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Tim Kee: I won’t be crucified; beleaguered POS Mayor may fight for his job

Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee has apparently vowed not to allow himself to be crucified in a statement posted on the Facebook page of his wife, Natasha Babwah.

Photo: Former TTFA president and Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee (centre) gestures to an Ecuador player while former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) has a word to her grandson before kick off of the FIFA Women's World Cup Play Off second leg on 2 December 2014. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Former TTFA president and Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee (centre) gestures to an Ecuador player while former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) has a word to her grandson before kick off of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Play Off second leg on 2 December 2014.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Tim Kee, who is also the PNM treasurer and the former Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president, promised to resign on the afternoon of Saturday 13 February 2016, after acknowledging that his response to the murder of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya had damaged the integrity his office.

But, within a few hours, the fightback to keep his job began as councillor Farai Hove Masaisai and a statement shared by Babwah, on the Mayor’s behalf, suggested he would fight on.

The following are Tim Kee’s resignation letter, the subsequent public statements and video clips for and against the Mayor:

(Office of the Mayor of Port of Spain)

I have noted the continued outrage and hurt over statements attributed to me. I deeply regret the consequences of these statements, and I apologise unreservedly to those who have been affected. I consider the reaction has been sufficient to cause damage to the Office of the Mayor of Port of Spain, which any holder of this office should be concerned to protect at all costs.

It is in these circumstances, why I intend to call an emergency meeting of Council, and tender my resignation as Mayor, and as an Alderman.

Photo: Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya was found dead on Ash Wednesday in the Queen's Park Savannah. (Copyright Trini Scene)
Photo: Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya was found dead on Ash Wednesday in the Queen’s Park Savannah.
(Copyright Trini Scene)

It is important for me to point out as a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago, a man and a father, that I reiterate my unreserved respect for women, and in fact for all people, regardless of their race, gender or religion.

It is hoped that with this decision, the Office of the Mayor is now protected, my unreserved apology accepted by my fellow citizens, and that the focus can now be placed fully on solving the murder of a visitor to our shores.

Raymond Tim Kee,



(Statement from Farai Hove Masaisai, PNM councillor for Belmont North and West, in defence of Raymond Tim Kee)
Our Mayor has always stood up for women’s rights in the city and in November of 2015 he together with Alderman Permanad spear headed the United Nation’s partnership with the city of Port of Spain to raise awareness in the fight against Domestic Violence against women (The Orange Ribbon Campaign).

Photo: Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee (second from left) and councillor Farai Hove Masaisai. (Courtesy Facebook)
Photo: Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee (second from left) and councillor Farai Hove Masaisai.
(Courtesy Facebook)

I ask where were these organisations then, not one of them attended city hall to lend support to this initiative, which was televised and also minuted in our Statutory meeting of that month.

We as a council understand that no one is perfect and we are all susceptible to mistakes especially when being asked questions on the spot by live media. His Worship at our Committee meetings held on Thursday the 11th day of February 2016 explained to both members of council and heads of the Administration of the City, the circumstances surrounding his statement and we accepted his apology and his rational and we have moved on to continue doing our work in and for the city of Port of Spain.

In a year which is carded for a local government election, we stand in solidarity with our Mayor and we are not divided. We trust the good sense will prevail and that our Mayor would not be called upon to resign as is the request by the Opposition and the other groups.

We remain faithful to the ideals of our great party and we thank you for your kind consideration.

God’s blessings to you and God Bless our Party.

Yours respectfully,

Farai Hove Masaisai,

Attorney at Law and Councillor for Belmont North and West

Photo: Protests against Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee outside Trinidad and Tobago's consulate in London. (Courtesy Facebook)
Photo: Protests against Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee outside Trinidad and Tobago’s consulate in London.
(Courtesy Facebook)

(Facebook post on the wall of Raymond Tim Kee’s wife, Natasha Babwah, supposedly on behalf of her husband)

An open letter to the public:

I am compelled to write to the public about the statements I made about behaviour at Carnival time, and the responsibility of persons—women specifically—to safeguard themselves against the predators that come out to play in droves for the season.

My statements about vulgarity were made in isolation when asked about safety, a week prior to the tragic incident with Asami Nagakiya.

It has been my observation—in my many years of service as a police officer and other public service capacities—that there are groups of people who take the opportunity during the frenzied carnival activities, to not only grope and touch women without invitation, but also to rob, steal and “settle scores” with persons who are unaware due to diminished capacity from alcohol consumption, fatigue or other reasons.

Photo: Late Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya performs with Silver Stars at the 2016 Panorama. (Courtesy Facebook)
Photo: Late Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya performs with Silver Stars at the 2016 Panorama.
(Courtesy Facebook)

These types take very little encouragement, and I 100% acknowledge that women are harassed daily, regardless of their attire; I have daughters so I am well aware. But it is no secret that predators seem to be especially active and bold during carnival festivities.

The inference in this statement was not that women are “inviting abuse” by having a good time. On the contrary the statement was the advice I would give to any female friend or family member, which is to protect yourself at all costs against lascivious men.

Is that statement untrue? Can we deny the depths to which some members of society have gone in the attack and preying on females, especially in recent times?

Can we deny how depraved they have become?

How many stories do we see weekly in the media about women being raped, abducted, children being molested and abused at the hands of these very same individuals to which I referred?

Is it reckless to assert that these are the unfortunate times that we live in where many men take the simplest sign of friendliness as an opportunity to approach a woman?

Photo: Port of Spain mayor and PNM treasurer, Raymond Tim Kee. (Courtesy Wired868)
Photo: Port of Spain mayor and PNM treasurer, Raymond Tim Kee.
(Courtesy Wired868)

Is it the woman’s fault for existing and smiling or looking attractive? Never.

Should I have admonished the behaviour of these predators in my statement? Absolutely. And I humbly apologise for not doing so, but the problem of rapists, thieves and abusers is a bigger fight, and less about prevention via caution and more about finding a cure for the environments that spawn and nurture them.

In a speech about carnival safety the former message was easier to disseminate and I regret not also including a warning to would-be perpetrators that their actions would not be tolerated by the armed forces.

I cannot continue without insisting that the way this statement was linked to Asami’s death was both reckless and vicious on the part of a particular media house, in what I can only conceive to be an attempt to drum up controversy.

I have apologised to the public for the timing of the statement on safety measures and I am more than willing to speak to any of the concerned interest groups on the topic who would like to discuss, fairly and openly, in further detail.

If nothing else, this should be seen as an opportunity to discuss these very same gender issues that continue to plague the country and start a conversation on how we can curb the behaviour of the negative elements in society, starting from the bottom and moving upwards.

Photo: Port of Spain mayor and ex-Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee (right) enjoys some conversation at the 2014 FIFA Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Copyright TTFA Media)
Photo: Port of Spain mayor and ex-Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) president Raymond Tim Kee (right) enjoys some conversation at the 2014 FIFA Congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
(Copyright TTFA Media)

I have seen the narrative switch from one of understandable outrage to unadulterated personal bashing.

My daughters and wife have been brought up in conversations, with one group even going so far to bring up an irrelevant instance of my daughter’s dancing when she was a pre-teen, while participating in her dance school’s carnival celebrations.

Is that what we have had to sink to? Is it necessary to try to degrade a person’s family members who are wholly unconnected to the issue at hand?

Is it fair on one hand to protest injustices to women while wildly and wantonly performing the very same “shaming” and abuse that you have accused me of?

I think if you dig deep you will see that it is completely unacceptable and unfair.

When asked about Asami, like the rest of the public, I did not know the intricacies of the crime at hand. The news of her discovery was still very fresh and I was not completely prepared to discuss it in an intimate way.

Photo: Attorney general Faris Al-Rawi (centre) enjoys himself during the 2016 Carnival celebrations.
Photo: Attorney general Faris Al-Rawi (centre) enjoys himself during the 2016 Carnival celebrations.

I could only have assumed foul play was at hand based on the nature of her discovery and the presence of bruises and wounds on her body, which is why my statement about women protecting themselves was very broad and very general. It was not about Asami’s case specifically and in retrospect, as I have said before, I regret the timing of this message.

When we talk about Asami’s death today, it has been overshadowed by the controversy of my statements which is regretful. Let us focus on moving forward, having open discussions and finding a solution to the problems that we face.

Let us expend our energies towards solving Asami’s murder, as well as the multitude of crimes that continue to plague the country today.

Let us continue to offer our condolences to her family and give her the tributes, as a purveyor of our culture, that she deserves.

I have seen the protests. I have received the messages. I understand the issues at hand and would like to find a solution.

When I became Mayor of Port of Spain, it is because I had a vision to take the city forward, to continue and improve on the work of the persons before me.

Photo: Port of Spain mayor and PNM treasurer Raymond Tim Kee, who is a member of the FIFA Futsal Committee, tries out the furniture at the FIFA's Zurich headquarters.
Photo: Port of Spain mayor and PNM treasurer Raymond Tim Kee, who is a member of the FIFA Futsal Committee, tries out the furniture at the FIFA’s Zurich headquarters.

I still have more work to do this year and I am not willing to give up. I have always had an open door policy and am always open to dialogue.

What I am not open to is crucifixion without mutual respect and understanding and hope to move forward.


Editor’s Note: What the Municipal Corporations Act says:

25. (1) A person elected to a corporate office may, at any time by writing signed by him and delivered to the Chief Executive Officer, resign the office on payment of the ($4,000) fine provided for non-acceptance of office…

(4) In any case where the Council by resolution carried by not less than a three-fourths majority of the members present at a meeting attended by not less than two-thirds of the whole Council grants permission to the holder of a corporate office to resign—

(a) on the grounds of ill health; or

(b) because his residence or business is such a distance from the Municipal Office of the Corporation that it would be difficult to attend meetings of the Council,

the person resigning is not liable to pay a fine nor is he so liable where he previously served in a corporate office for six years and any period of such service falls within five years of the date of such resignation.

Photo: Tweet from CNC3 journalist Akash Samaroo on Raymond Tim Kee's response to the death of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya.
Photo: Tweet from CNC3 journalist Akash Samaroo on Raymond Tim Kee’s response to the death of Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya.

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  1. You do know he had a physical altercation with his outside woman at Grand Bazaar right?

  2. how should a reasonable citizen compare and evaluate the behaviors of Tim kee ? ——— who poses a greater danger to the public?

  3. It’s a legit question……it shouldn’t be too difficult to answer if the answer comes from a source of humility and truth …….

  4. I wasn’t sure who you felt was attacking him. Okay.

  5. Did I say you attacked the man Lasana?

  6. Should that be Tim Kee Detractors Limited, Jeff Cole? Is that a formal limited liability company that has a board meeting on the first Tuesday of every month?
    Maybe they will discuss it at their next board meeting then.
    What have you ever protested and how consistent would you say your protests were?

  7. its instructive dat d Timkee detractors are deafeningly silent on the welfare of battered wife in d Ian Allen scandal

  8. Isn’t someone entitled to change their ways and draw closer to God?

  9. He is talking about God and love and sending his blessings to us and you turn around to attack the man personally?
    No wonder we continue to be a divided society.

  10. In other words Melina, it would be kind of odd to be lectured to on the virtues of respect for women by someone who is widely regarded as not having the appropriate respect for women.

    But if you don’t get it doh feel no way!

  11. This is the same Chandresh of Grand Bazaar fame right …. preaching to us on of all subjects this one?

    Does irony even exist in Trinidad?

  12. Imagine THAT is what was running our country…..smh

  13. Did God give the last administration the power to chose rightly and intelligently Chandresh?
    And, if so, how was that power applied?

  14. I’m trying to remain polite, but it’s a struggle.

  15. in summary “The challenge is to open our heart, with pure love n good energy to ourselves n to others. “

  16. I agree with you. However look at the names of the majority of the people who supports this call and the nasty things they are writing on Facebook, one can clearly see that they are UNC supporters,they have no shame they are the ones who voted the former PM back as leader of the Opposition the same person who led a Government that destroyed our beautiful twin Island within a period of 5yrs and 3months are they not concerned about the last 3months in governance were cntracts were awarded in the sum of BILLIONS of dollars without proper procurement. We in T&T don’t want that kind of leadership again.

  17. Question – Did any of his own staff supported his remaining mayor? I want to know whether the majority supported him

  18. Ah feel like ah get horn eight times this week …… from the same ohman!

  19. Would you take the word of a councillor in the meeting?

  20. His has to be one of the most disgraceful exits from politics i have ever seen. And I mean worldwide.
    And it wasn’t because of an affair, or embezzlement, or drugs, or anything criminal. Just because of ego.
    Here’s hoping his exit from politics and public life is permanent!

  21. February get a whole All Fool’s Week!

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  24. We’re not falling for that again Lasana Liburd ….. fool us once …

  25. Confirmed: Raymond Tim Kee has officially resigned his post as mayor in an emergency Port of Spain council meeting. More details later.

  26. hmmm is it another trick then?… maybe cause he didnt write it himself and Franklyn just quick handed it to him when he went into the council meeting….

  27. If it’s one state Trinidadians are perpetually in is a state of being misled.

  28. Lasana Liburd do you conclude that we were initially misled?

  29. What Raymond Tim Kee REALLY said in today’s interview: media misleads public again on Mayor’s third non-resignation

  30. Okay, listened to clip. Tim Kee said he is still mayor but will resign at meeting this evening. Which probably means resign if they don’t support him. So the media reports are horribly inaccurate.

  31. Good lord! That man is making me dizzy with all the turn-arounds he is making. (Something tell me he got a dread blow-out for going back on his previous promise).

  32. CNC3 Television

    Embattled Mayor of Port of Spain, RAYMOND TIM KEE, has resigned as Mayor and an Alderman from the Port of Spain City Corporation.
    In an exclusive interview on SKY 99.5 FM, Mr. Tim Kee revealed that he did not resign on Monday, because he wanted the opportunity to say a fond farewell to his friends and colleagues at the Corporation.
    More details to follow…..

  33. There is a video clip from TV 6 floating around several posts in the group and on their FB page

  34. Does anyone have a written verbatim statement of the POS mayor’s first interview on the issue?

  35. I posted the Lateoclocknews piece elsewhere and suspect some of the other participants thought it was real – a kinda Jack Warner/Onion moment ….

  36. I swear TK is the gift that keeps on giving …

  37. I’m going to let my imagination roll to picture Dr. Rowley’s face as he saw the news

  38. boy these pp have no shame boy

  39. “The Mayor continued on to say that it was his sovereign duty to make Trinidad and Tobago great again by elevating its capital city to first world status. He however cautioned against the dangers of adopting first world modes of thinking, stating that this would “obstruct the process of making Port of Spain great again”….OMG…this is priceless…

  40. You know what though?
    It good for the PNM.

    Imagine after seeing how appointing a certified quenk from the football world began the UNC’s spiral out of office the PNM went and appointed one of their own!

  41. The man is a walking talking contradiction. ..

  42. ….It’s there Lasana. Different social classes are lining up on opposite sides..

  43. I don’t know how much I can take from the visible crowds as it is an extremely small manifestation of the voices behind either group in both cases.

  44. And the apparent educational background

  45. ,,,Note the race and class differences between the demonstrators who want Tim Kee to go or stay. This is a dynamic that cannot be ignored..

  46. ..Agreed. He lacked thought and empathy in his initial and subsequent statements. No doubt..

  47. forget tim kee ……..find the blasted killer

  48. Look Loy is not what yuh say is how yuh say it . What if this pompous oaf had said “first off my deepest condolenses to the family of Asima for the sad and unfortunate turn of events that led to her demise. I would like to further say that I will do everything in my power to find the perpetrators of said crime and bring them to justice. With this in mind I would like to take this time to plead with our young women out there to please be very careful at this time in carnival because predators are very aware of the vulnerability of young women in this time of the carnival celebration. I implore you to be wary of your surroundings, attempt travel in groups and be careful with the consumption of too much alcohol for fear that it puts you in the eyes of predatorial glances”. Putting across a point, applying necessary empathy for the situation and casting fatherlike concern for the safety of young women during the carnival period. But a young woman dies and you imply that scanty clothing and alcohol brought this upon yourself even though you have no idea as to how she died. It’s ignorant beyond a doubt, in bad taste and just a very unintelligent interpretation of the situation. In fact had he taken this approach he could have found favor with his public. In retrospect though I’m glad he acted like the classless behemoth that he is because now people know what he’s about just like people know what Sancho is about. What happens in the dark must come out on the light.

  49. ..The Book of Blatter. But, truth be told, he does have a large cross section of the population that supports his position on “women’s behavior”. This IS a legitimate flash point in the public mind and eye now whether one agrees it is or not..

  50. ..No, no. He was quite clear in his ambiguity. Is people who jump up happy thinking he resign. I cautioned some about that…

  51. Well, apparently we misinterpreted the man’s words and took them out of context again, ent?

  52. 10,000.00???. Many of the names there are ILP and UNC politicians and supporters. They would not give up. Hungry for power. We have to make them wait for the next five years. They would start with Mr. Tim Kee. Then Dr. Rowley. Then start calling for an early general election.

  53. I think I can clarify some stuff here. And I will try to do just that. In my own way 🙂

  54. Well this is surely material for Comedy Central. Where’s John Olliver when you need him.

  55. We can’t call LGE early? We have to wait until October?

  56. DO NOT BOW TO POLITICAL PRESSURE. Hold on Mr. Tim Kee. Worst things happen and those so called purist just ignore it. They are out of place. Believe you me they are testing the strength of this government. Don’t move.

  57. This more than anything else demonstrates Tim Kee’s unfitness for the office he occupies. Not only did he dishonor himself by his ignorant, unforgivable and reprehensible statements regarding the murder of a visitor to our shores and the capital city of which he is mayor, but he further disgraces himself by releasing a letter communicating his intention to resign his position over his failing then not keeping to his word.

    How can any country tolerate a mayor of it’s capital city being incapable of keeping his word this way.
    What an utter disgrace.

  58. Well I’m waiting to hear what the word from the corporation is

  59. At the end of the day regardless of what positions you take on the Tim Kee matter there are certain basic protocols that must be observed … one of which being if you pen a letter communicating your intention to resign, you flicking resign.

    Why did the fool pen that letter?

  60. Well the mayor making this place a real pappy show. Like a bad John zessing up to fight but whispering to his supporters “hold mih back…Allyuh hold mih back!” I guess he was gambling on a bunch of stupid people rallying round him to stay…well played Timmy. ..well played?

  61. Never expected it to happen, and it really would not change anything … question is how can the society learn from this….

  62. A Set Of Fronters, But We Already Knew This Was Coming…#OurEyesAreAlwaysOpened???!!!

  63. Well, ah shame too bad! After I wrote about how I respected the man for doing the honourable thing, he does a 180 degree turnabout and does not resign! Well, there goes my hope for a change in how things are done in this country! https://www.facebook.com/TTGuardian/videos/vb.78081948066/10153408884443067/?type=2&theater

  64. Scores of people gather outside Woodford Square showing their support for Port-of-Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee who plans to tender his resignation today.

  65. Let that be a valuable lesson for those who hold political positions….Think before opening your mouth (anyone CAN BE REPLACED)

  66. What has he done as mayor of P.O.S thus far? He been there too long already & is of no real value to the city!

  67. Nicole Ulerie, the mayor’s statement about the deceased was insensitive but I do not believe it warrants his resignation.
    He is right when he says that women in general have a responsibility to protect themselves from the abuse that is prevalent out there.

    If you leave your house open, thieves will come in.
    It’s not your fault that other people are thieves, but knowing that there are many of them out there lurking around waiting on an opportunity to rob and kill you, it would be wise to ensure that you protect yourself from the criminal element by installing burglar proof and keeping your house locked at all times.

    I hope this clears up your understanding of my position and it prevents you from further attacking me and copying and pasting my comments.

    Please bear in mind that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  68. good for u continue in your job

  69. Go ahead Mr Tim Kee… continue to show your honour & integrity in the matter… continue the double-talk and innuendo and show how politicians honour their word 🙁

  70. as if women didnt have enough rites already.. sheesh…

  71. When visitors to this country are being murdered, raped, people fail to see the international economic domino effects of it. Mayor Timkee can only be forgiven he clean the nasty condition at City Gate!

  72. Don’t move. Forget the hypocrites. They didn’t read the message.

  73. Tim Kee and the PNM flip flopping???

  74. So true. I am sure he feeling overwhelmed and a bit confused. He must be confused also by the amount of Trini white protesting for the young lady. Way them when one of our own get murdered especially the dark tone people? Way them? Huh. Mr. Tim kee fight yuh fight don’t give in. Hypocrites all of them who protesting

  75. Surely they were out there with placards for the causes they mention, though.

  76. Don’t cast your pearls before…

  77. So sad how we miss the point because of blind loyalty to one party or the other. We are living in a failed political system of many successive governments who because of votes refused to “upset” voters by implementing the law. This is the result of years of indifference by the party in power to take control.

  78. I so vex wid he what he going and resign for? One chupit mistake that doesn’t warrant resignation

  79. I want to know where he really going they should never accept his resignation

  80. Just as I suspected he would do, offer his resignation and it would be rejected by his party cohorts. All you get from a barrel of coals is dust.

  81. Mr. Kee should be the last person nominated to the post of Mayor. Time to make a change to allow the people to elect their Mayor.

  82. U er see Tim kee looking like ar abuser

  83. Even after the response from the PM this morning?

  84. Latoya Balfour now the PM & all tongue change. Steups, I had enough of this bs yes.

  85. “No one knows exactly how Asami was placed in that situation and no one is blaming her for her death.” This is precisely the point hence the reason why the statement ought not to have been made.

  86. So hear nah Melina Hutchinson. He find back d sensitivity chip or what?

  87. Look!! 20 blasted seconds into dat dam video and I done vex!!??

  88. Looks like the hole is going to get deeper. I certainly hope not.

  89. “I still have more work to do … and I am not willing to give up.” – Raymond Tim Kee, Mayor of Port of Spain

    YES !!! YES !!! YES !!!

    This is the Fighting Spirit we need. DO NOT SUBMIT TO BULLIES.

  90. We live in a dutty stinking hypocritical society. Remember many years ago when the elites in society marched in front of Whitehall for the murders of two women in Westmoorings? Remember a death row inmate was hanged for it even though he had an appeal pending???? How many murders have taken place since then? None in Westmoorings, so all is well I guess.

  91. They held anyone for the murder of those Laventille youths yet?

  92. Girl stop fighting up with those Philistines

  93. On Wednesday night the moment I saw the Express Online headline it was clearly worded in a manner to cause controversy and sell papers / tv ads. I immediately said to myself – ‘But, he is referring to something he said last week, not on the murder. Steups.’

    That all this drama has unfolded over this and not the actual murder tells exactly WHY T&T is the way it is. No damn FOCUS on REAL life serious matters. Toss anything to distract and de people dey. The last gov’t did that every week and tief endle$$.

    This situation has made me regret not going into politics instead of Computer Science. People are sooooooo easy to control!

  94. I just spend two minutes trying to figure out how what Sharma say have tuh do with this.

  95. the statement the mayor made was unfortunate but I do not think he should resign. As a society we need to have a discussion on gender but also gender behavior – both male and female. And there is much to be desired of the behavior of both male and female masqueraders. And let’s be honest with ourselves folks the behavior of many women in particular is abhorrent, distasteful and not becoming of the majesty of a woman. This is a sign of a decayed society.

    We need to have a national conversation and debate on the lewd behavior at carnival. Is this behavior one of a civilized people.

  96. The Brahmin boy have spoken yes

  97. D man just don’t think before he talk same way he won’t think before he act and imagine them elected to run a country… hmmm

  98. Swamiji wants you to know…

    …that creator has designed the mind and the soul must always work together

    So that u can experience true bliss and divinity

    You must not spend too much time solely in your mind.

    It is a great purposeful tool, but it has limited perspective and engagement.

    Do not to spend too much time questioning in your soul.

    It has a much wider panoramic view and perspective, and has no room to negotiate

    physical life . That’s why you are gifted with a mind.

    Here is the challenge and purpose : balance.

    You must spend some quality time each day nourishing , energizing and developing

    the mind and the soul. You are gifted with the ability to do.

    So apply the good energy and do it! It’s best way to obtain nirvana. Love n Blessings. CS

  99. And in that bizarre FB letter it says he’s an ex-cop….which brings us to a key issue, if people in the protective services have these backward views how efficient can they be in fighting crime, if they believe the person deserved it?

  100. Before this became a gender affairs issue by his victim blaming, it really was a matter of common sense to me. It was a stupid and unbecoming response to the tragic passing of a young woman.
    Everything that happened after that: what he did say, his efforts to pass the blame, an insincere apology, a retracted offer to resign… It all just worsened the problem for him.
    He performed political hari kari. That’s all.

    • Wow, like he forgot he was in front of the media in 2016…what I found particularly creepy was that comment about ‘the imagination rolls ‘….seriously dude? What kind of sick mind would be so intrigued by the violence in the last moments of this young woman’s life?

    • And then he dishonestly posted a video in Facebook which said he knew OTHER people’s imaginations would roll. That isn’t what he said at all. So he is a liar on top of it. Thank goodness the media taped him.
      Because he is trying to deny even what we have proof of.

    • The man said imagination roll about 3 times! Wda

    • well, Lasana is not him… is a man resembling him….

    • So you’re saying he pull a Shaggy on us, Andreas Stueven?

    • well Nicole i actually think it was a Anil, but i guess a shaggy can work too, but not as good, because that just wasn’t him, but doesn’t explain why the person looks like him….

    • but Nicole you haven’t answered me yet about the part i missed in town about all them women exposing tits and ass trying to get he fired now… aren’t you one of them? What did i miss?

    • Some people just misguided yes Andreas Stueven

    • Nicole i have said it before and i guess this is the first time for the PNM to face this: the political Arena has changed a lot in the last 5-7 Years for two reasons: 1) Social Media has become more present in peoples life and they have started to realize that making a stink on FB actually causes some form of response and 2) those people that the COP lured with their promise of a New Politics (I’m one of them, so i know what I’m talking about) have not given up on their expectations, particularly in light of the first reason mentioned. Rowley has before the elections and after made some remarks to feed that expectations, if he becomes PM … he now has to live up to it and serve his first party hack to honesty and new politics…. reluctantly he did that today and now Tim Kee wants to put Rowleys and his own feet into Rowleys mouth…. lets see how many feet will fit….

  101. You know there really is a standard response when you are informed that someone has passed away.
    “I am sorry to hear that. My condolences.”
    If foul play is involved…
    “That is awful news. My condolences and I hope justice is served and they catch the culprit…”
    Two sentences.
    You all really going to war for someone who not bright enough to know what is needed? Even if he has no empathy in his soul… He couldn’t just read that script?

  102. Hear nah. I feel I’m in the Twilight Zone or some parallel universe yes

  103. I believe wired868 also posted the letters.

  104. Stop being ridiculous nah.
    Looptt carried all the mayor’s letters on their news feeds.
    Read them so you would be better able to make an informed comment.

  105. I’m ashamed how all his black brothers distance themselves from him instead of standing in full support for him shows who really is ur friends and y black people r always controlled we r not United I don’t care what no one says he has my full support DO NOT RESIGN. Shooting d messenger while the message go unheard. DO NOT FOCUS ON THE MESSENGER STUDY THE MESSAGE THINK PEOPLE IT AIN’T ILLEGAL YET BUT DEY WORKING ON IT. Who is speaking about the murderer or who may have done it DISTRACTION?

  106. So was your account hacked when this was typed?

    From what I read, it appears that the media linked a statement made by Mr. Tim Kee a week before the death of Asami, to a statement he made in response to a question about his thoughts on her death.
    In any event, I agree the mayor was wrong to make those implications, if he really did.
    However, the mayor was right about the nudity and lewd behaviour by women.

  107. We all viewed the video, and I didn’t have to google it Nicole Ulerie.
    It was aired on tv and posted on FB numerous times.
    So you see?
    What the mayor said has given rise to different interpretations.
    Not everyone interprets things in the same way but that doesn’t mean that they are uniformed and you are right.

  108. Awodele De well, Lee-Singh suggested that he thinks, Tim Kee wanted to say something important… i guess he meant that “I told you so”

  109. This was no taking of former comments out of context. The Mayor himself brought them to this context. Please, listen to the man. The mayor’s statement was, and I directly quote: “My comment is provoked by what I heard off the news re (Sic), off the news this morning, and you know before Carnival I did make a comment about the vulgarity and lewndess in conduct.” The Mayor himself linked his previous comments to the slaying! Evidently he could not resist this ‘I told you so’ moment.

  110. No no no Melina. I suggest u view the video of him being asked the question and him starting with “as I stated last week about vulgar behavioir” if you don’t have all the information Google works wonders to assist one in making an informed statement

  111. The media didn’t link anything. The mayor reiterated his comments about lewdness IN RESPONSE to a question about Asami’s death. At the time he didn’t even know it was a murder. All he knew was she was in a Carnival costume so blah..blah..blah.

  112. From what I read, it appears that the media linked a statement made by Mr. Tim Kee a week before the death of Asami, to a statement he made in response to a question about his thoughts on her death.
    In any event, I agree the mayor was wrong to make those implications, if he really did.
    However, the mayor was right about the nudity and lewd behaviour by women.

  113. And lemme tell allyuh something eh. If he dis put his tail between his legs and give a proper apology the 1st time around we woulda never been at this point today

  114. Typical Trini old man. Feel he hadda beat his chest and expound to his youngers and lessers. Sigh

  115. Well that was a real long thoughtful letter Tim Kee wife or whoever posted on Facebook. The kind of letter that you right after you sit down and think about the stupidness you originally said and hope that people get baffled by the bullshit you now saying but you wished you had been smart enough to say before. Tim Kee not fooling anybody. ..the long letter was squarely focused on perpetrators as opposed to victims. And throwing in a biblical reference about being crucified….he must be thinking ..”ah have dem now!” Sigh….too late Tim….

  116. All he had to do was express his empathy for and condolences to the family like a true representative of Port of Spain.

  117. Awodele De you’d be very surprised how many mothers STILL think like that!! And they’re in no way rural

  118. that’s the thing: He could have just played it safe: My condolences go out to the family and the POSCC will to all it can too assist the TTPS to solve this incomprehensible crime quickly. Full stop shut up… done…. well, he oppted for a different approach…..

  119. The Mayor was asked a DIRECT question on the find of the body and that was his response to the question. Nobody put those words in his mouth!! He said them him self. With ZERO facts about what happened he mentioned vulgar behaviors, alcohol consumption, letting our imagination roll. Ah mean. How else can this be construed other than him implying it was her fault she was in the position she was in?!

  120. Google Asami and her name will come up with all the horrible information, guaranteed to ensure TT is certified as a backward nation in the eyes of many. Meanwhile her family and friends are grieving bitterly, she has been lost to them through violence, and to add to their horror, twisted minds in the country that she loved, mind you, are taking the opportunity to assert their belief that such violence is justified based on what the person is wearing …..

  121. He implied that her behavior somehow led to her demise Melina.
    When asked about the murder he alluded to women’s dress and demeanor for carniv……..forget it!

  122. You all are going to a ridiculous extreme.

    • You know what’s ridiculous? Responding to a question about a dead masquerader by drawing reference to earlier comments about female propriety.

    • You know what’s ridiculous?
      Women walking thr road nude and simulating sex with men.

    • Also ridiculous: how you place the blame for that squarely on one side of the equation. How about men walking the road and simulating sex with naked women? How about the people who are so disgusted by it all but can’t seem to find something, anything, else to do but moan about it?

      Dear Lord, you’d think every citizen was required to go down to the Savannah and witness the gyrations!

  123. Imagine if it were another crime, lets say robbery!
    Male victim: “Mr Mayor, I was just robbed in your beautiful city.”
    Mr Mayor: ” Were you dancing lewdly? Were you dressed in a skimpy costume? What were you drinking at the time?”
    How many of us would argue that those are relevant questions? Yet we still cannot see why the mayor’s comments about this crime were insensitive and totally inappropriate! SMH

  124. Did I say that was grounds for raping a woman?
    Did the mayor say that?….steupss!
    You all just love to put words in people’s mouth.

  125. And you this that dressing like that is grounds to be murdered and raped?! Why not take up back to the days of burning women at the stake? Or how about wearing a Scarlet Letter?!

  126. On the one hand if women dress modestly concealing their figures Melina says they “dress like man”, but if the flaunt it they’re lewd.

    Daiz d fashion police.

  127. You know the ones I am talking about…..mothers, wives, aunts….those people who are supposed to be setting the right example for the young ones.

    • Everyone’s so worried about the children seeing breasts (Lord knows we can’t let that happen) and no one is concerned about what message they’re sending to those same children by linking their dress and behavior to the crimes perpetrated against them.

    • Would you be happy if your neighbour bared her breasts to your significant other or to one of your children?

    • My daughter was breastfed, so she’s not frightened by them in the slightest.

      That said, your point is ridiculous because we’re not talking about adults pandering to children (which is obviously a crime). We’re talking about Carnival, which is a different thing altogether. If you deem it vulgar, then as a parent, your responsibility as a parent is to protect them from that. It’s not as if masqueraders are invading your living room to hump your couch.

      As for my significant other, I’m not particularly worried about what he might see at Carnival or what he’d do if a neighbor flashed him because, unlike so many of the Mayor’s supporters, I don’t believe he’s a lower-order animal led by his penis.

    • You would be surprised, don’t put your head on a block for any man.

    • I didn’t. He’s an adult and, like every adult, he is responsible for the choices he makes. The difference between you and I is that I understand that he is in fact capable of making the choice.

  128. No Nicole Ulerie, only the ones who bare their tits and asses on the road carnival day, and perform lewd dances.

  129. Melina Hutchinson I guess all women who are raped and murdered were being lewd, immoral and naked?

  130. The appropiate thing to have done at the time you were approached by the media was to express shock, dismay and offer condolences to her family, friends and the People of Japan and promise that everything possible will be done to bring her perpetrator(s) to swift justice. In your position you should always be prepared for media confrontation and err on the side of caution. Instead you pontificated on morality literally blaming women and by extension the victem. You made your bed Mr. Mayor, now lie in it. You don’t know a thing about diplomacy.

  131. Don’t allow these shameless women who support nudity and lewd behaviour, make you leave your good office Mr. Mayor.
    If you leave, this would be a victory for immorality.

  132. It is your right to fight mr mayor, if you stay I am ordering you to do something positive with the homeless in the city, clean up the city

  133. Hear nah …. not for nothing eh, but I relly feel Dr. Rowley come tuh dah position after a careful gauging public sentiment!

  134. Greer Cave, prime minister dr Rowley says upon review that Tim Kee’s statements were totally unacceptable and he can’t see how anyone would be in support of that.
    Is Rowley UNC too?

  135. BS. He supported Tim Kee and dismissed the outcry saying Tim Kee was “tongue in cheek”. Another Epic Fail in leadership by Rowley. #dontbelikeTimKee #dontbelikeRowley

  136. Greer Cave Different toilet same shit… love it…. will remember that one…

  137. Now imagine that I’m being attacked for not being supportive of Mr. Tim Kee. So I’m being declared as being a UNC and hating the man. Wow different toilet, same shit

  138. It’s up to the Council to accept his resignation, and chances are they will not…… and even if he did leave, another dinosaur with his same mindset would replace him, the Mayor is not the problem, he is the symptom of a deeper problem within the society, a belief system that perpetuates violence against women …. aka the “She Look Fuh Dat Brigade”….

  139. Don’t go anywhere, stay right there. Nobody protested about a 5 year old girl in sex video, nobody protested when 2 schoolboys were gunned down, nobody protested when women go missing, nobody protested when children are sexually assaulted and murdered, nobody protested when women are raped and abused, nobody is protesting for the killer/s to be caught. But protesting because of a statement of caution and concern being taken in the wrong context.

  140. Unbelievable. He did not say accept our condolences to her family on behalf of the country and he have to resign? All those people who protesting why don’t they protest for all the women being killed? Trinidadians. Women being kidnapped. No protest. He allowed his thoughts to pass his lips but what he said is what most people think. Make him resign? No. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Everyone deserves a second chance

  141. Plz go so we can focus on the real problems crime and recession

  142. He’s like the man who built his house on the sand. He’s so indecisive. Something wrong yes?

  143. Local election is another time we will speak up. I do not belong to any group, but have stopped dancing because I am afraid to be out at night. I basically work and go home. My friend was raped coming from a rehearsal. Did she ask for that ?

  144. Lasana start a collection nah!

  145. I was beginning to wonder this myself. I’m waiting to see what happens tomorrow.

  146. How ridiculous! A man in public office openly, or so the media portrays it, says women get raped because of how they dress or dance and you think that is not offensive to women and are upset that they were not protesting for the other many deaths in T&T. Where were you honey? Didn’t see you doing anything for any death? For some people the death of this beautiful, talented woman from another country was perhaps the last straw. Then for a man in pubic office to admit that men are not mature enough or know that it is morally wrong and a crime to rape a woman because she has on what he thinks is inappropriate clothing or is dancing too suggestively is just absurd.

  147. As I’ve taken great pains to point out before, resignations such as these are matters of honor.

    Do people of honor pen letters informing the public of their intention to resign, then retract their promise?

  148. This guy is a walking talking contradiction…

  149. As Andreas pointed out, if he wants to resign then it has nothing to do with the council accepting or rejecting it.

  150. Municipal Corporations Act:
    25. (1) A person elected to a corporate office may, at any time by writing signed by him and delivered to the Chief Executive Officer, resign the office on payment of the ($4,000) fine provided for non-acceptance of office…

    (4) In any case where the Council by resolution carried by not less than a three-fourths majority of the members present at a meeting attended by not less than two-thirds of the whole Council grants permission to the holder of a corporate office to resign—
    (a) on the grounds of ill health; or
    (b) because his residence or business is such a distance from the Municipal Office of the Corporation that it would be difficult to attend meetings of the Council,
    the person resigning is not liable to pay a fine nor is he so liable where he previously served in a corporate office for six years and any period of such service falls within five years of the date of such resignation.

  151. What’s the timeline here? The Babwa Facebook post is dated 5:50pm Saturday. The first media tweets of the City Hall resignation notice came around 4:45pm Saturday. But around 7:40am Sunday morning CNC’s Akash Samaroo was tweeting that the prime minister was thanking TimKee for his service and that he had dealt with the matter properly; that, on review, his comments were “totally unacceptable”; and that he did not see why anyone would be in solidarity with him.


  152. The letter is just a ploy – the rest of the councilor Will obey the PM and not accept it . Remember you can fool some of the people some of the time lol

  153. Agreed 222.876% which is why he never planned to resign……he’s scum but he from the Jack Warner school of politics …..he’d never relinquish any form of power unless voted out!!

  154. Malik, when you’re making these kinda moves you don’t ‘lead’ your own defense. You sit on the side and let THEM take charge then you say, “well, they want me to stay” or something like that. His fingerprints can’t be on a flight back.

  155. Awodele De where can I sign? If I were a better writer. … that is word for word from my heart. .Derek Daniel Timothy Christopher P Nokio

  156. Don’t beat up on me. As far as I know democracy still stands in this country. I made a comment like everyone else and I stand firmly on what I said. Have a good day who ever u are.

  157. Shirley, so two wrong make a right? Cause others did worse he is ok by “just doing bad ?

  158. Richard it seems all his moves aren’t thought through except ……this one…..he puts forth the resignation option to paint himself as a martyr and gain a degree of sympathy ….which in turn has people turning on the protestors while coming through the back door to fight his resignation. Is he stupid not by a long shot ….not by a longshot …well played Kee well played but I see you ……

  159. I always thought Tim Kee was a quenk, but I may have been deceived, he might actually be a manicou.
    He wasn’t dead!

  160. I view with amazement, and some amusement, the varied reactions to the Mayor’s announcement of his intention to resign. There is the undertone of disappointment from persons who were evidently salivating over this opportunity to bash the “Reds”. It is kind of like the feeling you get when an icecream falls off the cone just as one is prepared to give another hearty lick, eh!
    Then there are attempts to paint the man a victim, martyred by the hypocritical public. Hmmm, so it is hypocritical to say that a host, and as mayor of our capital city he was indeed her host, is wrong to imply that a guest ‘asked for it’ by her dress or behaviour. Well, okay then! I will try that the next time a student comes to me and complains that a classmate punched him in the mouth. I can picture me now: “Well, I do not know what you did, but given the fact that you are never in correct uniform, you must have been in the wrong. I am sure that when the matter is investigated it will show that you were breaking the rules when your classmate assaulted you.” Yeah, that will send the right message, wouldn’t it? I can imagine the ‘commendation’ I will get from the Ministry of Education, the parents, my principal and my peers.
    Well, this is my five dollars worth (with inflation and devaluation, ‘the two cents’ ent cutting it):
    I support his decision to tender his resignation for several reasons.
    1. He was not a man in a bar making a comment to his friends over drinks. He was the leader of our Capital city speaking to reporters about the killing of a visitor. If he cannot speak with compassion and tact under these circumstances then he is not equipped for the role.
    2. The furore, regardless of the catalyst for such, signals to all public officials that the public is becoming less tolerant of crassness and insensitivity.
    3. It shows public officials that they are ’employed’ by the public and that when they have offended said public and are in the wrong, they should do the honourable thing and demit office.
    4. The mayor’s statements would have adversely affected Trinidad-Japan relations, and this country’s image throughout the world. He evidently accepts responsibility for the harm done; even if it was inadvertent, he is still responsible for the consequences. That shows a refreshing level of maturity on the part of a Trinidadian politician.
    5. In these times when violence against women is on the increase, as well as other forms of violence, it reinforces the official position that there is no excuse for assault.
    6. His words and subsequent actions are a salutary lesson. I will be using it to teach my students about responsible citizenship and how to act with honour when one has offended others. God knows, there are so few examples of that in our elected officials.
    7. It demonstrates to all, including those who said he should be “fired”, the proper procedure for handling the removal of an offender from an office- the law is there for a purpose.

  161. Put up a good fight Mr Mayor. Many of them said and did a lot worse than you and they remained in office.

    • Aren’t we supposed to be working towards accountability, though? Wasn’t that what the change was supposed to be about? To show that we wouldn’t accept any government putting party loyalty above accountability?

  162. Please do not step down Mr. Tim Kee

  163. Dont resign cause of those foolish women who protested where were they when the old woman had the little boy was murdered huh where were they when the two innocent teens were murdered huh where were they steupes

  164. Stay right there, set of deceitful ppl Politicizing the woman’s death.it was wrong whoever kill the woman but what allyuh want blood is the mayors fault she died,when the true results come out all will be silent.

  165. This is what I don’t get with these guys. After I looked at it again i didn’t think this warranted a resignation…strong rebuke, yes, resignation..ehh, on this incident alone, nah. I think the whole thing would have ‘died’ if he had stayed silent after his ‘apology’…my personal opinion. However, he should not put a resignation fwd unless he really intends to go, regardless of what the Counselors say. That ‘gamesmanship’ is totally unnecessary here. If he fights his own ‘resignation’ he’s showing he didn’t think it through.

  166. I hope people are prepared for a foul mouthed racist president of the USA with a center fold First Lady….

  167. So the statements were made a week before asami??? That’s a game changer eh.

  168. What’s next is Wayne Sturge et al are taking COPIOUS notes to use during election campaign. COPIOUS

  169. The Mayor has a right not to be bullied into resigning. Why must he resign? I agree he erred in his initial comment (with little or no details ). The most important thing here now is to catch and prosecute the individual who committed this crime (hardly likely, based on TTPS detection rate) Assuming he does resign, what’s next?

  170. Power corrupts a weak mind. Do the right thing and resign

  171. Tanya actually read below, what someone posted on a friend’s page, I hope Tim Kee and the other councillors know that too : I will post it here and on a few others’ walls in connection with Mayor Tim Kee’s announced intention to ” tender” his resignation at a special meeting of council. It is long, but hopefully you’ll take the time to read it and share it. One trusts that Mayor Tim Kee and his fellow councillors and aldermen know that the resignation of the any councillor or alderman, including the Mayor, is governed by the Municipal Corporations Act 21 of 1990 as amended (‘the Act”). They should know this as it is stated, correctly, on the homepage of the Port-of-Spain Corporation’s website. Section 25. (1) of the Act deals with the resignation of persons elected to corporate office: these persons being the Mayor or Chairman, Deputy Mayor or Vice-Chairman, Alderman or Councillor of a Corporation as defined in Section 2. (1) of the Act. There is nothing in Section 25. (1) of the Act about “tendering” a resignation, which implies that it will be subject to acceptance, nor is there any mention of Council. Rather, Section 25. (1) states “A person elected to a corporate office may, at any time by writing signed by him and delivered to the Chief Executive Officer, resign the office on payment of the fine provided for non-acceptance of the office”. That fine is TTD$4,000.00 under Section 22. (1) of the Act. The relevance of Council granting “permission” for a holder of corporate office to resign is dealt with in Section 25. (4) of the Act. Section 25. (4) grants exemption of the payment of fine where at least three-quarters of Council members attending a meeting of no fewer than two-thirds of Council gives permission to resign on one of two grounds neither of which applies to Mayor Tim Kee – i.e. (1) ill health or (2) location of residence or business is too far from municipal office of the Corporation that the member will find it difficult to attend Council meetings. Mayor Tim Kee may be eligible for another exemption from the payment of the $4,000.00 fine for resignation under Section 25. (4) – i.e. he has previously served in a corporate office for six years and any part of those six years falls within five years of the date of his resignation. I could find no bio of Mayor Tim Kee on line, so can’t say whether he qualifies for this exemption. It is curious therefore that Mayor Tim Kee speaks of calling a special meeting of Council to “tender his resignation”: he need merely deliver it, in writing and signed, to the CEO of the Port-of-Spain Corporation. The two exemptions from the payment of the $4,000.00 fine were he to have Council’s permission to resign are not relevant to him, and it is either he meets the third basis of exemption from payment of the $4,000.00 fine or he doesn’t.

  172. Jesus was open to crucifixion. If you believe what you say is true, stand firm and be crucified….

  173. Like no one saw through that media release masquerading as an unsigned letter of intent.

  174. Well I for one will let my vote do the talking

  175. Wouldn’t be the first politican not to follow through on his stated intent I guess…
    But his lack of respect for women has been clear since he sent the WSW to Houston with no money.
    If he doesn’t go, I hope POS does better than this come next LGE…

  176. Words speak louder than action in T&T.

    • .He has made to many insensitive utterances. This is the 21st. century, get with the times Allan S Noreiga

    • It’s a pity you don’t know me and have not read my comments on Tim Kee and Clyde Paul.,.you need to broaden your mind and reading and you’ll see I have been vociferous than you could dream of on the issue.

    • Allan S Noreiga I have not read your writings but that doesn’t mean I don’t read. I choose to read what’s important to me .What have you published? For the record I own a company called Darlington Publishing house Limited. Just saying, not bashing you …..

    • Hey I don’t care if you were Longman or Oxford publishing house. I’m talking about the comments on this thread and similar threads where individuals have been commenting on issues of the day. I make no comment about the merits or demerits of your company, but given that you are commenting on a current topic/issue you should nor rush to judgment, for you put yourself in the same category as Tim Kee. Hence the reason I ask questions….before making my assessment. Do you do the same?
      BTW what does commenting and blogging have to do with publishing works? Are they one and the same? You tell me, you are the one who owns a Publishing Company. Care to illuminate me Mr Gerard G Darlington? I am a life long learner ever willing to learn…teach me something new….

    • Allan S Noreiga Take win sir . Just enjoyed some Callaloo and about to take a five . Best wishes to you man…..

    • Kady Beckles what are your thoughts?

  177. I knew he was gonna back down …lol punk! I knew it …dem men power drunk it was never about integrity

  178. ..Are you not entertained? As I said yesterday. He ain’t resign yet And his resignation is not the issue here. All who protested need to focus their pressure on the authorities to drastically improve the detection and prosecution rate for ALL homicides and femicides…

    • His resigning does not solve anything indeed, and his views are supported by a wide cross section of the society, including people in law enforcement and the court system. Given that context how diligently will people who hold these outdated beliefs perform, when faced with sexual violence crimes? If you want improved detection and prosecution rates across the board in all crimes, you have to have a Police Service that functions within a 21st century framework, not stuck in the 1800s…

    • There are in fact several issues here and the matter of a public official who endorses the antiquated views that make it hard for victims of sex crime and domestic violence to get help at the police station is one of them.

    • As far as this letter goes, I disagree with most of it. It is true that the media might have helped the public by stating that the PM cannot sack the Mayor. But that isn’t the same thing as saying the PM cannot influence his removal.
      I don’t understand the relevance of St Greaves and Kamla because the loudest protests are not coming from the Opposition at all.
      And this has nothing to do with Aria or anything else. The letter writer thinks his case is so weak that he is throwing red herrings all over the place.

    • Completely agree with you here. Clearly people can’t pick up on these read herrings in fact the article seemed disconnected from its own title.