Wired868 Write Start

Wired868 Write Start is a nationwide essay writing competition for students aged 11 – 18.

Write Start: Parvati Girls’ Balkaran, Sando Sec’s Kumar cop top prizes with essays on Lara and a condensed Carnival

The results of Wired868’s Write Start National Essay Contest are available on schedule today. And the records show that, both in quantity and quality, girls dominated their male counterparts, South entries outstripped entries from North, East and Tobago and the young 11-15 writers were much more prolific than the not-so-young …

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Write Start (16-18): Malique Auguste foresees a dour Carnival where masqueraders are ‘lonely together’ 

“[…] It’s Carnival Monday, 2022, and reluctantly a gloomy mass of people trickle down the street. Post-covid Carnival and barely anyone marches along the avenue because most are too concerned with catching the still present disease, except of course for those vagrants that have nowhere else to be.  “Due to …

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Write Start (16-18): Aastha Kumar sees designer masks and condensed parade in post-pandemic Carnival

“[…] A ‘no mask, no mas’ policy should be adopted with costume designers incorporating this aspect of PPE into costume designs. “[…] The parade of the bands should be condensed in to one day at one venue to limit the risk of infection…” Seventeen-year-old San Fernando Government Secondary student Aastha …

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