Wired868 Write Start

Wired868 Write Start is a nationwide essay writing competition for students aged 11 – 18.

Write Start (16-18): Alicia Dipchan wonders if bickering Trinbagonians will get Carnival off virtual life support

“[…] In an effort to keep the Carnival spirit alive, people have been sharing their own versions of extempo songs on Instagram and posting their DIY carnival costumes on Facebook.  “[…] There have been arguments that vaccinated persons should be allowed to participate in Carnival celebrations. However, these arguments are …

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Write Start (16-18): Brace for bacchanal! Kyla-Marie Singh sees protests and price spikes in Carnival 2022

“[…] I do think that there would be a lot of controversy specifically from ‘anti-vaxxers’ about non-vaccinated persons not being able to partake in these festivities—and this might cause a problem in society at that appointed time.  “[…] There would possibly a price increase in all areas and industries that …

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Write Start (16-18): Jab before ‘jab jab’; Tsai-Ann Lewis says vaccination cards, not rags, will dominate Carnival 2022 

“[…] Carnival will most definitely be for those who are vaccinated, as most things have or are becoming. “[…] Before the event formally begins, persons will need to wear their Covid-19 vaccination cards and a form of identification around their necks to ensure that they are permitted to partake in …

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