Gabrielle Gellineau

Gabrielle Gellineau is a Lawyer, Consultant and Writer who has spent the last decade working in labour and other development fields throughout the Caribbean and internationally. She has most recently practiced her craft in the Industrial Court, at CARICOM and at State Enterprises in the entertainment, energy and health sectors. She currently manages her own practice with offices in San Juan and Port of Spain.

HR868: Emancipate me from my Boss ASAP!

In this month of Emancipation and Independence many of us may feel inspired to tell that incompetent, overbearing, micro-managing or abusive boss of ours to ‘gth’. Many of you are working with bosses whose sole purpose in life seems to be to belittle you and make your life a living …

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HR868: How to negotiate your next work contract

For this generation, it seems permanent employment is a thing of the past. More and more employers in both the private and public sector are hiring on contract for all level of employees including management and executives. Very often, contract employees do not receive Company health and pension benefits and …

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