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Sancho collected Central FC qualifying money while Sport Minister

Sport Minister Brent Sancho could feasibly find himself reported to the Integrity Commission after leaked documentation showed that CONCACAF money due to the Pro League club was diverted into the minister’s personal bank account.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister and Senator Brent Sancho. Sancho is a former World Cup 2006 player and CEO of local Pro League club, Central FC. (Courtesy SPORTT)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Sport Minister and Senator Brent Sancho.
Sancho is a former World Cup 2006 player and CEO of local Pro League club, Central FC.
(Courtesy SPORTT)

Then Central FC operations manager Kevin Harrison admitted that he directed CONCACAF to wire US$40,000 (TT$253,000) to a United States-based bank account owned by Sancho. Harrison, who is British, also serves as advisor to the Sport Minister and is paid by the Trinidad and Tobago Government.

The CONCACAF payment was supposed to help the “Couva Sharks” with expenses for their trip to Los Angeles where they faced MLS team, LA Galaxy, in the Champions League.

Sancho was appointed as Sport Minister on 2 February 2015 and has repeatedly insisted that he is not involved in Central business due to the obvious conflict of interest.

The Sport Minister declined comment on the payment to his account. However, Harrison tried to clear it up.

Why was CONCACAF directed to send money to Sancho in July, five months after his appointment as Sport Minister?

Harrison suggested that the CONCACAF paperwork happened while Sancho was still Central CEO.

Photo: Leaked paperwork shows that CONCACAF made a payment to Sport Minister Brent Sancho.
Photo: Leaked paperwork shows that CONCACAF made a payment to Sport Minister Brent Sancho.

“The only reason I think CONCACAF would have even a record of Brent Sancho,” Harrison told Wired868, “is because we had to apply (for the CONCACAF Champions League) early.”

Wired868 can confirm that Central had not even qualified for the Champions League when Sancho was appointed Sport Minister.

Central only booked its spot in the Champions League on 22 May 2015 after a penalty shoot out win over Haitian club, Don Bosco. And CONCACAF asked qualified teams to send bank details on 28 May 2015.

Why did Harrison not forward the club’s bank details rather than Sancho’s?

“Central didn’t have a US bank account at the time,” said Harrison. “When we filled out all the application forms, the only US account we had access to was Brent’s own. So we put that down for ease of use.”

There is no stipulation that the club needed a US bank account.

Photo: Central FC goal scorer Jean-Luc Rochford (front) and his teammates celebrate with the 2015 Caribbean Club Championship trophy. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Central FC goal scorer Jean-Luc Rochford (front) and his teammates celebrate with the 2015 Caribbean Club Championship trophy.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

More relevantly, Harrison did not explain why Central did not simply open a US account, since CONCACAF gave the Sharks between May 28 and June 12, roughly two weeks, to provide the necessary bank details.

Interestingly, Sancho did not immediately forward the US$40,000 to Central when he received it. Instead, as the Sharks prepared to face Galaxy, other club officials received word that they were due money for their trip to the United States.

Harrison admitted that there was a time lag before Sancho relayed the money to the relevant club officials. In the interim, Central struggled to get visas and tickets in time and the players travelled to Los Angeles in three batches.

They were subsequently thrashed 5-1 by Galaxy.

“We got an enquiry from Central FC (who asked) did you receive money,” said Harrison, “and lo and behold the money was there (in Sancho’s account). I personally got the cheque from Sancho and gave it to someone at the club.

“It was for (around) US$39,000 because there were some charges…

“As far as I am aware, Central FC then opened an account afterwards and directed CONCACAF money to be sent there.

“I have not been involved with Central FC since. They keep me out of the loop.”

Photo: SWO member and Central FC operations director Kevin Harrison (right) presents a $12,000 cheque to Dion Sosa, the local manager for then ailing player Akeem Adams. Adams died on 30 December 2013 after failing to recover from a heart attack. (Courtesy Allan V. Crane/Wired868)
Photo: SWO member and Central FC operations director Kevin Harrison (right) presents a $12,000 cheque to Dion Sosa, the local manager for then ailing player Akeem Adams.
Adams died on 30 December 2013 after failing to recover from a heart attack.
(Courtesy Allan V. Crane/Wired868)

Central FC, the reigning Pro League and Caribbean club champion team, is owned and largely funded by SIS directors and, contrary to common belief, Sancho is not a part-owner.

The relevant SIS officials are rumoured to be now keen to relinquish their role with Central and sell the club to any interested buyer. However, Wired868 could not confirm this potential change in direction and Harrison said he was unaware of any such moves.

About Lasana Liburd

Lasana Liburd
Lasana Liburd is the CEO and Editor at Wired868.com and a journalist with over 20 years experience at several Trinidad and Tobago and international publications including Play the Game, World Soccer, UK Guardian and the Trinidad Express.

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  1. well he deliberately chose to bank it in foreign in his personal bank account at a time when he should have severed all ties with the Club. think its clear he had absolutely no business accepting that money

  2. Lasana I expect to be flooded with misinformation. They’re trying to deflect legitimate questions about how they do business. They’re rotten to the core.

  3. What a tangled web they weave with all the spin doctors. Bottom line is Sancho seems to have picked up the dirty tricks of his predecessors and money corrupting him.

  4. So partap got fired for using a siren and not declaring DUI. So what will the Prime minister do to Santos for taking moneys that is not his. And both Harris and Santos look like their hand ✋ in the cookie jar

  5. Why are people trying to defend crap?? I do not understand. Sanko banko the money and got caught.

  6. Kevin Jeffrey, I only just saw your message:
    “Fact central FC qualified for this present champions league ad runners up to w connection… Which the club is currently involved..
    Central FC qualified for next year champions league this pass season may 31st… So this means papers would have been filed before brent became a minister…
    This is fact”

    Central FC did not qualify for the Champions League by finishing as runners-up to W Connection. What Central FC qualified for then was the Caribbean Club Championship tournament, which is a qualifier for the Champions League.
    The Caribbean Club Championship is run by the CFU and not CONCACAF directly. Central FC only qualified for the CONCACAF tournament in late May 2015.
    I’m suspicious at people throwing in all sorts of irrelevant information to confuse people who do not follow football.
    Fact: CONCACAF wanted bank details between May 28 and June 12, 2015, while Sancho was a Minister.
    Do you dispute that?

  7. i dont know how other persons will look at this but after reading all the doucuments i came up with one verdict and that is that brent sancho is a thief and harrison knows all about the plan like the govt they thought they will not get caught

  8. Birds of a feather flock together and so do pigs and swine….

  9. Oh what a tangled web we weave…! If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it’s probably a duck. However as this case clearly shows it could also be a flying pig! I wouldn’t say that Sancho is corrupt simply because he has joined the most corrupt administration to date, in this country’s history and because the explanations forwarded simply don’t make sense. I’ll leave others to make up their own minds about this!

  10. Harrison in his interview with me just two or three days ago said that the club was owned by SIS directors.
    Sancho is being stupid if he thinks that he can hide such matters.
    Is it even worth getting proof that he doesn’t own it? It is just so silly.

  11. This thing gets more confusing as each day passes. Sancho on a radio interview kept referring to himself as owner of Central FC, he kept saying “I am the owner” not I was, so what is really the case here. Then the line “…. his new job specs were provided by Central chairman and SIS director Daren Mohamdally and were meant to give him and former club chaitman , Brent Sancho, more time to prepare for the September 7 general elections…” Why would the new chairman of Central FC and SIS director have an input into their preparation for the GE? Makes no sense and this basket of half-truths and innuendos they’re trying to weave is getting more tangled by the second.

  12. (This was an excerpt on 4 August 2015)
    “Former operations director Kevin Harrison had his duties cut and now works as “advisor to the board” while media officer Amiel Mutilal was not kept on.

    Harrison said his new job specs were provided by Central chairman and SIS director Daren Mohamdally and were meant to give him and former club chairman, Brent Sancho, more time to prepare for the September 7 general elections…

    “I am disappointed not to be more involved in the day to day (affairs) at Central FC,” Harrison told Wired868. “I feel there is a lot more that I could be doing to assist the club… (But) decisions were made after Brent’s appointment and my own at the Ministry of Sport that people were needed there 24/7.”


  13. The release wasn’t sent to me William Ross. Note the fact that they brushed over that May 28 to June 12 deadline. And they contradicted Harrison’s own statement that it was Central FC officials that went searching for the money.

  14. I don’t understand why this is such a big deal or any kind of surprise. Did you all think that Sancho was a brilliant paragon of virtue? And still nothing will come of this as I indicated previously.

  15. thanks Savitri Maharaj, ‘mix up/and or misunderstanding’, take your pick. Like I keep on saying we have politicians that take us for idiots and sadly many of us continue to prove them right. At the end of the day it’s small change but I’m sure this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  16. you see… Kams had a plan… a plan to hand pick people and place them in particular positions… a plan for these people to pilfer from the public purse… a plan for people to perpetrate fraud…. a plan for other people to protect the pilferers and perpetrators…. a plan to pretend to be oblivious perpetration…..a plan to pull wool over our eyes. well… we’re putting her on notice – she and her puppets and puppet masters will be pursued and punished.. then pickled in prisons. she should forget the plant-like substance and put THAT in her pipe and smoke it.

  17. Lasana would it be possible for you to share the SIS/Central FC media statement on the matter?

  18. Ample time was there for a professional organization to make arrangements. Never heard of a US$1000 bank fee either.. but oh well..

  19. You would find all kinds of conflicting releases being issued confusing the situation until it becomes so complicated that no one wants to even bother deciphering it anymore.

    The most we can hope for is the incoming administration would empower our state investigative institutions giving them the necessary resources and independence to fully investigate and prosecute all these reports of Persad-Bissessar administration corruption we’ve seen over the last five years.


  20. Thanks eh Ian Brooks!!! This thing people believe that Sanko being scampish is new and is as a result of his association with Tanty and d bunch

  21. Talk to Terry Fenwick and info will emerge on the Sancho scamp.

  22. I see SIS/Central FC put out a media release now that even contradicts what Kevin Harrison and Brent Sancho have said.
    And, of course, there was barely a mention of the May 28 to June 12 deadline.

  23. The agencies charged with investigation of these types of improprieties are in a comatose state, due to thier ineffectiveness such actions continue with flagrant disrespect for due process of accountability. In other jurisdictions worldwide persons would have been called to account oreither jailed, dead or turn whistle blower.

  24. Note again that there is no mention of the deadline to submit bank details which is between May 28 and June 12. That was when Sancho’s bank details were forwarded.

  25. SIS supports UNC candidate should be the headline here I guess. Because this statement contradicts not only what Kevin Harrison told me but also what Brent Sancho has been saying in interviews.
    So their story has been evolving all the time.

  26. It seems as if banks taking money from Ministers which are not their salary cheques and asking no ?s is the norm..Very trustworthy bankers who work within the ambit of the law…The corrupt practice starts with the acceptance of the deposit without query……Right or Wrong? ?????

  27. Next issue is for FIB to call him in and investigate.This is a matter for The PM,FIB,Police and IC.Another grave issue is Source of Funds and how the $reached there as a deposit and the relevant bank not asking a ?.Very interesting that the bank accepted the deposit and how did he record same!!!!

  28. And Lasana pointed out “3) CONCACAF gave Central FC between 28 May and 12 June 2015 to send bank details.”

    So you see it matters not when Central FC qualified for the Champions League, all that matters is when Central FC’s bank details were requested and when Banko became Sports Minister.

  29. Kevin,matters not.He had a duty to return the money with a covering letter and ought to have arranged his affairs on ministerial appointment. He has to face the Integrity Commission and possible charges as Panday did for receipt of the $.

    • Scotty Ranking

      A significant point that people seem to be conveniently avoiding. Sancho should not have cut any cheque to Central FC at all. He should have remitted the funds to the sender, CONCACAF, and have them pay Central FC directly. Had he done it in this manner,the ‘mistake’ would have appeared to have been handled above board. Instead, Central FC never received their full sum (it came US $1000 short due to some very dubiously attributed bank fees) and receipt of the sum was only acknowledged AFTER Central FC came asking about it. Had they not done so, it begs the question if Sancho would have mentioned the money of his own volition.
      Also, what of the interest gained between the deposit date of the payment and when Sancho finally issued his cheque to Central FC? For US$ 40000, that interest could be quite substantial AND should have offset any real administrative fees incurred.

  30. You. People here who are criticizing Brent are so funny you all need to educate yourself issue how much of you all heard his respond

  31. Fact central FC qualified for this present champions league ad runners up to w connection… Which the club is currently involved..
    Central FC qualified for next year champions league this pass season may 31st… So this means papers would have been filed before brent became a minister…
    This is fact

    • Weren’t you the same idiot who was bad taking central fc for not paying the bus driver and what a mess they were behind the scenes. We all know you need to keep your job there but have a backbone and not be a hypocrite. The email can resurface here if you liked.

  32. They are cut from they same cloth…

  33. I never knew of any financial issues with the players union.

  34. I think the main problem was having people on the ground and the resources to keep going for a while. Because there was a lot of resistance at the time to a union from Jack Warner and his comrades.

  35. Yeah I understand I myself didn’t know if the transaction really took place eh seeing that they never carried on the Players Association since it seems that they had their own agendas. Them really good yes

  36. I don’t know that Gary Hunt ever gave one million to the sport body. I was abroad for much of Hunt’s term so I’m not certain.

  37. You now go there and start to thief

  38. I dont understand why sone people dont listen to the news and listen to what the football people said about the money.
    People like to jump and put blame

  39. I wonder what ever became of the 1 million dollars eh, that the previous PNM sports minister Gary Hunt gave to the corrupted sports minister Brent Sancho , and Shaka Hislop eh, to help form the Professional Football players Association eh, Mr Live Wire you need to investigate that to eh and maybe he also have that monies in his US account the same. Them really good yes.

  40. Anyone who has followed Wired868 for a while knows that I get on well with Sancho and Harrison. Both wrote at least once for the site and took part in our annual football festival.
    But I won’t pretend to be an idiot for anyone’s benefit.
    Otherwise, like Aneka said, if Toco wants piece of that action then I surely won’t begrudge them. Lol.

  41. Meant to say he shouldn’t have been doing anymore business for Central. Lol

  42. When the corrupted sports minister became the minister in February 2015 he should have been doing anymore business for Central FC anr if I recalled his advisor Kevin Harrison took up the position that the corrupted sport minister at the club , so why did the cash went him and in his US account eh. When I come home on vacation some ago eh, it took me about one hour if so much to open my US account because I have intentions to returning to our sweet country eh, but make certain that IRS and job sends my retirement monies to me so as I said before let the corrupted sports minister and his advisor try their best with their falsified stories eh Steeuuppsss Them really good yes

  43. This thing reeks. The end. If toco/sangre grande want that…god bless dem

  44. Yes, as per my comment about 3 hours ago…that was the inference…to confuse and baffle those tracking it.

  45. Savitri Maharaj I believe that the co-mingling of funds is standard FIFA procedure for facilitating theft!

  46. The chronology of events make any explanation of human error impossible to believe.

  47. And, lest we forget, his bank details were sent by his personal advisor at the Ministry of Sport Kevin Harrison, whose responsibilities at Central FC were, by his own account, immediately downgraded.
    Of course it is even more ironic when the club is run by SIS directors. Maybe God is just laughing at this one.

  48. Central FC must have sent CONCACAF it’s bank details sometime between 28 May and 12 June 2015, that’s three months after Banko became Sports Minister on 2 February 2015.

    So the question is how did Central FC come to send CONCACAF Banko’s personal bank details instead of Central FC’s three months after Banko was supposed to have stopped working for the organization?

    Also why was Banko’s bank details being used for Central FC’s business in the first place?

  49. That is what kamal.havr him doing. Theiving for SIS COMPANY and offcourse he dotish and ent know the system audit will pick up all he theif underlow.for himslef. FOU WAITING FOR ALL OUR SO AND SO. KAMAL FIRST GETTING RAID.

  50. #4 WHEN was the $40k sent to the bonafide CFC account?

  51. I’ve listened to Brent Sancho and Kevin Harrison do interviews. I cannot state for sure what their intention was and if the US$40,000 would have been returned if club officials did not find out about it and ask for the money back.
    But here are the key questions on the issue in my opinion:
    1) When did Brent Sancho become Sport Minister? 2) When did Central FC qualify for the Champions League? 3) When did CONCACAF ask for Central’s bank details?
    1) Sancho become Sport Minister on 2 February 2015.
    2) Central qualified for the CONCACAF Champions League on 22 May 2015.
    3) CONCACAF gave Central FC between 28 May and 12 June 2015 to send bank details.
    So if anything you read or hear anywhere makes you doubt whether there is a story here or not. Just revisit those questions and answers.

  52. At first I thought it was Sancho’s naïveté that determine his acceptance of the ministerial post. The rumblings with Tim Lee and now this suggests that sheep has now become the fox or was the fox playing sheep all along

  53. Yuh know ah man done dub him ‘Banko’ already?

    Trinis eh easy! LOL

  54. Na, when he accepted the money due by the TTFA/JW

  55. Greer Sanko’s morals came into question the moment he accepted a ministerial appointment from Kamla!

  56. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.

    ~Abraham Lincoln”

  57. Same ole same ole. Sure he has some crap ass excuse.

  58. Well one way to test character ….put him in the mess and see if he sink or float ….on the basis of character well he seems to have been ……. infiltrated …. allegedly …..

  59. he learn from jack- why does concacaf not get proper authorisation for fund remittances- its why all them in concacaf – blazer – jack etc had fun

  60. True Trini Don, he should have stay clear out of that mess

  61. What morals Greer Cave ??? After seeing what this govt did in 5 yrs he stillbjoin dem…

  62. What makes this look bad is it brings his morals into question.

  63. That was from ‘Triniscene’ Greer Cave..don’t know who wrote it

  64. Well …..that was long …..

  65. Triniscene

    “Dear Brent,
    We can call you, Brent, right? It is so weird referring to you as Minister Sancho after having for so long seen you as one of “us”; the people, fighting against the injustices and tyranny of the “system”. You have led strikes for better conditions for our national team when having ice packs at training was not the norm. You were one of the faces of the Soca Warriors battle against the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation(TTFF)and their Special Advisor Jack Warner. This helped open the “rabbit-hole” that has him answering FBI charges today. Peter Crouch pulling your hair in the World Cup made that ras become a national ras when it happened. Your hair, was OUR hair!
    When you were first appointed Minister of Sport and a Senator, many were surprised…and a bit confused as well especially when the Prime Minister kept calling you ‘Sanko’ but we figured it had to be you she meant. However, we said Brent is one of us let’s give him a chance, maybe he can bring the change the People’s Partnership promised.
    In the little time you have had in the job we have given you the benefit of the doubt in terms of your ideas and visions for sport. Apart from the wrangling with the TTFA (more on that later), we have seen an athlete- centric approach, more movement toward public-private partnerships, a focus on the female teams and an increase in community interaction and events by international sportsmen and women. Albeit, compared to your predecessor, almost anything you did would be better than the controversies that followed him a la Lifesport, car accidents and two videos that were social media hits.
    Now, back to the TTFA issues. Yes, the TTFA as the TTFF was dissolved after you led a court-case that resulted in that organisation’s bankruptcy and subsequent rebranding.
    We recognise that the mayor of our capital city and your good self have been at loggerheads for some time. Whether its personal, political or professional we are not sure but the average man on the street does not believe that you would want to rob the Soca Warriors of money after leading the battle from the other side for so long.Thus, we gave you the benefit of the doubt when you described his Lordship as “Jack Warner” reincarnated. It would be believable that it was the TTFA at fault based on their past history. Now though, we are wondering who really is displaying behaviour that reminds us of the rumours that dogged Jack Warner throughout his career in the football world.
    As a minister, you are supposed to resign from your day job and be a Minister full time. However, after winning the TTPro League there was a dispute between the players of Central FC and the management of the club over bonuses. Your name was the one being called, despite your claims of having cut ties.I am sure you would have heard Mr. Warner use the same explanation when the case was brought against the TTFF. Does that not sound like “Special Advisor” like behaviour, Brent?
    Now, there is a case of $US 75,000.00 earmarked for the same team to go to a tournament that somehow found its way into an offshore account in your name. That also sounds like very “Special Advisor” like behaviour, Brent.
    Dr. Fuad Khan set a trend when he was in a similar situation where it was alleged he was still operating his private practice. That passed with no great repercussions. Maybe this is why you decided you could still “work” in your private capacity as part of Central FC management and collect this money from Concacaf that was earmarked for the team’s qualification campaign. While its not legally correct, the average man could understand why you did not really give up your day job since you have no guarantees of employment come Sep. 8th.
    Unfortunately,it seems that the money was only given to Central FC after enquiries were made. That the money stayed for a period of time in that account and no contact was made with Central FC even while the team needed money to arrange visas and transport to LA. The average man is starting to think that the money was not intended to leave the account at all, very much like “Special Advisor” behaviour.
    Brent, tell us that’s not the case. We are already watching Wavell on the cricket side seemingly turning his back on his former teammates. We hope that you are not following suit and forgetting when you were on the other side from the men with suits and the money. This may well blow over as seemingly every other scandal has in the past few years (Anyone remembers $34m Lifesport contracts for delivering nothing? Anything came out of that yet?). What won’t blow over though is the feeling to the average man that you put on a bow-tie and a suit and became one of ‘them’.
    Look after the athletes Brent. Don’t become one of the people who deprive our sportsmen and women in order for the people in suits to collect the rewards from their efforts.

    • The TTFF wasn’t dissolved, neither did it declare for bankruptcy. You raised a key point that’s been overlooked however, that of the foreign bank account by a sitting Minister. Likely not illegal or even unethical, but worrying for sure.

  66. FIFA disbursing money left right and center…who is CONCACAF

  67. Vernal, where you been this last year…ppl collecting cash in a car park and not accounting for it…is a boys club inno

  68. Sanko has said what occurred was not hos fault, Central FC had the responsibility to update it’s information to CONCACAF.
    Ok fine.
    But is that the informal way CONCACAF conducted business with Central FC, they wired monies meant for the team directly into the personal bank accounts of the team’s management?

    I find that odd!

  69. I doubt Sancho will be in that foolish – These PNM propaganda not easy

  70. Birds of a feather flock together! UNC taught him well! Sancho just another thief!

  71. Everyone of them have been hence why the reason the PNM is in opposition

  72. All I know is that I eh doing nothing wrong for Mr. Live Wire to write anything about eh, when I first saw him came on the scene when he used to write for the expess news papers back in the day I told my the writer Gregory Trujillo that he is the one that will be exposing the corrupted Jack Warner eh, and when Gregory Trujillo passed away I was so devastated eh because I had no other writers to write for me in the newspaper the next thing you I got an email from Mr. Live Wire when he first started the wired 868, so this is how I started to write and do my thing yes and I know that I am not a good writer but ah just love to read alyuh post eh and while I am doing that I am learning to write properly I think and of course alyuh know that I like the bacchanal. Hahahahah

  73. Birds of a feather flock together…

  74. KMA crap everywhere.

    Sancho has to show all the dates of transactions to and from that account. The alternative is that the accusation will stick if the dates on documentation are long after his appointment. Lasana gave some dates so it is looking very bad.
    This comes like Anil…before 2010 elections he was calling everyone’s name in corruption and then….

    I gone to my cave in the Himalayas.

  75. Hahaha Lasana! Doh tell me that story coming hot off the press

  76. From the minute I saw Tanty chummy chummy with Sanko couple years ago..I knew something was up

  77. no sah Mel Lissa…I feel is more of a birds of a feather thing

  78. Uncle Earl, is all about timing eh! But somehow I feel Mr Livewire have a copy of the video and waiting for next week to buss it

  79. He just failed his initiation they find out he stole he not suppose to get ketch.

  80. Nicole if he was chummy with Tanty and her pals long time is the UNC self he learn from!

  81. I’m not sure about this thing people have saying he learned form the UNC nah….he was very chummy with Kams and her pals long before he became a minister….braps Kams decide she is settling a debt owed to footballers that I never owed but my tax dollars paid….braps he is a minister……he in d ting long before he get dat corbeaux sweat

  82. NO Mel Lissa he did not learn fast…he got caught and he aint even make a year in politics yet

  83. All lies and nonsense Mikhuel Lezama. He is suggesting CONCACAF takes information from every team in the Caribbean in the CFU tournament?
    And that CONCACAF will just send US to whoever is listed on an outdated form?

  84. Oh wow..thanks Lasana
    UNC logic? He learned fast and well!

  85. Sankko boy, like the UNC is teaching you the dirty tricks of the trade.

  86. How can anyone who has a conscience and some sense of decency, say that they are voting for the UNC.
    Why would they feel the need to vote for a gang of thieves?

  87. It look like he like plenty money the easy way.Mixing with the EXPERTS,Will become a PROFESSIONAL very quickly.

  88. Oh gosh corrupted sports minister if you thieving eh, thief in the millions like. Mr. 2 pull and the corrupted Jack Warner nah eh. The sports minister really good yes.

  89. Anything to bring a good man down…SMH….Get the full story b4 u judge fools!

  90. Well you know that he have to play the politricks thing eh so that his corrupted organization TTFA won’t look bad but thank the Lord for Lasana Liburd and Wired 868 for always exposing all of them with the Truth eh. Them really good yes

  91. Somehow i expected you to not comment on the many improper occurrences during his ttfa leadership tenure..

  92. Uncle Tim Kee is a man of integrity and character eh, he is just known as the fix things man eh the same reason why he was on the See Pep board of directors , so hence the reason why he is the Mayor and the treasurer of the PNM and he is smooth talker but Sheldon Phillips take the prize when it comes to talking, oooooggoooodddddd. Them really good yes hahahahaha

  93. I have to say that I am really not that concerned about this whole matter. From the time he joined the current administration, my opinion on these individuals went down and it wasn’t that high to begin with.

  94. I’m no Tim Kee defender, but we are yet to see any actions like this in his roles as Mayor of POS or as PNM Treasurer.

  95. I don’t know why meh nephew Gordon Pierre taking so long to buss the video with him in the hotel room eh, the same like Mr. 2 pull eh, with some of his lady footballers having a time eh. Them really good yes.

  96. Richard Zen O’Brien i wish you had warned us about Tim Kee as well..

  97. I have to say i warned you guys about Sancho’s holier than thou mantra. He came in with no credibility. That action is the SAME type of things Warner used to do and he called Tim Kee the ‘new Warner’…now look at him. I always saw him as a fraud.

  98. Further more if alyuh want to know about the corrupted sports minister and his skeletons in his closet eh, and understand that this isn’t the first time he did madness like this eh ask meh friend Leslie Fitzpatrick who also have some files on him with respect to his fete team eh and monies that he got from a certain sponsor in our sweet country and he then denied that he ever did eh and what about when he was on our national team back in the days eh, and he (ALLEGEDLY) took monies from Brent Rahim so pay his hotel bill eh I am really was hoping that was a rumor to yes , so it wasn’t only the corrupted Jack Warner was in the thieving thing long time nah. Them really good yes.

  99. No matter what. Wrong is wrong!

  100. Brent Sancho did Kendall Tull. Their explanations are making things worse in my opinion. At least for people who can analyse and understand chronological order.

  101. And he is gladly tagging Stern J along with him….i would love to hear what some of the former soca warriors has to say abt him

  102. And I doubt very much that Central management or SIS will say anything on this matter Savitri Maharaj because they are all belongs to the same corrupted government UNC steeuuppss Them really good yes

  103. Somebody said that this was a CONCACAF error?

  104. As far as I know, there was a board Brian Icecarnival Jordan. But the board allowed Kevin Harrison to handle matters related to the CONCACAF tournament.
    And, according to Harrison himself, after this misstep. The board did not use him any more.

  105. Board not being active is a red flag as well. Who is Chairperson? Shouldn’t the board have designated a point of contact at that time? Is there really a board?

  106. Mel Lissa, here is the bit about Sancho’s explanation that doesn’t ring true.
    Central did not play in any CONCACAF competition until about four months AFTER he was made Sport Minister.
    So why would his name be on file?
    That’s one.
    Secondly, CONCACAF did not ask for any information from Central until about five months AFTER he became Sport Minister.
    So to say this was a CONCACAF error is hilarious.
    But there will always be some folk who are happy to be fooled. I think his explanation makes it worse.

  107. But I like how the headline says Brent Sancho could feasibly find himself reported to the Integrity Commission’ as though this is supposed to cause concern. Aside from a former PM what is the track record of this body? How many more cases piling up at under resourced fraud squad? Where is our whistleblowing legislation?

  108. He will step aside on 7 sept Vernal

  109. “It was for (around) US$39,000 because there were some charges…”

    The man expects us to believe that tata? Wire transfer charges in the Americas = US$6 sending bank and SOMETIMES US$12.50 from receiving bank (RBC for example). Grand total = US$18.50 so transfer should have been US$39,981.50 not “around 39K”, but actually maybe that is what he meant…what is US$1,000 for these guys? Peanuts…

  110. Whenever public monies are discovered to have wound up in private accounts internal probes must be automatically triggered as a matter of policy to ascertain how it occurred and ensure systems are put in place so that is doesn’t occur again.
    While that is happening, especially in this case where the money ended up in the private account of a government minister he should hold a press conference informing the public of what transpired and that he is temporarily stepping aside until the probe is complete.

  111. Harrison say he directed them to send it there. Sancho say that’s the account they have on record therefore it was an automatic transfer to that account. Them couldn’t get dey stories straight?!

  112. What does “That account was opened well before I was Minister.” supposed to tell us?

  113. He must keep the money as before he 10 days he was owing 6 months rent and bailiff looking for him.

  114. All professional teams should have a US account knowing that they might be going to the Concacaf club championships or looking for sponsors in the America eh, and the sports minister and his advisor knows that very well so they both better try their best. Them really good yes

  115. They didn’t think they would need a US acct uncle Earl. And we haven’t heard from Central management yet…no statement has been issued

  116. So wait let me get this straight the club new that was going to become a club and didn’t have a constitution, a bank account, treasurer, etc, etc, eh alyuh see why I always calling our professional league ah bootleg league eh, because they should always make certain that all the professional clubs have everything in place to avoid madness like this so that every thing can run smoothly and the sports minister is telling to many lies eh, he should be shot with shit and then get charge for stinkness steeuuppss Them really good yes. Hahahahah

  117. Hannibal Najjar

    Remove his status as Minister for a minute, why would a single member of a club be the recipient of monies and have his account as the club’s go-through channel? If there was some kind of plausible explanation for the delays in the establishment of a club account (not sure why this would be so) why not through the treasurer? And again, how “new”, or in reverse, how much years of involvement must a Club have in order to have their name registered with the CONCACAF body? My relationship at the club level has not exposed me to certain information as is being discussed here. So, I ask, is there some stipulation to this effect? The way I suspect it is could be answered in the following…..shouldn’t any Pro-League Club in the Region already be under the auspices of their local Federation/Association, which is then an affiliate of the CFU, and by extension, the CONCACAF. And surely, this should carry to the FIFA level as well since there appears to be an automatic link up the chain for that is how Confederations’ Club Champions compete for the World Club Championship. In the end, I know that the Minister is hoping he could prove that there is nothing Sinister (a play on the words) here and, for his and his future’s sake, I hope this is so.

  118. from article, this caught my eye..”
    Sancho said he was a director of the club and that though his club had other board members, they weren’t active.
    “CONCACAF not knowing any better sent it (the money) to my account. Once I found out about it, I forwarded it onto Central FC, I don’t know what the big deal is about,” the former Soca Warrior said.
    Asked why the funds weren’t sent to the club’s account, Sancho said the club didn’t have one at that time
    “And I suppose because we were a new club in CONCACAF, they just sent it to the name on record.”

  119. He’s an amateur Vernal Damion Cadogan

  120. Sancho boy don’t worry with the haters. While I’m here I’d like to take this opportunity to invite all sports clubs, private citizens and corporate Trinidad to send their money through my personal bank account. Like Sancho I’m always here to lend a hand or in this case my bank account.

  121. I digging how easily Sanko’s stolen money was found.
    It have dogs does bury bones better than that!

  122. Well I guess the sports minister and his advisor figured that Mr 2 pull and some of the other corrupted politicians didn’t make any jail time when they stole plenty millions so it is their time now to do the same thing
    Them really good yes

  123. Well the Opposition Leader just clarified on the platform that the Hon Minister has questions to answer

  124. Sorry for yourself Pauline Bartholomew

  125. Hannibal Najjar

    Might I add, if the allegations are true…. maybe, Minister Sancho saw nothing happened to His Excellency, the President of T&T when he was taking house allowance while living in a substitute house and this gave him the green light to act. Maybe also, he is of the resolve that if he is removed he would get a new job somewhere on a contract basis. Or maybe, he just made the wrong chess move and now is in checkmate mode. Is this by design Lasana? Is that why the first picture of this release shows Sancho at the chess board – no moves on it yet though!

  126. All I getting out of this story and many other international stories going back is the question: are there any honest sportsmen and women or is it that they honest until we prove them otherwise?

  127. You do know that by putting Mr. Sancho’s name and bank account information on the internet, you’re making him and the bank open to attack by 419 scammers?

  128. Simon Benjamin am sorry for you. Its because of people like you why the country is in the state it is.

  129. Rowley like he reading Wired 868! Well done Lasana ?

  130. Lasana Liburd but I didn’t know that uncle Rowley is following our stories eh, so that he can buss the files eh, keep up the great work that you are doing eh. Them really good yes

  131. But doh hut up alyuh heads nah uncle Rowdy will soon have more flies to buss on the corrupted sports minister, the bussing not start . Them really good yes.

  132. I was made to understand that Central FC have it’s own board of directors that is separate from SIS and they should have had their own bank account and treasurer settings the sports minister and his advisor just tried a thing and taught that nobody would have missed that small cash. Them really good yes

  133. The man have to qualify for the Party

  134. Look Rowley bussing de mark on TV now yes

  135. According to the mighty shadow Brent Sancho have a thieving face

  136. You are taking the Guardian’s word over mine Eko Watts? That is your second mistake.
    That story is laughable just from the headline. I just have to shake my head at the misinformation that people are sometimes fed.

  137. Even if he was central FC CEO, the money should not have gone to his personal account. It is only worsened by the fact that he was sport minister and, ostensibly, not related to club in anyway.
    He was neither part owner or shareholder. So how was it even an option to send money to his account?
    So nobody in SIS has a U.S. bank account?

  138. In thought this article, with its telling juxtaposition of claim and fact, was brilliantly crafted until I got to the last paragraph. It is a commonplace of good, responsible journalism that you do NOT report rumours. Why would the best practising journalist in the country completely ignore such a basic tenet?

  139. it is called…. “blending in”. you either shape up.. or ship out!! if yuh not corrupt, yuh wouldn’t stay dey… if yuh stay dey… yuh Kurrupt!!

  140. Only robbers with out mask in this PP government……lock him up together with his leader

  141. Only robbers with out mask in this PP government……lock him up together with his leader

  142. Name a uncurrupt government that past through this country Wayne Leacock

  143. i question your timing?, EEF that! we doh care if elections are days away OUT THEM

  144. It’s only a corrupted person will join the UNC at this time, sanco is a fraud looking for his food.

  145. To me it was a poor managerial decision to put it in the minister’s personal account in the first place. Especially since Sancho and Harrison had enough time to transfer the funds, and furthermore it looks more fishy since the funds were only made known of when questions were asked. What if no one asked about the funds?

  146. Tim Kee drink something…yuh inside 🙂

  147. Oh gosh nah…..JW all over again…..“Central didn’t have a US bank account at the time,” said Harrison. “When we filled out all the application forms, the only US account we had access to was Brent’s own. So we put that down for ease of use.

  148. Burd, I questioning yuh timing 🙂

  149. Dude …what are you talking about?

  150. Oh please. Don’t let them get to you Brent keep focus

  151. Yes Kendall, was just discussing this situation and had a look at the form again…

  152. There are 2 sex tapes with Sancho and the female footballers which will emerge also…….

  153. Knew this was going to come out and it explains the breakdown of the relationship with the English coach who was conned.

  154. Savitri – the beneficiary bank is Wells Fargo. That means the account to which the funds were transferred is in the US.

  155. Scotty Ranking

    For those who see ‘no wrongdoing’ in this scenario, let me ask you this: why is it that it appeared that Central FC was blissfully unaware of the funds that had been sent for them until they had to ask Sancho and Harrison if any had been received? That alone is extremely fishy.
    SInce CONCACAF didn’t just ups-and-decide to pay it to Sancho, who provided CONCACAF with the relevant bank details to effect the payment? IT would have to be someone with authority or recognised as having authority at Central FC.
    As a the account of a private citizen (as in not a prominent businessman), and a government minister no less, would not the fact that US $40,000 being deposited directly there by a foreign entity have not raised flags for both the recipient and the financial institution involved?
    When the “mistake ” was realised, was it not incumbent on the wrongful recipient, especially as a government minister and senator and as proposed electoral candidate, to follow the proper procedure for such a snafu, which would be to return the money to the sender for the sender to then issue payment to the proper recipient, thereby preserving a proper chain of accounting for the payment?
    All in all, this reflects very poorly on Messrs. San-ko and Harrison.

  156. You all could bring what you all want about the ministers of this government am gonna vote for them if some of you all was living under a rock before 2010 i wasn’t

  157. I want to hear how he explaining this. Isn’t it a conflict of interest in dispersing the funds to the relevant persons? Cause in doing so he is assuming a managerial role of the said club he claims he has distance himself from due to a conflict of interest

  158. He may not be the owner of the club, but common sense should have prevailed. The owners do not have a US account?

  159. Lasana, have you contacted anyone at Central about this?

  160. Uncle Earl, check and double check and triple check your info eh.

  161. Kendall, the wire transfer form stated Scotiabank (as per the pic), it doesn’t say which branch.

  162. De man fittin’ right in wid dis gang….

  163. Eko Watts, Sancho was not a part owner at Central. I tried to be clear on that.

  164. It had to be expenses Lasana, small money for commission..he too chupid yes

  165. Excellent Lasana keep on shining a light into the darkness.

  166. At the end of the day God will get the last say. Don’t think for a moment that he got away.

  167. not many local organisations—let alone pro league clubs— have the depth on the pitch, far less in their boardrooms that they can loose their two main decision-makers and not suffer somehow.
    I am prepared to give Sancho the benefit of the doubt—IF he makes a prompt statement on the issue that sufficiently addresses the chronology of the events that lead to this

  168. BOTTOM LINE is this: Either Sancho was shady (possible) or whomever he left in charge of CFC was incompetent (at least) or a lazy administrator (most likely scenario).
    in either case, these kinds of deals are never good when your character is already under question

  169. The conflict of interest is that the money is bound for the club of which he WAS CEO and part owner. In collecting the money that was destined for Central FC he has not “stolen” money, what he has done is not recuse himself and declared his interest or conflict of interest. What should have happened is that Minister Sancho should have put his business in “trust” of a legal person who would have acted on his behalf. I thought Harrison ma have been that person, but then Harrison joined him at the ministry I believe. If Minister Sancho deposited that money in the Club’s account then he may arguably have simply been a courier, if he did not well he may have some explaining to do.

  170. No wonder he was thought suitable to be an UNC candidate

  171. A little sensationalised. Not proper protocol but done by the request of Central FC.

  172. Oh really, shucks man he get away ok then more files to buss. Them really good yes.

  173. They are thieves Vote the UNC out

  174. And Lebanon based David Nakhid is trying for the post of FIFA president. How it go look? I tell you how. Like every administrator from T&T is a thief. Nah, this goes beyond ugly. Tell me Lasana, it eh so!

  175. Proverbial cookie jar?? But if he paid the monies minus approx 1000 …..that’s feasible ….there are significant fees involved in a foreign transfer transaction. Jus sayin ….

  176. This article should have opened with ” In a move reminiscent of classic Jack Warner…..”
    and ended with
    ” Given Sancho ‘ s frequent and vociferous criticism of JW for similar actions, is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?” .

  177. Nothing will come of this Earl.

  178. I’m surprised at this bit of information but not, i mean, anyone who would align himself to the UNC after corruption after corruption scandal and subsequent evidence unearthed and exposed, the abuse dispensed by this PM, her personal general Ramlogan, and the rest of her government against the citizens of this country, has to be like minded. A real shame though!

  179. The corrupted Jack Warner here there and everywhere the same eh, so I am waiting very patiently to see what comes out of this. Them really good yes

  180. Jevon, it appears Central opened a US$ account, likely here in Trinidad, and the funds were transferred to there. My point was that the money was paid into an account in the US. The local banks didn’t do anything wrong in this case.

  181. No uncle Philip Ignacio SC he was always known for having sticky fingers like that eh as meh friend Dion Sosa. Them really good yes

  182. Wait Kendall your last comment confused me, so in what currency was the money returned?

  183. Additional money is paid up to include bank charges, it is not part of the subscription….then 20 to 40 $USD chg max

    • Scotty Ranking

      Sancho, serenading Aunty Kams in the style of Whitney Houston – …. I learned from the best; I learned from you …

      Lasana, did I not predict that Sancho’s legacy from this “cobo sweat” as Sports Minister would be an overwhelmingly negative one?

  184. Another dotish appointment by Her Majesty…

  185. Leh meh make a call to the FBI eh because it seems like the sports minister wants to be on the same white plane that will be coming for the corrupted Jack Warner. Them really good yes

  186. And there are valid business reasons why you would not send a US$ payment to a TT$ account. Just look at the current insanity in sourcing US$ and you will see that taking that payment into TT$ account would not have made sense from a business perspective.

    What this also shows is how loose CONCACAF is in handling financial transactions. I would NEVER send a company payment to a personal account without query at the very least.

  187. time to talk fellahs, if yuh chastising TK and TTFA, make sure you don’t have any skeletons in your closet…

  188. $1000 was a facilitation fee? Money can’t be wired to a local bank account? wth?? Steups

  189. Lol. Again – not defending anything or anyone. Just looking at the transaction from the legal perspective.

  190. Ok. There was some ambiguity regarding that. It was not a very fluent interview. But I suppose I owe them the benefit of the doubt there. Touche

  191. Lasana Liburd:
    “And why did they start a bank account based in the US for that transaction Kendall Tull?”

    The information in the article as well as the timing suggests that this account of Sancho’s was in existence before this transaction. Your comment seemed to imply that the account was opened specifically for this transaction.

  192. What di you mean it was a pre-existing account Kendall Tull?

  193. Keep in mind as well that the annual declaration of assets and income for the IC is May 31st annually. If the income came thereafter which it seems to have based on the article, at best it would have to be declared next year. Again, I would also say that this doesn’t meet the criteria to be considered income either so unless you have a reference to the act otherwise, there is nothing to answer to the IC in this matter.

    Again, not excusing or justifying the act. Just clarifying that I think your learned advisor was incorrect to state that it is a matter for the IC.

    If anyone has specific knowledge otherwise, feel free to correct me interpretation of the Act and the transaction.

  194. If I was he father I would be shame since the day he join the UNC

  195. Too brite fuh he own good! This will make his father, Anthony, shame.

  196. Article also says he wrote a cheque for the club so they got the money….sensationalised headlines again

  197. bout charges…a US based bank to a US based bank? If dem charges was USD20 dey was plenty!!!

  198. That’s the thing Lasana, it was a pre-existing account based on the timing. I am still of the view that there is no charge to be answered to the IC in this particular transaction. That doesn’t mean that its not suspicious nor does it mean that it doesn’t make Central FC and the Minister look foolish.

    • Any incident involving financial impropriety, breach of ethics etc. is within the proper purview of the Integrity Commission. This qualifies (however marginal) as both.

  199. Ogord! VDC; doh even think that!
    Hear nah! that was the UNC plan, eh. I know personally of what I speak. Tobago is to a large extent quite underdeveloped and within one year of the PP victory there was a curious influx of Trinis and Guyanese into Tobago. Guys would come into a store I was assisting in managing on the NIB Mall in Scarborough wearing rubber slippers to purchase construction boots because they had secured a wuk on the library or with a contractor working on laying a new airstrip at the ANR Robinson airport @ Crown Point. I could say more but suffice this for now.

  200. When the PNM takes over they will have to establish a criminal court industry to deal with this administration!

  201. No. He paid most of the money less expenses. (Insert punchline here)

  202. There’s an old saying measure twice and cut once, when holding public office measure 5 times then cut.

  203. And why did they start a bank account based in the US for that transaction Kendall Tull?
    It looks clumsy. Farcically clumsy. If they report it to IC, they are clear. If they don’t, it is a suspicious transaction even if it stayed there for just an hour.

  204. Lasana so the money still in his account?

  205. I vote smart man who got caught

  206. This happened the day after the US moved against FIFA.

  207. So CONCACAF who represents the Central America and the Caribbean can only fund those that they represent only if they have a US account? Like Lasana Liburd said it doesn’t look good.

  208. A Pro League football club is struggling to send players abroad for a CONCACAF match when officials find out they were due money.
    They ask some questions and, lo and behold, the money is in the account of the Sport Minister…
    I don’t know what to say about that nah. People will have to decide themselves if it was a smart man who got caught or an honest mistake.

  209. Not saying that Lasana. Merely saying that I don’t see it as a matter for the Integrity Commission because of the nature of the transaction and the fact that the money was returned. It does show a great deal of stupidity though. The US is the last place I would send illicit funds to accumulate.

  210. Is ah feeding frenzy of corruption!

  211. Central FC officials found out they were due money while they were struggling to get players to CONCACAF. And that money they were due was found in the account of the Sport Minister.
    Is that really a non-story?

    • If Central never knew of, nor sanctioned the arrangement then it’s diversion of funds at best, theft at worst. If they did know then it’s really not that big a deal, but a breach of best corporate practices… and common sense. Still, given his status as an MP, and given his recent crusading, it’s a newsworthy item.

    • Lasana, was the money only returned upon Central FC’S request to Sancho? Further, why didn’t Sancho just open a US Account in Trinidad under Central FC’S name?

  212. All I could say is thank God the UNC didn’t win the THA election.
    All now Tobago would have belonged to Grenada!

  213. I mean if yuh have to eat a food eat properly….dat sound like small change

  214. So it is a non-story and I shouldn’t have written it Kendall Tull?

  215. Jevon – if I read this correctly, the funds were not remitted to a TT$ account.

  216. Since wen is a 1000$ is bank charges for small sum…hmm…#taxman

  217. And you know Winsford, the “Joker” still saying that “he believes Kamla is the best person to take T&T forward”? That is “Progress” for you!

  218. It could not be construed as income Lasana because the payment was not meant for him nor was it kept by him. I therefore don’t see how it is a matter for the Integrity Commission.

    And cynicism aside, there is no proof of intent as it stands and the money was returned where it belonged.

  219. Given the spin, I now know how backward the banking sector is in this country.

  220. This was probably Sanko’s maiden foray into the government corruption racket.

    Not bad for a first time out!

  221. Sancho’s behavior here, if true, is reminding me of Jack Warner, Anil Roberts and Ashwin Creed! It appears they have banked funds, their ill gotten gains, abroad.

  222. John if you want to get in the rackets Kamla is who you go to!

  223. i just posted this article and captioned, ‘i could insert jack warner where ever i see sancko, right’

  224. I believe you eh Lasana…TT$253,000 is not the UNC’s standards!

  225. Perhaps Kendall Tull. Or, if one were cynical, you could say someone tried a thing that didn’t work.
    In any case, I checked with a former MP and this can be an issue for the Integrity Commission. They might have not have known this. But it is not simply a case of “oops.”

  226. As with that other matter we talked about Lasana, stupid but not illegal.

  227. The moment I saw “Sanko” hooking up with UNC I said that whoever Kamla touches becomes corrupt immediately. Now look at this!!

  228. It’s called co-mingling of funds ands it’s always flagged in the banking world. You can’t have company money passing through private accounts. #shadesofjack

  229. If the funds were returned to the club, then this is nothing more than poor management in not opening the account sooner.

  230. Sanko like he eh go the mandatory orientation meeting fuh incoming UNC cabinet ministers.

    If he did ah sure he woulda know tuh transfer them funds through several shell bank accounts before it’s final destination!

  231. That party gives then a corruption injection when they sign up ? He just get a ten days appointment , you’re telling me that he already has “snat” in his nose ? Nah man !! Stealing while asking for five more years , amazing !!

  232. Poor financial practice/behavior. This type of banking ill-practice seems to be the norm with many ministers in T&T and they are stupid enough to use the US banking system. If this transaction is true, Sancho had better be careful because the IRS and FBI do not joke. Even if Sancho were still CEO of Central and not the Minister of Sport, no funds from CONCACAF destined for Central or the Sharks should be directed into any personal account of Sancho (local or abroad). Another question arises…. was this an attempt to hide these funds by not depositing the money in a T&T bank?

  233. Look trouble now! And to think he despise Warner so much. He learnt well after him!

  234. “Do onto others as Jack Warner has done onto you”

  235. True..he come eeennn late..so much food eat over the last 5+ years and he only had 6 months

  236. Sanko eh chupid.
    As he come een fuh he cobo-sweat he set up he own severance package!

  237. The article clearly says Sancho is not part owner of the club, contrary to popular belief.

  238. “we put that down for ease of use.”
    Ah like that

  239. ok he is the owner of the club what else

  240. Cue Raymond Tim Kee field day…

  241. Eh? JW type of behavior? Interesting!

  242. And cussing Tim Kee for corruption ..Lasana this is fake news 🙂

  243. …A bacchanal a day keeps the PP away…

  244. no man…cannot be the same Sancho who cuss Jack coming and going for this SAME THING!!!! Ah lie you ah tell

  245. He didn’t take long to learn the tricks of the trade

  246. This was acceptable nonsense until weeks passed and Sancho said nothing. Had he issued a statement of disclosure; no big deal. He didn’t so now I see him as a smartman. I doh wha hear from he again.

  247. This really isn’t as big a deal as it seems. It reflects poor judgment and unsound business practices, but nothing actually illegal. That being said, it’s commingling of funds, which goes against corporate best practices, exposes Sanko to personal liability should Central ever be sued… and frankly, smacks of hypocrisy, given that this is precisely the sort of thing Jack did with TTFA money (also “for ease of use”) for decades. Not exactly the sort of “transparency and accountability” the Honorable(?) Minister B.S. likes to preach about. Uneasy lies the head…

  248. Hannibal Najjar

    Thank God Lasana, I learnt all my times tables and basic arithmetic back in Tranquility Boy’s RC school of the early 60’s – ask me any times table quiz and I assure you, I’d never fail my teachers of then – thank you Mrs. Browne, Mr. Inkim, Mr. Jones, Mr. Miller, Principal Osborne, and others. Thank you Shaky (doubles man) and Bella (tamarind and local fruit vendor). As for the contents of this article, about Minister Sancho and the allegations discussed therein, it falls on his plate to explain this happening. I have known Brent for many years and saw him basically as a well-meaning person. But as we have come to know times and a battered moral T&T culture could effect change on persons. Times and circumstances can and do affect people and when one knows and understands the safeness and benefits of “driving” on the highway, but ventures unto the “back” and “side” roads they avail themselves to another set of risks and consequences. I hope that there is a clear and legitimate explanation for this for, Sancho’s political and long-term future are seriously at stake. I know that today’s world has horrendously swayed from the truth, and absolutes and standards can easily be seen as no longer true and as a matter, even detrimental to survival, and this makes decision-making testy. We would do good to remember that, ‘decisions are the hinges on which our future swings’. Our decisions shall always take us to places where good and right prevail. I recall one former Minister saying to me, ‘our society has become plagued, a plague that is sinned with a, “what is in for me” attitude and operational mentality – seek first the kingdom of the earth and its unrighteousness and all of God’s things can be considered in due course. I’m looking forward to the revelations of this story.

  249. And how is this news? Their is no wrong doing I can find in this article so I really do not know how this is news unless the author is trying to play politics with sport.