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The Minions attack Bunji; Mr Live Wire joins racist letter exchange

You have purpose…

People see you trying hard to prevail in life,

Make you feel that without them you going to fail in life,

As you start to grow your strength and you making strides,

Their minions come to crucify like they nailing Christ,

Look at all of them and laugh out loud…

(Excerpt from Bunji Garlin’s 2015 Soca song ‘We Up Dey’)

The following is an exchange of correspondence on Bunji Garlin’s chorus:

Allan Karim: Bunji what RACIST Bullsit is this??? Bunji garlin new offering to soca 2015 “we up dey” lyrics: “as soon as yuh start to build yourself and yuh making strides, dem INDIANS come to crucify like they nailing Christ…”

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago soca star Bunji Garlin. (Courtesy Vivo.com)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago soca star Bunji Garlin.
(Courtesy Vivo.com)

Bunji Garlin: Let’s ATTEMPT to clear the air here… Again. I posted the correct lyric a few days ago so people can see but bad news travels faster than good but np we just have to learn as we go along. Again here I post the correct wording is “Their MINIONS come to crucify like they nailing Christ” NOT INDIANS.

Some people got it mixed up but before jumping up too quick let’s take our times (sic) and make sense as we proceed. Naturally if anyone was caught off with this lyric I humbly apologise but the race card is not in my deck. That is one issue that I am exempt from. One love to all and to those who will call these people haters please do not. They genuinely thought it was something else but fear none for it is not. God bless.


Allan Karim: Dear all. My comments last evening on Ian Anthonio Alvarez, (Bunji Garlin) song “We up dey” has generated a lot of public discussion. My intention was never out of malice or ill will, I had a genuine legitimate concern for the content I heard in the song and I expressed it on my fb page as most people would do.

In Mr Alvarez clarification to my post he (Mr Alvarez) also apologized to those who interpreted the contentious part of the song to mean “INDIANS”, that indicated to me that Mr Alvarez acknowledges the genuine, legitimate concern that I have about the song.

Therefore a public apology from me will not solve the problem that was created by Mr Alvarez poor choice of words when he wrote the song. I have listened to the song over 10 times since this morning and I’m not totally convinced that “MINIONS” was said but in fact “INDIANS”. I’m still concerned about the discomfort this song could bring to a large section of society when played in public.

Mr Alvarez should reconsider the contentious part of the song and make the necessary changes to ease the discomfort that this has brought to himself and members of the public.

I thank you. Sincerely, Allan Karim

Photo: Riddle me this, Allan.
Photo: Riddle me this, Allan.

Mr Live Wire: Dear Allan. I have chanced across your moving letters and was touched by the anguish of a tortured soul and an obvious soca aficionado.

Although I do not and cannot speak on behalf of Bunji Garlin, I have listened to his soca song and can tell you with no ambiguity whatsoever that the hit is not aimed at you. Please listen again to the song’s opening sentence, which goes: “You have purpose…”

Sir, I was surprised that you did not immediately hit pause on the youtube rendition—you don’t seem to be a man who puts his money where his mouth is—and find something more to your taste.

But I suppose you are a man of more resolve than that and you made it to the chorus in which Bunji explained that, as soon people to start prosper, minions try to crucify them.

And, in the best case of life imitating art since the North Korean government attacked Sony over “The Interview”, you promptly set off to do just that.

What next, Allan? Would you say that Iwer George’s “Bottom in the Road” was a racist stealth attack on the right of Indian women to have buttock implants?

Is Sat Maharaj on vacation? Or are you muscling in on his turf?

Allan, do you realise you have asked Bunji to extract lyrics that were not there in the first place so as not to offend a man who is desperately seeking to be insulted?

How much of your time do you devote to fighting phantoms of your own creation? Or looking for imaginary bullets to dive in front of?

How should Bunji get rid of your own feeling of inadequacy? Would that require the skills of Leonardo Di Caprio and the rest of the crew from “Inception?”

In closing Allan (you’re an idiot), please don’t think (you’re an idiot) that everyone (you’re an idiot) is subconsciously (you’re an idiot) trying to mock, ridicule and insult you because (you’re an idiot) life would then become too miserable for words.

Maybe Bunji might be nice enough to write out the entire song for you and you might find some comfort there. You’ve got his attention now, so go for it.

I close with the words of former Britain Prime Minister Winston Churchill: “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

Yours sincerely, Mr Live Wire.

About Mr. Live Wire

Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. This was madness oui!
    Let’s see what happens this year.. Calypsoes would be crazy…

  2. This cracked me up. Especially the butt implants part ?

  3. Not worst than his nemesis, MM, Kadaffi Dollaway.

  4. Why return to this?…Trying to distract people from the present day issues ?

  5. Steups! Maybe some vocabulary lessons would help him and some therapy as it seems dude may have some kind of narcissistic personality disorder.

  6. If offended just don’tgo to his shows keep the monies

  7. This was uncalled for minions minions minions

  8. The amount of questions I have for this administration could fill a book.

  9. I just wanna know who killed Dana

  10. Therese Baptiste Cornelis

    This discussion about Benjai and Fazal Karim’s comments is all well and good, but never forget that my sister is very fertile.

  11. I refuse to allow the ignorant and the biased to control the narrative.

  12. I don’t mind cause I don’t think this is the type of attention Allan Karim intended to attract.
    He only intended to attract the type of attention you see him getting in the comments below his post.

  13. Ozy Merrique Jr. has won the internet today!!

  14. I hope he hears this Ozy Merrique Jr. kaiso correctly

  15. This is what can happen when ur trying toooo hard looking for stuff ta help promote yuh propaganda…….lets include the voices ads.

  16. Nicole O. ALexander I vex I couldn’t like you statement 10x, you spoke the gospel truth.

  17. What is the meaning of the word Minion?
    What is a Minion?
    Why would someone’s Minion come to crucify like they nailing Christ?

    Please educate me…

  18. When one has cocoa in the sun, one hears and sees what one wants.
    Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, let them see and hear

  19. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  20. Vernal Damion Cadogan, you killed me with this one: “You know, it has never once occurred to me that there could exist on this tiny planet such a condition as being too stupid to listen to music!” 🙂

  21. Lmao. I totally heard minions but maybe that’s because my nephews have me watching despicable me two/three times a day. I never even thought of it as being Indians. Now I can’t even listen to the song now with an innocent mind. Hmmm light bulb!

  22. is not de word MINIONS dat is de issue…it sounds like DEM INDIANS……but i believe it is Minions he said..

  23. But we blaming Captain Powers fuh collecting housing allowance but living in a govt house. No wonder this place in d mess it in yes. Some Trinis don’t deserve to live here!!!!

  24. Lasana. I think you’re being a little hard on the idiot and his minions (say it ten times fast…………….. Still sounds like minions doesn’t it.)
    I have come to realize that there are some among us, whom have absolutely no qualms about spreading seeds of hate and propaganda.
    If one were the least bit interested in a fraction of the truth, a little research will prove that Bunji has never uttered, inferred, or tolerated for that matter prejudice in any form. Quite the opposite, he has been the victim of such for as long as I can remember.
    Up comes Allan Karim with a aural twist of one word in a verse that he would have us believe is a racial attack in a song about overcoming obstacles.
    Well Allan Karim.
    Ize half indian decent, 50 percent African decent, 5 parts to one native Amerindian, 3/4 cup Scottish, 1.75 meters Venezuelan, and a spice rack dash of some other stuff. I will not subscribe to your low handed designs of rumours and hate among our people. Because that is what this is. I believe it has nothing to do with Bunji or his song per say. It’s about continuously feeding the divide that exists. Petty minded minion.

  25. I would love to know where in history or even in the bible states that Indians crucified Christ!!!! For what reason does this illiterate young man see it fit to call bunji a racist when in fact he’s so insecure in his own skin all he can hear/talk about is race and politics…. His demeanor says it all and he should be sued for defamation of character #IlliterateRacistFool

  26. Yet he remains in charge of the UNC’s official facebook page!

  27. why are we giving a voice to him? Only a racist will think the lyrics would be “indians” smh

  28. Allan Karim isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed as it would seem……

  29. After election all race talk done…

  30. You know, it has never once occurred to me that there could exist on this tiny planet such a condition as being too stupid to listen to music!

  31. Doh be too hard on Barry Boodram nah alyuh,,, every party need ah clown.

  32. He have issues,or he want to be in the news.

  33. Shush Barry you talking nonsense.

  34. Dear Allan, It seems that you are the racist here. Is it possible that you listen to everyone’s songs to see if they use the word “INDIAN”? And so what?? Stop being so silly and listen to Soca for the sake of Soca. Its not an Election Song.

  35. As I said yesterday, let a chutney singer sing a similar song and it will balance off everything, because, this don’t make any sense.

  36. When my petit quart done jourvert morning, is by Barry Boodram ah going and mop ah drink.

  37. And pray do tell the world Barry Boodram why he can’t mention any Indian in his songs. Not everyone who mentions ppl of other creeds are racist. Some of us need to take our heads out of the bucket of shit that is in and maybe have one clean thought. Come off the damn race card a little bit and maybe we won’t have that problem in this world anymore. But then again outside of the Internet some ppl never been to other parts of the world.

  38. This is such a petty argument, the man said minions, it probably sounded like indians, look at the facking lyrics nah. When jouvert morning reach, you think anybody have kiss meh ass time to study what Bunji singing, that time everybody hugging and drinking with one another. Smh give it a rest now nah.

  39. Barry Boodram, which song Bunji ever mention Indian in??

  40. to begin with bunji has no right to even mention indian in any in his songs total disrespect to indian people shameful

  41. The problem is with the choice of word which 95% of Trinidadians don’t use, never heard before, can’t spell and don’t have a clue what it means. Blame Bunji for trying to educate us. Bunji, stick to the 500 words that most of us know and use and leave us in our blissful ignorance. Or is it more like 100?!

  42. Wayne Luke Bowman..I started reading the comments which followed and stopped…I couldn’t stomach anymore. It’s disgusting.

  43. Allan Karim is a paid PP blogger, he attempts to translates everything through racial lenses. The man is a nonentity and he must not be taken seriously. Singing for your supper is a hell of a task.

  44. O gorm,lol last year i thought that the cows were waking up until I really listened to the song. Tell him to listen to the song again this time with an open mind.

  45. I will NEVER understand the issue of race. There is no “pure” blood anymore. And, all ah we is the exact same thing in the end, dust. I is a piece ah African, piece ah Indian, piece ah Jew and pieces ah odder tings. So, who ah go hate?

  46. I read a post by dat karim guy n d amt of racist comments that followed was disgusting to say d least. I have to pray n move on to refrain from responding. So to karim n his fellow racist followers,,, doh beat up all ur grandchildren will look jus like me. Idiots

  47. bat shit crazy, can’t say it enough

  48. Just read it. “Is Sat Maraj on vacation??” Lmaoooo!!!! Wow. People really hear what they want to hear. Did he really listen to the song? Where in everything that is Holy does “indians” fit into the context of the song? On top of which he refuses to apologise…smh….humans yes….

  49. Lasana you rock, loved your article!

  50. A lyricist like Bunji? Will a) focus an uplifting song to everyone except one race, or b) come so very weak as to just call a name? How in the world does this fit with Bunji? The irony Mr Karim, the irony.

  51. Allan Karim just don’t know the meaning of the word minion lmao..he should look it up like I did free online dictionary….

  52. Seems as if T&T is short on ‘real issues’.

  53. Wow there is never a dull moment in Trini

  54. The kind of response he deserves.

  55. So he made a mistake, suddenly he’s like you, a racist?

  56. Probably a worse engineer/vocal coach? I dunno.

  57. Look, the question now is, who’s going to wake up the cows???

  58. When has Bunji ever discussed race or ethnicity in his music?
    He tackles class or music industry issues.
    People bored, oui.

  59. I must say that I too taught it was INDIANS and get vex until I listened to it again a few times……and na its clean….but I see his concerns.

  60. Bunji has nothing to apologize for,he said “minions” not “indians” some ppl need Q tips an a really good pair of headphones.

  61. Quick to say racist shit.. smdh… google d damn lyrics if yuh not sure before making yuhself look like an ass…. #vikings #youreanidiot

  62. Well said Stacey Alfonso-Mills well said

  63. Maybe its jealousy…. Who knows….love me my Bungy…

  64. On a positive note all the best Bunji stay up….

  65. I don’t understand why Allan Karim looking way over by Bunji to find a racist, when all he needs to do is look in his mirror.

  66. This has to be the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in all of 2015.

  67. Lasana held back. He has the capacity to decimate him into a vague memory

  68. Hahaha. Good one Christophe Brathwaite!!

  69. But, but, who he is to attack Bunji what he knows about calypso he comes just like the attorney general and the piece of musical instrument that the attorney general say was missing taking piano for guitar now this one take Minions for Indians how foolish this idiot is why he did not take Minions for Onions because i find that is the closes word to Minions he just jealous Bunji. He is a foolish and a damn foolish Idiot dotish plus more dotish equal AK, i n CAL no name eh, only Bunji name meh call.

  70. Anybody who has a little bit of sense would know that Bunji wouldn’t attack Indians, or any other race for that matter, in his song. The man is singing the song in fetes to people of all races! Also, he wants the song to sell to people of all races so he can make his money! Which businessman you know will do something to alienate his clients? Food for thought, Mr. Karim.

  71. U know to tell u the truth, I heard the song before the bs Allan Karim started and heard “their minions”…but after the bs I’ll admit it does sound like” dem Indians”. I guess it all depends on what u have in ur mind. U’ll see what u look for. But in the context of the song he talks about ppl who try to pull u down in the height of ur success and when u think u have to watch them alone even ‘their minions’ are a hazard… Not ‘dem anybody’… There is no dem… There never was a dem…and according to Keish Norgriff there were no Indians crucifying Christ. Then again who knows… Let’s not get Mr. Downer started. Lol.

  72. Let me get this straight. Bunji shoul apologise for what he didn’t say because somebody thought he said it?

  73. Mr. Karim got his 5 minutes of fame, but there is really no cure for stupidity.

  74. Allan everybody knows “you shouldn’t go full retard”

  75. Dear Allan, the fact that you refuse to apologize for your inaccurate rant AND had the nerve to blame Bunji for using a word that sounded Iike a word you seem to have personal issues with in some way shows what a small minded individual you are. Maybe apologizing after all will stop the laughter at your ignorance and allow people to forgive you for trying to play the race card in the wrong arena!

  76. Liburd do yuh thing. Minionnss them be. Tel bunji he gal ruth say best song ever.

  77. Allan in ah fracking mess yes smdh. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll understand that the man is basically talking about life..about insignificant people like Allan (minion supreme) are always going to try an bring you down no matter what. Big long unbiased stupes! And with that said.. Ah have ah tabanca… Ah curry tabanca!

  78. Someone wrote, “that people hear only what they understand.” If that is true then maybe that is the genesis of this debate. Some ppl hear racist lyrics because that is what they understand while others hear typical Bunji Garlin rapid fire, jouvert morning, head nice, music to keep de carnival sweet because that’s what they understand.

  79. Song of the year. Go bunji boy.

  80. Lasana, suddenly everyone waking up from a deep sleep..

  81. So Bunji was writing about the assassination of…? Let me get ready to go to work. I will leave the entertainment. Mark Bassant might want it for a follow-up story. :-/

  82. I realize some here really hope that I’d only call out UNC bobol. Trust me when I tell you integrity is not just a word for me. Have a good one.

  83. I don’t care who you refer to really….stop pelting stones to get a reaction…yuh actually spoiling the thread eh

  84. Dear Savitri Maharaj please don’t let my comment fall in your garden as I wasn’t referring to you. But the response might make me change my mind 😉

  85. Bunju make.a.verse and.put them to rest. Fire burn all them minionssss the socall elites not the ones on the ground.

  86. Camile darling….I knew you were joking

  87. First come as your real self nah Jimi, you have so many name changes, the deed poll man mussee rich now

  88. Good observation Debbie Espinal, perhaps a tutorial is required, Ruth Marchan you do yourself a disservice by not leaving room for persons of east indian descent to support your calls for an investigation into Lifesports funding of paramilitary groups

  89. Hard to make a joke in here boy. Tough crowd…

  90. Allan “the Troll” Karim vs Bunji: (Sesame Street Style):
    Bunji: Woo Woo Woo
    Allan Karim: Hey Bunji that is not how a Minion sounds
    Bunji: How do you know how a Minion sounds
    Allan Karim : Cause I’m a Minion

  91. I call a spade a spade who vex loss..

  92. Umm I was referring to a popular cartoon. Did everyone realize that O.o

  93. What are you on about too Jimi Silverstone?! You like ting eh!?

  94. I see the PNM sycophant complaining that’s always good

  95. Ms hunte, them minionssss is who crucify DANA SEETAHAL and many more yuh ent know bout. Is stupid anil them use. What f…k apology. Let them run way and apologise for killing innocent people and make attempts with them dead brains yo plot on the dj boy and myself. Boy best name ever MINIONSSSS THEIVING ONLY MILLLIONNNN AND BILLIONSSSS. BOY BUNJI MAKE A NEXT VERSE ON THEM.

  96. Just ignore the songs folks it will soon pass

  97. U know what is the amazing. The majority of comments were from individuals who didn’t even listen to the tune before commenting.

  98. Ah wonder if Ruth willing to buss de mark about ah certain high profile killing?

  99. i still trying to figure out who is the dem

  100. Let them try another viking not this one

  101. Lawd…now Camille acting as advocate fuh d #minions

  102. BOY…… Karim, I would ah still believe that Bunji’s 2014 soca said ” and d cows now waking up!”
    instead of ” the crowd now waking up!” I googled and realised my mistake… It was my own interpretation.. because it made grammatical sense does not mean it was what the artist coined
    I remember calypso Rose’s song ” hold on to the balance wheel” was interpreted as ” hold on to the banaswee” by a friend.. it did not make sense, grammatical or otherwise so she laughed at herself and dropped it… shame Karim.. leave BUNJI… AND DE COWS AND DE MINIONS ALONE..GROW UP JE SUIS BUNJI JE SUIS MINIONS

  103. Lemme show allyuh why Allan Karim is a real caca hole. Read the lyrics:

    People see you trying hard to prevail in life,
    Make you feel that without them you going to fail in life,
    As you start to grow your strength and you making strides,
    Their minions come to crucify like they nailing Christ,
    Look at all of them and laugh out loud…

    So the possessive pronoun “their” actually own Karim’s “Indians”. The noun that “their” is replacing is “people”. So in effect, “people” actually own Karim’s “Indians”.

    Doesn’t that backward thinking troglodyte called Allan Karim know that indentured servitude has been over long time now, and nobody can own an “Indian” in Trinidad…not even the wheelchair badjohn.

    Ah boy Allan CacaRIM, yuh really step in yuh own excrement with this wun.

  104. Lasana you are an upstart grow up

  105. I’m speaking on behalf the minions in this matter. They tell me that they have never EVER tried to crucify anyone and they demand an apology from Bunji Garlin.

  106. Is this Ruth Marchan for real?? One would think someone who held her position could write and spell and put together a proper sentence.

  107. Check meh i will give u a venue on them minionssssssss. Is minionnssssss them be for true.

  108. Not me, it was Allan Karim that UNCeelebrity who thought he owns the rights to all words rhyming with “Indian”!

  109. Forget that.
    We can use any word we like to convey an idea, regardless of what it rhymes with!

    How dare he?

  110. nah man….we must live and let live…even allow con men like Karim to have his bray…ah mean say

  111. It is sad that Bunji actually took time out to respond to this racist. He shamelessly requesting that the lyrics be changed to make himself happy. Wired 868 is about healthy discussions…block this idiot.

  112. Yea because in the bible the Indians nailed Christ to the cross -__-

  113. “Although I do not and cannot speak on behalf of Bunji Garlin, I have listened to his soca song and can tell you with no ambiguity whatsoever that the hit is not aimed at you. Please listen again to the song’s opening sentence, which goes: “You have purpose…”…..yikes!

  114. Lawd put a hand in this land of my birth. If u replace minions with Indians then the verse eh make sense, because we know Indians eh crucify Christ.

  115. Anthony Morgan Beach hashtagged #oildown2015

    I am hashtagging #yellowminions

  116. Is de “COWS now wakin up” all over again!

  117. One jackass named Allan Karim created this unnecessary furor.

  118. Allan Karim not familiar with the term education required.

  119. ” Sir, I was surprised that you did not immediately hit pause on the youtube rendition—you don’t seem to be a man who puts his money where his mouth is—and find something more to your taste. ” Bwhahah! I wish someone can pass this on to him!

  120. All the time I found minions cute

  121. Race-Coloured Glasses! Get yours now while stocks last!