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POS Mayor pays final disrespects to dead Carnival masquerader; Mr Live Wire fires back

Here’s a brain teaser for Wired868 readers. A well known member of society gave the following quote:

“I spoke of some of the things that I see women do, assisted by men of course, but the woman has the responsibility that they ensure that they are not abused.”

Is the speaker: (a) Television star, comedian and alleged date rape enthusiast Bill Cosby, (b) Jack the Ripper, who was a killer with the ladies back in the 19th century or (c) Port of Spain mayor and PNM treasurer and millstone Raymond Tim Kee?

Photo: Okay Live Wire... That ent funny man!
Photo: Okay Live Wire… That ent funny man!

Too easy, we know. Even Jack the Ripper was not so unhinged from reality as to expect that the public would warm to his belief that a woman’s intestines were better out than in.

But not Tim Kee, who shared his views in a national press conference, which—and it actually gets worse—was his response to questions on a dead Carnival masquerader, who was identified in the social media as Japanese tourist Asami Nagakiya.

Her death, according to Tim Kee, was ‘not only an embarrassment to Carnival but to the city of Port of Spain.’

“I can only imagine what will be said by the country from which she came,” said Tim Kee, “that one of their people came here to participate in our Carnival and is now dead.”

At this point, Mr Live Wire had to pause reading and curl into a fetal position for five minutes.

Mr Tim Kee’s flamboyant stupidity, bone-dry shortage of empathy and blissful unawareness of the century he is living in has now reached epic proportions.

Photo: Unconfirmed reports have identified the dead masquerader as Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya. (Copyright Trini Scene)
Photo: Unconfirmed reports have identified the dead masquerader as Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya.
(Copyright Trini Scene)

God knows what Japan will think of Nagakiya’s supposed dishonouring of Trinidad and Tobago by daring to die in Port of Spain.

It is almost enough to make you nostalgic for the good old days when Tanty Kamla was informing CARICOM that T&T was not an ATM. And Jack Warner was picking the pockets of dead…

Well, okay, you don’t get one over on ‘Jacko’ that easily.

Still, Tim Kee, who is always more of a write-off than a fender bender when in full flight, did not stop there.

The Mayor then tried to prove that he would have been no good as a forensic investigator either, as he offered his decidedly inexpert opinion about the cause of death.

“You have to let your imagination roll a bit and figure out was there any evidence of resistance?” asked Tim Kee, obviously rhetorically as nobody could be expected to reside on his brain frequency. “Or alcohol control and therefore involuntary actions were engaged and so on…”

Photo: Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee, who is a member of the FIFA Futsal Committee, tries out the furniture at the global football body's Zurich headquarters.
Photo: Port of Spain mayor Raymond Tim Kee, who is a member of the FIFA Futsal Committee, tries out the furniture at the global football body’s Zurich headquarters.

Further proof, if it was needed, that the only thing worse than astounding ignorance is ignorance of one’s own ignorance.

Considering that Tim Kee’s appointment as mayor was Dr Keith Rowley’s first major decision as then Opposition Leader, one can only hope that the Prime Minister is also letting his imagination roll.

Mr Live Wire repeatedly warned about the leaps in donkey logic necessary to consider Tim Kee—the Trinidad and Tobago Football Federation (TTFF) vice president with responsibility for finances during the Warner era—as the right leader for anything worth saving.

But then, to be honest, that is like saying there is a high probability of getting wet from walking in the rain.

Not that Tim Kee, in all his misogynistic glory, would pass for a Wetman these days.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that United States presidential hopeful Donald Trump glimpsed Tim Kee’s statements online and exclaimed: ‘Nice one!’

Photo: TTFA president and Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee (centre) gestures to an Ecuador player while former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) has a word to her grandson before kick off of the FIFA Women's World Cup Play Off second leg on 2 December 2014. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: TTFA president and Port of Spain Mayor Raymond Tim Kee (centre) gestures to an Ecuador player while former Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar (right) has a word to her grandson before kick off of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Play Off second leg on 2 December 2014.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Normal people were decidedly flushed though.

Hopefully, Keithos will simply hit ‘flush.’

Tim Kee, ironically, should appreciate that he is responsible for his own abuse. But he probably wouldn’t.


Editor’s Note: Below is a clip of the late Asami Nagakiya playing steel pan. May her soul rest in peace. And the statement from Raymond Tim Kee.

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Mr. Live Wire
Mr. Live Wire is an avid news reader who translates media reports for persons who can handle the truth. And satire. Unlike Jack Nicholson, he rarely yells.

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  1. An *Embarrassment* indeed.

    That a nation’s global image is interpreted via their most viewable citizens – Entertainers, Athletes, Artists, Entrepreneurs and Government (among a short list of others) – is not debatable.
    With that said, the most visible National Politician of the most Notable City of the nation, at the most Popular time of that nation, will be in the spotlight for ANY media released output at that time.

    We all learned before age 6 that “..if you don’t have anything sensible to say, then don’t say anything”. That Mr. Tim Kee would make ANY statement on the unfortunate death of *Honorary Trini* – Asami Nagakiya – while using “..I think” and “..from what I heard”, is a testament to his backwardness, the value of his opinion and, ANY consideration that this arrogant, out-of-touch, chauvinistic cretin should represent ANY aspect of Carnival, Trinidadian, Caribbean, Male or, evolving Human ‘Culture’.

    According to the Personal, Professional opinion of this intellectually absent runaway slave: The Violence, Misogyny, Sexist, Lawless, Dangerous and inhumane crimes that far too often visit the streets and neighborhoods of this nation, still fighting to Re-establish it’s EARNED Independence and Deserved Global Admiration via the axiom: “Where Every Creed And Race Find An Equal Place…”, are all the norm. And the world should educate themselves to this (Now Clear) Fact, and navigate the ubiquitous ‘risk-your-life/roll-the-dice’ atmosphere that IS Trinidad…or is it Just Trinidad Carnival? …accordingly.
    Is this *Adult-aged male* (I refuse to allude to ANY connection between raymond tim kee and what we have learned to call “Man”) THAT disconnected from humanity? Or is he a functioning example and an accurate reflection of the requirements of his office and as such, the overall views of the Government he was selected to represent?

    The role of The Mayor of ANY city is 7 levels above tertiary (..figure-of-speech). The heart-wrenching matter of a foreign national, discovering and appreciating the culture of another nation, on the opposite side of the planet, learning and becoming skilled enough to engage (arguably) one of The Most Identifiable Cultural pillars of that nation, at the highest level (..I am a 47 yr-old, Trinidad born citizen, who STILL Cannot produce a Single sensible note from ANY Pan), losing their life while partaking in that nation’s highest level of Individual Cultural expression, *PERIOD*, is at the Kindergarten level of Human understanding: It Is A Tragedy. An Embarrassment to the Policing and Security provision of Trinidad. It (Further) highlights the need for this country to SIGNIFICANTLY improve.

    The masqueraders mourn you Asami. The soul of Trinidad Carnival mourns you Asami. Trinidad and Tobago Mourns you Asami. raymond tim kee is a recently unearthed unfortunate forgotten reminder of an almost-forgotten time and era that our nation has grown through…like the breath-taking lotus flower from mud.
    I will not ask for forgiveness for the filth of the opinion of the unfortunate ronald tim kee, but I will ask that the new Government utilize this as an opportunity to look within itself and determine to Some Degree, *What is your intended representation of Trinidad and Tobago to the rest of the Developed, and Developing world*?

    Rest In Peace Asami. You will always be remembered. You will always be appreciated.

    • It’s so unfortunate that the majority of our citizens couldn’t see it this way instead of supporting a man because of the party he belongs to and his misdirect thinking. We were divided as a country because of this. Those of us who were disgusted by his utterances were accused of being anti-PNM, disloyal to our country of birth for being concerned for a foreigner as they saw it, uncaring for other murder victims cause they didn’t ‘see’ us post about it and the list goes on.
      What it says about us as a people is that we’re no better off than where we were before. It’s not about the politicians/government making this country viable and better, it’s about us as a people. What we allow to take place and what we support. When free thinking people cannot have a voice in what is purported to be a democratic country, then what is left?????? And you wonder why politicians and others have gotten away with rampant corruption and National deceit? Go look in the mirror, take a good look and remove your layers of compromise, ‘ah we boy’ mentality, party before people and you will realise at whose feet the blame lies

    • I’m still stunned that women are supporting him and encouraging people to go in white outside City Hall this morning…ah mean…….

  2. Offendershaming is as backward a thoughtasit isalso steep in classical approach holding the view man has free will. We must encourage peoplefo examine all sides. Offenderresponsibilityand accountability,reducing victim suitability and removing opportunities which is state, offender and victimresponsibility. Yes dont shame victims but educating them is part of prevention. It is not about fault or blame but about not going tobank with a millio in a transparent bag.how come nobody does that. If wedo what will we say? Was it shaming when sentinel securitymoved money in an unarmoured truck? Wasit seen asblaming the company for doing something deemed unwise bymost. NO

    • Offender shaming? Did you make that up yourself? Truth be told, the Mayor leaving solves nothing, his bizarre,18th century views are shared by many in the society. Seriously, all TK had to do upon hearing about this young lady’s murder, like any normal person, was to say what an awful tragedy it was, extend condolences to her family, affirm that the protective services would do their best to find the perp – the kind of things one would expect of someone in an official capacity. That was it, no more, whatever else he may have been thinking, that was not the time or place. Instead, in front of the media, he went off on ugly, disrespectful, warped speculation about the circumstances of this murder, and made a particularly egregious comment about how “imagination would roll”….no dude, the only people whose imagination rolls when they contemplate the last hours of someone’s violent death are individuals who are into snuff porn….

  3. Lewd is not about the costume it is about the behavior. Criminology teaches three elements come together to createcrime motivated offenders, suitable victim and opportunity. So yes focus on offender but we must seek to be less suitable targets as victims and reduce opportunity for motivated offenders. Yes society does have to work on demotivating offenddrs but that also requires us in the case of rape to take action against that which promotes lewd and sexually charged behavior that can be misinterpreted. Victim shaming argument without full context is incomplete.

  4. you’re sure right they only fix on the mayor I which the next one they cut of all their privilege in port of Spain no vending all on no way in port of spain

  5. what did he say to make you cringe than a beating you and kicking us all over the place you cringe that a man cussing us our mother so and so in front of his friend what is worst than that

  6. Mr Tim keep stay right there that is what they want don’t give them the satisfaction the truth does offen these are really get on real bad this carnival

  7. If he look like a Jackass , act like a jackass and talk like a jackass, he must be a JACKASS.

  8. I reckon he won’t last the week

  9. Under no circumstances does a person/s have the right to take a life They did not give it so solve that Mr Mayor ??

  10. Under no circumstances does a person/s have the right to take a life They did not give it so solve that Mr Mayor ??

  11. This is not about politics but about a human life. This speech was unfortunate but women we must take responsibility for our actions and stop the blame game I saw a woman with only a string in her butt. Have we notice men costume is always the same , men cover up and we expose our bodies all the time.

  12. https://www.facebook.com/logical.indian/photos/a.430765593719832.1073741828.426895610773497/642701429192913/?type=3 …lewd behaviour is lewd behaviour. A bikini costume…as skimpy as it may be, is just that, a costume….and no one causes rape…except the rapists! #ShameTheRapists

  13. I guess you guys saw the Washington Post article on this….ouch…..

  14. His “apology” was worse than the initial statement.

  15. Zika virus,
    Oil prices are dropping daily,
    Crime is uncontrollable in this country, Guns are everywhere,
    Drugs are everywhere,
    Not enough medication available,
    Human trafficking in this country, children being molested n video taped
    Abused and much more right here everyday,
    But no protests on those but protest on a misguided statement made by Tim but not even focusing on Him who did the crime …….

  16. Jacket and Tie man just out of timing..what an a..hole.

  17. Another day to campaign election come and gone any body could say what they want but think about the bad name our country is getting to much murders who is helping to catch these murders they are among us could be in our house could be our nabours ask yourself who will be next.

  18. Breaking News: Donald Trump has just approached Tim Kee, asking him to be his speech writer.

    • More Breaking News!

      The Solid Waste Management Company has just asked the Port of Spain Mayor to be their poster boy. Nothing says ‘solid waste’ better than a picture of….

      • Breaking News: The ‘White Cloud’ Tissue Company has just signed a large sponsorship agreement with the Port of Spain Mayor. All he has to do is to wipe his mouth with White Cloud tissue each time he speaks.

        The Company estimates this agreement to be worth billions.

        Dr Rowley stated that, it is for this reason he defended Tim Kee; in order to stimulate the manufacturing industry.

        • Even More Breaking News: The India Car Manufacturing Company, TATA, has asked Tim Kee to be their spokesman.

          Following Tim Kee’s utterances, and Dr. Rowley’s defense of the Mayor, the Ministry of Health has started fast tracking orders for supply of drugs.

  19. Dr. Keith: Nicole Oliviere! Please do not breach the Integrity in Public Life Act again.
    Nicole: Sorry.
    Dr. Keith: That’s ok. I’ve got your back, especially where the lower end of the spine curves…wink wink.

    Dr Keith: Marlene Mc Doogle, next time you give your imaginary husband a contract to build a community centre, make sure it is not invisible! And doh hook him up with a HDC house either.
    Marlene Mc Doogle: Sorry, I will be more careful next time.
    Dr. Keith: Yuh back safe. I don’t want anything to do with it.

    Dr. Keith: Tim Kee! Based on your stella performance at the TTFA, I organised to have you become Mayor. Now you making me look bad. Just tell them sorry, they will forget it in a few days, just look how they forgot about Marlene.

    Tim Kee: Dr. Keith, but you talk about women peeling cassava and nobody march by your office. You ‘handle’ Anika Gumbs, and they cool. You wine up on a 17 year old while married and they think you macho. You carry the next 17 year old for a ride, and they still cool. You gave a student ‘extra lessons’ in Tobago and everybody defending you for it. You thought that there was a murder plot against a journalist, and didn’t tell anyone until 6 months after.
    You say we doh have money, so you took 15 million from the poor children mouths in the School Feeding programme, and then give it to the Union as a gift, and no body say yuh mad. You say you going to reduce VAT to 12.5%, then raised VAT by 12.5 %, and nobody even raise dey voice at you. You is the boss! How to be like you?

    Dr. Keith: Keep slim, behave like yuh dread, talk down to journalists until they are afraid to ask pertinent questions, and blame the UNC for everything. Doh worry, the loyalists will believe everything you shovel at them. Ent we say Jwala was the problem? We got rid of him, reverted to the old system and the problem where only a handful of wealthy people could benefit – who we good wit – continue to exist, and nobody even batted an eyelid.

    Dr Keith: I got rid of Dr. Amery Brown – one of the best and brightest in the PNM; a man of reason – and despite a few upset persons, ent they fall in line?! Doh worry, yuh safe. People will forget.

  20. What century is this guy from ?

  21. What did the mayor contribute to the country? And to the party ? Two separate questions. He must have done something worthwhile to reach those positions…

    • Or it might be the old Hollywood adage of being famous for being famous. He wouldn’t be the first. Cough *Dooks* Cough.

    • At least,,,for what it is worth, Dooks taught econ, worked on UN projects (hopefully of some benefit to somebody) and formed a party ( for what that was worth).

    • True. I don’t know if he was good at any of those things though, which is relevant. Some people build up CVs of real stature. Ken Gordon for instance.
      But when you look closely, you struggle to see exactly where did they actually excel.
      Were they ever really good at anything? Or was their skill mainly in getting the assignment in the first place?
      I don’t mean to be unfair to either gentleman as I didn’t work with them. And Gordon certainly left a legacy at CCN.
      All I’m saying is I’ve learnt to be wary of CVs that don’t point to particular accomplishments.

  22. So nice living in a banana republic….stupidity reigns…..and these imbeciles actually have supporters.

  23. Mr Mayor, you want all women not to play Mas, I am sure you will be over the moon, you will enjoy your Mas all by yourself watching the men jump up. Fire him quick.

  24. Look are we actually going to do something about this, or are we going to be social media activist. Protest anyone? Hopefully someone with enough pull could organize one.

  25. Well said Victoria but it really hurts .coming from any human being most of all our Mayor.she is with her maker.Rip beauty E. Singh.

  26. There is NO JUSTIFICATION for rape! Absolutely NONE!

  27. He have a special type of stupid???

  28. I am not surprise, we are living in a hypocrisy and ‘we in charge now’.

  29. tim kee didnt kill her ……when the truth is told no one likes it …….focus allyuh energy to the young man who was last seen in her selfies …..she was taken advantage of someone close

  30. As a Major he should understand the importance of thinking before he speaks. If he had nothing good to say he should not answer without seeking the relevant information.

  31. A simple case of foot in mouth syndrome …

  32. You know if Tim Kee mouth was running on premium gas he wouldn’t be talking so much. The man literally has verbal diarrhea

  33. I hope they find the demon who killed her… RIP my dear..

  34. So sad that a foreign national had to die this way in our country. Rip Asami Nagakiya.

  35. STFU unworship Tim Kee…STFU!!!

  36. Rose-Marie Ingrid Lemessy-Forde…you missed some adjectives in describing his comments. Words such as…insensitive…boorish…uncultured…and my favorite from a former lecturer…primitive mentality.

  37. Anybody here concerned about who actually killed the girl? Idk is it just me who actually cares about the DEAD girl than what the mayor said ….did it change the fact this girl was MURDERED. …pack of fools yes

    • I think everyone is concerned about it, but the mayor’s comments stirred the ire it did because it shows an attitude toward solving and preventing crimes of this nature in the future- and that concerns us as well. If his solution to attacks on women is for women to dress better, we should all be worried. But before he made this statement, expressions of condolences were pouring in from all sides. His statements stole the limelight not just for being ignorant, but because on top of being the victim, he placed the blame for this young ladies death on the young lady herself. She’s not here to speak for herself, and people are also outraged for her. We’re capable of being outraged over several things at once.

    • I still can’t understand how this man stupid comment could steal the limelight off the fact that this girl is dead ….we as Trinidadians need to start to ignore bullshit. …..his opinion did not cause the girls death…. I don’t agree one bit with what he said but it don’t change the fact that nobody is wondering how the hell someone murdered a loyal tourist to our lands…. stop run with the hype to take away the truth

    • Everyone is still wondering about it, but what can we do? We have to wait for the authorities to do their jobs, and hopefully anyone with information would step forward as well. But he added salt to the existing wound, and talking about it and being outraged by it and for this poor girl is something that we can do. No one has forgotten her. At least on my timeline, I’ve seen as many tributes being passed around as posts concerning both her death and the mayor’s comments. He disrespected her, and disrespected every woman out there.

    • Her murder investigation is an entirely separate process ,it has already begun with the autopsy having established the cause of death and we assume the police making their enquiries and viewing relevant CCTV footage.The general public cannot get involved in that aspect but what we can and should get involved in is an open debate about the utterances of Mayor Tim Kee !!

  38. Tim kee don’t have a mother or a daughter to be making statements like does #mpr #bbr

  39. He needs to just quit go home n sit down he has no compassion

  40. I had to read the express article twice to believe someone could be that stupid and insensitive. A young woman had just been found dead under unknown circumstances and that crap is what came out of Tim Kee mouth! I don’t even consider that a gaffe or faux pas because it reflects the mindset of a misogynistic judgemental and crass person. This is not mayor material and if he can’t be removed from his mayor post it’s time Rowley sends a message and remove him from his party posts.

  41. He made similar statements after last year’s Carnival and most people dismissed his thought process (the complete absence of emotional intelligence) then.

    • Stupidity is very rarely harmless.

    • During Mr Manning’s time in office, I labelled this kinda thing as ‘dangerous nonsense’…the Mayor’s statements were simply reprehensible…one can only wonder what his wife, daughters and sisters must be thinking…

    • Well, if they’re thinking anything then they’re the only ones using brain matter in the family. Hope it catches on.

    • His daughters and sisters at the very least can find comfort in the fact that they had no say in the matter, this is a fate bequeathed to them by genetics and poor judgement no doubt, as for his wife, well…! Hoping for a large turnout today, to highlight the fact that all citizens are disgusted by the remarks from this apology of a human being. His utter lack of humanity is staggering.

  42. calling him a fool is an understatement…

  43. That man is one big fool how the hell did this waste get this position

  44. With the utmost respect sir this could’ve been a member of your family please sir show this young lady some respect her family deserves it and so to her friends R.I.P my dear girl

  45. Asami Nagakiya on the steel pan

  46. The more I read the worse it got. Idk he said all those things about letting your imagination role a but etc. I’m ashamed for him.

  47. And he has only made things worse with his supposed apology

  48. His apology reminded me of the TTFA apology that was compared to the Isis apology by mr. Live wire

  49. I cringed as I kept reading what this man said??!…

  50. Hear nah. Tim Kee made me buy the Express this morning. Because I was convinced that somewhere in that press conference were the words: “But seriously everyone… All this nonsense I’m saying is totally unrelated to this tragic death and my condolences go out to the young lady’s family and loved ones.”
    Tim Kee really letting himself go with this stupidity thing. Now if only Rowley can follow the cue from T&T football stakeholders and let him go too.

  51. “He is responsible for his own abuse”. Level: Genius.

  52. Epic fail Tim, just fail !!????????????

  53. Distracted from what though Malik? Finding the killer ourselves?
    What better can we do but condemn this representative of our country?

  54. A last farewell from Asami, she was an excellent pannist. May she rest in peace! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrahe5AGpu8&feature=youtu.be

  55. Think we getting caught up in how the idiot makes us look and missing just how sad it is that this kid got strangled 🙁 for no apparent reason ….we need a big effort to try and find her killers.

  56. The thing is, Albert, murders of tourists happen all over the world. What generally does NOT happen, however, is a Mayor making statements that almost amount to “dey look fuh dat!” THAT is the REAL damage to the image of Sweet T&T!

  57. Hear nah!! The generation gap CANNOT be this wide in this day and age inno. CANNOT!!!

  58. And just when we’re getting over Fuad Khan writing off all Chinese as pet dog kidnappers and chefs…

  59. Or I can concern myself with whatever the hell I choose to concern myself with!!! Albert Edwards

  60. I thought successful insurance people supposed to know how to talk to and about people. Power has got to his head, clearly.

  61. Let us concern our self with the image or our country and hope the offender is brought to Justice’s and let his worship stop trying to be another Lee sing.

  62. For your sake Mr. Mayor I sincerely hope no women in your family ever drink alcohol, wear a carnival costume, be out during carnival or go into the Savannah…cause according to your insinuations, they would get what they deserve (shudder). Be mindful of your words because karma is a bitch!

  63. Waiting on Rowley to act… (Maybe in vain…sigh)

  64. He seems determined to exit the Mayorship amidst as much controversy as he did the TTFA…How does one man manage to get so many opportunities to get things wrong?

  65. I am saddened and disappointed by his faux pas. The consequences might be insurmountable regardless of whether his comments were taken out of context.

  66. How did this man get to be a mayor or a ttfa president? What an absolute skidmark!!

  67. Thank you Lasana. Let us all hope that EVERYONE gets it! And that sincere sympathy is the ONLY thing he should have uttered. Hopefully his days are numbered.

  68. Man resign Please keep ur lies to ur self

  69. A lion ate a bull, then roared. The hunter heard the roar, found the lion and shot it…MORALE TO THE STORY MR TIM KEE…IF YOU ARE FULL OF BULL…KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!!

  70. And the apology wuss dan d original statement eh!!

  71. Takes a lot to get one over on “Jacko” and he certainly did…”jacko” probably his special adviser

  72. Lasana, I think it was a yr or so ago you asked my thoughts on his performance as a Mayor and I told you I wasnt close enuff to POS to comment on that. Doe ask meh now cause you’ll have to block meh.

  73. Stale drunk people should not be asked to make sensible statements.

  74. Tim Kee, you are the weakest like…..FLUSH

  75. misogynistic – perfect adjective!

  76. Succinctly summarized by James’ comment on the PNM way back in the 60’s – ” their entire catchment elite live their entire lives without having so much as a single idea” ( not verbatim – out of an aging brain). The more things change the more they remain the same!