Photographer’s rough close-up; wheelchair man outruns police

Alleged drug trafficker Matthew Soo-Chan was so irate at having his picture taken on his exit from the Tunapuna Magistrate’s Court yesterday that he physically lashed out at Newsday photographer Angelo Marcelle.

So much for marijuana being a harmless and jolly, recreational drug. Soo-Chan must have been on that stuff which, when taken in extreme doses, can lead to flirtatious DJs being fearful for their lives.

If Soo-Chan had given it some thought, he might have remembered that he went through the trouble of putting on a ridiculous mask—presumably, he was dressed as “Super Weed Villain”—precisely so he would not have to worry about photographs.

Photo: Character references anyone? (Copyright Abraham Diaz/Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Character references anyone?
(Copyright Abraham Diaz/Trinidad Guardian)

But then a failure to grasp logic and irony again seems awfully familiar to another alleged high profile drug user.

Officers, are you sure Minister Two Pull is not in that fellah’s list of supposed clients?

The attacked photographer, peeved at the unflattering performance evaluation, then forgot the fundamentals of his trade and tried to get a close up by flinging his camera at the young man. Pressure gets to the best of us.

Try zoom next time, Marcelle.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that Reema Carmona is trying to hire Soo-Chan as a media consultant.

Soo-Chan’s snap spat was not even the most bizarre news this week, of course.

Trinidad and Tobago police is still trying to catch the world’s first wheelchair-bound serial killer. Which goes to show that you don’t even need legs anymore to stay a step ahead of local law enforcement officers.

Gary Griffith? Stephen Williams? Anything to add…?

If ever there was a case that deserved the special attention of Police Constable Ronaldo Rajkoomar and WPC Tamika Phillip, whose work with the differently-abled in San Fernando was a viral hit, slap and a shove recently, then surely this is it.

Photo: Send that WPC from San Fernando for me nah?!
Photo: Send that WPC from San Fernando for me nah?!

But, as the old people say, “you know who in a wheelchair that deserves to be pushed into traffic they does leave alone?!”

Or something like that. We paraphrased.

And another thing, if the police are being outmanoeuvred for over a year by a man who cannot walk, then how is it that Rajaee Ali gets arrested so much? Someone has an undeclared fetish for handcuffs maybe?

Another intriguing bit of news passed largely under the radar, though.

Aaron Small was waiting in vain for a taxi from San Fernando last Saturday when he saw a parked PTSC bus with the engine running and decided to drive that to Port of Spain instead.

Mr Live Wire had the same reaction as everyone else at that information.

“How come I never thought of that?!”

The 23-year-old man got as far as the Mon Repos roundabout before he was arrested by San Fernando Police and subsequently sent to the St Ann’s Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation by Senior Magistrate Nannette Forde-John.

So is he crazy for thinking public transportation means just that? Did he not have his bus pass?

Of course nobody handed out mad papers two years ago when Jack Warner gave Junior Sammy $6.5 million in taxpayer’s money to tow a fire truck that doesn’t work. Nope, Sammy got to keep that money and Warner got Chaguanas West as a going away present. That made perfect sense, right?

Photo: Nice one, Jacko! Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) greets then National Security Minister Jack Warner during happier times. (Copyright Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Nice one, Jacko!
Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) greets then National Security Minister Jack Warner during happier times.
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian)

Steups. Let me go and watch some CNN yes.

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  1. Our police continue to be challenged, maybe they should go for more training or s refresher course.

  2. Lol, what has this place come to when men are killing wheelchairs

  3. Must be driving a Zimmer Vigo to match dem White collar bandit driving Range Rover Vigo and Cayenne Vigo.

  4. The terminology used on FaceBook is often referred to in disparaging terms.However ,in this new age,it fits the paradigm.The whole mass of confusion, surrounding the alleged wheel chair killer, is succinctly and neatly handled by the FB term re Relationships : It’s Complicated.

  5. Oh lawd if this wasn’t the most ridiculous scenario with the police this past week i’d be laughing my head off. A 19 yr old murdered by a man in a wheel chair who was wanted for another murder and he’s still on the loose? Who is protecting him? As for the jackass with the scream hoodie how the hell he was allowed to wear that in the first place and was able to attack a journalist? As for the photographer he waste a good piece of equipment behind that idiot. Must say i had a good laugh at the feller who stole the bus. Of all things a BUS??? He mus be had a real hot date and couldn’t wait. Lol.

  6. Was he high, and was the bus wheel chair available, at least he said he was going to park it at City Gate or by his mother, hope she visits him in St. Anns

  7. Lasana Liburd serial killer is a special classification not only based on the number you have killed (3+) but on specific pathological characteristics. Serial killers don’t kill their girlfriends. I just clarified it in a status update: “I’ve notice, in a few places, on Facebook, that the alleged “wheelchair murderer” is being referred to as a “serial killer” which he’s not. So before it enters traditional media, let me clarify. Serial killers are a special classification and are involved in three or more separate events with an emotional cooling-off period between homicides. This type of killer usually premeditates his crime, often fantasizing and planning the murder in every aspect with the possible exception of the specific victim. When the time is right and after he has cooled off from his last homicide he selects, after extensive surveillance, his next victim and proceeds with his plan. If anything, your alleged “wheelchair murderer” is simply a double murderer. Serial killers usually have motives; hedonistic, lust, thrill, comfort and more and often go through great lengths to dump their bodies…

    • Renee Cummings you can go work on the television series Criminal Minds lol

    • Well the first victim was stalked, threatened and her house broken into before she was murdered. So it was pre meditated.

      The second murder was almost a year after. So cooling off period for you.

      His second murder had the same mo. It was his girlfriend. He shot her dead. So there’s a pattern. He’s also become more efficient seeing as now he’s disabled and can silk elude police.

      Should the police wait for the third to confirm my theory or yours?

  8. Birdie…u have out done yourself here…ah weak

  9. They need Ironside to find that wheelchair man

  10. Lolo dis man is so funny ,always puts a comical spin on tings love it

  11. How many girlfriends til he becomes a serial killer Renee Cummings? He allegedly has two that we know of right now.

  12. As a cereal killer,then,he may be just feeling his oats.

  13. Funny but the wheelchair user doesn’t classify as a serial killer.

  14. ‘But as the old people say . . . Or something like that. We paraphrased’ that one had me weak!! Hahaha. Who old people that Lasana? Lol!!

  15. ” the world’s first wheelchair-bound serial killer” – Classic, Never a dull Moment in this madhouse. St Anns must be safer than out here.

  16. 1)Soo Chan’s issue is that he really isn’t that photogenic. Any journalist should respect that.
    2) Angelo Marcelle behaviour is totally logical based on his attacker’s attire looking like he is side lining as a WWE character.
    D man launch the camera like he from Toco. He might just have some Walcott in him.
    3) How de hell you could expect the police force to apprehend wheelchair bound assailants when the DCAU (Disabled Criminal Attack Unit)has been fired. Who going to slap this man and push him into traffic now? Unreasonable expectations of an effective and efficient police force.

  17. Lol at “how come I never thought of that”

  18. That has to be one of the most sane crimes I’ve heard of. 🙂

  19. Lol lol. I wouldn’t mind taking a chance at driving a bus though.

  20. ” Try zoom next time, Marcelle.” Hahaha

  21. Lasana Liburd You are ridiculous. hahahaha. ” you don’t even need legs anymore to stay a step ahead of local law enforcement officers.” hahahahahaha.

  22. How you managed to lampoon these events is beyond me. Kudos.

  23. You really brighten my really terrible day. Good one

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