It wasn’t me: “Minister Two Pull” adds copyright infringement to alleged wrongs

In the second worst impression of “It wasn’t me” that you are likely to hear—after these guys—Sport Minister Anil Roberts has denied being the figure in a viral video that shows a brash, loud mouth, big bald-headed idiot in a Ministry of Sport shirt attempting to roll a spliff.

Like everything else during his tenure, the bald headed clown who put the “imp” in “pimp” could not accomplish the task, delegated the chore and then tried to take credit for someone else’s expertise at it.

Mr Live Wire wants staff at the Ministry of Sport to write in if Roberts grinds his teeth at the aforementioned description, which should have nothing to do with him.

For now, the Sport Minister’s defence is basically: “Who you going to believe; me or your lying eyes and common sense?”

Photo: Nice one Spalkie! Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) greets then National Security Minister Jack Warner. (Courtesy Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Nice one Spalkie!
Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) greets then National Security Minister Jack Warner.
(Courtesy Trinidad Guardian)

And, as luck would have it, common sense is as hard to find as a fully functional State watchdog these days.

“It is rather peculiar that an undated video, framing what is alleged to be a Minister of Government surfaces,” stated Vasant Bharath, in release from the Ministry of Trade, Industry, Investment and Communications, “one that carries no evidence of anything but a distraction from the real burning issues of the day…

“The Government sees this as nothing more than a vicious attempt at character assassination and will not validate it with any further commentary.”

It is uncertain why the Minister of Trade decided to park his Porsche next to this shady video; apart from the possibility that National Security Minister has reached his BS quota of the month, the Attorney General is happy to not be involved in a scandal for once and doesn’t want to jinx it, the COP boss could not stop laughing, nobody could remember who the Minister of Justice was; and Bharath lost a game of “rock, paper, scissors” with the Minister of Food Production.

But, bizarrely, it seems that while Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar took the word of a “deceitful temptress” over Chandresh Sharma—Mr Live Wire was unreliably informed that the young lady has this provocative description printed on her business cards—the PM is not willing to trust video evidence that could not be plainer if the figure involved started writing love letters to George Bovell III.

Photo: Dancehall star Shaggy distances himself from Sport Minister.
Photo: Dancehall star Shaggy distances himself from Sport Minister.

Trinidad and Tobago is on a swift descent into madness; and, since comedian Learie Joseph still has not volunteered his services, Mr Live Wire will try to explain how you know it is time for your country to get one of those Verna St Rose-Graves all-expenses paid two week vacation packages to St Ann’s Mental Hospital.

Hear madness:

Madness is… when the Sport Minister say is not he and his big, empty bald head like a fingerprint;

Madness is… when the Minister who pilot the anti-doping bill is allegedly shown in a video with drugs and prostitutes; and that still is not the most outrageous thing a minister do in the last month;

Madness is… when the PP run out of citizens to screw and Vincentian flight attendants and Colombian prostitutes have to run for cover;

Madness is… when the women in Woodbrook say business real slow because everybody going Parliament for vice now;

Madness is… when a woman allegedly give the Minister of the People satisfaction in a toilet and then vex she get a hamper and not a house;

Photo: Comedian Learie Joseph reacts to news that Mr Live Wire is trying on one of his sketches.
Photo: Comedian Learie Joseph reacts to news that Mr Live Wire is trying on one of his sketches.

Madness is… when you ask a bartender for something to warm up your chest that could fit in a shot glass; and he give you a “Glenn Ramadharsingh;”

Madness is… when you tell the bartender “no thanks, that drink sounds too fruity” and he push you down and charge you for a “Chandresh Sharma;”

Madness is… when people expect criminals to behave better than politicians and vex that they threaten Mark Bassant but say how Ramadharsingh was fatigued;

Madness is… when TV6 keeps referring to the “criminal underworld” when the criminals on top now and financing political parties and is you and me ketching we skin underneath them;

Madness is… when the National Security Minister assured an investigative journalist he will be as well protected as every other citizen in Trinidad and Tobago and all over the place people dropping like Government ministers’ pants;

Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Police believes a criminal might have been responsible for a prominent murder earlier this month; but they do not want to jump to conclusions.
Photo: The Trinidad and Tobago Police believes a criminal might have been responsible for a prominent murder earlier this month; but they do not want to jump to conclusions.

Madness is… when they assassinate a prominent Senior Counsel in Woodbrook just after midnight on a Saturday and the police theory is that a criminal MIGHT be responsible;

Madness is… when a well-respected business leader says to pay the same police more money so they could solve the case; but nobody know if he paying his staff better than minimum wage;

Madness is… when the Opposition Leader call Jack Warner the biggest thief the country ever see; but then Warner put on a wig and glasses and Rowley make the man PNM treasurer.


Editor’s Note: If you enjoyed our take on Learie Joseph’s popular “Madness” skit, you might also enjoy THIS

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  1. Warning: Undefined variable $userid in /www/wired868_759/public/wp-content/plugins/user-photo/user-photo.php on line 114

    lol, I liked this part the most: Madness is… when a well-respected business leader says to pay the same police more money so they could solve the case; but nobody know if he paying his staff better than minimum wage; (good point)

  2. Stop it right now it was you and remember God is watching you .

  3. I never imagined that Trinidad could turn out to be one of those banana republics where governments set themselves up as lords over the people, enforcing when it suits them but otherwise exempt from the rule of law and the mores of the governed.

    We reach.
    This country is as near as it ever was to being taken away from it’s citizenry.

  4. ….LOL LOL…i feel some already start to run yes

  5. Mark the masses got fooled in 2010 and sorry to say they will be fooled again but the next govt cant be that stupid to do what these ingrates are doing and believe that they will get away….hope they looking out to see who booking tickets to get out of trini when the PP lose the next election

  6. …I can guarantee you 100%…that i had no part whatsoever in putting him (them) there lol lol

  7. Mark but alyuh society stupid and DUNCY yes ent, who put them there in the first place eh, because alyuh got vex with meh uncle Manning . Alyuh really good yes.

  8. …Uncle…Uncle…even so…you have to blaze your own trail…all that talk about Transparency…Patriotism…B@#%$&!T….PLEASE…and you criticised openly Kelly-Ann Baptiste and Semoy Hackette…and even if the Video didn’t show him smoking the weed…what he was going to do…SELL IT…EVEN WORSE…and they want to talk about Standards and setting proper example to the youth of the nation….PLEASE…i really don’t care who wants to label me a P.N.M…but every Monday morning now is something…so when are they going to get down to actually Governing T&T?????????????SMFH

  9. Just remember that an addict always blames someone else for their misdeeds!

  10. …We are a Society that easily forgets…he is the same Minister during his Media days with his TV Show and he vehemently criticised Gary Hunt the former MOS and when he (AR) entered office he did even worse…and during debates in Parliament he tried to blast Opposition Members about their lifestyle…yet for years as a Media person myself i have heard about his Not-So-Charming lifestyle…now instead of Man-Up…he throws the Blame…On the Opposition no less….Please…do us all a favor and Go Nah…Just Go…you made no real impact of MOS anyway

  11. …LOL he cannot live-down this one…No Way

  12. Carlos Lee, Minister Two Pull’s style is to talk loudly and aggressively to the media and try to intimidate them to back down. He won’t put me off with that nonsense.

  13. Thought:
    Mr Anil Roberts. Arrogance is such an unattractive and unnecessary trait. Not only is it sinful, it also shuts us off from truth. None of us has a corner on the market for truth. Education, experience, and training should not mean that we refuse to learn something from someone who does not have these advantages. Christian living is about faithfulness, not about the letters that come after a comma at the end of our name or the position that we have achieved.

  14. Kelvin but wait nah man, wasn’t Anil not the same one who bash the woman athlete who was found with drugs in her system eh, and he said this and that about her eh, and he will deal with anyone meaning athlete eh, ah wonder if he was in the same hotel in room 201 making those statements while pulling on ah spliff. Them really good yes.

  15. At this point I am so dismayed by the utter lack of decency of this government that I can’t even bring myself to laugh. These people are supposed to represent us in and not themselves these are clearly not the standards we accept from government, not by a long shot.
    The mere fact that their response to this video amounts to “let them eat cake” shows the extreme level of contempt they have for those who elected them. I for one am thoroughly disgusted. I can’t even with any degree of honesty convince myself that the next general election will be fair.
    That is the reality of what to me it means to be a Trinidadian today.

  16. This whole tape business seems to have come straight from the horse’s’ mouth to deflect the march and Carapo.

  17. Wow – I believe my eyes. Looks like “loud mouth” to me. Smh

  18. Madness is when the Minister of Sport bans the residence of Hamilton Holder from exercising in the National Stadium, but allowing all kinda fetes to wake up the residential area!

  19. Arrogance, Pride, Anger, Conceit, Harshness and Ignorance- these Qualities belong to those of Demonic Nature. ~ Bhagavad Gita

  20. …Chris…it boggles the mind how these people could actually think the society is that stupid…and after all of they want you (us) to turn around and put them back in power??!!??…what would that say for us as a ppl???…are we that gullible

  21. I won’t even bother to say much, elections are coming up and the voters in Trinidad & Tobago know what they must do.

  22. When I saw that video I was hysterically laughing!! This man really not owning up? Seriously? Oh well.. I’m just fed up of these people..

  23. The post of Independent Journalist should be created for you in the Senate lol

  24. Today the UNC government issued a statement in response to ANILGATE. The statement was so nauseating that it amounted to defecating on the nation.

  25. In my considered view, you’ve just won yourself this year’s (Two)-Pull-itzer!

  26. Loved the Warner/Tim Kee combo.

  27. He too lie for ah big man , he have no shame

  28. Mr. Live Wire give Mr. Two Pull he two cents. Oh gorm. Just when we think we reach the jackass quota this Government raise the bar a little higher..

  29. If it doh have a date on it, it not real. Cyah argue with dat. Case closed.

  30. One of my FAV ever Mr Livewire pieces Lasana…my neighbors must think I lost it from the raucous laughter now erupting from my apt…and IRONICALLY I just happened to be listening to a medley of “Ask Anil” clips on I-95 when this came up 🙂

  31. I started reading it before u tagged me … hear f***ing nah Lasana u good u know rofl … u reallllllll good … This is some serious serious shit. This one getting to me more than Sacha and u know I was rattled about Sacha … Idk who this gov’t take me for. This is more BS than u cud find on a field full ah cows man steupsss

  32. Scotty Ranking

    What more can we say about Mr. Two-Pull-and-a-Bull? This man appears not to have an iota of shame at all. Semoy must be laughing heartily still! And singing Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” is not helping his cause at all. His features, mannerisms and voice are too distinctive for someone to replicate like that perfectly on video. Maybe Anil has a twin brother, Sunil, who is hell bent on tarnishing Anil’s character? We’d believe that, only Anil has in fact done too much on his own to assassinate his own character.
    For all his robber-spalk, he clearly never had a spought (spare thought) about allowing his ‘companions’ to film his braggart backside in action!

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