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Mr Live Wire: Dem is people to watch!

When long holiday reach, yet ah certain fellah breaking his neck to get to work—dem is people to watch;

When yuh killing yuhself for big ‘acting’ title but can’t even ‘act’ like a half-decent human-being most of the time—dem is people to watch;

Image: A female social media user gets a surprise message in her inbox, after criticising the behaviour of Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith during a Facebook live.

When the same MP who cried political interference when the police commissioner get the wuk in 2018, crying political interference because he might lose it in 2021—dem is people to watch;

When you deciding on the head of an organisation and the people making the most noise are neither working for the organisation nor the most obvious users of the service provided by that organisation—dem is people to watch;

When yuh entrusted to ensure that law and order are upheld but your integrity and that of your allies, on and off the job, seem to be always in question—dem is people to watch;

When yuh have the emotional self-control of a toddler before nap time, yet in charge of the biggest armed ‘gang’ in the country—dem is people to watch;

When your job is to serve the legal interests of the country, but you seem to get to the scene of every ‘John Wick’ problem so quickly that it feels like you were there before the bacchanal start—ladies and gentlemen, dem is people to watch…

Photo: Then Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith (left) and Attorney General Faris Al Volney… ahmm, Rawi.
(via TTPS)

Don’t say Mr Live Wire didn’t warn you.

Happy Republic Day!

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