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NCBA stifles Carnival internet stream… and common sense

Economics 101: How do you raise interest and help ensure the long term viability of Carnival?

If you are a 21st century homo sapien, the internet might be your first and most cost-effective stop.

Encourage the Trinidad and Tobago media and Carnival participants to take photographs and show videos of revellers appearing to have a wonderful time while provoking envy and awe in the tens of thousands who missed out.

Marketing budget for Facebook photos, media coverage and online streaming done by someone else: zero.

If you are a pre-“Google Generation” body like the National Carnival Bands Association (NCBA) or the Trinidad and Tobago Copyright Organisation (TTCO), you might go about this differently, though.

Then, you might think it a good idea to spend your time threatening the media that covers your event without charge as well as masqueraders who paid thousands for Carnival costumes and/or plane tickets and hotel fees to attend.

Cost for useless legal letters, angry revellers and possible future tourists who might have been lured by the internet stream that you blocked: immeasurable.

Mr Live Wire suggests that the local Carnival bodies read up on the Ice Age. Spoiler alert: the dinosaurs go extinct long before Google.


Editor’s Note: A live internet stream of the Carnival is being provided by the NCBA website. Click here to view.

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  1. Allan V. Crane

    Plain, simple and effective article.. My goodness how Stupid our leaders are… its ridiculous

  2. Greed guarantees failure in the long term. Stupidity is rampant in high places.