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COP urges Anil to come out of the closet

Sport Minister and MP Anil Roberts is believed to be living a double life that has been the subject of whispers throughout the political fraternity.

Yesterday, COP acting chairman Vernon De Lima broke the awkward silence and urged Roberts to come out of the closet. However, Wired868 understands that Roberts cannot count on indulgence or sympathy from his party colleagues who have not displayed a consistent position on such leanings.

Times are changing and one would think that the recent strides made by the population in embracing Roberts’ alleged second masters should soften any surprise were he to confirm the COP’s suspicions.

Roberts himself has encouraged the rumours—inadvertently or not—by the frequency in which he has been spotted in the company of the other group while he forsakes the fellowship of his own.

The Sport Minister will not be the first or the last to admit a desire to join the other team and former San Fernando Mayor Marlene Coudray, after an uncomfortable coming-out party, was eventually allowed to live as she pleases.

So Mr Live Wire, on behalf of Roberts’ voters, will repeat De Lima’s question: Are you now a UNC member?

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