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Fixin’ T&T asks private sector to support policemen

Fixin’ T&T asks the T&T Chamber, AMCHAM, TTMA and DOMA to support the local police via an open letter: Dear Sir/Madam, FIXIN’ T&T both sympathises and empathises with members of the public who were inconvenienced yesterday; the lessons not taught to and exams not written by our nation’s children, the …

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Policemen decide to work; stunned country shuts down

There was always a distinct possibility that, on the day local policemen collectively took their jobs seriously, Trinidad and Tobago would cease to function. Gangsters would hide in their mummy’s closets, corrupt Ministers would head for Panama, Jack Warner would lock himself in his underground vault and the Devil would …

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Photographer’s rough close-up; wheelchair man outruns police

Alleged drug trafficker Matthew Soo-Chan was so irate at having his picture taken on his exit from the Tunapuna Magistrate’s Court yesterday that he physically lashed out at Newsday photographer Angelo Marcelle. So much for marijuana being a harmless and jolly, recreational drug. Soo-Chan must have been on that stuff …

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