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Plane talk, bad manners: ACP sparks racial incident on Tobago flight

Tobago is a racially tense place at the moment. The brutal murder of German couple Hubertus Keil, 74, and Birgid Keil, 71, was followed by a travel advisory in Germany about the threat of violence on the “Sister Isle” while other foreigners in Tobago complained about feeling intimidated, discriminated against and marginalised.

So, to calm things down, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) sent over an officer who, allegedly, cannot complete a 12 minute plane trip without causing a racial confrontation. In fact, the damn plane barely had time to warm its engines.

ACP Peter Reyes, according the Sunday Express, allegedly told flight attendants that they were picking on him for using his cell phone because he is “black”; thereby, ironically, racially abusing himself.

Photo: Only in Trinidad...
Photo: Only in Trinidad…

Mr Live Wire has a few questions:

A) Was Reyes on Icelandic Airlines and the only bar of chocolate in a sea of vanilla?

B) Were there a handful of white passengers talking into their phones in the next aisle?

C) Or is Reyes exactly the type of small-minded, chip-carrying, confrontational idiot that you do not put into situations which require diplomacy?


A) Reyes was on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Piarco International to Crown Point, so there seems little valid reason for him to feel culturally or ethnically disoriented and displaced.

B) There was no mention by the flight attendants or Reyes of anyone else violating the rules. And, if there were unruly white passengers, he might have shot or arrested them.

C) Well, let’s just say that there is no “none of the above” on this particular test.

To promote Reyes to the top law enforcement post in Tobago—an island that has not totally shaken off the “Calcutta Ship” slur during the last THA Election campaign—is like sending your wife to DJ Lurbz for marital counselling. Neither man apparently knows when to shut up, switch off devices or respect other person(s) in the cabin.

Photo: Well... At least I didn't grope any flight attendants, right?
Photo: Well… At least I didn’t grope any flight attendants, right?

So the officer entrusted with shutting down serious crime in Tobago does not know how to switch off a cell phone? The fellah expected to provide confidence and security to tourists thinks white people can get away with anything?

If God is a Trini, then he is definitely a satirist.

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  1. I wonder if he has since learnt to use it.

  2. Perhaps, based on his behaviour, ACP Reyes should not have been given a “Smart” phone..

  3. It’s going to continue happening in all sectors of society – private, public and Govt because in many cases persons are chosen to do jobs via nepotism etc. Corruption is another thing that will ALWAYS eventually come to the fore even if it takes years.

  4. I have said it before and I will continue to say it. When there are square pegs in round holes everyone will eventually see it.

  5. He should be demoted just for thinking so stupid. White people have to turn off their phones too fool!

  6. IDIOT…is that the synonym for “Stupid police on a plane”?

  7. I know police officers working in Homicide Bereau in Arouca. Dey tell me dat dat man is ah bonafide, Grade A+++, Raw, Uncut, Straight No Ice or Chaser asshole from since 19 o’ long. He had it coming for quite some time.

  8. “Didn’t know how to turn off my phone” after the fact !!!!! is only a distraction from what really should concern us all, which is his RACIAL remarks and NOT following procedures that may have put innocent lives at risk !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. This situation should never have occurred. By his actions and his inability to turn off his cell phone, ACP Reyes poses a risk to national security. However, any follow-up to this event must ensure that national security is not compromised in any way.

  10. well for every pound of rumour there is an ounce of truth,the man is ambitious,unprincipled and sees him self as a rising star,if this happens ,expect a climate of negativism developing and the filth be sprewing non stop

  11. That attitude is the norm in the TTPS i.e. they are a law unto themselves.

  12. Lol@ denzel face. They flew him over by helicopter, it cost $40,000 an hour to fly the chopper. Waste of tax payers money again.

  13. Doesn’t know how to turn off a phone..but eminently qualified for the post of ACP

  14. lord put a hand ,i have just read the sunshine newspapers tonight and i understand our good friend,P .E .A,is seen as a prospective canidate for the Senate ,the gates of hell have just been opened ,who let the dog lose ,trouble and worries now,15 mins of fame .is this true please confirm for me

  15. ACP Reyes was recently the head of thr Professional Standards Bureau. Im sure he had his officers governed by the principle that there’s no authority without accountability.
    He was on his way to assume the higest police position in Tobago, ostensibly to terminate or at least curtail crime. If he could not turn off his phone, a simple task, how would he reduce crime?
    That he could not comply with a simple instruction leaves me questioning his suitabilty to lead his team.
    He further disappointed, when he played the race card at a time when it least appeared applicable.
    Pse retire him.
    He is an embarrassment to the service.
    Remember to prefer charges against him for his breach of the Civil Aviation code

  16. So Simon Teixeira, they all working with the crime buster in Chag?… Poetic justice or wha? We look for that ent

  17. Law is law,and we should all abide or face lawlessness,the upholders of the law should set the examples,so all will follow.if the cell phone could not be turn off,simple get someone who could turn it off,might seems to be right in his case,got thing we doh like breast and thighs.He worked in Tobago before,i don’t know if he took the ferry or plane,but ignorance of the law is no excuse,ent.

  18. Steupz everything is racism eh gosh…from d time u entering a plane u should know to turn off yuh blasted cell phone

  19. … DISGUSTING !!! … and he’s in authority ??? :/ …

  20. Question: f you have answered your mobile and NOT turned it off (or DON’T KNOW HOW TO!) can it ring again a second and third time?Just asking…

  21. If he can teach his officers how to solve a crime, I will teach him how to turn off a cell phone. That’s a deal; take it or leave it!

  22. Didn’t Glen Ramadharsingh get fired for same…

  23. Simon Teixeira may be he ran out of words and the only thing to come to his mind is using the race card,which is tragic and we all to put this ghost of race to rest in trinidad,it will eventually destroy our country,a crass act by an unrepentant sinner.the licks he is getting should teach hima lesson diplomacy is a powerful tool which has never been exausted.

  24. Would you want your Doctor or lawyer behaving like that?

  25. All I know is that actions reflect thoughts and feelings.

  26. There are times i fly with in some 6 seater aircraft ,going on official duty in the grenadines and the pilot ask you to take off your communication devices and we obey,at time you met turbulence ,a simple flight just to take it off, his ego was dented you don’t know who i am the new boss in tobago,what a fools paradise .the commissioner of police in tobago has landed

  27. What Commissioner ? Surely you jest ? Minister of National Security is more like it.

  28. That’s the rule once they tell you switch off all phones you switch off. What is racial about that. The rules and regulations are for all. Black white green yellow fat skinny tall short educated dunce alllllllll people.

  29. ACP Reyes had a moment I’m sure he will want to forget and like yesterday, I’m certain he will want all of us to do same. As this is such a poor example of responsible and mature leadership/behaviour for such a high ranking law enforcement officer.

  30. Having said that, it is possible to be racist against your own people I suppose.
    I don’t think being asked to switch off your phone is a Rodney King moment though. He has probably made it harder for people who really suffer racist abuse.

  31. By the way he is just the tip of the iceberg

  32. Its all the regulations, unions, and associations protecting the ills in our society. Clearly this man need to be be replaced…he will one day be Commissioner, mmark my words

  33. Only in Trinidad does the heads get on retarded

  34. I was also informed that one of the airline attendants is of mixed race one being African.

  35. Philip Ignacio SC, I think it is standard in all airlines that you switch off all electronic devices on take off. You can sometimes turn them back on at 10,000 feet.

  36. So because your job is ah POLECEEEE … yuh could do anything and nobody could stop you…and you wonder why people are so lawless in T & T.

  37. —”is like sending your wife to DJ Lurbz for marital counselling. Neither man apparently knows when to shut up, switch off devices or respect other person(s) in the cabin.” hahahahahahaha still laughing

  38. ” The database showed 75 events over the past seven years in which
    interferences occurred that pilots and engineers think are linked to
    cellphones or other electronic devices.
    And even in airplane
    mode, a smartphone still emits some electromagnetic radiation, as do
    devices that can’t connect to the internet, such as MP3 players.” Want
    to take the chance ? Be my guest.

  39. I am passing judgement, he is a buffoon, unsuitable, Inept and one of the many reasons why basic policing in Trinidad and Tobago is going nowhere. We refuse to call a spade a spade a spade and an ass an ass.

  40. if you cannot obey simple instruction,how can you expect to give instructions and be a leader? he has demonstrated his lack of leadership skills, peters principle,a promotion from competency to incompetence,he has reached the limit of his abilities.1st impressions are lasting

  41. Ah guess the Ag COP like the PM he accepted the reasoning “at this time” like Larry howai

  42. Savitri just saying that the proof is there that cell phone does not affect an aircraft navigational systems as once thought.

  43. Philip, does not apply to CAL, if they tell yuh turn it off, you turn it off.

  44. Too many asses in high places lol

  45. the man is just foolish and plain stupid and according to what i read wants to take legal action

  46. Lol … That last line though Lasana lololol … As a Tobagonian I feel safe already :/

  47. well the comedians will have a field day about a big hard back man ,who can’t switch of his phone.ask somebody or take the battery out. the learning curve has been lengthened ,it is not curved any more. what an excuse any primary school child can open your phone and close it back. when we see angels dancing on a pinhead i will believe his story.
    an absolute disgrace and now wants to take legal action imagine that you wrong and wants to play strong,this story beats all cock fight. put the man before a tribunal for bringing the service into disrepute and discreditable conduct. This is not unprecedented. A constable was dismissed when he intercepted the motorcade of a former prime minister. There must be no coverup.

  48. Back against the wall so i think I will just play the race card.

  49. By Thursday it will all be forgotten.

  50. nobody is held accountable for anything in T&T…pretty soon we will all forget and it will be business as usual….sigh

  51. It was obviously his maiden voyage in a plane. Lol what an idiot.!

  52. Yep… this is the man entrusted to lead in Tobago… who vowed to ‘stamp out corruption and make visitors feel safe’ cant switch off a phone… I wonder if it came with a manual?? Steups

  53. And imagine he said he did not know how to turn off his cell phone. Yes, that’s the chap sent to investigate a complex crime in Tobago where German Police also have a presence in investigating! No wonder our crime rate keeps climbing.

  54. Crazy what some people do with power.

  55. At least he didn’t grab nobody breast.

  56. I work with him I’m suprise

  57. Clearly this is not his 1st year as a cop, If he refuses to follow this “small rule” imagine when it’s time for him to comply with some of the big rules!!

  58. We gave a fella power but we forgot to give him an adapter .

  59. Remember a lot of people are asking for the promotion of a man to the top based on the fact that he has killed a lot of suspects. Ever wonder about the boasting and picture taking with all these guns and the boasting of the number of firearms seized but to this day the police have been unable to up the next levels…..who is wholesaling,retailing and importing. Can’t shoot your way to that ,takes some work ent.

  60. if this fellow is allowed to remain as ACP then Mp glen ramadharsingh should be made minister again.. one rule for all…

  61. No disrespect but creole calling creole racist. Only in TnT

  62. When you want to see a man’s true character give him power

  63. Maybe it’s his first time on a plane, lol!

  64. No wonder the PSC is having such a hard time choosing a new Commissioner. If this guy is an example of the officers coming through the ranks, we are in a really bad way.

  65. so why didn’t he say it’s because he is a police ….Epic idiocy

  66. Racism has no place in our society.

  67. I fine he should be fired. #boutracetalk…

  68. What about that call was so important, was it the solution to all crime? Paula Paulene, as for Lurbz, is like sending your wife to Lurbz and she end up by his twin cousin Herbz 🙂

  69. when the door of that aircraft is shut – the rule of law is guided by the instructions from all the crew members of that aircraft

  70. High ranking public officials seem to be having problems with the Tobago flights

  71. can you see a citizen and this man in a confrontation lord know what will happen

  72. Things would have gone over much better had he been contrite after the unfortunate incident!

  73. and thats the man in charge of tobago police, then again that how thing are going in this country

  74. Title, position and perceived privileges gone to his head big time, similar to some of those ‘honorable this and honorable that’ officials in T&T. In hindsight, every TTPS candidate from the ‘old school of thought’ and under consideration for promotion should be psychologically evaluated.

  75. People drop their guards when they think they are around “inferiors.” Their inner imp shines for the world to see on such occasions.

  76. Simple arrogance.
    One can get no truer sense of a man’s character as when that man attains position.

  77. I would also recommend communications skills training for high stress situations but even kids know to take off their games before take off; basic flying protocol. While this may not qualify as high stress I must wonder what kind of personal or professional stress made the ACP react in the manner reported. There could be some extenuating circumstances that culminated at that point but even that is no excuse for being discourteous or disrespectful.

  78. Sounds like a sensible step to me.

  79. Many senior officers entered the TTPS pre mandatory testing of recruits. But senior officers are armed and would definitely qualify as prime candidates for psych evaluations.

  80. Every six months once you are carrying a firearm! Lasana Liburd

  81. Do you think it should be done for every performance evaluation Renee Cummings? Or be part of the criteria when officers are up for promotion?

  82. Lasana Liburd not on a regular in Trinidad and Tobago…new recruits entering the academy but not senior officers…

  83. People get chewed out by dogs, choked, beaten, shot… And this fellah says he is racially abused because they ask him to turn off his phone for the flight. Smh.

  84. lol, smdh, i really hate it when people cry race over everything

  85. That’s like someone who is currently being investigated by the fraud squad and you hire him/her to watch over your company finances.

  86. This is similar to the Judge who refused to do a breathalyzer test and was sent to court. This man is a judge, he work as NORMAL in the morning judging people then in the afternoon he was in Tunapuna answering charges. I might be slow but something wrong with that sequence of event. He should not have been allowed to work as a judge in the morning… but that’s just me. Bobol will never done

  87. Coincidentally I just brought today’s newspaper for my mother and she just mentioned that article to me…#UAreOnPointAsAlwaysLasana!!!

  88. Do police men have psychological evaluations? I would want to believe so…

  89. This is why crime, corruption and bobol will never end in this country. Case in point, Mr. “Because I’m Black” behaved like an ass on the plane then still got the top position in Tobago to stamp out crime. He gone Tobago to take up a position telling people to obey the law while he can’t follow simple instructions on a plane to save not only his life but others? These people really take us for fools.

  90. As a so called senior police office, one is inclined to think that the holder of that the holder of that office is intelligent and disciplined. I would strongly recommend he acquaint himself with the FFA regulation, CAA regulations, Act 49 of the year 1979, and the ICAO. There are serious safety concerns for others if not yourself. When you are onboard a ship or aircraft you are not in charge. This is a reflection of the type of individuals in our public services. Just imagine he is a senior police officer. What example is he setting for his juniors? Do not further put the TTPS into disrepute, they already have enough crap to deal with. Is just a job. In your mind, your position is a big deal but you are just another one who will be leaving it sometime in the future. But in reflection that is how black people behave with a little authority, they do not realise it’s temporary.

  91. Scotty Ranking

    This kind of material writes itself! The sad thing in this is that when you wish these things were works of fiction, they are entirely and unflatteringly true stories.