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Exclusive: Minister Two Pull launches FIFA appeal for Suarez

Prologue: On 26 June 2014, FIFA announced that Uruguay striker Luis Suarez would be banned for nine official international matches and from all football-related activity for four months, during which time he is not even allowed into any football stadium. The ban is the result of an incident between Suarez …

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Samba Boys fail to cross Mexican border

“Everybody out! Crawl back into whatever hole you came from!” Like a crabby parent who returned home too early, Mexico goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa spoiled the samba party yesterday with a defiant performance against the host nation as Mexico and Brazil played to a goalless draw at Fortaleza. Flip! On went …

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Sloppy Argentina makes Messi W/Cup start

Argentina was not exactly fluent, there were umpteen misplaced passes in the final third and its two star strikers, Sergio Agüero and Gonzalo Higuain, look like they should be hosed down with WD-40. It was a largely sloppy performance from the World Cup contenders. But there was one Messi moment …

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