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Sloppy Argentina makes Messi W/Cup start

Argentina was not exactly fluent, there were umpteen misplaced passes in the final third and its two star strikers, Sergio Agüero and Gonzalo Higuain, look like they should be hosed down with WD-40.

It was a largely sloppy performance from the World Cup contenders. But there was one Messi moment that made it all worthwhile.

Photo: Argentina forward and captain Lionel Messi (left) prepares to score his team's second goal against Bosnia Hercegovina at the Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro.  (Copyright AFP 2014/Yasuyoshi Chiba)
Photo: Argentina forward and captain Lionel Messi (left) prepares to score his team’s second goal against Bosnia Hercegovina at the Maracana Stadium in Rio De Janeiro. (Copyright AFP 2014/Yasuyoshi Chiba)

Two defenders crashed comically into each other while teammates looked on in horror and a goalkeeper flung himself in vain at a ball that he couldn’t reach with a pole. For the first half, Lionel Messi had looked more like the “Brahmin Boy” than the “Barcelona Brigadier” as he frequently found himself entrapped by dogged Bosnian pursuers.

But one moment of magic ensured a 2-1 win for Argentina and the magic of the Brazil 2014 World Cup gathered momentum.

Over to you, Cristiano Ronaldo.

There was a certain tension in the air throughout the World Cup venues today.

The Swiss again showed their appreciation for exquisite timing after substitute Haris Seferovic’s last minute winner stunned Ecuador 2-1. Pity Ecuador midfielder Michael Arroyo who looked set to score, seconds earlier, but ended up being run over like an old lady during rush hour at City Gate.

Elsewhere France managed a fairly straightforward 3-0 win over Honduras thanks to a clinical double from Karim Benzema. But the French physiotherapist will be a busy man over the next 24 hours after a bruising encounter in which Honduran man-mountain Wilson Palacios was ejected and could easily have been joined by a few teammates.

The feature event was always going to be Messi’s entrance in Brazil though.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Ataullah Guerra (centre) ignored the usual pre-match handshake routine to pay a special tribute to Argentina captain Lionel Messi. (Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Ataullah Guerra (centre) ignored the usual pre-match handshake routine to pay a special tribute to Argentina captain Lionel Messi.
(Courtesy Allan V Crane/Wired868)

Trinidad and Tobago midfielder Ataullah Guerra set the online world ablaze, two weeks ago, with a gentlemanly bow to the great Argentine. But the Bosnian team was so indifferent to Messi’s fame that its defenders kept mistaking him for the football.

Truth be told, Messi did not particularly distinguish himself either as he struggled to get into a groove without a dance partner for the first 45 minutes. Coach Alejandro Sabella sent on Fernando Gago and Higuain at halftime and he took full advantage of the space they provided with a vintage “Messi moment.”

There was a quick wall pass off a teammate as he zipped inside from the right flank, a stutter that confused a would-be obstructionist and then a strike so accurate and vicious that Bosnia goalkeeper Asmir Begovic might as well have stood still and applauded.

A clever late finish from Bosnia striker Vedad Ibisevic prompted some nerves at the death while Argentina’s passing in the final 15 minutes would have made a Pro League coach cringe.

But Argentina supporters could grin and point to one comforting fact.

We have Messi; and you don’t.

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  1. Lyndon all i said was Bosnia gave them a run. I never said anything negative about Argentina.

  2. @Lyndon Diaz I’m aware of those players that you mentioned and they are great. My point of view was from the greatest ever tag. I’m not saying he has to play for every club in the world.
    Christiano Ronaldo ‘ s move to madrid away from man u. I’ve seen a different player. He still competes with the best and his stature is growing. He now has to answer to his best player tag, Messi has already gone 1 up on him. To each his own again I don’t hate guy. And you are right, i do want to see him Fly! in the world cup

  3. So u telling me u not giving Argentina credit for proper defense well that is madness.Stuart Charles Fevrier alway say stop watching football with your heart watch it with your head and u sure to see the detail things.Davis Melville

  4. That is true. Also they got a run for their money yesterday. Bosnia did not finish well in front of goal.

  5. Great players need jus one chance to prove there greatness and that what he did.So I feel messi need to fly now and still it will have a problem so what next.

  6. Well, even though he wasn’t at his best Messi decided Argentina’s game against Bosnia yesterday. So he is off to a good start.

  7. Well i put it on there and I got answers. I just want to see him dominate the world cup. That’s the icing on the cake.
    I don’t hate him.

  8. Eusebio de silva Ferrria never win a World Cup and he is a great I can go on and on with
    Players that never win a World Cup so I dont understand what messi should do again

  9. Pele only played for one club too. And don’t think that players didn’t move around then as well. Because Didi and Di Stefano moved from South America to Real Madrid.

  10. Good point about Maldini Lyndon Diaz

  11. Ronaldo was hardly a model of a professional in terms of his moves. Do you realise that he never won the Champions League?
    I don’t think Messi should hop from club to club to make anyone happy. And he gets to face the best teams from each country and different tactical approaches in the Champions League.
    Just so you know. Pele never dominated the World Cup. In 1958, he came into the squad for the last group match and was the cherry on top of an excellent team. He missed most of 1962 through injury. And he was one of several excellent players in 1970 but didn’t put the tournament in his pocket.
    I agree that the World Cup presents a different challenge and he will want to show he can handle that. But I think some of the things being asked of him are unrealistic. He is already a great player.

  12. over rated had way betta goals than that shit

  13. A lot of great players never win a World Cup so what u talking about palo Maldini never play for no other team but Milan and he is great so what u talking about.Davis Melville

  14. I know I’m going to get hung by the messites but here goes. I’m not convinced of messi outside of barca. The tag of greatest player is put around his neck. But for me that tag comes in two dimensions.
    1.Dominate at more than one club you play for.
    2. Dominate the world cup
    I would like to see him in another league. Ronaldo played for about four different teams and he dominated up until milan and corinthians. Also the world cup was his play ground. I’m not taking anything away from messi’s ability though. Just my 2 cents

  15. i will be happy to take 7 sloppy wins

  16. Meanwhile, the last time Argentina won the World Cup, Regan was the US President, Russia was still the U.S.S.R and had just sent up the MIR space station and Microsoft shares had just gone public. Imagine that.

  17. The more confortable Messi gets the better Argentina will be. The weight of an entire generation of hope is on his shoulders. The task is tremendous. But yesterday, though shaky, showed the flashes of brillance we know he possess. I am hopeful:)

  18. Banega has been so reckless with his talent over the years that I don’t know if he deserves the benefit of the doubt. And gago only slightly better if at all.
    At his best, Banega is a top talent and even better than Gago in my opinion though.

  19. I agree on all points Kirwin. Interesting to see if France’s young talent matures over the course of the tournament.

  20. Didn’t like the 3-5-2 they started with though, I thought defensive setup suppressed Messi’s flow

  21. Lasana I think my French team needed more than a paragraph, lol. Nervous starts for the South American teams except Colombia & Chile. I think Argentina met good opposition today. Sabella has a sound tactical mind and seems not to be phased easily. Time will tell how it pans out.

  22. Argentina and alyuh God good for about 5 goals when alyuh meet the greatest team in the universe that broke all World Cup football records Brazil ent if alyuh make it to the finals.

  23. …somewhere Banega is having a quiet cup of tea and shaking his head.

  24. Juan Sebastian Veron was boss, him not succeeding at United still puzzles me…

  25. Lasana Liburd not bad not bad. I am really looking forward to a Brazil vs Argentina finals

  26. Gago and Biglia both had knocks. So Sabella tried Plan B rather than risk them. But he ended up having to give both a run out.
    Not that I rate Gago alongside former players in that role like Batista and Veron. But he will have to do.

  27. I think so. Messi getting on the scorecard is more important than three goals from someone else.

  28. Bosnia is a pretty good squad. They play attractive football. I was impress with them possessing out of the back! So much composure.

  29. Lasana Liburd I dunno why Gago didn’t start. That was a mystery esp knowing your defence is suspect.

  30. All teams will build as the games continue. I wouldn’t be concerned about the slow start. Same with Brasil as well.

  31. I think its unfortunate that its only one game per opposition in the beginning. Teams that are genuinely good lose one game and that could be it. I’m for a two leg in the early stages.

  32. Not at all you talked about the big teams that won but nothing about the big team who got annihilated 😉

  33. Remember Higuain and Aguero had knocks late in the season and didn’t play many of the warm-up games. Gago and Biglia had lil knocks too.
    I rather start slow. If Spain wants to risk a half-fit Diego Costa then that is up to Del Bosque.

  34. Dan them man played rell timid jed!!! and 2much self play an not enuff team play!! .. an like messi wanted 2 play 2much one man show smh

  35. Somebody has that childish grudge quality. Lovely 😉

  36. Hey Mark what about Spain? Floppy Sloppy?

  37. Viva Argentina! But to be honest Brazil looked sloppy to me also. Only team that looked good was Holland.