Survival story: Chile say goodbye via post-it; as Samba Boys advance

One man hitting a post has not provoked so much interest since Minister Two Pull tried to roll himself a smoke.

The “Samba Boys” go through; but it was a survival story as Mauricio Pinilla and Gonzalo Jaro both hit the frame of the goalmouth. There was no “joga bonito” here; just a gutsy, defiant football team that refused to be ejected from its own party.

Photo: Hey... Stay out of our business, Kermit!
Photo: Hey… Stay out of our business, Kermit!

It says much that Brazil’s best player was also its worse. Hulk looked to have the squad on his broad shoulders sometimes as he drove single-handedly at the Chilean backline and smashed shots on target from all angles. But it was Hulk’s careless error that allowed Chile star Alexis Sanchez to equalise after David Luiz’s opener; and the Brazilian was denied in the subsequent penalty shoot-out.

The first 20 minutes apart, Brazil rarely looked superior to its South American opponent. Dogged Chile defender Gary “The Pitbull” Medel made Neymar feel as welcome as a mailman. And Sanchez ensured that Brazil captain and central defender Thiago Silva had his sternest examination of the tournament.

In extra time, Brazil was the more positive team with Jo upfront in place of the anonymous Fred. But it rarely looked like enough to undo Chile. And Pinilla could have finished the business in the closing seconds.

Instead, like a fun-loving tourist, he stopped at the bar. And then Jaro lit up the post.

Photo: Chile defender Gonzalo Jaro (left) drives his penalty past Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar; but not the post.    (Copyright AFP 2014/Francois Xavier Marit)
Photo: Chile defender Gonzalo Jaro (left) drives his penalty past Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar; but not the post.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Francois Xavier Marit)

It was the signal for the house DJ to put on another tune; and Brazil’s World Cup party continues.

Still, it is the Colombian fans who really have their dancing shoes on. And why not if James Rodriguez keeps playing like that?

Colombia has not sent such an entertaining player to the World Cup since Carlos Valderrama; well, unless you count pop star Shakira of course.

Today, he maintained his remarkable record of scoring in each match with a double against Uruguay. And Rodriguez’s first item—a splendid volley on the turn from outside the penalty box—was every bit as dazzling as Shakira’s waistline.

And did Mr Live Wire mention that Shakira is pretty awesome?

Well, whisper it, Rodriguez might be even better.

Photo: Colombia midfield ace James Rodriguez.
Photo: Colombia midfield ace James Rodriguez.

Today’s World Cup action

Round of 16

Brazil 1 (David Luiz), Chile 1 (Alexis Sanchez)

*–Brazil won 3-2 on penalties

Colombia 2 (James Rodriguez 28, 50), Uruguay 0


Star of the Day

Much of the build-up to the 2014 World Cup centred on Argentina captain Lionel Messi and Brazil talisman Neymar; but make room for Colombia playmaker James Rodriguez.

His technique, vision and passing range are impeccable. But, today, it is all about that goal, which deserves comparisons with other famous volleys like strikes from Marco Van Basten and Zinedine Zidane.

Rodriguez’s dance moves weren’t bad either. Brazil better beware the tango.


Villain of the Day

Brazil coach Luis “Big Phil” Scolari’s obsession with Fred Flinstone re-runs might end up being as costly as Luis Suarez taste for defenders.

Photo: Brazil forward Fred (front) asks referee Yuichi Nishimura for a cushion. Nishimura mistakenly gave him a penalty instead. (Copyright AFP 2014/Adrian Dennis)
Photo: Brazil forward Fred (front) asks referee Yuichi Nishimura for a cushion.
Nishimura mistakenly gave him a penalty instead.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Adrian Dennis)

Atletico Madrid star Diego Costa said Scolari never invited him to play for the Selecao until he had already decided to represent Spain. Costa’s decision meant he was on the first flight out of Brazil since Spain’s title defence lasted about as long as the Red House fire.

But surely Brazil can only get so far with the Shaggy-lookalike sporting the number 9 jersey once worn by 2002 World Cup winner, Ronaldo.

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  1. Suggested Change to Law 12 (Fifa)

    Having recently viewed the 2014 World Cup, despite the high standard of refereeing in some cases, like previous world cups it is marred by many instances of poor officiating.

    The below suggestion is not intended to discount the art of refereeing, but more so to improve the quality of it by acknowledging that use of technology should be in the modern world seen as a tool that could be used to minimize the margin of human error.

    The advantage of such a change would result in:

    1) Like cricket (third umpire), athletics and even horse racing, the acknowledgment on the part of the governing body that technology can be embraced for the good of the game. This would allow for the game to move into the modern age of sports.
    2) The reduction in the frequency of human error which is a highly probable occurrence, due to use of technological tool existing.
    3) Less controversy at international football tournaments where global attention on the game is at its peak.
    4) Reduction in the need for teams to feel cheated when poor judgement is made on the part of officials, especially where the error was not deliberate.
    5) Place the referees in a better light in terms of stake-holders interest.
    6) The outcome and match flow of fixtures are not influenced by erroneous penalties awarded on the part of referees.

    The suggested change is specific to Law 12 where the decision to award a penalty kick is to be determined.

    Law 12 Fouls and Misconduct (current excerpt)
    “A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above ten offences is committed by a player inside his own penalty area, irrespective of the position of the ball, provided it is in play.”

    Law 12 Fouls and Misconduct (draft amendment)
    “A penalty kick is awarded if any of the above ten offences is committed by a player inside his own penalty area, irrespective of the position of the ball, provided it is in play.
    For the purpose of international tournaments and or so where the technology exists, upon making the decision to award such a penalty, the referee shall with immediate intent *signal to the designated 4th official for review of the circumstance through use of technological means to ascertain the correctness of the decision. Upon review by the 4th official so designated immediate communication to the referee will occur. Where the referee’s judgement is deemed correct the penalty shall hold. Where the technology shows an error in award, the decision will be to award a goal kick. In instances where simulation has been determined via the technology on the part of the attacking team, a yellow card should be issued and a free kick be awarded to the defending team from the place where perceived offence occurred.”

  2. Chris Whitehall’s post said it- Brazil is the worst he has seen in years. Scolari is playing more or less with a 2-6-2 because Marcelo and Dani Alves push so high. They want to score 2 or 3 then relax. They try to intimidate you early in the first twenty minutes if you are not a ‘big brand’ team like a Defence Force or W Connection.

    What happens is that possession is lost for long bouts. They don’t fire on all cylinders because of Fred and Neymar up front, their wing backs are like snails with busted toes on getting back and they rely too heaviliy on Thiago Siva in the back.

    Fred plays badly as Gustavo and Oscar play too close to him and eventually overplay him. Sadly, “Mr Bombastic” keeps getting the “Madbull fever” in the “Summertime” and has a clear case to say “It wasn’t me” because of all the cluster.

    Where was Neymar though? Mendel land? After a ‘Bekham-esque’10K jog, Mendel went with injury so Chile had to sit back.

    As I say, one must consider the weight of the contribution of one player. An injured Neymar was trumped on the day by an injured Mendel! Oh no, is the sky falling?

    The worst penalty shootout in ages was reflective of how poor the game was. Alexis Sanchez and Hulk both tried to drag their respective teams to the finish line. Maybe a one on one with these two would have been better than settling in the shout out!

    Even if Chile progressed. Yellows and injuries would cause them to falter. Brazil has one cut arse to get if a pedigree team with a good keeper takes pattern to the Cameroon side.

    They have weary legs now by going the distance. It doesn’t seem they might be able to get to the finish line with Colombia with Ramires coming off the bench.
    Both teams will have live entertainment up front but the destruction of the centre midfield is live entertainment in itself in any match.

    Scolari behaves so bad yet no yellow card. One official already got sent off but Scolari sends a very clear message how young coaches should behave with match officials.

    On the point where LL provoked that Messi is greater that Neymar.
    Messi can be argued as an enhanced 2.0 version of Javier Saviola and Neymar is a souped up Pablito Aimar. Both of whom played on the same team at one point. Both played in the legacy of El Matador Marcelo Salas and El burrito Ariel Ortega.

    Salas and Ortega went on to play in the most defensive league in the world and had successes there. This is a feat neither Neymar nor Messi have achieved yet. In my book staying with one club for a lengthy period of time as Giggs, maybe Raul to a point is also a great yardstick to measure and perhaps settle the Messi- Neymar who’s better than who debate.
    Anyone wonders why teams that could perhaps pose a threat to this Brazil side, if they get to the final, gets to play in the sweltering heat? Conspiracy theory?

  3. While they are the worst you have ever seen., they are winning, like i was critical about USA making it this far, someone corrected me… the point is whether they are playing like crap or they aren’t the Brazil or the spain or the Italy or the portugal or the Argentina we knew from before 2004, this is what we have now…. Embrace and stand by your team even if they got kicked out by USA, or Australia, or even Costa Rica… Ent Sim Earl and David….. Although my Team Portugal gone home and my World cup is over, i still have my eyes on the sport and say, May the best team win…. oh and the European teams in the competition remaining are huge Powerhouses eh….. so watch carefully!!!

  4. This is the absolute worse Brazilian national team, I have ever seen. They look like a typical European team, with that style of play….

  5. Caption: bye, bye see you in Russia in 2018. hahahaha VIVA Brazil.

  6. Pressure more than anything else stiffling Brazil. They can break down psychological, but so far they’ve been standing up pretty ok.

  7. Chile froze. Normally it’s the weaker team that plays for penalties. If Chile had gone for it and actually believed that they could beat Brasil in Brasil, they had a better team and should have won even within the 90.

  8. Personally I think today’s villain trophy should go to Joel Villafana of TV6 for his consistent and continued butchery of people’s names. After witnessing four games with Colombia, each of which featured a Rodriguez goal, one would think that Joel would have heard the spanish pronunciation of “James” (HAM-ACE) enough times to get it right. Right? Wrong! Starting the halftime break we received the straight English James before the trivia question, then apparently Rodriguez was shown to have some militant political leanings as he became HAMAS! Perhaps Joel was also covering events in Palestine simultaneously and mixed up the two? Please let Villafana know that we are not amused at all; stop mangling these not-difficult-to-pronounce names! I guess his Twitter account should be referenced by #TheNamesButcher …

  9. Potential de ja vu for Peckerman. Another w-cup quarter-final vs hosts with his team playing the most eye-catching football. Chance for redemption – just don’t take off James with 20 minutes to go ha..

  10. Cuadrada/Rodriguez or Quintero on the flanks is going to have a field day versus Alves/Marcelo unless Scolari finds a miraculous tactic to stop them.

  11. All this talk about Chile played better…waste of time. Goals win games, allyuh done know.

  12. Penalties are both terrifying and awesome at the same time.

  13. Deigo Forlan failed to pick up the slack. Superb goals there by Colombia… they deferve to be in the 1/4 finals. Unlike Brazil!!!! No offense Earl, Chile threw away a golden opportunity of advancing. But having said that, I think Penalties is a “Halfass” way of winning a game like this and the golden goal should be re-introduced.

  14. Story updated with colour commentary from Colombia v Uruguay match…

  15. forget neymar and messi james is the man lol

  16. I don’t see anyone else scoring for Argentina at the moment Mark.

    As for you Lasana Liburd……

  17. I would take Higuain over Fred any day of the week to be honest Kendall. But I take your point. Thankfully, Messi is better than Neymar. 😉

  18. And they left out the real midfield generals Kaka and Ronaldinho Them really good yes.

  19. This damn European brand they playing right now mix up with a little samba Them really good yes.

  20. I agree yes I don’t know why they don’t send Hulk, Fred, Jo back to the prison nah steeuupps. Them really good yes.

  21. This is certainly the worst Brazilian team I have seen in a WC and I have seen quite a few!!

  22. I don’t know why he eh let some body else write this story nah Steeuupps don’t even want to read it LOL

  23. Argentina only have Messi. Without him, they would have no chance as well.

  24. Brazil only have Neymar up front lol

  25. Brazil fans be like …. Jesu

  26. Fred shouldn’t be in the squad, far less in the starting lineup.

  27. Escape by d skin of d skin of they teeth lol

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