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Adios amigos: Chile chucks out sorry Spain

There were punching bags that fought back more bravely; and babies who held on to their candy longer.

Even when Spain was a genuine global superpower and its conquistadores colonised most of South America, the Spaniards never managed to get Brazil under their thumb. So what chance did they have with a touring party who, whenever things got rough, pinned their hopes on Fernando Torres?

The bullish Chile outfit finished off the Spanish matadors today with a 2-0 win at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro to mark the first time that a World Cup holder has been eliminated after just two matches.

Photo: A football fan says goodbye to Spain at the Maracana Stadium today. (Copyright AFP 2014/Martin Bernetti)
Photo: A football fan says goodbye to Spain at the Maracana Stadium today.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Martin Bernetti)

For context, even the “Soca Warriors” were still alive for their final group match in Germany 2006.

Spain had company in the departure lounge today as Australia bowed out 3-2 to the Netherlands and Cameroon fell 4-0 to Croatia.

It means the Netherlands team, paced by another goal each from lively frontmen Arjen Robben and Robin Van Persie, is the first to qualify for the knockout stage where a clash with either Brazil, Mexico or Croatia awaits.

The “Aussies” pushed the Dutchmen all the way, though, as frontman and serial corner flag abuser Tim Cahill spanked home one of the goals of the tournament with a brilliant left footed volley.

Cameroon did not provide any such high point; but there was plenty misplaced aggression as midfielder Alex Song tried to clobber Croatian striker Mario Mandzukic for running across his path and left back Benoit Assou-Ekotto for trying to butt teammate Benjamin Moukandjo after the latter’s petulant response to a sharp word.

It was more fight than the entire Spanish team put up over 180 minutes.

Spain captain and goalkeeper Iker Casillas’ weak clearance in the 43rd minute, which barely cleared his six yard box and led to Chile’s second goal, was symptomatic of the defending champions’ passion. Even the “Brahmin Boy” would have delivered a stronger punch.

Coach Vicente Del Bosque had already dropped Xavi and Gerald Pique and, at halftime, withdrew Xabi Alonso. But it was like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. And when Sergio Busquets missed a gaping goal from four yards, it was clear that the defending champions had lost their nerve.

Photo: Spain midfielder Sergio Busquets (centre) misses a clear scoring chance while Chile goalkeeper and captain Claudio Bravo looks on. (Copyright AFP 2014/Yasuyoshi Chiba)
Photo: Spain midfielder Sergio Busquets (centre) misses a clear scoring chance while Chile goalkeeper and captain Claudio Bravo looks on.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Yasuyoshi Chiba)

Del Bosque responded by sending on Torres, which could arguably be interpreted as a customised resignation letter.

RIP, tiki taka talibans: gone and already forgotten.


Today’s 2014 World Cup summary

Group B

Netherlands 3 (Arjen Robben 20, Robin Van Persie 58, Mephis Depay 68), Australia 2 (Tim Cahill 21, Mile Jedinak 54 pen)

Chile 2 (Eduardo Vargas 19, Charles Aranguiz 43), Spain 0

Group A

Croatia 4 (Ivica Olic 11, Ivan Perisic 48, Mario Mandzukic 61, 73), Cameroon 0

*–Red Card: Alex Song (Cameroon)


Star of the Day

Australia striker Tim Cahill played his last World Cup game today; and what an exit! His stunning left foot volley cannoned in off the underside of the crossbar and will probably be replayed for years to come.


Villain of the Day

It is hard to choose between Spain captain Iker Casillas’ weak punch, midfielder Sergio Busquets appalling miss and Cameroon left back Benoit Assou-Ekotto’s bizarre attempt at team bonding.

Busquets gets the nod though. El rondo champion and master of the sure first touch couldn’t even get his foot on a simple cross and allowed Spain’s best chance to deflect off his shins.

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  1. I see your point. You say Ghana 2014 is not as good as Ghana 2010. I happen to disagree. I think they are just as good as before but were outscored this time.

  2. Your stats are irrefutable, i am not trying to challenge them. Simply said to me this squad is not playing as well as 2010.

  3. Jason Moyo Sylvester Ghana’s current squad is just as good as their 2010 squad. They outplayed the USA this time with 60% of the possession! (I checked the stats) However, the USA outscored them. Dempsey scored one in the 1st minute of the game and Brooks scored the winner in the 86th.

  4. Sim Simmer i am willing to accept your view on the fitness of Donovan as i have not paid much attention to their build-up and also your view on the quality of your bench and also the fact that you did beat Ghana without him this World Cup. In my most humble of opinions though i think leaving him out is a big mistake because even if he doesn’t start he brings a different dynamic to the team thereby offering a plan B which your current squad lacks and is essential to any serious team. Also are you willing to accept my view that the Ghana team you faced 4 years ago was playing better than the one you beat this year?

  5. Like that player who just missed that goal ent want to loose his life when he returns to Colombia or what ent

  6. Allyuh better come good around Sim Simmer… She knows her team!

  7. Jason Moyo Sylvester when did you become a selector for the USA? Klinsmann has good eyes, he saw that Donovan was not as fit as other men on the team, so he cut Donovan. Last World Cup, Donovan was there and Ghana beat the USA. This time there was no Donovan and a sub named John Brooks scored the winner. Yet people say that the USA does not have a bench!

  8. Jason but A A like you is a real student of the game like myself ent I said the same thing about Donovan yes. Sim better change her major yes because she just not getting it. Hahahaha

  9. Lol i cant knock her support for her team, I just think that without Donovan they don’t have enough.

  10. Sim good morning whatever rum you drinking change the brand nah. Hahahaha

  11. Sim girl I don’t trust that short man from Argentina nah so I have to pick two teams to deal with him yes. Hahahaha

  12. Jason Moyo Sylvester What mamaguy?!? I am absolutely serious! What you said was on point! Check my profile photo. USA to the semis! They playin’ dey doh know.

  13. Ivory Coast 2 Columbia 2, england 2 Uruguay 1, japan 2 Greece 1

  14. Earl Mango Pierre you forgetting Argentina don’t need a ship. Is walk they walking home.

  15. Jason what is the name of the ship heading to Argentina eh.Them really good yes.

  16. Thanks for the mamaguy Sim Simmer

  17. Jason Moyo Sylvester yuh talk like a boss dey!

  18. One thing is for sure, there can be no complaints from anyone about this Cup. Any real football lovers, no matter how biased toward their own fav team, can appreciate that if your team does not come to play at this tournament you will be sent packing. Spain did not lose because of talent, they were just too slow and arrogant so they wont be changing styles for the next tournament, just players. Cant see why everyone hating on America, they’re not a team i support or even look forward to watching play, but them getting out of this group is not really going to shock anyone. Portugal really needs to perform or this will be known as the World Cup where the New World took revenge on the Iberian peninsula and sent them back home with Spain on the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

  19. !!!hmmm~!! Denial force is Strong with Uncle Earl Mango Pierre

  20. Soca Warrior, Brazilian, German…how many more hats can fit on your head Earl Mango Pierre?

  21. The only doors people will be trying to sneak in is when your football God and his teammates are on the plane heading back to Argentina.after they gets eliminated from the World Cup. Hahahahaha

  22. See I don’t think they should change. Figure out a way to tweak a little. But why change the philosophy of keeping the ball. I am bias to that style of football though

  23. My allegiance is to my Soca Worries first and I am a Brazilian to the bone. Lol

  24. Lol. Alrite Mango. I will be watching the Argentine bus doors for people trying to sneak on eh!

  25. Philip I will never jump ship as I have always said before our greatest team in the universe has won more World Cups and broke all World Cup records they don’t have to prove themselves any more and the way there nowadays coaches picking the team eh I don’t know what they are doing the last World Cup that doh doh head Dunga the coach left Ronaldinho at home which was a big mistake and now this present Coach I really hope that he knows what he is doing. VIVA Brazil

  26. Earl Mango Pierre backing Brazil and Germany is like loving Coca Cola and Pepsi at the same time. Lol. Declare your allegiance man!

  27. Thanks Prince, but I was more referring to the strategies these bigger teams use to @ big tournaments and other teams try to model it. Another team would have been Germany Las, look how they’ve evolved 86-90, 02, 06-14. What I’m asking is, could this Spain flop cause other teams to rethink their approach and go for something else. That’s why I said 8-12 years since it’ll take some time to change their current youth teams philosophy

  28. Lasana Liburd I agree they have little adjustments and the teams are different. Spain tried to change a little. They brought in Costa for a more direct approach. Earl Mango Pierre ent going no where man! Brazil for life

  29. Who is trying to sneak in the German camp eh but from day one I made it clear that my both teams are Brazil and Germany as always. Mr Live Wire really good yes. Hahahaha

  30. Mango please do not jump ship! You leaving me on a limb by myself if you do that?

  31. Look how Mango quietly trying to decamp and sneak into the German hauptbahnhof! Hahaha.
    You watching him Amery Browne and Brian Manswell?!

  32. I don’t know Prince. Some tweaks make a major difference. The Brazil of 70, 82, 90 and 94 were all very different teams.
    Just like the Argentina teams of 86, 94, 98, 02 and 14 don’t have much in common.

  33. Prince don’t count out my second greatest team Germany eh because if Brazil only stick eh we will surely be taking the cup back to Europe.

  34. Kirwin Weston my Brazilians haven’t change much. Argentina hasn’t change much. The Dutch hasn’t change either. I don’t see the Spanish changing. There young teams play like the senior team. The quality of the players change. Spain will be fine. Spain played a Dutch team full of guys from Surinam and the played a Chile team that pretty much played at home. I can’t see a team from Europe winning this thing. The conditions are tough to play in if yuh not use to it

  35. In my estimation every 8-12 years we see a new philosophy that works and everyone tries to imitate. Lasana Liburd you think Spain gonna divert from tiki taka, use fresh blood or carry on with business as usual ?

  36. Beenhakker got a point when it mattered though.
    Anyway, tough luck Spain. We got some fantastic football over the last six years. But the tiki taka era is over now.
    On to the next one.

  37. Lasana, they might get a point. They have one match left don’t they? lol

  38. Defending champs to get eliminated before they managed a solitary point:
    Spain 2014
    You guys should have hired Beenhakker. 🙂

  39. Hey Mark it looks like the defending Champs had an overload of weight so they lost a bit of steam (No pun intended) Lol

  40. Defending World Cup champions that got knocked out in group stage:
    France 2002
    Italy 2010
    Spain 2014

  41. America has been losing the men’s World Cup since it was first held in 1930. The US women have won, though. Who knows when a US men’s team will win? It has taken nearly a hundred years just for the game to be this big In America. Just sayin’.

  42. Now watching the recap, I think the commentator takes the win yes!

  43. and yuh think they stopped their madness eh, the next time is fire and brime stone for them yes, let them continue ent.

  44. David no man like you never visited New Orleans or what eh, why do you think that meh father God had to put it on them some years ago with all that water eh, they was getting out of hand with that voodoo and witch doctor business yes.

  45. hmmm!! America witch doctors is Money with ah Unlimited **treasury** !! but seriously Portugal aint gonna beat America!! they can’t !! if that happen!! FiFA sellin out~~~~big time~

  46. The problem with America is that Klinsman left out their real goalscorer yes Mr. Donavan ent, because he was depending on Altidore and Demsey eh, and look what happened to Altidore eh, mash up his ham string, does America have anyone else who is a prolific goalscorer eh, I think Klinsman was afraid of Donavan putting it on his swett country Germany ent, he feel he bright. Klinsman really good yes.

  47. Kirwin all dem African teams going back where they came from because dey ain’t ready as yet they need to stick with their African Nations Cup ent. Them really good yes.

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  50. Ghana might put it on Portugal too !

  51. Mango, time will tell on that one but Portugal doesn’t look fit for the billing.

  52. David I doh know nah I am smelling ah rat yes, ah find to much big teams just going back home just so, just so ent. I don’t really trust FIFA nah the next thing the America really win this World Cup yes.

  53. lool!! America getting knock out in Knockout rounds!! sad to say!! same to brasil~~~~~~ sim simmer i have u on watch eh lol………cause usa getting knock out 2lol

  54. And I will also be waiting very patiently when Mr. Live Wire has to write about Dr. Amery Browne and his team and I hope that he uses that same picture and it will say ‘Adios Argentinos’ hehehehehe. Them really good yes.

  55. But A A and why did you leave out the America eh, Ms, Sim Simmer and her American team will be going where no man has ever gone before, in space….. after Portugal give them the whipping of their lives ent. hahahahaha

  56. I doubt any true footballers gonna miss Spain. England and Portugal to follow ? I think so

  57. Not much to explain. Spain simply followed Italy’s 2010 modus operandi: come in like great kings and exit like little kids.

  58. At least Mourinho getting his players early…maybe he’ll ask for a discount or refund on Costa, hahaha ! Luis Enrique & Ancelotti probably happy too, more pres-season

  59. Surely they’re forgotten already…Spain tika taka never thrilled me at all they just got results. I’m a purists in football, so bye bye Espana, hope Australia beat you all too, haha !

  60. Chile Team World Cup 2014 – Miners Propaganda (En…: http://youtu.be/4ZHwdI3bh9Q

  61. Problem started with squad choices. Too much reliance on the old guard who haven’t been at their best over the last 2 years.

    Time to rebuild.

  62. And still their team have yet to win a world cup this decade lol

  63. lol.!! mark you have time to tell bandwaggonist about football lol!! ….when they blinded by …oh spain talk lol…….and on Torres!! lol the day he left liverpool it was his undoing!! as you can see…..no man cud be so blighted as he and still get pic in a worldcup squad

  64. At this stage to be honest Torres should be paying we to watch him:)

  65. Worse of all, stick with what you know seems to include Torres.

  66. I just couldn’t believe he was serious with that one nah. At first I said that is shorthand for: “I have no ideas left.”

  67. Lasana Liburd Ill tell ya lol. Tika-taka has been adapted. Spain like Barca do it and opponents know how to defend it. For 2 years I’ve been saying try different styles like counter attack, long ball etc but you stick to what you know at your peril

  68. “Del Bosque responded by sending on Torres, which could arguably be interpreted as a customised resignation letter.”

    You had me and Camille laughing at this Lasana. Freaking hilarious.

  69. That Spanish team has as much bite as a bowl of porridge… I waiting for the Spanish fans to try and explain what happened! Lol

  70. Lasana Liburd you wicked with that pic!! you rubbing 2much salt in them …………experts who say spain lost was ah hiccup lmao!!!!!! man say tiki taka!! talibans oui lol………………………great piece by the way!! lol

  71. Tiki taka was getting sick for a while, look at Barcelona this past season. Now everyone has figured them out