M’vt Caledonia suspend Pierre, pending investigation, after altercation with Wired868 journalist

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“We condemn Mr Pierre’s participation in this altercation in the strongest possible terms. In light of this unfortunate incident Morvant Caledonia United has asked Mr Gordon Pierre to step down from representing the club pending an investigation into the matter.”

The following is a press release from the Morvant Caledonia United technical director Jamaal Shabazz, after an attack by club member, Gordon Pierre, on Wired868 owner and journalist, Lasana Liburd:

Photo: Tranquility Secondary teacher and former TTFA press officer Gordon Pierre has been suspended by Morvant Caledonia United pending an investigation.

One of our members, Mr Gordon Pierre, was in an altercation with Mr Lasana Liburd on Tuesday 4th December. Morvant Caledonia United wish to make it clear that our club does not promote this action as a form of solving disputes and differences of opinion.

We wish to state emphatically and without any fear of contradiction that Mr Pierre was not acting on behalf of the club or its leadership in his actions.

Morvant Caledonia United do not promote violence, antagonism nor any form of intimidation, be it verbal, written or physical. Therefore we condemn Mr Pierre’s participation in this altercation in the strongest possible terms.

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In light of this unfortunate incident, Morvant Caledonia United has asked Mr Gordon Pierre to step down from representing the club pending an investigation into the matter.

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  1. Warning: Undefined variable $userid in /www/wired868_759/public/wp-content/plugins/user-photo/user-photo.php on line 114

    I now realise that this “media statement” may not have been sent to any other media house. Was this sent to the entire media Jamaal Shabazz?

  2. I hope that all who spread all the love here can get through to a grown man that he has damaged and been damaging his name for some time all because some cannot control their emotions and react at situations as an adult …. If you are not wrong follow suit and serve as well …. Let justice takes it course in the courts and let God do the rest … But just as when a person sin consequences are something we have to live with …. Sometimes we can correct our wrong by putting our head between our legs and admitting our wrong … Then a society might forgive you and look pass according to your response …. Truth is we have all erred but when we have no remorse for our wrong is where the problem lies

    • Keisha Robinson brilliantly said.

    • Brian Harry i am not into football much knows nothing about too much football out there …. I am into track because i once was an athlete … I am involved in basketball because my teenage son plays with Sangre Grande Young stars. … Presently playing in the mayaro league … I however have joined wire because my daughter who is almost 5 can tell me all the time she wants to play football .. I tried getting her in a team all say till 6 .. Np … But now i am thinking should i channel her into another sport but i believe in doing what u want to do … I started my son in basketball at 7 just learning the fundamentals of the game …. But football scares me what future is there for my daughter in it … A scholarship to go to a university abroad all well and good but country pride is every sportsman or woman dream

    • Keisha yes and your struggle to embrace what has become of football and most of our sports is real for many. This is another reason why the actions in question has transitioned us into a very dark place. Redemption and remorse is a good start toward damage repair but all these conflicts started in poor governance

    • Brian Harry i say all this because my time in sport has ended but what about the future it don’t look too bright for them … What about the child who is super talented and sport is his or her only way out ? After they do so much damage and no transparency with money … Oweing almost all in football the administration to follow have a tough task ahead to get football back to its rightful place

    • Keisha hopefully some leadership will emerge out of these ashes

  3. He does not need to be in the class room either.

  4. Maybe now I can get my chance to be the next manager of Morvant Caledona for the 2019 season so that I can be close to my bestest player Keron Ballpest Cummings ent my Prof Jamaal Shabazz lol

    • Earl Mango Pierre is so openly you applying (should I say begging) for a wuk

    • Hahahahaha Not begging nah, it is long time overdue that Morvant Caledona win the professional league in our sweet country and I am the bestest Manager that will make it happen because my players wouldn’t be short of nothing and they will always want to win for me and the club and my Prof Jamaal Shabazz knows this to eh, and I heard through the grapevine that he have a young bomb squad team, plus I really love that Stadium in Morvant that needs fixing with a real professional field,seating, and lights, and I know that it will eventually be done eh Brian Harry

    • Earl Mango Pierre best wishes. As a person growing up nearby I wish that team the best of success. You will be good for them

    • Earl Shabazz eh calling Gordon is he? ??

    • Malik Johnson Yuh like the bachannal thing just like me eh

    • Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me….let there be peace on earth the peace that was mean’t to be….

    • The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said ” help your brother when he is right and help him when he is WRONG.
      So the Prophet’s (pbuh) companions asked, “Oh Messenger of God, we understand …to help our brother when he is right…but how is it possible that we should help him ….when he is WRONG?
      The Prophet (pbuh) replied: TELL HIM WHEN HE IS WRONG!
      May Allah help me to practice this with my brothers and help my brethren to practice this with me when I go off…

    • Gordon Pierre tripped because the person went to his job to serve the notice earlier on the same day that he attacked Mr Live Wire of which was wrong. He should have never gone to see those games but instead handled his stories with his lawyer . I am truly sorry that it had to come to this because he is so passionate about our football and the youths in our sweet country and your wisdom would have kept him straight on the narrow path Prof Jamaal Shabazz

    • Jamaal thanks and well said. Great lesson! Sometimes the best help we can offer someone is sanction. Tough love is still LOVE.

    • Don’t mean to be the devil’s advocate here (but don’t mind it) but I question whether this sense of remorse being suggested here is felt by the individual in question. Instead if there are any elements of it it’s probably because there is gonna be consequences to him for his actions. So if regret will trump remorse …this is null and void……how his friends feel about his actions means nothing if he feels justified about it…..this is real life not reality TV

    • Earl Mango Pierre mango you undermining the man dey easy easy bro?

    • Undermining, really I wudda lock him up myself if I was at the game for that madness he committed on Mr. Live Wire Joshua Mickel Lamb. Them really good yes

    • Lolllll… try to help him… instead of kicking a brother when he’s already down… at least my view…

    • Joshua Mickel Lamb I did spoke to him when this all started a year ago and I told him to leave it alone and just deal with it, but as I said that he tripped because nobody likes to be served.a letter on their jobs. I will always be there for him especially because of his last name and still today we doesn’t know if we are related but it brings me a lot of joy when a Pierre is representing so I will definitely keep him in my prayers and hoping that he gets his act together eventually.

    • Well said my brother… That’s the spirit… too many of our brothers fall by the wayside because society is always quick to condemn instead of mend…

    • You know how many of them stop attending Mr Live Wire football festival, Raymond Tim Kee, David John-williams, Earl Jean, the ex sports minister Brent Sancho and his right hand man Kevin Harrison, and the others know themselves because as soon Mr Live Wire exposes and write his stories they gets offended, hence the reason why they must all do the right things if they don’t want to be exposed, look at.me I wont.be doing nothing wrong because I don’t want meh friend Mr Live Wire write nothing about me only when I do good things and I always attend his football festival once I am in our sweet country, well apart from last year because I couldn’t see my bestest most loyal player Marvin Oliver that he recruited to play for his team against our.team lol so you think that I wudda trip and go and beat him up eh no way I recruiting to yes , so we bringing Kenwhyne Jones.to buss up his team nets in January 2019 eh Coach Darin Lewis hahaha

    • Joshua Mickel Lamb I didn’t get that. Tell me again who the person was who was hit while they were down? I want to be clear about what you’re saying.

    • Lasana Liburd I’m not saying Gordon is correct. I’m saying that , yes he’s done wrong . But mango start to talk about taking his job at Caledonia as soon as the opportunity arose . That’s what I’m talking about

    • I’m afraid to ask what you think the consequences should be yes…

    • Oh lawd Joshua Mickel Lamb, by now you should know that ah just like to start the bachannal thing just to read alyuh comments. I won’t be leaving my police team for nutten eh, but I will always support all the players from the other teams because I am a defender of the “Players Association” for life eh hahahaha

    • Lasana I was concerned and puzzled about that sentiment also. Mr Pierre stood tall and strong in the committal of a premeditated act of violence and for which he has been sanctioned. He’s not down!

    • So Earl he didn’t know you weren’t serious about taking that role as Coach of Caledonia ???

    • Ivor Thomas although that I said that I really love that football stadium in Morvant I actually love the 3000 people that I witness with my own eyes when I visited for the first time when Caledona used the field as their home field and the people who was selling different foods just to make a dollar and as you know as I am always saying the football needs to be in our communities in order to always get the real crowd support and let me rephrase what I said about my police team I am not on board when I was asked to be because as I told the assistant manager that 30 yrs ago when I left our sweet country it was really heart breaking that I have return and the field on Long Circular road is in the same condition and the goal post nets have plenty holes and when I couldn’t take it anymore while going to watch them at practice I decided to go by the sports store and purchase one for them furthermore although my police and army team are the only two real professional teams because of their players salaries which is about $10,000 per month I cannot be supporting a professional league and the other players continues to be exploited especially when I am defending the Players Association and with respect to my police team there are players who isn’t real police but still hoping to get in as SRPs and some of them are there over two or more years now and that to I cannot be part of I will always support them doh because I was part of the organization that allowed me to get a job at the United Nations security department where I spent over 27 yrs and I am very grateful for that, my main thing now is for the Players Association to be up and running in our sweet country and it seems nobody is taking me on because if it was in full swing our very own Coach Michael Mc Commie R.I.P might not have died because once contacted we would have been able to get him to one of the private hospitals to save him because I know that we wudda have the 40 thousand of monies in order to do so, but I am not giving up because it will eventually be up and running in our sweet country. Them really good yes

  5. I was going to ask if this was in connection with the libel suit but the above answers my question. Be safe Lasana.

  6. Relieved to know that you are not seriously hurt Lasana. Both TTUTA and the MoE need to become involved in this matter. A teacher is supposed to be a role model and Mr. Pierre’s action is NOT the model we need set for our children.

  7. Lasana; yuh lucky he didden “snat” on yuh because all now yuh still convalescing

  8. I don’t know the history…. but if you attack someone at a public place like that you have some loose screws in your head

  9. He should be suspended from football and from his teaching duties as well (with no pay). After all this was a achool event, reprehensible conduct.

  10. Gosh. This man is a pest. What a classless thug. How is he still a teacher. That imps doh belong anywhere near people children. He should be sent home for this.

  11. Is there no redress for death threats on social media?

  12. But when u really check it… if you wasnt good fuh yuhself yuh cuda lose yuh neck!

  13. I have worked alongside both men and condemn the actions but let this be between them. I have always mentioned it’s possible to agree to disagree. Can’t persecute someone in their job wether it be amateur or professional.

    • Kieron Figaro There is NO excuse for violent attack.

    • My statement says I condemn the actions it should never be physical.Then because of the action his work is criticized let the actions of what happened stay with what happened and shouldn’t delve into either persons work or lifestyle. I’m not here to judge anyone which we as a ppl are quick to do.

    • Sounds like you’re saying we shouldn’t care that he teaches and mentors kids for a living Kieron Figaro?

    • Brian Jordan saying sometimes persons do stupid things which could be regrettable but to bring down a person after an isolated incident. Had it been habitual then I can agree with the consensus.

    • So threatening language online followed by assault and wounding with a weapon warrants what exactly in your book?

    • Kieron Figaro…saying lets keep what happened out of the person in question work or lifestyle….how does that compute actually…
      If you go to church and tell people morning…and is ah good boy…i am suppose to ignore the fact that you’re a serial killer and have 72 children bury under yuh step…
      I am confused…

    • Lol iam also,sometimes people try to sound to intelligent! Smh

    • Kieron Figaro what do you mean “between them”? That I should not involve the police and courts?

    • Leonard Highly …and end up sounding like a fool…if a person never acts…you hav nothing to judge him on…A man can only be fairly judged based on what he says or does…fullstop?

    • Kieron Figaro clearly you didn’t read articles or are not true friends of both .. That you would see since last year he has been throwing his tantrums on social media …. So you still saying he is a great example by telling someone on social media for all too see make peace with your maker etc … Ok send your kids by him for lessons

    • Kieron Figaro this is not the only negative online altercation he has. He’s had several ignominious discussions with several members including myself. Plus this is something dating back at least a year ago…..it appears that you do not have enough information to understand why he is such an unpopular fellow with this forum.

    • I think everyone here totally misread what Kieron Figaro is trying to say here, I believe what he means is that its OK to condemn a persons negative action or actions without being petty or derogatory about their person lives or work which has nothing to do with said negative actions (as many people use a person’s indiscretion as an opportunity for). Eg I can say I think Kieron was wrong to kick the referee in his head and should be punished severly, but i don’t have to point out that he is an awful painter or doesn’t mind his children, those facts /opinions are irrelevant to the matter at hand and are just plain tasteless. I believe that’s the point Mr Figaro was trying to make

    • James Saunders I think we all understand what Mr Figaro is saying and agree with him in principle. However, in this instance, this is a man who is entrusted to work with the vulnerable and therefore has role model responsibility. He has shown he is willing to ‘cross the line’ threaten and act to the point of injury.

    • Kieron Figaro no, no, no! Let it be between them????
      This crazy man assaulted another in a setting for children ….. he has lost all right to, ‘let it be between them’. It is a criminal activity, the police should get involved as well as he should be removed from the class room.

  14. This has been building for the better part of two years. Hope you’re okay Lasana.

  15. ..I sorry. Elevated by TTFA to a national team managerial position. Hovered around TTPL in some kinda capacity. Promoted by Joel Villafana on “Halftime” as some kinda technical expert and pundit. Foolishness. No surprises..

  16. Sue his backside and take him to the cleaners!

  17. This guy is an absolute classless piece of horse manure……… my opinion of him from day one.

  18. Jamaal Shabazz, Hats off for taking a truly principled stance. Let’s see if TTUTA and his school principal will follow suit. Thanks Morvant Caledonia

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