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Cabo Star II? MV Duke’s maiden inter-island voyage plagued by more mishaps than the ferry

MV Watson Duke’s maiden launch from Tobago to Toco today was beset by mechanical problems. Duke—and his swim buddy, assemblyman Farley Augustine—soon ran out of puff in the water and held on to a canoe, only for the cable pulling them both to burst. At this point, Duke and Augustine got into the canoe, which promptly capsized.

Both men were then seen clinging on ungracefully to the back of jet ski.

Mr Live Wire cannot confirm that thousands of women—upon hearing news of the big swim’s unspectacular finale—rolled their eyes, steupsed and muttered: Men!

Photo: THA Minority Leader Watson Duke (left) and assemblyman Farley Augustine hitch a ride to Toco during their protest “swim” on 28 August 2017.
Is that the backstroke?
(Copyright CNC3)

It was Trinidad and Tobago’s most disastrous relay attempt since the men’s 4×100 team at the Rio Olympics.

Bizarrely, Duke said his actions were meant to show why the central Government should hand over the decision-making process for inter-island travel to Tobagonians. On this evidence, though, the THA Minority Leader might struggle to organise a round of drinks at a half-empty pub.

Mr Live Wire believes that, from this day forward, the phrase “between the devil and the deep blue sea” should be accompanied by a photo of Tobago; and Duke.

Even as he was being dragged backwards through the sea and presumably while trying not to swallow water, Duke could not resist asking CNC3’s Akash Samaroo and TV6’s Kejan Haynes—who were following in a boat—the burning question:

“How many people watching this?”

He was told there were about 4,500 persons combined watching the live stream.

“You see how difficult it is to literally swim from Tobago to Trinidad?!” asked Duke, while in the process of not literally swimming from Tobago to Trinidad.

Eh. Thanks?

Photo: THA Minority Leader Watson Duke takes a breather on a buoy with his entourage during a protest “swim” from Tobago to Toco on 28 August 2017.
(Copyright CNC3)

That Duke felt anyone needed a visual illustration of the difficulty of that swim might further hint at the intellectual capacity of his preferred audience.

Although, to be fair, there were so many viewers on the Facebook live feed hoping to see Duke go down that you might have thought he was Floyd Mayweather.

“Tobago is ready for the opportunity to decide its own future,” said Duke, on the eve of his swim, “a simple thing like sea bridge and the air bridge must to be decided by Tobago.

“For 125 years and eight months Trinidad has decided for us and still we have been battling problems after problems.”

He was wearing an Arsenal sweater at the time, which, in retrospect, might have been the first sign that he would struggle to deliver under pressure.

Photo: In unrelated news, the Arsenal defence was all at sea this weekend…

Duke and company arrived in Toco at just after 1pm; and gave an impassioned speech about the importance of the Sister Isle to the country’s wellbeing. They reiterated that Tobago should decide on the airbridge and sea-bridge between the two islands.

But don’t Trinidadians use the ferry and airbridge for professional and personal reasons too? Is the problem really that a Trinidad and Tobago government made the final choice; or that the process continues to be tainted by corruption?

Is Tobago—and its politicians like Duke—inherently less corrupt than Trinidad? After all, Trinidad and Tobago has its second Prime Minister from the Sister Isle at present, with Dr Keith Rowley following in the footsteps of the late ANR Robinson.

Duke called the swim a success—a further sign that, like most political ventures, it was more about the spectacle than the message.

The THA Minority Leader landed in Toco minus a flipper, after he lost the accessory while being ‘catspraddled’ in his canoe.

Although Mr Live Wire thinks Duke is short of a flipping lot more than that.

Photo: PSA union boss Watson Duke leads a protest for public servants.
(Courtesy Power102 FM)

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  1. He made it damn so the 50 killer whales I released didn’t get him.

  2. All the reason now why the road to Toco is justified his making Toco his point of entry. Watson u just put a feather in the PMs cap.

  3. The black Columbus on his maiden inter island voyage in which he started off swimming but he have to abandon the swim for a jet ski and before the journey was completed he experience more difficulty where he then hop into a pirogue upon arrival in Toco he jump from the pirogue and swim to shore were he planted a banana tree to mark his occasion

  4. An innovation in inter-island traavel: swim by boat.

  5. Well written piece. Yes the ridicule has a lot to do with the mostly unintelligent utterings of Mr Duke. Unfortunate given the significance of the issue

  6. Amazing and a little sad some ppl actually believe his stunts are anything other than political showmanship.

  7. Any sensible thinking person should know that it is highly impossible and a risk to swim from Tobago to Toco, however, the mere fact that he made the attempt, he made his point, good job.

  8. But he ain’t left Tobago yet lol that a bouy with the lights Wayy .Give him credit for trying but not my respect .

  9. Yep he broke down like all them other ferries . Had to be towed to shore . Ketch he self and swin on the sand to toco Superhero fuh yuh money

  10. Well said Anthony. Much of the ridicule occurred because of the individual involved. A showman of dubious intent.

  11. People follow fools easily..
    Duke is self important
    Nothing else.

  12. Thank you for this Lasana! After watching the live stream I was counting the hours away from reading this piece ? Oho, I was just wondering if Iwer George could be a seer man too… “Jump in de water, Take ah bade!” Lol!

  13. Love this Lasana….thank you Sir well said…

  14. They should change the name of the boat to Duke Star instead of Cabo star!

  15. Soon Toco will be exporting bananas.

  16. So why the police came with the wrecker Mr Duke did very well I applaud him

  17. Watson Duke gives new meaning to the words “Short course swimming”

  18. Well done I am proud of you, you stood up for a cause in spite of what people said

  19. He is a self centered clown / drama queen bringing the spot light on himself while fighting for the equal treatment for Tobagonians. Publicity stunt. Who got the publicity is the question to be answered.

  20. Fighting for a reason to achieve what? A new boat/s that will come when. He has to swim many more meets.

  21. They certainly passed a lot of water today.

  22. Just love it. A true comedy of errors.

  23. what did he do for who people do tell

  24. I give him my respects, he was truly a man of his word and he did for his people..

  25. Phoebe-Ann priceless swim by the Watson….no one should miss out!

  26. Elevating the art form of satire… well done Lasana Liburd!

  27. He is fighting for a reason that many empty belly Trinidadian and Tobagoian can’t standup and fight for but time will tell another Venezuelan and Haiti in the making

  28. Sir I feel you was by house today, exactly my thoughts, if he wasn’t married I would of called him the best Drama Queen next to Rupaul, but Rupaul was married too no… Love you Mr. LIVE WIRE

  29. More Tobagonians should have made the crossing with Mr Duke. To me that would have had more of an impact.

  30. Hmmmm, not a fan of Mr Duke to be honest, but I can’t help but notice that most of the people commenting seems to be totally oblivious of the situation. I know its satire and we an uncanny ability to laugh at ourselves, but as the saying goes ‘ what is joke for schoolboy is death for crapaud’.
    Say what you may, the guy has a great ability to have the media running to him at every opportunity, so who is really the puppet and who the master?
    The situation is real for Tobagonians, those not living here can’t begin to understand what’s really going on, I have business to do in Trinidad but can’t take the chance to go there because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to make it back to Tobago.
    As of today, I had an employee at Piarco from 9am on Sunday with her 4yr old son and at noon today she was still there. If you live in Trinidad you can just call for a ride, take a taxi or jump in your car and go sleep in your bed, she didnt have that luxury so she slept in the airport with her son.
    It has never been this bad, so its funny and makes for great memes but its also quite serious and I think that where the message was lost with this adventure.
    Today I gained a lot of respect for Waston Duke.

    • People need to read what you wrote. ?????

    • Darren, there seems to be the suggestion that nobody was paying attention to the sea-bridge fiasco before Duke offered to swim to Toco. I’m struggling to understand why people think so.
      It has been a conversation in this group long before Watson offered to put on a wetsuit.

    • Lasana, that may be so, but for the average person struggling through this, the fact that it’s been discussed in this group means little. (I love this group BTW.) I was just in Tobago and couldn’t buy a grilled chicken sandwich because there’s a shortage of chicken on the island. That is people’s reality.

      I’m most annoyed by Kelvin Charles’ relative silence. He gave Watson this opening – not that he needs much invitation.

    • Liselle, I think this might be a sign of how low politics has sunk that a gimmick like this is the best thing Tobagonians have to hold on to.
      And this with a Tobagonian as PM and with the THA in the hands of the ruling party.

    • Yep Lasana Liburd, because politics is serious business in Trinidad, so serious politicians in Trinidad have no time for gimmicks, actually they seem to have no time for anything. So right now Tobagonians holding on to anything we lucky to get from you fine folks in Trinidad, hope all is well on your side of the channel..

    • Darren how allyuh guessing who is or isn’t Tobagonian and who is and isn’t affected so? Lol

    • Quite easy to tell actually..lol.

    • Boy that kinda hard to tell, u got me?

    • To answer your questionLasana Liburd there are alot of people who do not know about this issue especially those that live abroad. Yes you may have spoken about this issue but what duke did reached more people than who is in this group.

    • Kwesi, Mark Bassant’s investigative work got him before a JLSC committee on this. I think this swim is more spectacle than substance. But if you think it is better than nothing I won’t argue with that.
      Although I admit that question the motives here.

    • Lasana Liburd you maybe right about his motives I can’t argue that all I am saying is that his antics whether good will or not has lead to a major discussion of the issues to the point that he caused people on social media to take notice.

    • Kwesi Gill. So you think that we in the Trinbago diaspora don’t know about the sea bridge and airbridge problems? You must be kidding. Why do you think some of us no longer come to Tobago whenever we visit Trinidad? it is so much easier to visit St. Lucia, Barbados, Virgin Islands and other places where things do work. We would love to go ‘bag and enjoy the peace and tranquility out offers but we’re turned off by the horrors of getting to and from the island. Duke’s stunt is all about him and his ratings. He’s no different than Trump! Suffering from malignant narcissism and egomania.

    • Doncito Mangoeatingking Braffito I never said ppl home don’t know about the issue I said people abroad like myself never heard of it. You may know more about duke than I do but I will admit what he did made more people talk about it.

    • Kwesi Gill. To what effect? It was more about him and his notoriety. That stunt wasn’t designed to effect change. It was all about burnishing his own image. That man has been very consistently confrontational in a’bad-john’ sort of way without bringing about real change. To correct you I live abroad and used to come home every year to T&T. I would spend just two days in Trinidad and head over to Tobago where I have a brother with 10 Starch and Julie mango trees on his land. I have chosen to forego all the pleasures of Tobago just because I began to be afraid of not getting back to Trinidad in time to catch my return flight to the US. I know quite a few trinis-tuh-de bone who have adopted the same attitude. We have to spend our money in other islands. It’s such a shame that travel between Trinidad and Tobago has to be a government sponsored thing when in the British virgin Islands there has been private enterprise in charge of an efficient, reasonably priced service between the islands for more than 60 years. T&T private enterprise is a joke. All they know about is import and overprice. They lack ‘cojones’.

    • Doncito, people in Tobago don’t have the option of avoiding travel. That’s the pain feeding support for Duke. If they had an alternative to consider, they would.

    • Liselle Yorke. The sad part is that Duke cares only about himself a la Donald trump. He’s just capitalizing on Tobagonians real ‘suffocation’ without creating a solution. He is antagonistic to the government in power and wants to be the head honcho in Tobago. He carries too much baggage to be credible.

    • Like Trump, he knows how to tap into visceral feelings. And so it shall be until others start showing more life.

    • Doncito Mangoeatingking Braffito, why do ppl protest, and is it a requirement for all protesters to have solutions for the issues they are protesting about?

    • togo has an option/complete independence from trinidad, become masters of their own destiny and raise money for themselves, trinidad no longer has to provide allocations-do it

    • Haida, that sounds great but we ent set up to do squat.

    • well time to cut the navel string

    • People say the stunt is self-serving, they may be right, but it also provides serves to shine more light on the issue, and on that note he has succeded. As I said before, I’m not a fan of Mr Duke his methods are unconventional but they seem to work in terms of getting the media to respond. Today was a classic example, all major local media houses were on the water live streaming the event. Isn’t sad that you cant come to see your brother and eat those lovely starch mangoes, it was never this bad. Tobago has been linked to Trinidad for over 100 yrs and the people who make the decision keep failing us, its a crying shame..

    • Liselle, Kwesi, Stacy and Darren, although we might disagree it is very good to get comments from people living in Tobago right now who are dealing with the ferry disaster in a real way and not just hypothetical.

    • I actually live in Maryland. 😉 But I am vocal because I need to get to my elderly mother pronto, when needed. And I was there last week.

    • Anyway Doncito Mangoeatingking Braffito, just leh me know where your brother lives I would deal with dem mangoes for you when they in season..? .

    • Darren Mc Letchie. In the land of the Nine Day Wonder what is the outcome except to indulge in useless talk? People ought to direct their fire at the very questionable ‘tendering’ process and the ‘cat in bag’ contracting of a ferry plagued by all sorts of problems, mechanical and otherwise. The line minister and all those whose hands have been tied with the shameful issue should be fired. This whole thing reeks to high heaven and the one man enquiry with the AG’s oversight is designed to bamboozle people and let the ruling party off the hook. Swimming by Duke is a useless stunt because it solves nothing in an issue that has been ventilated already by the media.

    • This is a great example of how corruption, mismanagement and failed leadership can cripple a country, smh.. you have to wonder if Tobagonians, who are the ones most affected, were the ones making these decisions the outcomes would have been different.

    • Darren Mc, which Tobagonians? De Chief Sec mum. Ah still vex bout he dotish response to Aboud. Dis is just salt in de wound.

    • Haida Mohammed. That’s just empty talk. It’s like Puerto Rico becoming independent from the US or Martinique going on its own. Pipe dream!

    • In the country of the blind, the one-eye man is king. #weswam LOL

    • Liselle Yorke, Not talking about he nah, Tobago suffering from buyers remorse right now, matter of fact like the whole country suffering from it… 1 step forward 2 steps back… oye Christlyn Moore whey u dey..

    • Darren, Trinidadian politicians make horrible decisions for Trinidad all the time. And I’d bet you won’t have to look far to find ridiculous decisions in Tobago for Tobago by Tobagonians.
      I agree that the THA should be involved in the process. But not that it should be handed over to Tobago or that Tobagonians would necessarily make better decisions.

    • Trust me I know, it affects us all.

    • Lasana Liburd my property is in Tobago so I have to deal with the ferry

    • I was caught in that mess last week

    • Yeah. The average person living and working in Trinidad might go to Tobago between one and three times for the year at best. So I do know Tobagonians would feel the problem more acutely.
      We still ent giving the likes of Duke to select ferries eh. Let me put that out there one time! Lol.

    • Lasana Liburd. I recognize the importance of proper transportation between the two islands. I have a problem with reliance on the government to underwrite this service. I have been to the British Virgin Islands and have seen the operation of several ferry companies that provide a reliable, efficient and affordable service between the Islands, both British and US , without government intervention, and this for more than 60 years. You see the same type of service between Becquia and the main island of St. Vincent. It’s private enterprise engaged in healthy competition, not socialist state-sponsored transportation with all its inefficiencies and costs. The only way I can see Tobago getting its own ferries should be under the aegis of private enterprise, whether Tobagonian or Trinidadian. Handing over that prerogative to Tobagonian politicians of the THA, with government financing would amount to nothing more than transferring the center of gravity of the shady deals and corruption from POS to Scarborough. If we continue to have government involvement there needs to be some Tobagonian input in the organization and running of that transport service in the form of PATT board membership. As for air transport why not allow other Caribbean airlines to compete for that service without taxpayers subsidizing it? I know that most people would scream and call for the head of any politician making this suggestion. Some day we have to grow a pair and make that decision.

    • Loris, there is a lot of development necessary in the north east before a ferry to toco would make more sense than one to Port of Spain.
      Why would Tobago businessmen prefer to land in toco for instance?
      But certainly it should be our future goal

    • Doncito Mangoeatingking Braffito we are a small country essentially run on State-owned oil and gas companies. There will always be industries that the state has to help out with essentially.
      I think if the private sector were interested in this, they would have it by now. Or there would at least by options available to the people. Probably means that if the private sector DID get involved the price of travel would soar.

    • Loris and we heard about diversifying the economy many years before that…

    • And just like that the boat didn’t sail as scheduled this morning. Ah, boy…

    • Doncito, privatization is always tempting but I have never seen a cost-benefit analysis to show if it could be profitable AND priced for the average man’s pockets. I live in Maryland and the local rail/bus service receives federal and state funding because it’s seen as a public good. They recently talked about raising fares and cutting routes to try to balance their budget and people are up in arms.

    • Lasana Liburd. The so-called private sector is nothing but the descendant of the ‘import merchants’ whose only business acumen involves importing from the metropole and jacking up prices. Their mantra is obscene profits, knowing that they could charge ‘what the market can bear’. I don’t think they have the cojones to get into a business where high profits aren’t guaranteed. You make a valid point about government support, but I must point out that St. Vincent and the Virgin Islands don’t have oil or gas or the resources we possess. Why must we be condemned to depend on state support until ‘thy kingdom come’? The solution? Maybe a seaport in Toco and smaller ferries in which private enterprise can participate. Infrastructural development must be undertaken by the state. The Scarborough to Toco trip is much shorter, allowing for faster travel. Roads from Toco to Sangre Grande or Arima must be upgraded. I foresee a new transportation hub with Arima being a focal point.

    • That’s the thing. The private sector would consider stepping in if the State cut the track for them. Fix the roads and create the port and they probably would–once they aren’t competing with unrealistic prices by the Govt.
      That would help develop the North East too because Toco and Valencia would be transformed as a result. And, yes, Arima would flourish. Ent Lisa Morris? 🙂

    • Liselle Yorke. I agree with you. My question is this: how can the British Virgin Islands operate a very efficient, reasonably priced ferry service with three competing providers for over 60 years without oil and gas?

    • Darren Mc Letchie, I appreciate the point you are making. For the average trini, going to Tobago is for vacation. And yes, we have options if we can’t go to Tobago.
      For the average Tobagonian, it seems like every thing comes from Trinidad-from school books, to food stuff to documents relating to land, car etc. As well as tourism. So if this situation continues to be unreliable, is not only people bread and butter and livelihood we endangering.
      And truthfully, while I am aware of some of the issues, I was not aware of how vulnerable Tobago is.
      If we have inclement weather (Lord forbid), how and when are supplies getting across?

    • Doncito Mangoeatingking Braffito, I agree with your argument, but its not that easy, not many business owners are going to invest in a venture that won’t have a return on investment in a reasonable time. The air and sea bridge are heavily subsidised, there are strong arguments for removing the subsidy, but think about the result of that move.No government would touch it. Essentially it is a form of spreading the wealth of the nation, that way the average person can benefit from lower cost of trade and travel.

      Making comparison with other islands might seem like a good idea, but without information we really won’t get the full picture. I doubt very much that all those islands you mentioned have the level of inter-island travel that we have here. Caribbean airlines recently boasted about the amount of seats on the airbridge, I can’t recall the figure but it was in the hundreds of thousands. The seabridge is another story with thousands of people, trucks,cars , vans ,containers between the islands.

      This route requires large vessels not those small to medium sized island schooners. Large vessels cost a lot based on the information out there. Your statement about Toco is one that has been touted for years now but there is always opposition for somewhere, it would transform northeast Trinidad and allow for smaller private vessels to ply their trade and could therefore revolutionize the industry.

  31. Yet again we laughing at serious things in this country.
    Some of us know not of the anguish the people who go between our lovely twin island republic endure.

  32. If Watson was successful in bringing awareness to a situation that has been amply aired and has TV6 and fixing TnT highlighting issues on an almost daily basis then it means Duke “swim” was successful in reaching the non-readers or people who might not normally be interested in current affairs. So his publicity stunt seems to have killed 2 birds with one stone. He get his time in the limelight and a few people were made to realize that the sea bridge is real horrors. Win win I say.

  33. And people are listening to and following this man..

  34. That was fun….can they do it tomorrow?

  35. ..The future THA LEADER took a stand (almost said he got a stand)..and I commend him for his courage to swim with the sharks..

  36. Girl I buss out laughing. More mishaps than the ferry

  37. At least he reached, at no cost to the taxpayer

  38. If this “swim” was a success, then maybe next on the agenda is a “walk” from Toco to Port of Spain, but he’ll spend the majority of the way in the back of a pick-up. Or maybe a “hunger fast” where he eats breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  39. I applaud him for bringing awareness to this situation. People always become a critique when you try and do something to bring awareness.

  40. He kept his word and at least started and reach Toco

  41. Kambiri de Suza, no problem. Some groups have different rules so you just might not have known. Your views are welcomed and you can always contribute.

  42. So who pays for the services Mr Duke utilized on this his maiden voyage. Taxpayers. I suppose that makes him a hero for some. How do you feel giving a full day’s work in a small island developing state.

    • Stephney Kellman Phillips First world Questions.

    • And how do we achieve first world status?

    • Lmao at the First World Questions…he did what he felt he had to…we all are affected by so form of transportation problems …with all development comes new concerns …. his problem plagued swim showed him that yes it may be possible but things won’t always be perfect … #lovingT&T

    • When Mr K Singh did his fast for his to shine light on his Highway problems.. when some wore white and marched.. when some walked miles from one end of the land to the other.. when some walk out of Parliament.. when some find ways of protest.. look at America.. Venezuela.. .Africa.. England…etc.. they are not scuffed at.. mocked and called attention seekers.. Mr Duke choose his way.. we are all clamoring for attention for our neck of the woods.. find your unique way…those bystanders who only bring the negative side because they love the way things are.. as is.. Many better learn to swim.. at least when rain fall in POS..We Tobagonians need much more than a boat.. we need to get back our safe, natural, healthy, homely island..Thank you Mr Duke. you lived up to your word.. “By any means necessary”..

    • Caribbean Airways delays check Flights to foreign 3 hours.Last night and a couple of days ago 2 hours and I don’t know how many more delays.. Time for everyone to start giving a full days work for a full days pay if we want to be in the real world..

  43. I wish Akash Samaroo or Kejan Haynes told him that no one was watching the swim… Or something like the live feed hasn’t been working since the swim began… Just to see what he would have said ?

  44. Just like WASA say you the authority on water and can’t deliver even in the rainy season. Wait isn’t he the head of PSA union at WASA ? Hmmmm may explain everything

  45. At Lasana listen it was not intentional it just happen sometimes my head is down and when I look up it is already done no need to erase so sorry itwas not my intention

  46. “That Duke felt anyone needed a visual illustration of the difficulty of that swim might further hint at the intellectual capacity of his preferred audience.” Indeed.
    I want to know what’s going on with the alleged rape case. Is it all over but the shouting? If he is a rapist, I want him to at the very least express that he is sorry for what he did and make reparations before he can be forgiven and be allowed any kind of public hearing. *sigh* Can’t find a single news update on this…9 day wonder all over again.

  47. Another gimmick man like Ian the sheriff, the “whattttt’ man with his big mouth, the Keith Noel social activist turn silent minister ah fed-up of these gimmick men.

  48. Scotty Ranking

    “Duke called the swim a success—a further sign that, like most political ventures, it was more about the spectacle than the message.”
    The above statement epitomises my feelings on this protest “swim” in full: it is and was a political pappyshow that does actual little for the cause that spurred it.

  49. To me, he is a hero because he brought national attention to the ppl frustration

    • Was his protest thought of in a way to bring attention to genuine concerns of Tobagonians? Or to himself?

    • The media, Mark Bassant, Fixin T&T making almost daily releases… Don’t tell me that you only noticed Watson’s swim…

    • SItting behind your desktop and issuing releases after releases just wont cut it bro…Duke is even highlighting their cause to me they on the same page…one just sits behind a desktop and the other just get up and do something about it

    • Is real sufferation. Ppl have time to waste hoping and praying to get on a boat or flight. This is 2017, man. We not serious. Vision 2030 my eye

    • Adija, if you’re satisfied with Duke’s representation then I’m happy for you both. His job is to satisfy his electorate after all.
      I am quite unimpressed myself. But it’s not like Duke was swimming with me in mind was it?
      I think the message is more important than the spectacle. But if you think the previous protests–which led to the PM acknowledging issues and starting an albeit farcical probe–were nothing then let’s see what Duke and his “swim” can do.

    • Kambiri de Suza we don’t allow all caps. Can you repost without them so we don’t feel you are shouting at us?

    • He obviously didnt do it with you in mind bro…you dont have to journey to Trinidad to do your studies buddy and im sure grocery shelves in whatever land you hail are pretty well stocked…Citizens tore down a confederate statue in the U.S it didnt solve the problem but it highlighted their you obviously never had to struggle for anything in your life so you will not understand…And what if a person types in all Caps thats the level you reach because persons dont support your views…Well better i be out same speed because you rel toatin for no reason

    • Comparing Watson’s swim to the removal of confederate statutes? Nice. I was born in Tobago btw. My grandparents moved there and opened one of the first secondary schools on the island. And I’ve travelled there regularly my whole life.
      Look around and see if anyone else is using all caps in the group. We have rules here and we try to stick by them.
      Later fellah. Will keep it moving.

    • I find it interesting that people have alot of cririsicm for what he did. I did not know of these issues that were going on but hey it’s easier to laugh at him than to go out and create awareness.

    • Kwesi Gill, if anyone took the time out to listen to what he had to say, they would realise how critical the air/sea bridge is to life in Tobago.
      And I agree, a lot of it did not register with me, either.
      We have to acknowledge, that is the man’s style, gerrymandering. But out of everyone else, how many ppl got over 30,000 views? Even if only to criticise?
      Whatever his reason, at least he followed through on what he said h e was going to do. Much more than (any?) other politician.

  50. Rosa sat, so Martin could walk
    Martin walked, so Barack could run
    Barack ran, he ran and he won
    So that all our children could fly.
    Watson Duke swam, capsized, and was towed to Toco.
    So that Tobagonians could sail,
    He has gained my respect.

  51. How is he getting back?
    Is he going to fly to highlight the air bridge problems?
    Jump off a tree, land with a broken leg, crawl into a hot air balloon and then jump out over crown point?

  52. It was Trinidad and Tobago’s most disastrous relay attempt since the men’s 4×100 team at the Rio Olympics…

  53. they say duke made the swim to trinidad faster than the super fast galicia

  54. Cannot make this stuff up …

  55. He invented his own duathlon…

  56. At lease it didn’t cost taxpayers millions $M and millions $M of dollars Wired868. Consider that variable.

  57. Ah love it. I know the fool will have some twist to his so-called swim. All he thrives to be is a TV and photo hound. The man lives to be on TV, just ask Mr. Run Down. This spectacle was for him to get viewership and for him to have his 15 mins of fame.

  58. Oh gosh yuh rough up de man!!.and the photo caption call him Watson Dick twice eh. I reading this sitting by the savannah. People must be think I mad