Live Wire: Slowpoke acting CoP, Dr Rowley’s violent diagnosis and the Duke’s Hazard

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Is there a fine for slow brain movement in the fast lane? Should there be?

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams might have sparked another round of road rage for Trinidad and Tobago motorists yesterday, as he offered a moral lecture to local drivers about their dissatisfaction with the 80 km/h speed limit on the highway.

Photo: Ahem...
Photo: Ahem…

“With me and my organisation it’s about implementing the laws,” said Williams. “But just for drawing a reference, there are foreign cities such as Miami, that Trinidadians frequent, where the speed limit is 80km/h and citizens obey that law when they go up there.

“So it shouldn’t be that difficult to adhere to such a law locally, when they do it elsewhere.”

In fact, the speed limit on Miami’s roads are as follows: interstate 70 mph (112 km/h), rural four-lane highway 65 mph (105 km/h), rural undivided road 60 mph (96 km/h), 55 or 60 mph (88 to 96 km/h) and residential area 30 mph (48 km/h).

Trinidad and Tobago’s major highways are six-lane dual carriage ways while most of the Uriah Butler and Solomon Hochoy Highways does not have traffic lights. Think carefully about which of those Miami roads our highways might closer mirror.

Not that there are not global highways that also max out at 80 km/h. Mr Live Wired found four: Bhutan, Curaçao, Macau and Suriname.

Maybe Williams, slow fellah that he is, should go police there. And take Minister of Works and Transport, Fitzgerald Hinds, with him.

Photo: Ahmm... Nothing to see here!
Photo: Ahmm… Nothing to see here!

Unsurprisingly, traffic isn’t the only police issue that Williams is struggling to grasp. And he wasn’t alone there, as Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley explained that the country’s spiralling murder rate—13 murders in the last four days—is because “our society is labelling itself as a violent society.”

“It is just a question that it is a problem of violent conduct,” said Rowley. “Our society is labelling itself as a violent society and one could lose one’s life for the slightest thing.

“And that is not a matter that the Government can come and say, ‘Okay I’m going to flick a switch and turn it off’.”

So Trinidad and Tobago is merely pre-disposed to violence and “monster children?” Is it an act of God? Or Lucifer?

Far from making murderers feel like pariahs, are we now recognising them as a prominent group in society and a sub-culture now? Do these bloody savages have a logo and constitution?

Photo: Who are you calling a thug?! I'm a Newsday editor! (Courtesy
Photo: Who are you calling a thug?! I’m a Newsday editor!

(Although, if today’s Newsday front page is any guide: there might be an editor or two who can do with a psychological evaluation).

Are there any solutions at all, Doctor?

Like maybe try to encourage events which strengthen village relationships? Beef up the community police officers with anger management courses?

Target age groups and neighbourhoods prone to violence with sport and culture? Or maybe make murderers believe there was even an outside chance they would be caught and imprisoned for their crimes?

“What is the Government’s role in this?” Rowley asked, rhetorically. “In many instances the Government’s role does not begin until after the crime has been committed.

“So we have to ensure that we do nothing to encourage the growth in this kind of behaviour.”

Photo: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.
Photo: Murder is unacceptable! New crime plan? Locate the “murder light switch.”

Rowley was moving woozily from side to side on that topic. At least Express journalist Anna Ramdass could have blamed alcohol.

So is there anything at all that the Government is already doing? Maybe through the Police Service?

“Where we can do things we will do,” said Rowley. “For example, I understand that the speed guns… I understand it’s having an effect…”

Riiiiight… The heavy-handed implementation in 2016 of a law created for 1979 roadways and vehicles—which, no matter what Williams says, is out of sync with most of the planet—is the PNM’s first point of reference when talk turns to our lawless society.

No wonder violent criminals are shaking in their boots.

And speaking of persons quaking before the law. PSA boss Watson Duke was placed on TT$250,000 bail this morning after appearing in the Port of Spain Magistrates’ Court on Monday charged with one offence of sexual assault and four offences of indecent assault.

The rape charge followed a report made by a 33 year old woman—believed to be a lawyer—who was allegedly assaulted in a room at the Hyatt Regency in Port of Spain, last Thursday. While the indecent assault charges relate to alleged incidents which took place at the PSA’s headquarters in Port of Spain on different occasions.

Photo: PSA union boss Watson Duke leads a protest for better working conditions for public servants. (Courtesy Power102 FM)
Photo: So does anybody want to discuss this further at my room in the Hyatt?! Anybody at all?!
(Courtesy Power102 FM)

Allow Mr Live Wire to stress that last bit: “… on (as many as four) different occasions.”

Now, ‘no’ means no at all times and even a husband can be convicted of raping his wife. Statistics also suggest that most rape victims know their rapists, which probably says more about the assailant than the injured party.

And, of course, a woman is entitled to presume that people of the opposite sex are not all wanna-be rapists simply waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

Justice, hopefully, will be served here—in whichever verdict is eventually rendered.

But, at the very real risk of being sodomised by feminists, Live Wire would like to make a suggestion: Please try to avoid finding yourself alone in a hotel room with someone who you believe to have indecently assaulted you before on four different occasions.

Photo: Just because I go into a hotel room with a man who has a history of sexually assaulting me does NOT mean I should expect to be sexually assaulted!
Photo: Just because I go into a hotel room with a man who has a history of sexually assaulting me does NOT mean I should expect to be sexually assaulted!

Moral teaser: If Live Wire was spanked repeatedly by Feminati for daring to get into big ‘ooman business and ventured there anyway, is he looking for what he gets?


Editor’s Note: Our suggestion that persons—men and women—should be mindful of their surroundings so as to lessen the likelihood of harm to them, is in no way an attempt to gloss over the behaviour of the assailant in such cases. Once found guilty, such assailants should face the full brunt of the law.

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  1. These group are politically motivated UNC pressure groups to the PNM look at the mayor an Marlene mc Donald an no the ag that girl got rape duke is ah UNC so they will not defend her

  2. In 20 years of journalism i have never had cause to go upstairs to a hotel suite.
    In 20 years I have never approached a subordinate co-worker for sex.
    and, in 20 years, I have never seen an officer of the court take so long to decide on their legal position on an actionable offense—BUT FOUR such incidents??

  3. All I know is if any grown woman advised my daughter to attend such a meeting despite the warning signs, I would probably be outside their gate like Lue Shue demanding answers yes. Lol.
    I will visit the assailant. But I will advise that wanna be “O” as well.

  4. Clearly, his conduct had been unwelcome. This unwelcome sexual behavior constitutes sexual harassment and rape! Regardless of how she happened to be in the room, he needed to respect her wish of not engaging in sexual activity. He abused her trust in and respect for his position as president of the PSA. So what if she let her guard down, does that gives him a passed? Hell no! When a woman says no, even after she initially agreed to engage in sexual relations, it is no… She means ‘NO’! To ignore her and continue to have sex constitutes rape. Additionally, we need to stop blaming women for being raped. We tend to scrutinize her dress, her demeanor, her behavior etc.

    • You must be responding to stuff written in another post Kenneth. Because I would love you to show me where I gave anybody a pass.
      If you would advise your daughter, wife, sister or friend to go into a hotel room with a man that indecently assaulted them on four previous occasions, then I respect your right to give such advice.
      Call me crazy. But that is not the advice I would give.

    • Sorry you misunderstood my position! My comment is not directed at you Lasana! I am simply contributing to the discourse based on my experience dealing with sexual harassment as a leader in corporate America. I have had to mediate quite a few so I understand the headset of many people standing on the outside looking in. As far as I am concerned, if she had agreed to go to the room with the mutual understanding that sex will be involved then she changes her mind. NO is and means NO! If he followed through against her wish, it is rape! And because of the business relationship, it is also sexual harassment.

    • I had said even if they were married. No still means no.
      Only I added to that women must understand that they can also turn down invitations that might put them in harm’s way.
      Most times, you won’t see it coming. But if you have reason to doubt someone already. Be as cautious as you can too.
      I’m absolutely sorry for the victim if the allegations are true.

  5. Our Acting Chief of Police… he never disappoints.

  6. Lasana, just advise ALL women not to go to hotel rooms of any man who is not a close friend. That’s what lobbies are for, or restaurants/bars.

  7. Here’s another hypothetical. Let’s say the allegations are true (not saying they are).
    If, a year from now, the victim is invited into a hotel room by another boss who sexually assaulted her on four previous occasions, would she go?
    If the answer is no, why would she be unhappy if other women are also advised to turn down such invitations?

  8. If I get a phone call from any lady I care about. And she says her boss, who sexually assaulted her on four different occasions, just asked her to his hotel room. What should she do?
    My advice would be don’t go.
    Not because I would think she is looking for it. But because I rather she not take chances, especially when she has reason to doubt.
    I know some people find my thinking ludicrous. But we will never agree all the time.
    The man who attacks her would be wrong. Not her. But my advice would be: Don’t go.

  9. When there is a car accident, motorists will be advised to be more cautious on the roads.
    When there is a robbery, people will be advised to more careful about securing their valuables.
    When there is a murder, people will be advised about personal safety.
    But when there’s a rape?! God forbid that anyone advise about ways to keep your cookies out of harm’s way. Because the advisor is immediately seen to be somehow working in tandem with the rapist. Sigh.
    I want rapists to be punished. And I also want there to be less rapes. Not mutually exclusive things.

  10. I can’t speak for anybody but myself….and “come go to my room” would have been met with the fastest “HYMC'” in d history of HYMCs

  11. Lasana Liburd:
    1. A man indecently exposes himself to a woman four times and doesnt get further than that but takes that as a cue she wants him to penetrate her… Really??
    2. A married man not getting his full of tea at home but forcing his spoon in other people…maybe his spoon is the problem eh?
    3. A person holding public office get charged with a serious crime but doesn’t think he should resign… huh?
    All of those points have everything to do with him and nothing to do with her, but none worthy of satirical attention? Instead focus on what she did “wrong” and you think you not victim blaming? Sad..
    Especially because you have a platform from which to pontificate and people seem to buy into what you say…
    Not to telling you what to write and whatnot, but you might want to remember that there are thousands of people in this group eh. Rapists and rape victims probably walk amongst us. You might want to make it clear which side of the debate you on and the impact you having on either side. And disclaimers don’t dampen the “he did so and so four times and you still…” sentiment. Just and opinion and some advice… do with it what you will.
    Everybody who “KNOWS” they would have acted differently (in circumstances they not even 100% sure about) is talking from a point of privilege…

    • The court will decide on the guilt or innocence of the party. I won’t get into that. I gave an opinion which was meant to provoke awareness and nothing else.
      Because that is also the media’s job. That is why we publish about maxi robberies or impending weather changes or whatever.
      I respect your opinion.

    • Lasana, please stop BSing me. When we were talking about the coverage of women’s sport… my media’s responsibilty is to promote awareness argument didn’t fly with you, remember that?
      You think you promoting awareness by telling women if somebody do something four times, you should or shouldn’t do X, Y, and Z? We don’t need lectures, we need support. And support in this instance would have been to put him on blast, not her… Because even if he didn’t rape her… exposing yourself at work four times isn’t enough?
      Instead, you chose to victim blame. Find fault with her. Fall back on cliched and lazy patriarchal thinking. And the fact that you can’t recognise that, far less admit it is just more than unfortunate…just smfh disappointing. And people will just simple-mindedly regurgitate this nonsense that you spewing and society will just continue to be infected with garbage mentality.
      You really couldn’t find a way to “raise awareness” without victim blaming? Steups. Sigh. Lord.

    • Chabeth Haynes Wired868 doesn’t cover women’s sport?

    • And find the paragraph where I put her on blast and publish please.

    • And whoever disagrees with you is simple minded? People disagree with me here often. Sometimes they agree. I don’t think they are simple minded when they disagree and brilliant when they agree.

    • Steups… Lasana, you serious? You forget the entire thread we had about gender qualification of the West Indies team and where that led? But how many girls SSFL games did Wired868 cover vs boys last year? And let’s not forget your initial response when I asked if Wired868 would be covering the final round of the women’s Olympic qualifiers… but that’s not the issue at hand.
      I am not publishing the whole paragraph…. the part where you said so and so happened four times and you still do x, y,and z, is putting people on blast in the context of sexual assault.
      And relying on cliched mentality is not simple-minded, ok…
      And if you think somebody has to be brilliant to agree with me, the ok… whatever… that’s absolutely what I said.

    • That bit you quoted Chabeth. It was fact of the case. I can’t twist the case for anyone’s benefit.
      And, yes, I cover more men’s football than women’s football. I also cover more men’s football than youth football (any sex). And I cover more men’s football than veteran’s football (any sex). Or than Futsal.

    • I asked you to twist something?
      A man indecently assaults a woman four times, with seemingly no reciprocity and that’s his cue to get a hotel room for them? Same facts. Different person on blast.
      See how that works?
      But let’s focus on the victim’s “poor judgment”
      Anyway… not doing this all day with you, Lasana. So if you can’t see the difference, then so be it.

    • And it’s funny to me (in an eye rolling with a chuckle sort of way) that you can’t see that when you say I cover more men than youth or veteran etc etc, you’re immediately displacing women from an equal place to men…Lol.
      But did you cover any SSFL girls games last season?

    • i stressed of both sexes when I raised the others. I covered no SSFL women’s games at all. But I covered every women’s national team to varying degrees of competence and the WPL.
      Would you like to know the size of my staff? Then check the size of staff in the daily papers.
      I cover more live football than any newspaper with one eighth of their staff at best.
      So are you saying that our coverage is sexist?

    • Lol. Sigh… you made me laugh with that one yes. If you wanna play that we’ve never had discussions about Wired868 then ok, we can play that game.
      Needless to say, is it fair coverage to cover 1-3 boys games a week and no girls games?
      if I want to call you or Wired868 sexist, then I can do so without prompting from you or anyone else. I think it should be obvious by now that I will speak my mind when I feel like doing so.
      I think your reaction to this Duke situation is woefully wrong. You focused on why would she go into a room when he has done such and such how many ever times. Instead of why did he even do such and such how many ever times…
      Your approach constitutes victim blaming and as somebody who has a platform from which to express views, I find it more than a little concerning that that would be the route you choose. Especially in light of the days long dialogue on the Cosby thread and the Tim Kee situation.
      But my views on this matter are in the minority if that is any comfort to you.
      Even so, because I think you got it absolutely wrong (and I cannot stress how wrong I think you are lol) on one issue does not mean that my criticism of you on this one issue is an indictment of your being in totality. I don’t even know you. I just think you are really really really wrong in how you treated this particular issue.

    • There are two SSFL games per week. Not three. Yes, I think the right thing to do is cover those games alone if I cannot do both leagues.
      That is a business decision. I believe it is better to cover one league properly than two leagues half arsed. That is what we do.
      If we are covering a league, teams and fans must know they can rely on us for news every week.
      We won’t cover women’s football today. And when the fans of that competition come check thereafter they are disappointed.
      As far as Duke goes, it isn’t about a majority or minority view. Just opinions.
      I see where you’re coming from. I just disagree.
      You’re thinking solely about the interests of the alleged victim. I’m thinking of the interests of thousands of persons who might be in the sights of potential rapists as we speak.
      And I don’t think I disparaged the alleged victim to make my point.

    • Your last two sentences I completely disagree with. Not sure why you think you have the interest of rape victims more at heart than I do or why you think putting the victim on blast instead of the perpetrator is more beneficial but ok.
      As for the coverage of football etc… I hear what you’re saying cause I felt that way when only one of the women’s u21 hockey matches for covering.
      Didn’t realize there were only two SSFL games a week… Felt like I was reading more than that last season.

    • And where are your sentences/paragraphs that specifically put the alleged perpetrator on blast? Because I showed you where i thought you specifically put the alleged victim on blast…

    • How can I blast Watson Duke? I’m not prejudging case. But you will see that I said any rapist should feel the full brunt of the law.

    • With the hockey tournament, my sole intention was to alert people to the fact that it was going on. That was it. But, yes, that’s the situation.

    • Those are two match days btw. That’s different to just two matches whole week.
      In other words, each team will play twice per week on two separate match days.

    • You have got to be absolutely kidding me!
      How many ppl in response to this post have blatantly said or insinuated that the victim showed poor judgement or was stupid? And how many ppl have put Duke on blast? How many ppl have said but how many times a man will harass a woman before he figure out he not going to GT? How many ppl have said a woman not reciprocating your advances and you go an get a hotel room? Breds, you have issues…
      But you think you not prejudicing the case? See how that works though…
      Who you put on blast is who getting blasted.
      But you have this figured out and really not open to intellectual movement on the issue. So carry on…

    • The hockey tournament really isn’t important. The whole issue of sports coverage arose because you said the media’s job is to raise awareness and when we had that debate on another thread and I said that, you shot it down.
      In any case, I am acutely aware of your limited resources and how hard you work. And that you do a better job than other news media outlets that have greater resources.

    • Better job re: football coverage. Because this gender issue stuff is just wow… Lol.

    • Really and truly though… No progress was made from that Cosby thread.
      You took your floor space to criticize a victim’s actions and give women advice instead of talking to men about not creating those circumstances in the first place. Sigh. Smfh.

    • I am not even going to read that chabeth. We covered the SSFL for two seasons and have fixtures.
      If you want to say it is three games a week then carry on. Because this is going on the ridiculous. No thanks.

    • Lol. I’m looking at a league schedule that has even more than three games a week. Just trying to figure out if it’s the same league we were talking about it. But if you don’t want to be helpful then ok.

    • The school league is two games. Anything else is a combination of different divisions. Or the Intercol where every school in the country with a under 18 team is involved. But I said so already.
      If you don’t believe me, then go online and search for conflicting information.
      Seems like you’re addicted to winning arguments. All I’m trying to do is give information.

    • And the Intercol runs for less than a month.

    • Lol. I’m addicted to winning arguments? Nah I just like to understand situations.
      Don’t know where you think you explained anything about multiple divisions or tournaments before but I did just look for an old wired868 story and saw there’s a report for one match and then scores for about five others. But no worries, I’ll figure it out. Bye.

    • You’re suddenly curious about SSFL fixtures? Well, Wired868 covers SSFL Premiership division. And it is one midweek game and a Saturday game.
      While we are doing that we cover pro league which is two games a week.
      Then we were doing super league which is two divisions and sometimes two games each per week.
      Throw in a national game or three and Concacaf champions league and you can see why we are flat out during September to December.
      Barely time for satire. And, unfortunately, no time to add another league.
      But we will get there eventually. Not this year.
      But hopefully next year.

    • Lord…
      I’m suddenly curious about SSFL fixtures? I read most if not every match report from last season.
      And I went to Brent Sam’s first match for Jabloteh this season cause he got player of the year and I don’t go to SSFL matches which doesn’t mean I have no interest in the players, just that I don’t go to their matches.
      You’re the one who said there were two games a week which raised a flag because of how many stories I read last season. But you seem to not like or not want to be questioned about football stuff so that’s fine.
      In any case, like I said, I just looked at a story from last season and I saw scores for more than three games on the same day.
      So maybe when I say “two games a week” (or however I phrased it) I’m using incorrect terminology. Idk. But like I said, I’ll figure it out.

    • Yes, I figured it out. Thanks. I understand the difference between match days and matches.
      You corrected me and said two games a week which was odd to me. Which was why I double checked elsewhere when I got the chance. I did not realize that checking a second source and not taking your word as gospel would cause such great offense that you would not even look at the document I posted. I really did not know that that would be your reaction so apologies. Have a good night. Bye.

    • I just answered question as best as I could Chabeth. Just thought it was an odd time for that discussion. But I gave you the best and most sincere response I could.

  12. Exactly Chabeth.
    She’s a PSA attorney, Duke is the PSA president……I imagine it would be difficult for her to decline a meeting when he calls it regardless of how uncomfortable she might be about it.

    • I have interns who work with Wired868 and need a passmark to graduate. I can ask a female intern to meet me at a hotel lobby to discuss a story.
      But how do I convince her to come to my hotel room to further discuss it?

    • In other words, I can’t see how it is not relevant where the meeting is.

    • And let me STRESS. That doesn’t mean it is okay to rape a woman once you get her to your room. But I don’t by that “My boss says meet him in his hotel room… So I was compelled to go.”

    • I think it’s very relevant where the meeting took place Lasana, but I also understand that rape has less to do with sex than it has to do with power.
      Duke is the PSA president, he holds the power, his accuser is a PSA attorney. We don’t know how much influence he exerted over her just as we don’t know what exactly occurred in that hotel room.

    • Is a good ting my mouth big….I’m very insolent….and know how to cuss oui

    • Right. But that doesn’t contradict my point though. I’d like women to be careful around men that they themselves believe to be sexual deviants.
      If they think they have got to do it because it is their boss. What can I say. Go brave.
      If they think they should be able to go in any hotel room, regardless of who the dude is. Go brave.
      I am only offering a suggestion.

    • I really can’t judge either way until I am made aware of the particulars leading up to the alleged attack.
      The only thing I do know for certain is that Watson Duke should step down or be relieved of his position pending a resolution of this case.

  13. Ok So don’t find yourself in a room with somebody who you believe has indecently assaulted you before on four occasions. Would you come in for less blame if you only do that after three? After two? What’s the threshold?
    The subconscious and deep rooted victim blaming eh…
    Anybody know if she complained to anybody at PSA? PSA sound like a place that would help when everybody standing behind Duke and she is the one that is going to be transferred to a different office? Hope that office more convenient and cost effective for her to get to yes..

    • threshold?
      apparently there’s none!

    • People are not convicted of rape because they rape someone. They are convicted because the victim and police are able to prove he did.
      In any case, I am not trying to take away a woman’s right to go in a hotel room with a man who sexually assaulted her on four previous occasions.
      She is a big woman and can do as she pleases. Whoever wants to disregard my advice can do so.
      I am sharing an opinion. That’s it.

    • I do not know her circumstances nor the facts of the case…but logic will tell me that if someone is a qualified attorney( as has been reported the victim is) she might be fairly employable….and that logic will also dictate…that a well know character wont drag me kicking and screaming into a hotel room from the public lobby of a hotel if I refuse to go with him….but that’s just me

    • Lasana Liburd Indecent assault not sexual assault. They mean different things. Indecent assault can apparently be comments made or inappropriate touches so we don’t exactly know what he did those 4 times.

  14. “Please try to avoid finding yourself alone in a hotel room with someone who you believe to have indecently assaulted you before on four different occasions.” do you know something we don’t know. PS Dr. Rowley has no crime plan.

  15. Why don’t these groups call themselves what they are UNC secret party group

  16. Does the PSA have a harassment policy?

  17. Going ahead and unfollow to save my own self from disgust

  18. I know it’s Trinis I’m talking to. I ain’t saying a thing further. We talk about being against violence but we really aren’t. Y’all get the society y’all create. Every violent act can be checked for excuses and who deserve it and is it funny. Y’all get exactly what y’all deserve

  19. Coerce by threat of power? From January to May? I guess I don’t have much admiration for weakness.

    • Some people need their jobs which is why company have generally included provisions to deal with sexual harrassment in the workplace.

    • Agreed!!! So you wait until indecent assault #4 and a rape to report it?

    • If it were an easy thing to deal with there would be no need for SH policies as people would have been reporting this as a matter of course. We do not know her circumstances.

    • I don’t know her circumstances. I’m speaking generally. If you don’t feel safe, don’t go. Nobody can force you to have a meeting in a hotel room.
      There are laws to protect and employee from unwanted advances.
      So, my advice is use those laws and don’t take a chance.
      That isn’t saying that she look for what she get. I’m just asking people to stay on the side of caution if you have reason to doubt someone’s intentions.

  20. I hope if someone coerces (by threat or power) your female family members multiple times y’all will say the same thing smh. At least wait to hear the facts of the case first

  21. LOL!! Have you been to Curacao? Their “Highway” is essentially equivalent to the Eastern Main Road.

  22. LOL @ The Duke’s Hazard. Should he resign his PSA position ? – not suggesting, just asking

    • I’d say he should step aside, temporarily, while he fights his case. But then the reality in Trinidad is such a case can take years.
      If a verdict could be promised within a year, I would say yes.
      Because, apart from protecting the image of the PSA, his “victim” is actually contracted to the union too.
      But if the case is going to take years to resolve, it is kinda hard to put a man out of work for years when he might not be guilty.

    • I saw or heard somewhere that his substantive position is with WASA and as a result of the charge, WASA can suspend him causing him apparently to no longer be able to be an officer of the PSA because he is seconded from WASA. Maybe someone with some knowledge can clarify this.

    • You can be suspended before a verdict? I would think that should be a no pay leave.
      Marsha Richards? Darin Lewis? How does it work in HR at WASA when you are charged?

    • Hey Lasana, in principle he should step down until the matter is determined. However, he did not commit an act towards a WASA employee therefore it’s external to the organization. Like I said, to step down would be the honourable thing to do but it depends on the morals of the individual.

    • He is a Public Officer seconded to the Association for his term as President. During his term of secondment he is a full time office holder of the Association. His salary is paid by the Association during this period. This does not apply to Associations in the Protective Service. They are given time off to conduct their Association work and continue to receive their salary from the State during their term as a Rep of their Association. Any public officer facing a criminal offence is usually suspended from the Public Service until the matter is decided in the Court. There are two options in my opinion that can take place. Wasa has to suspend him for him to step aside from the office he holds in the PSA. He does not has to resign. The HR management of WASA has a responsibility to act. If they don’t act then he will not have to step aside while the case proceeds. Another option which the PSA must initiate is to suspend him as President, pending the outcome of the case. This might be the most likely position since he is a full time Association office holder till the next PSA election. Upon the expiry of his term of office as President and his return to Wasa he will continue on suspension untill the outcome of the case. His salary and perks he receives from PSA are much greater than what he gets for his position at WASA so he will not resign from his office as President.

    • You’re right because it isn’t just an allegation. The DPP felt strongly enough about evidence to recommend a charge. So he should resign.

    • He won’t. The salary and perks he receives as President of the PSA do NOT apply to the position he holds at WASA. During your secondment to the Association you cannot be promoted. He would not give up that standard of living he enjoys as President so easily. Wasa would have to suspend him which is the procedure adopted for public officers charged with a criminal offence. I don’t think the PSA has members strong enough to suspend him. Some of these organisations have created maximum leaders which go against their founding principles.

    • Lester Logie He was promoted before the end of the term of the last government. I believe he was made a WASA manager. It was most unusual!

    • If that was done then the other persons who were bypassed for that position can bring a case against WASA for compensation. That is a breach of the regulations. I heard about the rumour with the promotion. I did not know it was done. The reason why it is so is to avoid inducements of promotion to the Association Executive by management at the expense of members rights.This is a big problem in Associations in the Protective Service as their regulations don’t make them full time officers in their Associations. It should not be allowed to go unchallenged if the Regulations forbids it.

  23. It never ceases to amaze me that it is a given that a woman is more likely to be sexually assaulted by someone she knows and the various groups never outline precautions women should take to protect her from these types of sexual assault. The precautions always seem to relate to the boogey man that grabs you while you walking down the road.

  24. What would happen if the country’s laws, regulations and procedures were enforced like they do at sporting events; if there was no cherry picking of enforcement; if non-performers were replaced with dispatch as is done with managerial or coaching staff, or players; if decisions are based upon analysis and then implemented to get the desired results as in the sporting world; if the local media did half the analysis John Oliver does?

    Perhaps we should continue to pray like we have been doing for decades. Prayer didn’t transform Singapore or Finland to what they are today nor did it rebuild Japan after the war. But it might work for us.

  25. Didn’t Dr. Rowley have all the answers to crime and the economy for the last five years? Is he too busy thinking about the next wedding that his mind is flustered?

    In response to the number of murders he said that the Government implemented the use of the speed guns….(general silence then one hears a cricket chirping in the background as Dr. Rowley looks at the journalists).

    Apparently, labeling ourselves is what is causing the crime.

    ““In many instances the Government’s role does not begin until after the crime has been committed.” Is he for real?!

    Anna Ramdass made more sense than him. Guess three(3) Ministers in National Security aren’t working, perhaps they need four, maybe that will be the magic number….yeah…4…perhaps that’s it.

    Law implemented in 1979, enforced 37 years later in 2016. Now that is performance!

  26. Lasaana I hope you did not write this post because you was one of them fellas that got caught exceeding the speed limit, also the Solomon Hochoyhighway south of Chaganus is not 6 lanes! You need to take a drive south my friend, the main difference with our highways and the ones in Miami are there are no traffic lights as on the Uriah Butlerhighway!

    • Well, I would have to be more specific for you and point out that there are mostly six lanes but four in other areas. 😉
      The police have not ticketed me. (Yet)

  27. We have a gas shortage so higher paying downstream jobs are dwindling unemployment leads to Crime and Criminal behavior Mr PM.
    Regulations from when cars had carburetors drum brakes and being equipped with as much as seatbelts was not even mandatory
    Leaving the PSA president out “matter before the court”, but if you put your head in a wasp nest once n get stung Yuh really once bitten n shy as my deceased father in law used to say

  28. “In many instances the Government’s role does not begin until after the crime has been committed.” If this is what they truly believe, maybe they could relieve the CoP of his burdens and let the lower ranks just get on with it. 179 eh.
    No comment on Duke’s Hazard…let that take its course but that 4 and 1..hhmm

  29. The only ‘highways’ we have that should have an increase in speed is the North/South highway from the southmost traffic light going south and Beetham from the Central Market to the first traffic light in Valsayn on the CR. I hesitate to think higher than 100km/h because people feel that they ought to walk across highways in TT and this can be the cause of serious accidents. The speed limit should not be increased for any roads, such as the CR, where you can exit from either the right or left lane. We need to become more disciplined before the speed limit is increased.

    • There are different speed limits for different roads all over the world. I don’t think anyone asked for anything differently locally.

    • I think they seem to want one speed on the ‘highways’.

    • Maybe. But not from what I’ve seen. And is it even legal to cross the highway?

    • They cross them all the time. In the US and UK, the highways have fences/walls that prevent anyone from walking on them far less crossing them. When they talked about that for the Beetham, you heard about how you will interfere with people’s livelihood. People do not even want to use the walkovers that are in place. Even around the Savannah where there are well-spaced traffic lights for crossing, people still want to cross where they want, no matter whether cars are flying or not. We seem to have an inherent belief that we will never be knocked down and all cars will stop on major roads or highways to allow us to cross. Another traffic hazard!

    • I should add having taxis stopping on the highways is also another issue that speaks to keeping the speed limit close to 80.

    • And I would say ‘no’. Police the taxis. One child doing the wrong thing isn’t reason to give the whole class detention.

    • It is also a culmination of the whole series of unfortunate events – taxis, pedestrians, traffic lights, leaving on both the rightmost and leftmost lanse, etc. This is why I favour letting the police do their job and making us become more responsible before higher speed limits. I guess we will see what they end up doing.

    • I would say if the problem is taxi drivers. Then the answer should be aimed at taxi drivers. I’d disagree with anything else on principle and logic.
      If you have three children and one has a problem, you don’t beat all three. That would be unjust.

    • Judy-ann how do you equate taxis stopping on the hiway and the speed limit?

    • When they want to pull off or back onto the highway, I don’t think that they would necessariy do it with despatch. Cars would have to slow down or change lanes, or both. They also either pick up or put down pedestrians who may have to cross the highway with the traffic.

      Before all the traffic lights were put on the Savannah, I once tried to cross between Casuals corner and the QRC roundabout. I managed to cross with my heart in my hands because of the speeding cars and I decided that to get back to my destination, it made sense to cross at the roundabout or to walk to the traffic light if it was there in front of QRC. It was a long time ago.

    • The shoulder is only to be used in an emergency. No one should stop there to lime or drop off/pick up anyone. There is a way to also join the normal carriageway but they dont teach that here.

    • I think you will agree that taxi drivers were not near the top students for the Regulations Test! We all learnt it and things like you are supposed to stop if the obstruction is on your side. Ha!

    • So charge taxi drivers. Simple to me.

    • Girl I dunno, but they managed to get a taxi badge

    • And that is the other issue. Corruption at licensing. Pretending to fix all of those problems (and Rowley even suggested that we might be moving towards fixing the murder rate with speed guns too!) is just lazy.

    • We need both the Revenue and Licencing Authorities so the sooner we replace what we have, the better.

    • Lasana read this extract of an email
      “In many instances the Government’s role does not begin until after the crime has been committed so we have to ensure that we do nothing to encourage the growth in this kind of behaviour,” Rowley said.

      Right there is the problem with Rowley & the PNm govt — they are soft on crime, they blame others, and they are hopeless and clueless about crime prevention and governance. The government – any party – can and must do more to prevent crime rather than telling us “the government’s role does not begin after the crime has been committed”… that is sending a wrong message to criminals, that is telling the people you are on your own and the govt cannot help them, and that is shirking the responsibilities of Rowley & the government. You are spen3ding 10 billion on NAt Sec, you have 3 Ministers there, you are the head of National Security Council, and instead of concerted action to prevent crime you are throwing up your hands in the air in surrender to criminals and leaving a suffering population at the mercy of criminals roaming all over a country that has guns & drugs as well as illegal immigrants streaming across the borders. Stop being a ceremonial PM and get down to work, real work, serious business, and govern the damn country. Mobilize and energize the population, stop whining and take action, and accept the responsibility that you, the PM, must be the leader against crime, and the buck stops at your desk.

    • Take a ‘love’ for that last post Savitri!

    • And Judy-ann, I’d say obeying the law merely because it is the law is a weak argument. If laws were not changed over time, women would be unable to vote or work and most of us here would be slaves.
      Laws are man-made and can outlast their usefulness, be flawed or need updating.

    • I don’t want to overstate it and act like that is necessarily a policy position from Rowley, Sav. But I can safely say that I believe he is talking nonsense if we take that sentence as a stand alone mirror of the government’s approach to crime.

    • Thing is Lasana, we do not have a history of updating our laws regularly so we can only work with what we have and press for change. I want to hear what the traffic people say about the scientific calculation of our new speed limits and I hope that is done before changes are made.

    • Judy-ann, Mr Rae Furlonge is a transport expert who worked at Trabsport. He had quite a bit to say

    • Do you have a link for Dr Furlonge’s comments Savitri?

    • Judy-ann, if they can make a conscious decision to raise the fine for speeding ticket and purchase guns, then they can update law.
      I don’t buy that argument either. Do you know what is the legal distance you should be behind car in front of you?
      People don’t follow that either because it is obviously stupid. And people have a right to reject stupidity.

    • No Lasana I dont. I saw saw/heard his comments a couple of weeks ago where he said the speed gun should not be implemented yet without full data being provided by the Ministry.

    • I wrote story on this since last Thursday. But I was so distracted with site issues that I didn’t post.
      Maybe tonight or tomorrow.

    • Lasana Liburd they follow to closely. The faster you are travelling the bigger the space should be but you end up with people sitting on your bumper just waiting to hit you if you have to stop quickly.

    • It is true that some people do drive too closely. But there is no guidance from the law.
      I think it is still five car lengths away. That’s so ridiculous that motorists have no help and must ad lib.
      People must recognize that bad laws help nobody.

    • It varies according to how fast you are going. I can’t remember if our regs say what it is for varying speeds but I know the UK ones do.

    • the fences on the highways in the US and Europe aren’t for humans. They’re for wildlife. One assumes that humans can read the NO PEDESTRIANS ALLOWED signs…and one assumes that deer and gouti and dem kindah ting cannot…

    • Dennis Allen Trinis can’t read what is inconvenient to them so we will need fences that cannot be cut or climbed. The wildlife is smarter..

  30. I’m sorry eh…..1 indecent assault is enough for me …guess her level of tolerance higher than mine

  31. You sound like you might like that spanking yes…
    Cause you venturing into territory you already get licks for.

  32. i well asked Jensen if all the charges stemmed from the same incident yes…

    • yeah, i had to wait till i heard that on radio this morning. SMDH

    • But were they to the same person? If so one wonders if she was giving him rope to hang himself.

    • mite be wrong…but i think was he giving her the rope…

    • Yeah. I don’t see how that situation worked out in her benefit. And I don’t see who else it could have been but Watson Duke and the unnamed woman. They were the only people referenced in the police action.

    • what strikes me as odd:
      took several weeks to make reports of first three instances…which took place at your workplace…
      however, hours after incident at a hotel suite…yuh in ah police station. hmmmmm

    • Well, the last incident could have been way more traumatic eh. I get that. But you still have to explain why you didn’t report the others. It still won’t determine whether you did or did not get raped. But now it offers a chance for attorneys to try to suggest supposed inconsistencies.

    • what mainly concerns me is the idea that JUST BECAUSE the last incident was, in the alleged victim’s opinion, a rape, does it also mean that the other incidents were also non-consensual? this is something i have asked victims in the past, and in some instances they have indicated that no…the first incidents were consensual, but then he went too far…
      so it’s a kindah catch 22: because the last one was rape, all the other incidents of sexual activity must also be included as non-consensual so as to make a case, otherwise it would seem as though the victim led along the alleged perpetrator.

    • Ahhh… I see what you mean Dennis. Interesting point. Of course it is very possible that you could have consensual sex on one day and then non-consensual on the other.
      Better to be honest about that than to lie too, I would think. Interesting. It is a gamble if those other times are proven to be consensual. Then the whole case implodes.

    • exactly.
      this kindah thing is never black and white…cut and clear. Duke—whatever he did, and whatever public opinion says he did or whatever opinions of the alleged victim’s motives behind the timeline of her reporting the incidents—has to testify what happened on these separate incidents. I would be quite curious to hear how the two stories compare.
      There would be many protocol lessons in there for male managers.

    • They said the other incidents happened previously at PSA headquarters.

  33. Wait. So iz four previous times he assaulted her? BWDA i hearing here

  34. I have been waiting for this. Down the rabbit hole we go!

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