Live Wire captures Dillon’s Dick-strutting tour and brush with Unruly Enterprise youth

Just so that there could be no doubt as to the purpose of Friday’s walkabout in Enterprise, Chaguanas, National Security Minister Edmund Dillon, chest puffed out, walked with Deputy Commissioner (Crime) Wayne Dick swinging breezily at his side—hanging slightly to the right.

Dick was massive. Verily, Dillon was well pleased with himself.

Unruly Isis? Rasta City? Meet Babylon Boops.

Photo: Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon. (Copyright Jamaica Observer)
Photo: Minister of National Security Edmund Dillon.
(Copyright Jamaica Observer)

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, even strong, successful corporations can struggle outside of their own turfs, as they try to transplant a winning formula. Colorado-based brewery, Coors, for instance, had trouble selling beers to a Spanish-speaking audience. The company eventually discovered that the Spanish version of its slogan “Turn It Loose” translated into a colloquial term for having diarrhoea.

And, with that imagery in mind, Mr Live Wire turns now to Dillon’s staged dick-measuring competition in Enterprise.

Abdul “Krysis” Wakeel, a self-confessed Unruly Isis gang member, was trying to share his street knowledge with the media in the hope of adding context to a recent explosion of violence.

“It wasn’t a problem that started jes so. People didn’t just get up one day and pick up a gun and say, listen, we’re going and kill everybody in Bagaloo. And people in Bagaloo didn’t just get up one day, pick up their guns and say we going and kill people in Crown Trace.

“It have a solution to the problem but the problem is… We seeing all the violence and we thinking to weself the problem is the violence. But it had something that lead to the violence…”

Just weeks away from SEA examinations, Mr Live Wire would like to give Standard Five students the first crack at this multiple choice poser:

If Dillon was in Enterprise with the intention of dealing with the crime situation on the ground, should he:

Photo: Unruly Isis gang member Abdul "Krysis" Wakeel.
Photo: Unruly Isis gang member Abdul “Krysis” Wakeel.

(a) listen attentively to the local gang member as he gave his view on the genesis of violent crime in the area

(b) interrupt him

(c) troll him mercilessly

(d) show off his big, brash Dick

(e) all of the above, barring anything that might possibly lead to a constructive outcome.

Well, judge for yourself whether Dillon elevated the conversation on gang violence or destroyed any chance the media had of getting useful insights  from the streets.

Dillon: “You are not the fellah that was on the video and thing?”

Wakeel: “Yeah.”

Dillon: “You were on the video talking a certain way?”

Wakeel: “Yeah.”

Dillon: “You were the person, right?”

Wakeel: “Yeah. That was me.”

Dillon: “You were the one who has been talking like that?”

Wakeel: “Yeah.”

To be fair, Dillon was not necessarily trolling. Using history as the guide, Mr Live Wire’s view is that the former brigadier has already outed himself as being as sharp as a butter knife.

Photo: President Anthony Carmona (right) swears in National Security Minister Edmund Dillon.
Photo: President Anthony Carmona (right) swears in National Security Minister Edmund Dillon.

President Anthony Carmona had to swear him in twice as National Security Minister in September 2015—and, two years later, he still appears not to have come to grips with his portfolio.

On Friday at least, Dillon was trying to make a point.

Dillon: “Talking in a certain way that bring this population in a sense of unease.”

This time, he dispensed with the question mark.

Wakeel: “No, well you have to understand something…”

Dillon: “No, no, no, no. Wait. This is not a question of understanding. I am talking to you. You are the person who has been doing that. You are responsible for that. Nobody else… You are responsible for that right? You are responsible for that. Don’t blame it on no situation and no circumstances.”

The DIY manual for making a disastrous entrance into a new market gives step one as ignore local experts in your respective field.

Dillon was off to a flying start; Wakeel was confused.

Wakeel: “It is obvious it is me speaking there…”

Dillon: “You are responsible for that.”

Wakeel: “Yeah but I…”

Dillon: “What do you intend to change?”

Dick (hanging to Dillon’s right): “You responsible or not? You responsible.”

Such sophisticated interrogation. If this is the level of cross-examination that takes place at police stations around the country, is it any wonder that so many suspects end up being  released without charge?

Dillon and Dick were unwilling—or genuinely unable—to grasp what Wakeel was trying to say. Sharp as a tack, however, the younger man immediately spotted what the poldier duo was getting at. He tried to get at the big picture.

Photo: National Security Minister Edmund Dillon (right) trolls gang member Abdul "Krysis" Wakeel on his home turf in Crown Trace while Deputy Commissioner (Crime) Wayne Dick (background) looks on.
Photo: National Security Minister Edmund Dillon (right) trolls gang member Abdul “Krysis” Wakeel on his home turf in Crown Trace while Deputy Commissioner (Crime) Wayne Dick (background) looks on.

Wakeel: “Nobody can’t implement me [or be] blaming me [to paint the picture that] what happen in this community is my fault.”

Dillon would have none of it. He wanted things nice and small. Except for Dick.

Dillon: “No, no, no. I am talking about the video…”

Wakeel: “You can’t implement me and make me feel…”

Dick: “No, no, no. Listen. No disrespect. We are talking to you with respect… We don’t (thump) deal (thump) with (thump) disrespect. (He beat his chest after each word). No disrespect. If we talking to you in a order, respond in an order.”

Funny how lawmen are always telling young men and women not to behave aggressively towards others in a juvenile, misguided belief that respect is an important intangible worth fighting over.

Slapping his chest in front of the television cameras, Dick was showing Wakeel who the real gang leader was on that day. Bad man don’t take no backchat!

On the other side of the young man, Dillon was speaking his piece at the same time.

Dillon: “Daiz all I want. You’re the one in the video and you said ‘yes’. And therefore what you did in the video was to send a sense of unease. And therefore what I am saying to you (is) don’t blame any circumstance for that. You and only you made a choice to make that video… No circumstance made you do anything. Unless you inherently want to do it, you always have a choice. To do or not to do.”

Was this a demonstration of ‘good cop, bad cop’ interrogation technique? Or was it more like classic ‘self-absorbed minister, self-absorbed deputy commissioner’?

Photo: An (cough, cough) incorruptible lawman.
Photo: An (cough, cough) incorruptible lawman.

An imam, part of Wakeel’s entourage, chimed in.

Imam: “The video was made a very long time ago and he did apologise for it.”

Dillon: “Well, I don’t know about the apology.”

Wakeel: “Well, I made a live apology. So you saw the video where they were talking all the bad things about me but you didn’t see the video where I […] was revealing all the police officers in crookedness, [where] I telling you all the officers who getting paid by certain drug lords, [where] I telling you who all the drug lords is, who bringing in all the gun?”

Maybe Dillon was too busy listening to Sacha Singh’s DIY “Mistress 101” audio blogs to get around to a former gang leader sharing information on corrupt policemen and the mechanics of the underworld.

And, curiously, Dillon didn’t seem terribly interested in hearing more about seedy policemen on the day either. Nor was Dick, who seemed only concerned with offences against etiquette.

Dillon: “Are you prepared to provide all that information?”

Dick: “You could talk to me right now.”

Dillon: “Are you prepared to provide it?”

Wakeel must have felt as though he was in the Twilight Zone.

Wakeel (mouth open with an incredulous expression): “But I went live… And the video live?”

DIY manual for making a disastrous entrance into a new market step two is this: Be very selective about what you hear.

Dillon: “The ACP of Crime is here. Are you prepared to bring that information?”

Wakeel: “Of course.”

Dillon: “Are you prepared?”

Wakeel: “Without a doubt.”

Dillon: “Fine. Well, you are well on your way to changing the behaviours.”

Photo: A post on Abdul Wakeel's Facebook page.
Photo: A post on Abdul Wakeel’s Facebook page.

Mr Live Wire thinks Wakeel was going around in circles trying to talk to Dillon and Dick. Remarkably, the young man didn’t think so. He still tried to make a point on the crime situation in Enterprise.

Wakeel: “The problem is… I want the world to know this, the Boss…”

Dick: “Not the Boss, Mr Dick. I am not a boss.”

Which, of course, was not true. Dick is a boss. But, on Friday, the presence in Enterprise of the high-ranking police was not about truth; it was about posturing, about appearances, about how it go look..

DIY manual for making a disastrous entrance into a new market step three: Dismiss local culture and idioms.

Ford once had a tough time selling Pinto cars in Brazil. As it turned out, ‘pinto’ in Portuguese is slang for ‘small penis.’

Of course, Wakeel was not trying to make Dick feel small.  On the streets ‘The Boss’ is a term of respect. But one got the distinct impression that the National Security Minister and his entourage were not there to listen—but to be seen to be imposing themselves.

Wakeel: “Mr Dick, we are not the ones. People keep saying we are the ones in Crown Trace who are bringing in all the drugs, who paying the police and who have all the guns. Now literally, people who living in Crown Trace…”

Dick (interjecting): “Listen you can talk. We understand the passion. But a little respect.”

Wakeel: “Yes…”

Dick (interjects again): “Hold on. (waving a hand in the direction of the television cameras) You seeing the thing in front of you?”

Wakeel: “Yes.”

Dick: “Iz the nation. So if you intend to influence the nation into thinking and believing in what you’re saying, show that form of respect. Let we start from now and we can talk better.”

Photo: Unruly Isis gang member Abdul Wakeel.
Photo: Unruly Isis gang member Abdul Wakeel.

Because, as we know, eloquent language can make buffoonery sound marvellous. Which might be why the media seemed to think that Dillon’s tour went well.

DIY manual for making a disastrous entrance into a new market step four is this: Dismantle existing leadership structures rather than engage and work through them.

Wakeel: “Alright, The Boss.”

Dick: “Not The Boss…”

(Everyone laughs. Wakeel,  frustrated, looks sheepish).

Wakeel: “Mr Dick…”

Dick: “Not the boss.”

The young man tried to explain that the videos of him spouting obscenities and promising to violently defend his turf were at least two years old. He suggested, in his own unsophisticated way, that he might be the victim of character assassination with a particular end in view.

Wakeel: “[…] Why? To make me look bad. Because they see I’m speaking against the corruption in this community…”

(True to form, Dick again cut the younger man short as soon as the subject of corruption is raised).

Dick: “Let me share this with you. And I’m being frank with you, I’m being frank with you. Investigations are and will continue in respect of those videos. My advice to you is desist from doing that.”

Imam: “That was years ago…”

Dick (ignoring the Imam’s interjection): “Desist. Hear me good. De-sist from doing so. My job is to treat with crime and, while I am willing to work with you or anybody in reducing crime, I am not going to tolerate any form of disrespect whatsoever from whoever in this country. You understand me?”

Photo: Senior members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service during an address by then National Security Minister John Sandy in 2010. Involved in serious discussion about protecting and serving? (Courtesy News.Gov.TT)
Photo: Senior members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service during an address by then National Security Minister John Sandy in 2010. Involved in serious discussion about protecting and serving?
(Courtesy News.Gov.TT)

And that, almost certainly, was the only reason that The Law was in Enterprise. Because it felt disrespected. What they wanted was respect, not to be bothered  with information about crooked policemen or drug lords.

If Wakeel knew what was good for him, he would stop posting anything that made the TTPS look bad.

By now, the fight had left the young man and he appeared to have given up on sharing any information with the high-ranking National Security duo.

So this one question for Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley from Mr Live Wire: If Edmund Dillon is the answer, will you remind us what the problem is? Please?

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  1. This is just a case of proving rank. Pure intimidation, missing the most important point of the exercise purportedly to dialogue with both sides with the aim of finding solutions to the issue of rival gang wars. Final result, a whistleblower silenced, no information offered. An informer and the Public given a Social Studies lesson in one’s willingness or unwillingness to reject any form of disrespect.

  2. Why do people want Dillon to listen to this man. People in Trinidad SICK:

  3. Where they find them from?? Waste ah time no good blood sucking don’t give ah damn about nobody but them self so call leaders of this country.

  4. Them police r a set of pussyesssssss

  5. Empty vessel making noise to d minister

  6. Building more police stations or slaves masters pigs house is not the answer

  7. We are not ready to deal with anything .These people on bullshit quite frankly .If they were serious about solving the problem the approach would be different .What happened there is an example of the bulshit that occurrs with members of our protective services and our citizen . The crap these two foolish men carrying on with is like when you are training and a training officer frigging up a recruit because he thinks that he has to abuse a person to train them , If you want information it requires patience , understanding . intelligence and strategy .But weak people need to be made to feel or be told they are in charge .That is why some members of the police service will never earn the public’s respect or corporation .There are people who are no longer in the police service and are still very much respected .Citizens please note that as long as our officials continue to have this approach we are in for hell and real thing have not started yet . We have had three exsoldiers as minister of NATIONAL SECURITY and they all failed so this clearly says , you do not need a person from any of the services . Need someone who has good managerial skills , who is attentive , strategic and analytic .I wonder if these people ever played chess or draft , then they would understand the importance of strategy in crime fighting .Any good investigator will know you have to win people over to get info, if you marketing something get the person to believe you have their interest at heart . They are lucky the man did not tell them go to hell and walk off .Please Mr.Dillon what some of the methods used by so many others in conflicts like the Vietam war , Falk land ,even to this day ISIS . Is not always about the type of weapons you have but how you use what you have . But you should know this . please get a copy of THE ART OF WAR .

  8. Why can’t these “leaders” understand crime is a social issue. There are examples throughout the world on how to deal successfully with criminal activity . Canada and Netherlands come to mind. But our biggest problem is the passiveness of our population .

    • Lasana Liburd, Vernal Damion Cadogansince he who alleged must prove, and the average man on the street has the resources to investigate, why would anyone step forward to give information about any crime? Are we really serious or paying lip service?

  9. Why the photo has a copyright from the Jamaica observer? We don’t have enough photos of our own minister? Lolol

  10. Dis was such a disrespect not allowing the guy to finish his interview,total bullying and wen the guy was about to say its the police who causing the problem there they hush him up dick and company alyuh really show how dunce and dotish alyuh real is boi.

  11. This is the Great anti crime plan . ..hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha . ..the SSA and Marriage bill working . ..hahaha hahaha

  12. This is the government that will Trinidad to shame and disgrace to the eyes of the world a government of incompetence Ali Baba and his dead prick ministers

  13. So instead of tackling the problem with the required force, they went for a meet and greet walk-a-bout to see who have the biggest cocolicks.

  14. Anybody have contact for the queen of England?

  15. Dillion n Dick don’t. Want peace it will cut into they profits,they’re the problem

  16. this was a cheap PR stunt..that perhaps has backfired

  17. The ‘Rasta City’ gangs made videos as well, posing with more high powered weapons than Wakeel did: did Dillon go to Duncan Street, St Barbs, the Beetham, Soogrim Trace, Maracas St Joseph or Bagatelle and bully anyone there?

    Instead, he went to the ‘nashy Indian’, why? Would he have treated a Beetham Gang leader like that, or would ha have wined and dined him, and showed him more respect?

  18. Minister real sharp! :/Anyone can see they were intimidating and changing the topic. Abdul Wakeel would do a better job as Minister cuz he seems to know the ins & outs. I’m sure the Minister knows what’s going on as well but planned inefficiency always prevails in the Caribbean. & Trinidad is soon to be considered a banana republic if not already.

    • No pun intended but we are a banana republic .Just that some people don;t realise it . Watch our approach in dealing with most things .Most of our high profile cases go on for years and are dismissed , by that time the public loose interest or forget about it . The police are not too eager to charge certain people unless is the poor ,ordinary people who has no connection .

  19. The socalled MINISTER and socalled ACTOR went down there to measure DICK size. But when they both come up short, and didn’t solve anything…

  20. There is a crucial fact that was addressed by the individual on question that is being ignored by all those who are demanding “respect” for office holders. Having been privy to videos about police prejudice in Crown Trace long before the ones in question, I understand why the individual attempted to explain the origin of the conflict. Kudos to him for trying to bring light to the situation. He didn’t take a we right they wrong approach. He fairly stated that the conflict didn’t originate overnight. He was met with arrogance, disrespect, (in case you all cannot identify it, refusal to allow someone to finish their statement and talking over them is disrepectful), and bullying on the part of both the Minister and Mr. Dick. Lead by example. That is one of the issues we face in this society. We have been led to believe office deserves respect. It doesn’t. The point made about the individual being disrespectful cannot even be justified with an example. What did he say that was disrepectful? Because he attempted to defend himself when accused? If that’s the case then the whole judicial system is based on disrespect.

    • Nuff said. Apres ca,the French say, on tire l’echelle. If all those involved are reasonable people, thus endeth this whole debate about disrespect.

      Kudos to you, my brother.

  21. this article take de cake. lol. When i see Cartman i nearly dead. hahahahahahahaha

  22. Amen Lasana Liburd. My sentiments exactly but expressed without any effing and asses! ?

  23. I think I see d acp Stephen William in d back ground and he didn’t get on like a dick….. Dick get on like a dick.

  24. I am having great difficulty easily identifying with the law here. This should be an easy call , bad man vs d police…I no longer know who is who….smh

  25. This is the BEST news article I have read in forever!!

  26. Like we don’t already know there are alleged corrupt police officers
    Regardless of what “information” he has he was the one that was very disrespectful to Min Dillon

    • Nobody cares what you think you know. You don’t live in crown trace. He does. You are talking about hearsay. He might be talking from personal experience.
      So you immediately discount what he might offer as unworthy?
      No surprise then that you rally to Dillon with that sort of thinking.
      Certain people aren’t worth your time or courtesy right?

      • Mr Liburd, You’re slipping! Did i read right? Did you just say that Krisis “might” be talking from personal experience? can you get any deeper into teh belly of the beast than he was?

        Unfortunately, the political agenda does not include slaying that beast…

    • Why are you making it seem that because he’s from the ghetto that’s why I’m brushing him off that’s not it at all any way to each his own

    • Explain why he deserved to be brushed off then. Because he made a video that glorified violence two years ago?
      What if Jack Warner says he wants to work with the police to help them deal with white colour crime?
      Do you think the police would and should treat with Warner’s theoretical offer in the same disrespectful way?

    • Soooo what u want exactly Lasana Liburd?!…fuh dis alleged gang leader to start all willie nillie “naming and shaming” so called “corrup cops” on live tv??…allyuh serious wit dat??

    • For starters, it wasn’t live tv. Secondly, the media knows how to do its job regarding libel. Third, he didn’t name a single person and wasn’t in the process of calling anyone’s name when he was stopped.
      Is there any reason why Dick and Dillon would be terrified of him naming someone though?

    • Lasana Liburd you watched dat fella??…like really?”he wasn’t in the process of calling anyone’s name”…you fuh real?!..and you know dis because….? Listen, i personally doh know dat fella from Adam…what i do know however is ive seen him on videos openly…openly!…singing sounds about “bussin open man head wit gunshot” lol and den his hopped up,unstable, appearance with Dillon and crew!…dis as far i as i can see and judge ain’t no stable person to be given no “bully pulpit” to advance anything in front ah no damn mike and media(lord knows he chant enough already!)..dey could easily take he “confession” without the full glare of de cameras

    • I know because I watched the interview chat with Wakeel, Dillon and Dick. And it is a fact that he did not have a name on his tongue when he was stopped.
      He did indeed have videos when he called the names of people who he claimed where corrupt officers. But guess what? Dillon and Dick claimed that they didn’t see those.
      Were they lying? Is that why they were afraid he might call names in their presence?
      Again, it was not live tv. I don’t where you got that fanciful idea from.

    • Whether it was live or not…cameras were rolling, not so?i saw CNC 3 and maybe Tv6…in fact i move pass the whole “live” aspect point is that eh de forum for the disclosure of ni kinda “hot” criminal…there are better times and better places for that!…surely you must see that?!…its almost as if in allyuh haste to build the narrative of how shitty and incompetent Dillon and Dick were (of which i don’t necessarily disagree ?)..allyuh willing to dispense with reason and common sense…let dem take allllll he info off public media, with he legal counsel present man!!(whappen allyuh wha de whole ting fall down before it could even start or wha?!) ?

    • What media house you worked in Nath Johnson? Here how it goes fellah. You interview someone. You take all the information you can possibly get.
      Then you try to verify what was said to you or liaise with your attorneys to see what you can publish without being unfair to anyone.
      You don’t censor people while they are talking or before they start talking when you are not live.
      But I can tell that you are not here to learn. You are unshakable in your own belief. And now you want to lecture me about the media.
      Take care Nath.

    • I doh wha lecture nobody bro…you seem to wha Dick and Dillon to do the media work for dem??…as incompetently and as asinine as dey handled it Lasana Liburd, dey are not….under the legal,moral or ethical obligation to allow Mr Isis to spew his spew on his terms are they?…what you want can still be accomplished my friend….without the real time glare of the media and FB..that’s my point

  27. Lasana Liburd my comment has not to do with the young man’s ethnicity or status because I grew up in a community that they deem as a hot spot my comment has to with how he addressed the Min regardless of creed or race you must have respect for the person as well as their office and to be honest you’ll treat the gangster like a celebrity all over social media he has videos threatening to kill & make mayhem

    • You want to hold the man to a video he did two years ago that he was not charged for.
      Now in this country, Yasin Abu Bakr, Ish Galbaransingh, Steve Ferguson, Jack Warner… they all committed worse crimes than that Facebook post you’re mentioning.
      The boy apologized for it. So why can he not move past that? people like Warner have the FBI looking for him and giving feature address for the nation’s school teachers.
      I call that hypocrisy. Charge him or zip it.

    • Ish and Steve committed “worst crimes” than what dis fella allegedly involved in?!…really?…at a ah barest minimum dey equal if one sees corruption and alleged murder on the same scale ?

    • Nath, who said he committed murder? He has a murderous face?

    • Lasana Liburd….allegedly…big man…allegedly…what “crime” Ish and Steve were found guilty of that you know of??

    • The same information that led to warrants being issued for Ish, Steve and Warner already led to a string of guilty verdicts and guilty pleas.
      But you want to say allegedly for Ish and Steve but call Abdul a murderer. And all without a trace of irony I guess.

    • Lasana Liburd…you being rather disingenuous…please show me where I called Mr Unruly Isis himself a murderer?!…where??…YOU however, said that Ish and Steve were “guilty of crimes”…as far as I know…dat is an utterly false statement(unless they were convicted somewhere and if that is the case..forgive me i was wrong)…what i said was”allegedly”…I never convict nobody ah no crime!…me eh have all dat powers lol, be careful with your statements bro

  28. So long as we look down on people because of the colour of their skins, where they live, how they speak and how much money is in their bank accounts, we will never have peace.

  29. Gillian Karlene Alexander if the young man made a seditious statement then arrest him. Otherwise you’re not helping your case.
    If he is a criminal then arrest him and charge him for his crime. If not, then treat him with the same respect you would any normal citizen. You don’t get to ill treat someone because you don’t like them.
    And more importantly, if you are in the area with the intention of dealing with crime, then what he has to say could be important. You don’t have to agree with it. You just want to understand what the word in the street is.

  30. Thank you Wired 868. Until I read this the only words I could muster were WDFMC. Thank you for giving words to my feelings.

  31. It’s time the government acts like a father and not like a friend to these people

  32. No Min Dillon should have invited him for coffee.. alyuh good oui
    That young made so much seditious videos & then wants to talk to the Min of Nation Security like if they pitched marbles together in primary school
    That’s what’s wrong with our society we encourage disrespect
    We chastise the law abiding citizens but cheer own criminals
    I expected better from you Lasana Liburd but then again it’s the professionals and those in higher echelon of society who always have alternative facts

  33. This is a clear case of people having no idea how to deal with crime corrupt officers,lawyers making small cases go on for decades,little or no tools for officers to work with just to name a few but you telling someone to cease and desist while men brining in AR15 and 45s with extended mags what is the plan of this government to reduce crime ?

    • That is the question, Calvin, and the answer is very embarrassing for all of us whether or not we support the current govt.

      And stuff like what we see on the video makes you cringe. Does the plan involve at any level, at any stage, training for police officers, junior as well as senior? My categorical answer? NOT ONE F—!

  34. We need to get hold of the Scott drug report and put it out for all to see .

  35. Nobody listens & nobody cares until it falls in their backyard. Until they are treated by the law like they have no say. Emagine someone cursing you but u can’t curse back. Using obsene language. Someone hitting u and if u hit back. Assaulting an officer. We in Trinidad just continued with our colonial masters law and gave power to people who do not understand how not to abuse it. In this time and age why our officers n their cars not equipped with cameras. Their watchwords are to protect n serve, how many do this with pride?

  36. The captioning is always awesome. Dick n brushing

  37. Imagine .. Minister of National Security pleading with ISIS gang member to behave .. Is he a wimp?

  38. So now we see where their subordinates get that attitude from, I am the law, I can speak anyhow to u, u in turn must always have respect 4 me, it’s never about mutual respect. They know what’s going on but there is no profit in solving crime, black youths are dispensable if it’s the correct term. Police and politicians in T&T believe they are a law above themselves it doesn’t apply to them so the youth of today are just doing the same

  39. Thank you. For a while it seemed like these were my views alone.

  40. i often wonder how men like dick and them reach that kinda rank in the service you know

  41. Tyrone De Freitas read this bro…

  42. Had I been advisor to the Minister, I would’ve suggested that this be conducted off camera.

  43. Spot on. just what we we’re saying Garth St. Clair

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