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Adolph’s loot: Life Sport beneficiary vows to hold on to $34 million

The Life Sport fete is over. After a series of investigative pieces in the Trinidad Express and an equally damning report from the Central Audit Committee, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar stopped the music and allowed the frolickers to come blinking into the light and call a taxi.

Everyone except Adolphus “The Life of the Party” Daniell; but then you would party hard too if you had pocketed $34 million.

Daniell, a lifelong educator, has a dilemma. He collected $34 million of taxpayers’ money from a corrupt arm of a sleezy Ministry as payment for a job that he never even started; and the paperwork is now on its way to the DPP to possibly initiate criminal proceedings.

But then, on the other hand, Daniell has grown attached to the idea of having $34 million in his bank account.

Photo: You want to keep it? You have got to be f***ing joking!
Photo: You want to keep it? You have got to be f***ing joking!

“It wasn’t that a contract was forged in the middle of the night,” Daniell told the Sunday Express.

Newsflash: Daylight rape carries the same penalties as midnight rape; and the public purse was molested pretty badly in this instance. We don’t care when you got your dodgy loot, Danny boy; we want it back.

Daniell insisted that SporTT officials “considered all the angles of the legal advice” before entering into the arrangement with his EBeam Interact Ltd company.

But that scrutiny might have been tempered by the fact that Daniell was an aide of Sport Minister Anil Roberts.

“Mr Daniell was brought by Minister Roberts and officers of the Ministry of Sport to meet with the Ministry of Finance to demonstrate how the programme would work,” Finance Minister Larry Howai told Express reporter Asha Javeed. “After the demonstration, nothing further was heard about this initiative as far as I am aware.”

Howai suggested too that the Sport Company (SporTT) was used as a means of getting the money to Daniell with Cabinet oversight.

“This particular contract was approved by the Sport Company (SporTT), not by the ministry,” said Howai. “State enterprises can and do enter into contracts without Cabinet’s approval. As far as I can recall, Cabinet would not have been aware of this contract at the time that it was approved.

“The Ministry of Sport proceeded with it through the Sport Company rather than through the Ministry of Sport itself.”

No doubt, Roberts, the man who can’t make himself out in a home video, forget all about that deal as he “back backed” through Parliament like the Mighty Sparrow last Friday.

Photo: Sport Minister and MP Anil Roberts.
Photo: Sport Minister and MP Anil Roberts.

And Mr Live Wire is willing to bet that if Daniell got $34 million for every time a company paid him in full for a job that he had not even begun despite being a year past the start date; he would probably have $34 million.

Daniell told the Express that he was the victim of this story; despite the $34 million in his bank account and the fact that Life Sport director Ruth Marchan is in hiding minus her murdered ex-bodyguard since exposing his remarkable profit.

He was, he explained, being set up to look guilty just because he happened to be leaving the scene of one of the biggest local financial scandals of this century with a $34 million parting gift.

“Anyone with a modicum of common sense would know that the crook always points in the other direction,” said Daniell, while pointing in the other direction.

Daniell listed several other reasons why he should keep the taxpayers’ $34 million, which was improperly handed to him for a job that he did not do.

“I was the individual who saved the Life Sport programme from being closed down in 2013,” he said.

Okay; that did not help much.

“The thing about it is, it is a non-issue because the only way under a contract anything is recoverable is if the other party is in default,” he said. “There was never a single letter of complaint that I was in default of this contract. Not even a phone call.”

So, the people now under investigation for corruption were too busy stuffing their own pockets to bother you while you kept your mouth shut and headed for the exit. And you think you should keep the money just because you were able to hold on to it for this long?

Photo: Not even Homer Simpson is dumb enough to fall for that, Adolph.
Photo: Not even Homer Simpson is dumb enough to fall for that, Adolph.

Since when did “finders keepers, losers weepers” become a plausible legal defence? Is this like musical chairs except the last person with several suitcases of taxpayers’ money gets to keep it?

It might be “a non-issue” to you Adolph; but we, the taxpayers, still want our money back.

Daniell had a final card to play. He would be happy to consider his loot as “hush money.”

“Anytime I come out, it’s timing,” he said. “If I wait until two months before the election, it’s timing. I have a lot of time. It will shake this place like an earthquake, okay?”

Move over “Tsunami Jack”; now, we have “Earthquake Adolph” who is suggesting that he was not fully forthright with the Central Audit Committee and is happy to blackmail the Government to keep money he had no right to have in the first place.

So while the so-called uneducated “little black boys” who actually took part in the programme conceded their monthly stipends of $1,500, Daniell thinks he should keep $34 million for doing nothing because he believes he is smarter and more cunning than everybody else.

Is that the life lesson he imparted to students at the Daniell’s Educational Institute?

Every parent has been here; when, no matter how you reason and plead, that little popo just won’t let go of someone else’s goodies

Trinidad and Tobago is undergoing a cultural shift as we try to move beyond corporal punishment as a corrective tool. But even a keen dieter allows himself a snack from time to time.

And Adolphus Daniell is as good an excuse as you will ever find to give the rod a last hooray.

Come tell Mr Live Wire again why you should keep that dirty money, Adolph. I know a Laventille mother with a shovel, a short temper and a brilliant counter-proposal.


Editor’s Note: The initial report was edited with an excerpt from the Trinidad Express interview with Finance Minister Larry Howai on Adolphus Daniell.

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  1. Love the last paragraph…lmao…”All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others”..that’s the defining principle of this morally bankrupt “educator”…..us taxpayers exist to support the exclusive lifestyle of the sport life benficiaries…he is entitled eh,,,alyuh betta ketch alyuh uneducated self..

  2. You did a fantastic interview Asha Javeed! Daniell epitomises the greed in LifeSport.

  3. If the Sports Company signed this contract and made the payments, then the CEO, CFO and Corporate Secretary should all be suspended immediately to start with as a prelude an investigation and further possible action including criminal prosecution.

    Needless to say that the Minister and Permanent Secretaries should follow as well.

    And I would be astounded if these funds aren’t recoverable. Anyone who signs a contract that stupid should be debarred from practicing on the grounds of criminal stupidity at best, colluding to defraud the Treasury at worst.

  4. I took maths lessons from Mr Daniel whilst in hi school he was a very good teacher but a f***ing dog other wise jail his ass.

  5. when I was in primary school some of the boys use to say ” honesty is the best policy but dishonesty will make you wealthy ” maybe that is what he teaches.

  6. I really can’t believe this shit! Is only one thing that drives his enthusiasm and that is wanton f#%&ing greed, that’s all. Give back the money, you didn’t work for it.

  7. Maybe he can’t return it because he already spent it all.

  8. I can’t wait for old mass this coming carnival. I am not missing it!

  9. Kenneth Ransome, and Lotto ads lying to us all this time, telling me that I can’t win if I don’t play….”yuh have to have a ticket to win”, not!

  10. He damm bold face, he better pass the money back. Like he and Anil related!

  11. Brilliant work once again. I am not sure if it was around in your time but Daniell’s once operated out of cic compound. I have to say i never liked the character. he seemed very sleazy to me.

  12. I am speechless. The eat-ah-fooders getting more and more boldfaced every day in this place, oui

  13. I doubt very much that all this theft can be laid at the threshold of one Minister.It requires the compliance of several.This is just the tip of the iceberg.

  14. While the focus is on street crime ,white collar crimes act as the fuel for street crime and also undermines confidence in the economy,The current crime scourge is caused by this,how many prosecutions and successful convictions in the last 4 years.only protocol letters.The criminal are working free never caught,what are the statistics on convictions for money laundering.

  15. Exactly this 34 mill for no work received goes beyond the Minister the Cabinet must say why they approved these payments when no work was done

  16. Last time I checked, the most money that a PS could sign off on independently, was 1 millions dollars, anything above that has to go to cabinet for approval. I don’t know who took it , but $17 mil was requested and approved, then another $17 mil was requested and approved, even though no work was done. Yet still no one at level the level of cabinet is willing to accept responsibility for this act. I don’t give the man wrong, I was keeping the $34 mil. until you find out who requested and approved such payments.

  17. He stayed up all night substituting them, Fayola

  18. How you were able to write this without one expletive is beyond me. I respect your restraint

  19. Sacking Anil is not enough. We need to sack the whole the government! Then we need to investigate each and every program implemented by them with fine teeth combs and start pursuing these thieves to return our patrimony. Then we need to put in place better checks and balances to ensure this does not happen again.

  20. That $34 million is already divided/shared amongst all of those fraudsters!

  21. I wanna be like him yes! 34 seems to be the number of the decade too, lol!

  22. The man won the Lotto, just so! Without buying a ticket!

  23. I knew Daniel doing maths at St margaret’s parish hall in belmont and he has now lowered my expectations of him,return the money please

  24. Blame not one person (no matter how greedy, immoral or unethical) but the system and all of the people allowing this to happen over and over again. Let’s see if anyone is prosecuted out of all of this nonsense. By the way, keep an eye out for missing files and agreements down the road folks!!

  25. …but if SporTT signed a contract which stated that their obligation was to have the locations ready…why were the locations not ready? Especially after they already paid $34M that depended on it!!

    why did SporTT sign a contract that was not based on deliverables attained? If deliverables were not to be measured, whether t was started or not is irrelevant.

    As it stands, Adolphus Danielle adhered to his contract…

  26. Lasana Liburd, your story was more fun than mine-)

  27. I love Anil’s excuse though, he’s not corrupt, he just trusted the wrong people.
    With the amount of money this racket cost the Trinidadian taxpayer, if Anil doesn’t deserve to be sacked for corruption he should be sacked for incompetence and grossly poor judgment.

  28. Wake me up when it’s all done! Ah fed up now

  29. This is just the tip of the iceberg! More to come and more to be unearthed!

  30. The audacity of the man that he didn’t even use some of the forst 17 mill to rent a place, pull in a few students – fool we up nah. Oh gosh boy andf he so bold face he want to keep de money. Nah man daniel yuh is a boss yes. I love my Cuntry.

  31. what is incredible to me is that the money was collected in parts. 17 million paid. No work done not even a school rom rented and no checks and balances. no reports of work done. yet still another 17 mill was paid? How does that work and where do i sign up for that kinda ‘free’ money. lol

  32. What bothers me most are the assassinations of the body guard and driver of the whistle blower.

  33. What bothers me most about this whole situation is the budgetary amounts increased so much over the years and there’s no report listing cabinet’s questions to justify this increase. Are we missing something here and letting them all off? Can this info be requested under the FOI Act?

  34. Hahaha. That is what gets me the most with white collar criminals in Trinidad and Tobago. That air of entitlement.
    The feeling that a crime done with a pen is a thing to be admired and rewarded. Honestly. Seriously.
    I think that is really what they think. Ask Jack “I-will-do-it-all-over” Warner.

  35. Why would he return the money?
    It was hard swindled!

  36. I wish Daniell wasn’t still calling himself an educator. More of an accountant, or even bounty hunter, surely?

  37. its not madness.. its Trinidad and Tobago!!

  38. Come tell Mr Live Wire again why you should keep that dirty money, Adolph. I know a Laventille mother with a shovel, a short temper and a brilliant counter-proposal.

    Lol! Take her to them….Lasana,

  39. He was definitely around in my time.

  40. Even the matrix had ‘deliverers’ smh. He could say that with a straight face that he didn’t deliver Maths and English classes due to lack of infrastructure! Yet paid $17 million already! 17 million TTD!!! Nah man. How do they sleep at night?

  41. Law and order seems not to exist. We are in the Matrix now.