Adolph’s loot: Life Sport beneficiary vows to hold on to $34 million

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The Life Sport fete is over. After a series of investigative pieces in the Trinidad Express and an equally damning report from the Central Audit Committee, Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar stopped the music and allowed the frolickers to come blinking into the light and call a taxi.

Everyone except Adolphus “The Life of the Party” Daniell; but then you would party hard too if you had pocketed $34 million.

Daniell, a lifelong educator, has a dilemma. He collected $34 million of taxpayers’ money from a corrupt arm of a sleezy Ministry as payment for a job that he never even started; and the paperwork is now on its way to the DPP to possibly initiate criminal proceedings.

But then, on the other hand, Daniell has grown attached to the idea of having $34 million in his bank account.

Photo: You want to keep it? You have got to be f***ing joking!
Photo: You want to keep it? You have got to be f***ing joking!

“It wasn’t that a contract was forged in the middle of the night,” Daniell told the Sunday Express.

Newsflash: Daylight rape carries the same penalties as midnight rape; and the public purse was molested pretty badly in this instance. We don’t care when you got your dodgy loot, Danny boy; we want it back.

Daniell insisted that SporTT officials “considered all the angles of the legal advice” before entering into the arrangement with his EBeam Interact Ltd company.

But that scrutiny might have been tempered by the fact that Daniell was an aide of Sport Minister Anil Roberts.

“Mr Daniell was brought by Minister Roberts and officers of the Ministry of Sport to meet with the Ministry of Finance to demonstrate how the programme would work,” Finance Minister Larry Howai told Express reporter Asha Javeed. “After the demonstration, nothing further was heard about this initiative as far as I am aware.”

Howai suggested too that the Sport Company (SporTT) was used as a means of getting the money to Daniell with Cabinet oversight.

“This particular contract was approved by the Sport Company (SporTT), not by the ministry,” said Howai. “State enterprises can and do enter into contracts without Cabinet’s approval. As far as I can recall, Cabinet would not have been aware of this contract at the time that it was approved.

“The Ministry of Sport proceeded with it through the Sport Company rather than through the Ministry of Sport itself.”

No doubt, Roberts, the man who can’t make himself out in a home video, forget all about that deal as he “back backed” through Parliament like the Mighty Sparrow last Friday.

Photo: Sport Minister and MP Anil Roberts.
Photo: Sport Minister and MP Anil Roberts.

And Mr Live Wire is willing to bet that if Daniell got $34 million for every time a company paid him in full for a job that he had not even begun despite being a year past the start date; he would probably have $34 million.

Daniell told the Express that he was the victim of this story; despite the $34 million in his bank account and the fact that Life Sport director Ruth Marchan is in hiding minus her murdered ex-bodyguard since exposing his remarkable profit.

He was, he explained, being set up to look guilty just because he happened to be leaving the scene of one of the biggest local financial scandals of this century with a $34 million parting gift.

“Anyone with a modicum of common sense would know that the crook always points in the other direction,” said Daniell, while pointing in the other direction.

Daniell listed several other reasons why he should keep the taxpayers’ $34 million, which was improperly handed to him for a job that he did not do.

“I was the individual who saved the Life Sport programme from being closed down in 2013,” he said.

Okay; that did not help much.

“The thing about it is, it is a non-issue because the only way under a contract anything is recoverable is if the other party is in default,” he said. “There was never a single letter of complaint that I was in default of this contract. Not even a phone call.”

So, the people now under investigation for corruption were too busy stuffing their own pockets to bother you while you kept your mouth shut and headed for the exit. And you think you should keep the money just because you were able to hold on to it for this long?

Photo: Not even Homer Simpson is dumb enough to fall for that, Adolph.
Photo: Not even Homer Simpson is dumb enough to fall for that, Adolph.

Since when did “finders keepers, losers weepers” become a plausible legal defence? Is this like musical chairs except the last person with several suitcases of taxpayers’ money gets to keep it?

It might be “a non-issue” to you Adolph; but we, the taxpayers, still want our money back.

Daniell had a final card to play. He would be happy to consider his loot as “hush money.”

“Anytime I come out, it’s timing,” he said. “If I wait until two months before the election, it’s timing. I have a lot of time. It will shake this place like an earthquake, okay?”

Move over “Tsunami Jack”; now, we have “Earthquake Adolph” who is suggesting that he was not fully forthright with the Central Audit Committee and is happy to blackmail the Government to keep money he had no right to have in the first place.

So while the so-called uneducated “little black boys” who actually took part in the programme conceded their monthly stipends of $1,500, Daniell thinks he should keep $34 million for doing nothing because he believes he is smarter and more cunning than everybody else.

Is that the life lesson he imparted to students at the Daniell’s Educational Institute?

Every parent has been here; when, no matter how you reason and plead, that little popo just won’t let go of someone else’s goodies

Trinidad and Tobago is undergoing a cultural shift as we try to move beyond corporal punishment as a corrective tool. But even a keen dieter allows himself a snack from time to time.

And Adolphus Daniell is as good an excuse as you will ever find to give the rod a last hooray.

Come tell Mr Live Wire again why you should keep that dirty money, Adolph. I know a Laventille mother with a shovel, a short temper and a brilliant counter-proposal.


Editor’s Note: The initial report was edited with an excerpt from the Trinidad Express interview with Finance Minister Larry Howai on Adolphus Daniell.

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  1. Mr Pinard,
    Right on the ball as usual. But you seem to be completely unaware that some people are paid their salary – and I imagine a few perks – precisely to sleep on the job.

  2. I recommend 201 years in jail for every dollar.

  3. I have over 35 years Public Service you have no idea how wrong this is since we are guided by the bureaucratic three quote system….in my area with my specialized equipment…I have to JUSTIFY ….IN WRITING…..the use of a sole provider…..every time it is challenged…..I am having so much difficulty with this scandalous spending on nothing… Especially when all our spending was drastically cut for 2014 on instruction from the Minister of Finance… 2015 will be worse with projects in the pipeline… no pun intended…

  4. The BOLD attitude of Daniell, tells me there is more in the Mortar than the Pestle. This Life Sport FIASCO seem to be DEEP and WIDE. I anxiously await the other Chapters.

  5. ’cause the Minister of Sport, The Minister of Finance and the Permanent secretary of Sport were derelict in their duties.

  6. “Procurement
    State Enterprises are guided by the manual entitled Standard Procurement Procedures for the Acquisition of Goods, Provision of Services, Undertaking Works and Disposal of Unserviceable Items in State Enterprises/Statutory Bodies (State Agencies) produced by the Ministry of Finance in undertaking all procurement of goods and services. In July 2005 GORTT removed the stipulation that all contracts valued over $5.0Mn be approved by the Minister of Finance to ensure compliance with the best procurement practices. However, all State Agencies are now required to submit to the Ministry of Finance on a monthly basis, within fourteen (14) days after the end of the month, a listing of all contracts together with the value of each contract awarded by the agency during the month. Further, the Minister of Finance has the authority to review and audit contracts awarded by the State Agencies as considered necessary and appropriate.” Why should it be so difficult to pick up a $34 million contract and make sure it’s legit?

  7. Gerard – many companies are way behind in their reporting so that part doesn’t surprise me.

  8. But State Enterises are required to submit monthly reports to the Ministry of Finance listing all contracts entered into during the previous month. The MOF has the authority to audit all such contracts to ensure all is above board. Seems like many folks fell asleep on the job.

  9. Lasana Liburd – State enterprises do not require Cabinet approval to enter into contracts. I don’t know if the Sport company is a special purpose vehicle that can act as a procurement agency instead of the Central Tenders Board so that may be worth looking into.

    What I took from the article was that the Ministry of Sport took the route of the Sports Company executing the contract as a deliberate attempt to circumvent the need to go to Cabinet which is extremely serious. The comments about the mind and management of the contract are telling because it means that the Ministry was running the contract instead of the Sports Company. That should never happen. Of course, if there is a relationship between the Minister and say the CEO of the Sports Company, that might explain a lot.

    In any event, there are clear rules of procurement in the State Enterprises Performance Monitoring Manual that appear to have been breached here. That is why I said the management of said company need to be investigated for their role in this matter.

  10. These guys – Anil Roberts, Daniell, Ashwin Creed, Anthony Creed, and the other co-conspirators are consumed by greed. They have no self-respect, no ethics, no integrity! They are selfish, self-righteous and egotistical white collar thieves. The 100s of millions that have disappeared is in their pockets and they believe that they will never be charged because of the people they have paid off, and because corrupt officials in the past have never been prosecuted and jailed. Well, with all the money they stole they will NEVER be happy, nor have peace of mind. They need to be ostracized, and jailed for 20 years hard labour.

  11. Who else was named adolph and tried to hold on?

  12. “Excuse me Mr. Hart, do you know the meaning of the colors of the trinidad flag? Answer the question! (Even louder tone) Do you know the meaning of the colors of our national flag?” Whaaaaaat! If you could get away Scotch free, I can Walk away. I doubt if anybody would send Johnny for me. Pnm doh like me, ilp doh like meh, unc doh like meh, even meh own party cop doh like meh. And guess what…..I still here! Feel I have to disappear like you? Feel I care that a swim team that traveling have no track suits to march in? Dem children will relax dey self and bathe in the one I buildin on the moving land in a couple years’ time.

  13. Thanks Lasana Liburd I would really like to know their names and to express need to do FOIA request for those board papers and minutes if legal committee where the non performance of Daniell under the contract was discussed

  14. We need to stop yapping and making jokes, and demand incessantly that these thieves be held accountable. Else this dishonorable behavior will be shoved under the carpet. LET’s DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR OURSELVES for once, nah. Or gorm, man!

  15. So this Daniell fella just get 34mil for doing nothing and he did not think that something was wrong…..well he real full of but dont worry it coming back to haunt him….and all who were involved in this thiefing…..

  16. I will try to get and name those board members Gabrielle Gellineau!

  17. Well true I know that money can no longer be found but if Sport Company was the vehicle for siphoning all this cash I want to know who on their Board and I want them Board papers cause those Board members need to be heading to court. You see if we concentrate only on Anil the PM will fire Anil and say ok allyuh get what yuh want and sweep all else under carpet. This is beyond firing one man, man.

  18. like every other politician that get in those same positions….Good amount to split up…

  19. Those men split that $34M normal, normal.

  20. That is very possible. If so, Anil can’t afford for him to be indicted.

  21. Adolphus Daniell is just the bag man

  22. Kickback, kickback, kickback! That is why Daniell can’t/won’t repay the money. It done share up long time…

  23. We might have to audit the audit! Lol. Truth is there are still many questions left.
    But the Express and Asha Javeed in particular did a great job of sinking their teeth into this story.

  24. No the other payments under the program? Unless he saying is all multi million payments were through Sport TT

  25. “Anyone with a modicum of common sense would know that the crook always points in the other direction,” said Daniell, while pointing in the other direction……..nearly choked laughing……..lmaooo

  26. Well, he is suggesting that Adolphus’ payment was done through SporTT and bypassed Cabinet. A sort of loophole for the Ministry of Sport to get its stuff done.

  27. Larry Howai well know who brought who I assume he was absent when Cabinet approved the various payments under the program. Steups look I don’t want to hear no Cabinet member finger Anil nah until they finger themselves spare me!

  28. he is a damn thief, give back d money, dat is why Patrick Manning did not want him around

  29. Lasana Liburd, we need to call in Law & Order SVU. The population fo T&T are victims of a most vicious rape of our resources, with perps like Daniell virtually wining in our faces.

  30. Like this Government like the number 34. I going for my 34 Play whe.

  31. Somehow I get the feeling that the t&t red steel controversy was supposed to be a well timed distraction from life sport. But the only distraction was all dem good looking women the camera man find almost after every ball! All the hullabaloo caused was more support for the team. Now in this case the public seems to be uniting in an even bigger way and I for one am eager to see how they will respond. Whaaaaaaaat! the torouba stadium was the ideal place to bury the stash! It would be ironic if the pnm finds the shovel they used to turn the sod and buss all ah dem ass with it.

  32. I does now really admire Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, that shit wasn’t happening there. It would have been licks, sign over the money and then you go missing in jail.

  33. At least Calder Hart and his brother in law built the Hyatt, Tower D and the water front…

  34. Its Tax payers blasted money. We want it Back Now.

  35. The passports and visas of all involved should be confiscated or revoked. They should not even be allowed to travel to Tobago. Their banking accounts and accounts of their friends and families and businesses should be frozen and throughly investigated. Jail them all….

  36. i still trying to swallow the fact that ppl like me waiting over 15 years for an answer from hdc on if i will even get a house before i start collecting pension but the government can squander steel and give away millions and then tell me i gotta wait on a lottery system to get a house? is 34 million we talking about one man collected from the government to do nothing ? i hope this government feel the full wrath of god yes. i wish every one of them live long and suffer. damn wicked ppl

  37. What a story’ , hope Mr. Daniel enjoys his stolen money that hard working citizens of this country contributed to this govt in the form of taxes.

  38. The FIU can only pass concerns over for the police to investigate. It is as toothless as the other bodies.
    The only way it can have any impact is by leaking information. And I don’t think it has.

  39. Madness, pure madness… I was given a heads-up on this LifeSport farce but I was too damn naive. I believed that the FIU was as diligent as the IRS in the USA where once banking irregularities are noted, prompt decisive actions are taken to investigate all past, current and future transactions, but I was wrong, no tail! SO much for naivety.

  40. “Anyone with a modicum of common sense would know that the crook always points in the other direction,” said Daniell, while pointing in the other direction.

    Ran straight into that.

  41. Men out here working hard no MC to make ends meet doing the right thing and actually working while these people robbing tax payers. You think this place easy? Trinidad is wealthy enough for everyone to live comfortable but no, there are just a few people taking everything. How can this be right? How the f$%k this man think he could just keep $34 Million dollars without doing anything for it?

  42. For every million he should spend one year in jail that is after he gives back the money


  44. Corruption is like a virus. People watch their neighbours get easy money and say: well, if everyone else is doing it…
    Then they wonder why our public services are in a mess and our young people don’t respect us.

  45. Lasana, not just LifeSport eh! This country is now riddled with greedy people, from top middle to bottom. And that includes our fourth, fifth and sixth estate, the ones who are entrusted to be the citizens voices. There are a lot of them who can never be objective again and are beholden.

  46. You know what… ah playing old mass next year! So many characters I can play from this LifeSport scandal… Whew boy, ah tell ya! Mass for days…

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