Fitzie loses his Works, Works, Works, Works! Keithos turns to Ish and Warner’s pardner, Sinanan

EPL Infrafred Sauna

When the first two people to offer congratulations to your new Minister of Works might well be Ishwar Galbaransingh and Jack Warner… Well, you know you’re not in Kansas anymore sweetheart.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced his second Cabinet reshuffle today and to say it was a bit of an anticlimax is an understatement. This was like telling your wife you have reservations for two at a trendy restaurant where you dine under the stars, the chef prepares the meal right in front of you and there is curbside delivery. And then you take her for Rufinas doubles by the Arima Dial!

Photo: Wtf?! I thought you said "double reservation" not DOUBLES reservation!
Photo: Wtf?! I thought you said “double reservation” not DOUBLES reservation!

Yeah, that face your wife pulled when she realised “canal view” meant just that and “live entertainment” was an inebriated gentleman who could hold his liquor better than he could carry a tune—but only barely…

Well, that was the look on Mr Live Wire’s face when he realised that Rowley thought replacing Works Minister Fitzgerald Ethelbert Hinds with Rohan Sinanan was an upgrade.

Last December, Sinanan’s guest list at his 50th birthday party suggests that he certainly will not be short of know-how—and, more worryingly, know-what—when he starts work. His guests, according to a Sunday Express story co-authored by Denyse Renne and Asha Javeed, included multi-million dollar People’s Partnership contractors like Prem Ramhit, Sieunarine Coosal, Nirmal Rampersad and Kalco’s Arvind Kaloo.

And, most spectacularly, Galbaransingh and Warner, who are both fighting extradition to the United States on corruption charges.

“Ish has been a friend [for some] time and I have known Mr Warner for years,” Sinanan told the Express. “This is who I am and that is one of my strengths. These people have been my friends. It doesn’t mean that anyone can be compromised.”

The old people have a saying which goes: “Show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.” Which is probably why the PNM stopped allowing old people free GATE access.

Photo: No GATE?! Anthony Garcia better hope he fenced 'round!
Photo: No GATE?! Anthony Garcia better hope he fenced ’round!

“One of the big issues in this election, which we have just won, is that we had no policy,” said Rowley, as he addressed Balisier House on 7 September 2015, “but we had deputy political leader Rohan Sinanan, policy and campaign manager for the 2015 general election.”

No wonder the PNM, like the UNC, is in no rush to pass legislation that would compel political parties to reveal its financiers. Hinds, it now seems, was no more than a seat warmer—although, to be fair, it is a position that suits Fitzie’s unorthodox talents.

Hinds now replaces retired Brigadier General Ancil Antoine as Minister of Public Utilities. Nicole Olivierre gives way as Energy Minister to PNM chairman Franklyn Khan. Within a week, everyone will forget that Nicole was ever in the Cabinet.

Well, except the constituents she shouted at, of course.

And Kazim Hosein takes Khan’s former portfolio as Minister of Rural Development and Local Government. As a result, Sarah Budhu’s senatorial appointment will also be revoked by president Anthony Carmona.

Crucially, Edmund Dillon stays as National Security Minister. Maybe Rowley didn’t trust another get-together between Dillon and Carmona.

And Darryl Smith remains as Minister of Sport, Mohawks and Selfies. Which might come as a blow to sport presenter James Saunders, who could easily combine all three portfolios. Although, to be frank, so could any idiot with a camera phone and a middle-aged barber.

Photo: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley (far left) poses with PNM deputy political leader Rohan Sinanan (right) and his family. (Copyright Trinidad Guardian)
Photo: Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley (far left) poses with PNM deputy political leader Rohan Sinanan (right) and his family.
(Copyright Trinidad Guardian)

As for Sinanan, Live Wire would like to stress that there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever which suggests improper conduct on his part. True, some of his best friends are as straight as a slippery road sign. But let’s give him the most lucrative ministry anyway.

After all, background checks which scrutinise the likelihood that your network of associates might impact on your prospective job are only necessary for really important jobs. Like directing traffic and handing out pillows on international flights.

There are two unshakeable facts. Whether you vote PNM or UNC on election day, it is always the “parasitic oligarchy” that wins. And when mammy name you “Ethelbert”, yuh bong to get tap up!

Rowley’s memo to Carmona

•Revoke the appointments of Ms Sarah Budhu as a Senator;

•Revoke the appointment of Ms Nicole Olivierre as Minister of Energy and Energy Industries;

•Revoke the appointment of Brigadier General (Retired) Ancil Antoine as Minister of Public Utilities;

•Reassign Mr Franklyn Khan from Minister of Rural Development and Local Government to Minister of Energy and Energy Industries;

•Appoint Mr Kazim Hosein as Senator and Minister of Rural Development and Local Government;

•Reassign Mr Fitzgerald Ethelbert Hinds from Minister of Works and Transport to Minister of Public Utilities;

•Appoint Mr Rohan Sinanan, a Senator, as Minister of Works and Transport;

•Reassign Mr Stuart Young, Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs and Minister of State in the Office of the Prime Minister, to Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs and Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister.

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  1. He failed in the they put him in the west…real donkey logic

  2. Take it in your rooks..Hinds..look how Rowlie.. Hugging up the alligator from the murky lagoon.. And he how.. he got your job…


  4. I find it very sad that the conversation has taken a racial turn. Rohan Sinanan has worked very hard in the party. So why can’t we have am inter-racial party? We are in a real mess as a country. For Christ sake!!! This is 2016.

  5. Is the party not called the Peoples National Movement! The operative word being “National”.

  6. Looks. Like. A. Calcatta. Ship sail in

  7. Mr Sininnan owns Kay Donna drive in and it in the path of the proposed curepe interchange I wonder at what price will it be acquired from mr sinnanan

  8. you can shuffle a pack as much as you want there will always be two jokers.

  9. Karla O’b, this is straight copy and paste:
    Rowley, Jack, Ish among those in attendance…

    Rohan?s ?big

    people party?

    PRIME Minister Dr Keith Rowley says he did nothing wrong by attending a party hosted by his deputy political leader in which corruption-accused Jack Warner and businessman Ishwar Galbaransingh were in attendance.

    Both men are wanted by the United States government to answer charges ranging from money laundering to racketeering.

    They are both contesting their extradition request by the US authorities.

    The party that Rowley attended was the 50th birthday celebration for (People?s National Movement) PNM deputy political leader Rohan Sinanan at his Valsayn home on November 21.

    Several Government ministers were also in attendance, including Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi who was master of ceremonies.

    Sinanan is no stranger to the party, having been publicly thanked by Rowley, as the person who strategised the PNM?s successful election campaign.

    Rowley was accompanied by his wife Sharon and was greeted by National Security Minister Edmund Dillon, Planning Minister Camille Robinson-Regis, former health minister Jerry Narace and businessman Andrew Gabriel.

    Recipients of Partnership contracts

    Several contractors who were the recipients of multi-million-dollar contracts under the former People?s Partnership government were also in attendance.

    These included Prem Ramhit, Kalco?s Arvind Kalloo, Sieunarine Coosal and Nirmal Rampersad, among others.

    Several guests who attended the party and spoke with the Sunday Express on the condition of anonymity questioned Rowley?s attendance, saying that question marks hung over the heads of several guests at the party, many of whom were outed by Rowley and members of the PNM during the election campaign as being allegedly engaged in corruption.

    Rowley, in a text response sent on Friday night to the Sunday Express, responded to questions posed, following concerns raised by attendees at the party, that he ought not to have stayed at the party.

    ?Character references?

    Rowley replied: ?Are you implying that if I am invited to a function that I must enquire and obtain character references on all who will be there before I accept an invitation? It is not the first time that I have shared space with persons whom I have criticised. That does not make me like the actions or persons I criticised. In this small country of interlocking social circles it is inevitable that from time to time persons of differing views even strong political differences will share public or some private spaces. You would need a little more than that to be able to invoke being compromised.

    ?Also being a party financier is not in itself a crime. If it is corrupt practice or sundry associated action is involved with such financing that is the problem. Having said that there is no attempt here to exonerate or rehabilitate anyone. My PNM credentials are well known and the party?s fundamental principles remain intact,? he added.

    The Sunday Express sent additional questions to Rowley: ?Are you are saying now that being in a private ?social? function with Ish Galbaransingh and Jack Warner who

    weren?t just financiers with a deeply questionable history but both of whom are facing charges both locally and abroad is a non issue? Had you known in advance that corruption accused Warner and fraud accused Galbaransigh were in attendence, would you have attended the event?

    Up to last night, the questions remained unanswered.

    Sinanan responds

    Sinanan yesterday said the event was a private one, in which he invited his friends and if anyone was upset or uncomfortable over who was present, then they should have left. When asked about the composition of guests, Sinanan explained: ?This is who I am and that is one of my strengths. These people have been my friends. It doesn?t mean that anyone can be compromised.?

    When the Sunday Express asked about the perception of Government officials socialising with UNC financiers who are before the courts and/or awaiting extradition, Sinanan explained: ?Ish has been a friend (for some) time and I have known Mr Warner for years.?

    He added: ?I want to stress that it was not a PNM function. It was a party at my home. The Government ministers were very few, only the ones I considered my friends. People were not invited as office holders but as my friends.?

    Despite the disquiet over his guest list among certain quarters of the PNM, Sinanan said: ?If I had to do it over again I would. I am not a public figure, I am a private individual.?

    Rowley had thanked Sinanan, the party?s campaign manager, for helping the party secure the September 7 general election.

    ?I usually don?t do that but tonight I must do that, introduce deputy political leader, policy,? Dr Rowley had said in his speech.

    Sinanan, a self-employed Sangre Grande-based businessman, was principally based in the Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation as an alderman and then deputy chairman for about eight years, and was appointed by Rowley as deputy political leader, policy, in 2011.

    Not the first time

    Rowley?s attendance at Sinanan?s private party is not the first time the decision by Government officials to attend functions has come in for criticism.

    Last year, the wedding of Galbransingh?s son in Tobago was attended by a host of government officials from the former Partnership administration.

    Former trade minister Vasant Bharath, in an interview with the media when asked about his attendance, said he and Galbaransingh were friends and he did not see his presence at the wedding being an issue.

  10. When you think about it though. The “Big People Party” story by Asha Javeed and Denyse Renne was such a terrific preemptive strike.
    (Even though the Express published it somewhere in the middle of the newspapers because their editors clearly didn’t grasp the significance!)
    So remember Vernal… the media ent dead yet! The heart might be beating faint. But it still has a pulse man. ?

  11. It is my belief that Dr keith Rowley is not Black concious, no African radio station,no African television, no home for pan trinbago, i will not vote pnm in this local Government Election, i see black people buy out all the roti skins at the Divali celibrations,look how unc critizise the pnm for having their hindu celibration look how poor Imancipation day you dont see no African programme on the television that day they show indian programmes,if your look sharp i will not vote in the next general Elections you all like to flood my place for votes,waiting on all your.

    • dnt blame keith rowley dnt blame unc dnt blame kamla dnt blame east indians or divali…east indians simply embraced their heritage and religion and came 2gether as an organization… afro trinis cud do wat the east indians are doing jus ask brother david mohammed of the black agenda but instead every saturday n sunday morning the tv is littered with christian programming that most afro ppl have adopted as their heritage…it was a white man and his religion dat took your ancestors from their home nt dr rowley or kamla or east indians so instead of blaming find bk your heritage n teach 2 your yutes even bob marley spoke abt this thru his music

      • You are woefully misinformed when it comes to Christianity and specifically, its African roots. But since you’re on the issue of race, why don’t you tell us where islam started… since Christianity is a “white man’s” religion.

  12. There is political wisdom in the inclusion of Mr. Rohan Sinanan. Be patient, wait.

  13. He did not fire any for any kind of MISDEED!

  14. God help us as a nation, every single single thing or action made in this country is met with some sort of Bacchanal. Nobody could ever say well I hope it works out, hope he makes a difference just plain Bacchanal !!!!

  15. Someone quick, pass the Vaseline!

  16. before any NEW contracts issue by this new Minister of Works….to avoid CORRUPTIONS…I would like to ask the new minister of works if he know who owns Kaydonna drive inn that the government is planning to purchase for the Curepe Interchange?.PNM Goc’t “proclaimed” the Procurement Bill…for open public bidding…

  17. Waiting till the dust settles to comment.
    Yuh know I cyar help myself when it comes to that guy who told the driving population not to be stupid and defends poorly engineered roads (M2 ring road). Could go on and on about his utterances, wonder why one of the better Prime Ministers never have him a real ministerial portfolio fail.

  18. But then that’s right up the alley of the pnm

  19. Hinds can run anything not even his home a complete raise dunce

  20. Didn’t this happen to Mr Hinds under Mr Mannig ? Thats definitely a demotion, just look at the allocation to the both ministries ….. Ask for Mr ancil well he was lost from day one and the OWTU probably had a hand in his dismissal .I think Ms Oliveirre was doing well given newness to the job and all but you’ll think we will get an explaination from the PM for this ?

    • What was Nicole doing well exactly though?

    • On the one hand, maybe the gov’t stance to have communication from select persons may have backfired as the public may not have been hearing about achievements of all Ministers/Ministries. On the other hand, the Ministers/Ministries could have used initiative to communicate achievements. But from what I read, at this critical juncture, I think she may have been too green at this time-maybe give her junior minister position.

  21. If u ask ppl in laventil they wud tell you that hinds is a failure.

  22. Local Elections coming ..simply a revamp to show “everybody” well represented in the PNM…politics is politics

  23. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  24. Did Nicole get a new portfolio or did we just lose another stripe in the gender battle?

  25. I am not unhappy with Hinds being replaced…(except that is not where I would wish him to be put…) but the replacement choice…hmmm….Idk…but then again, he was deputy political leader of the PNM….so perhaps we should have been complaining longer than today about him…or is it that deputy political leaders are not meant to be given portfolios in govt?

  26. “There are two unshakeable facts. Whether you vote PNM or UNC on election day, it is always the “parasitic oligarchy” that wins.” Never a truer word written

  27. Hmmm, looks like a couple folks are still in the dark about what’s really going on here…..

  28. My MP, Adrian Leonce? Sidelined again ?? Not good enough ??? Sigh ?

  29. Why this feels like the FBIs recent bombshell on Hiliary ?

  30. With this appointment for works it’s like they decided they couldn’t keep up the pretense any longer. Ministry of Bobol…just have to wait for all the scandalous contracts to come to light. And they surely will.

  31. I am uneasy, very uneasy. I always go with my gut feel, never ever leads me wrong.

  32. By the way, thanks. Now I have that garbage Rihanna song stuck in my head.

  33. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose….

  34. Ah guess the rubber meets the road, not sure why these reassignment were done before the Local election but in my humble opinion I am not liking what I am seeing, as the elders always said there is more than the pestle in the mortar than we arevsering

  35. It was inevitable that he would get a significant position. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. You’re right to raise questions though.

  36. Like Nicole is the Queen of Fire.

  37. The winner of the PNM’s 2016 Diwali Idol is …… Rohannnn Sinnanannnnnnn

  38. Two women had their appointments revoked…and no new jobs to show for it…what is the reasoning? Can someone explain it? Not a great moment for the equal opportunity struggle. Mr. Live Wire, care to expand on the shouting at constituents by Nicole?

  39. Route 2 Maxi Taxi Association, and by extension the Association of Maxi Taxis Trinidad & Tobago, wishes to congratulate Senator Rohan Sinanan on his appointment as Minister of Works & Transport.

    The Associations believe that the Honorable Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Rowley, has made a wise appointment. We fully endorsed his selection.

    We welcome Senator Sinanan and look forward to working with him for an improved public transport system.

    Albert Lee Young

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