Sport Minister passes the buck; and taxpayers pay for it!

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar finally gave citizens what they were waiting for in her Parliamentary address yesterday. There will be a twenty percent discount on rice, flour and oil until August 1—a period which includes Eid, Emancipation Day and the Coup anniversary.

Eat a food, Yasin Abu Bakr. Don’t say Tantie Kamla never gave you anything.

Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. (Copyright AFP 2014/Frederic Dubray)
Photo: Trinidad and Tobago Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
(Copyright AFP 2014/Frederic Dubray)

Wired868 Health Warning: Try not to get shot dead before then by any of the millions of bullets in criminal hands, which were probably paid for by Sport Minister Anil Roberts’ Life Sport programme.

Wait, did Mr Live Wire forget to give you that story?

Well, as it turns out, Roberts’ ministry released hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money into Trinidad and Tobago’s criminal underworld over the last two years. Oops. In a totally unrelated chain of events, crime remains sky high.

(Please note that crime, unless otherwise stated, refers to violent crime and murders. In Trinidad and Tobago, white collar crime is referred to as “business”).

If McDonald’s discovered five of its chickens were on a fryer at KFC, you can bet your tail that heads would be rolling before anyone had chance to put ketchup on their Snack Pack.

But Roberts, the minister who made video evidence and surveillance equipment redundant, made it clear that he intends to ride out the storm on the grounds that no photos have yet emerged with terrorists committing human right atrocities while waving Life Sport cheques.

Photo: Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) woos Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar. There is clearly no accounting for taste.
Photo: Sport Minister Anil Roberts (left) woos Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar.
There is clearly no accounting for taste.

Mr Live Wire understands that, in the parallel universe that Roberts resides in, failing to account for hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money is not grounds for dismissal unless three prominent Al Qaeda members publicly acknowledge that the money was used in their war on infidels.

Those three Al Qaeda members, we are unreliably informed, must be verified as authentic by Osama Bin Laden who should be holding up a copy of a daily newspaper at the time with the date “29 February 2015” clearly visible.

Persad-Bissessar said the contents of the Central Audit Committee’s report into Life Sport would be forwarded to the DPP and Integrity Commission, which do not have their own investigators, and the Police Service that, based on its record, could not find sand at the beach.

She made no pronouncement on Roberts’ job security. Presumably, Minister Two Pull was not only absent from his own “Girls gone wild” home video; but missed his own term in office.

Which begs the question: Is the Sport Minister a figment of our imagination?

The obvious answer to that is: We wish!

Roberts followed the Prime Minister’s lead by suggesting that the criminal activity was done by his employees and the buck stops with them, which must be a high-fangled new business credo that is not supported by the Sport Ministry’s own organisational chart.

It is arguably the equivalent of a motorist pleading innocent to a fatal accident because he closed his eyes just before impact.

Photo: So it's only Rajaee Ali's address the police has or what?
Photo: So it’s only Rajaee Ali’s address the police has or what?

Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner, the formerly disgraced FIFA vice-president, chided Roberts on his refusal to resign as would be expected conduct anywhere else in the world; and this from arguably the only sport administrator in the country pursued by more auditors than the Sport Minister.

Warner, for once, could not be denied the moral high ground though. At least the fire truck that cost $6.8 million to be towed from Maracas did not bounce down anybody.

Who knows what the final body count attributable to Life Sport would be?

Meanwhile, Minister Two Pull puffs along in that alternate universe he resides in on taxpayers’ expense.

There are cows with less belly than the Sport Minister.

Photo: Dennis McComie is further evidence, if any was needed that the Prime Minister's pack is full of jokers.
Photo: Dennis McComie is further evidence, if any was needed that the Prime Minister’s pack is full of jokers.

To whom it may concern: Mr Live Wire plans to use the Government’s discounted staples to take some piping hot dumplings as a peace offering to Dennis McComie, the Prime Minister’s director of information and communication, at the next post-Cabinet briefing.

Of course if McComie says anything silly about his free treat, we reserve the right to administer his serving as a suppository.

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  1. I still trying to wrap my mind around how Anil Roberts is even walking the streets of Trinidad without picking up a big f***ing rock yet…. but that’s me, eh?

    I not understanding Kamla’s pirate ship at all…

  2. Warning: Undefined variable $userid in /www/wired868_759/public/wp-content/plugins/user-photo/user-photo.php on line 114

    Yes, Bow Yuh Head in Shame Anil, Kamla you now Better Bow yuh Head too.

  3. Ppl applying for houses 13, 14, 15 years, some over 20 years, but they can spend money on such a big scale steal bribe and fraud. Then tell us we gotta wait on a flicking lottery system? Is millions allyuh wasting jed. Ppl suffering and allyuh doing this s#!t and when we talk, you want to let go yuh big “DOGS” on us. This country needs a shaking up yes. gGovernment come government gone all you doing is fulling your pockets with our blood, sweat and tears, and buying your big houses outside so as soon as the poop hit the fan, you relaxing in another country with our money. GOD DOH SLEEP, all unfair games must be played over.

  4. I wonder who payin for the Shirley biscuit for Kamla and dem! I wonder if money is left for the children to get the vacation sport camp! I wonder if min 2 pull gets fired and already suspended, would this be enough to trigger a gen election cuz no bi election. I am like Alice right now. Would someone help me out of this rabbit hole? It seems like you don’t need to ask silly questions to get silly answers, cuz if you do, you’ll end up with farts. Seems it’s better to instead take 2 pulls and blow smoke out of your arse in front of a big mirror 201 cm wide! This worse than crappaud smoking we pipe yes. The crappaud lickin ah paper!

  5. Anil should take the walk of shame

  6. Total madness this woman still have dis man apart of the government of our sweet TNT hmmmmmm

  7. Disgusting pair. Birds of a feather flock together.

  8. If the media accepts any apology that doesn’t come from McComie himself and in person, then they really don’t deserve any food…

    • Scotty Ranking

      Wait nah! I now gettin de contecks of de last part about Dennis Macumere …. oh gyad oye!
      So Macumere treating de media, whey he cut his teet years ago, like ah buncha never-see-come-see greedy belly lil chirren wannabes? Wow. Silly questions and behave-or-no-food-fuh-yuh! It’s amazing how some ‘communications specialists’ DEVOLVE once they no longer work in the media fraternity, particularly when they are on the government’s payroll. Seems like that fat pay cheque suppresses their decency and common sense. Like Macumere really needs those same dumplings, rectally applied, to staunch the flow of that verbal diarrhea he let out on Thursday.

  9. Anil has testicular fortitude to claim he is not responsible for the mess in life sport only in TnT stuepsss

  10. watch both of them vodka friends 4 ever all smiles

  11. We go deal with them just now.If allyuh feel Rowley letting all those corrupt acts slide,think again!As the saying goes “jail eh make 4 ripening fig”!They wud look like QRC scholars when they don their blue outfits

  12. Lol Victor. Don’t know what scares me more: these Ministers or the people who voted for them on such a shallow premise.

  13. That’s ole talk Johnaton,he might be a thief but he ain’t no fool,u really think he going back to spalk,Errol doh have no money to pay him.

  14. And the taxpayers will just have to continue paying….. this country will be left bare when they’re through with us. The PNM will have nothing to manage. We wouldn’t even have any state lands remaining! oooh what a mess!!!!!

  15. Jack is an international tactician amongst local clowns. Lol

  16. i love politics as well local and abroad (will never get into it though) I love to analyse though so I’m more of an amateur academic lol, but you make very good points though esp the last one and after all is said and done JW wants to go back to the PP with acclaimed bargaining power (so he wants certain people out, for him to come back into the fold)

  17. People argue that jack was humbled in st joseph bye election i say no way. Jack clearly achieved his objective if showing kams and company that according to the numbers a united opposition would beat pnm

  18. Ilp joining nar was just genius as well and should be seen as real worries first cop whose voters are really nar voters. But more importantly nar move was about taking back Tobago. Look for Ashworth to be wooed by jack or for resurgence if hochoy charles. Jack is brilliant and is determined to show kams that she needs him to stay on power and he is absolutely right since once all opposition forces unite to fight pnm the numbers don’t lie. They beat the pnm everytime

  19. It’s allowed part of his master plan to get back into power. To have lindira and kamla join forces as two powerful women to battle the big bad abusive male led pnm

  20. I suspect the reason Warner called names especially one mr anthony haddad was to make a direct connection between alleged corruption and Roberts. Maybe later investigative reports will show a ckose relationship between the two. Warner is hell bent on destroying what little is left of the cop so that he can replace them as east west corridor LONE candidates facing the pnm next general elections

  21. Syphoning the nations tax dollars.

  22. Larry Howai shift the goal posts too, eh. Go back to that report and see the pains that are taken to ensure that only officials at a certain level are fingered for these crimes.

  23. It wasn’t me!I don’t do the hiring & firing at my ministry!Gentlepeople allyuh rock so eh,allyuh trying tuh blame ah man 4 something he knows nutten about!I does just come here to draw a salary & go back home,so what I go know & lastly yuh see allyuh reporters allyuh better stop lying on meh,thank u!This my friends r w hat I call a comedy of errors by Mr.”the honourable Anil Roberts”!If u not responsible 4 the ministry then why take credit when athletes do well but when anything goes wrong video or not,it was u,”ludicrous & preposterous”!If the tail of a fish is rotten the head certainly can’t be good.If in doubt ask”yuh mudder”!Later bouy”!…

  24. we have short memories ,go back to when he was a radio host always bragging,his personality he craves attention,loves the spotlight,cannot do without attention,this is not the last of him.ultimately he will blame the pnm for his troubles.

  25. I can’t fathom how anyone would have the audacity…what am i saying!, the man has been telling us that our eyes are deceiving us, so it’s obvious in this situation we can’t correlate the evidence to ANY type of crime or wrongdoing on his part, because it WASN’T him…#teflonking

  26. Either he’s corrupt, for which he should be fired; or he’s inept, for which he should be fired. It ain’t that hard to work out.

  27. Am here wondering why did Manning call elections….This is worse in my opinion because the PP got elected with a mandate to solve the issue of corruption and crime….this and many other past instances would indicate that they have failed to deliver on their promise…..Call elections NOW !!!! Seek a fresh mandate !!! Or better yet have your own party elections and prove that people want you in Government !!!!!

  28. Scotty Ranking

    So Two Pull pull out himself? Not a surprise at all. It seems that this government is quite comfortable to promise immediate resignations if wrongdoings are uncovered, yet when circumstances actually trigger theses resignations, their tune changes to “Tek Way Yuhself”! For foisting the disaster that is LifeSport on the unsuspecting public alone, Mr Roberts needs to go!

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