“Kam-Jack” on the rocks; PM calls Warner an “oxymoron”

Jack Warner probably has British soul singer Adele’s “21” album on repeat these days.

And there was another excuse for ice cream and chocolates last night as Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar recommended that he “clear his name” rather than worry about the Chaguanas West seat.

Persad-Bissessar seemed unimpressed with Warner’s power point presentation at the Pierre Road Recreation Ground, Charlieville and said his protestations of innocence should have been delivered to CONCACAF investigators and not his constituents.

“When Sir David Simmons was doing his investigations, Mr Warner did not put out his side of the story,” said Persad-Bissessar, in today’s Trinidad Guardian, “because I read in the report that he did not co-operate and I was concerned about that…

“Perhaps now he has a little more time in which he could put his case on his side to these matters in the public domain.”

It seems that the Lady PM is for turning after all.

Photo: Former National Security Minister and FIFA VP Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at the 2010 FIFA Women's Under-17 World Cup opening ceremony in Port of Spain. (Courtesy FIFA.com)
Photo: Former National Security Minister and FIFA VP Jack Warner (left) and Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar at the 2010 FIFA Women’s Under-17 World Cup opening ceremony in Port of Spain.
(Courtesy FIFA.com)

She rejected outright any suggestion, last year, that the Government should investigate Warner’s role in the alleged disappearance of Haitian aid money while the “Soca Warriors” bonus payment case, millions of missing World Cup 2006 income revenue and the Mohamed Bin Hammam bribery scandal in Port of Spain also did not appear worthy of her time.

But it now seems that “Kam-Jack”—a steamy relationship that eclipsed even Patrick Manning’s Calder Hart affair—is well and truly on the rocks.

And Warner, who recently cooed about his past love for FIFA president Sepp Blatter, is in danger of another high-profile break-up.

“Warner says that he voluntarily resigned, but on the other hand he is saying that some ministers forced me, made me accept the resignation,” said the PM. “(That is) an oxymoron because you cannot have (say) that you voluntarily did this and then accuse ministers of influencing my mind as to what is to be done.”

Cue the violins.

“Et tu, Kamla?” Warner might have told himself. “I would expect logic from (Keith) Rowley and (Andrew) Jennings and those other detractors. But you?!”

Does Dr Phil make house calls in the Caribbean? A US trip for therapy might not suit both parties in this relationship and Mr Live Wire thinks Warner is really Rolling In The Deep now.

Song lyrics:

“Finally I can, see you crystal clear

Go ahead and sell me out and I’ll lay your ship bare

See how I’ll leave, with every piece of you

Don’t underestimate the things that I will do…”

Still, if the FBI is indeed interested in Warner’s shady past as a football executive, the Trinidad and Tobago Government that is now distancing itself from him might be his last refuge from an extradition request. Surely, the former Minister of National Security will not ignore that fact when he considers a response to his latest indignity.

Two years ago, Warner changed his email address to “dsurvivor2011” as he eyed a safe retreat from FIFA investigators and became virtually a prisoner—albeit a wealthy and influential one—on the tiny two-island republic.

But might “dsurvivor” end up being voted off the island? At present, Warner is certainly the UNC’s weakest link. Goodbye.

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  1. JACK’S style of doing business & politics are inextricably linked, all because of money which gives him a false sense of unbridled power.He is an egomaniac who is too caught up in this image of being a black man from an obscure little dot of land & was able to run among the big elites & able to match them stride for stride in their own little game. But he became too complacent & too big for his own shoes with all those votes that he commanded that could manipulate any process under FIFA, it gave him too much power. He employed the same tactics in his politics, treated people with contempt and while the world was wrong on everything, he alone was right. Such is the thinking of an EGOMANIAC. Can’t wait for the day to see all that crumble to dust & he meet his karma or suffer poetic-justice. He could buy out a constituency, but he can’t buy morality, not everyone has a price on their head. In life you can have millions, but if you don’t have a good name or character you have NOTHING.

  2. Well written! Smiled at the clever quip about “logic”— That was priceless!

  3. first sensible thing our PM has said in a while…great article as usual Lasana, keep them coming

  4. “voted off the island” lol Very apropos! It will be a commentary of the moral persuasions of the voter population in Chag West when the dust settles on this exercise in democracy. Sadly as Mr. Jennings commented in another article on this site, it is our time and money being spent on a by-election…one that should not have been necessary had the PP/UNC the moral compass to refrain from putting Mr. Warner on their ticket. Most of Trinidad and Tobago votes along party lines, in other words, I believe they would have voted for whoever the UNC candidate was for Chag West…but the UNC selection of Jack is what has T&T in this position today. Surely they were aware of the fog of allegations (the appropriate legal term?) surrounding his reputation – what party in their right mind puts a man like that to be their rep…? To answer my own rhetorical question: A party that is sure enough of one thing to make the gamble- their voters. This surely happens in no other place in the world…everyone else makes sure their candidates are as squeaky clean as possible.

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