T&T copyright groups bubbling for a fight; no getaway

A lecturer and medical students at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex were relieved of their money, jewelry, cellular phones, laptop computers, wallets and iPads yesterday at 9.30 am.

North Central Regional Health Authority (NCRHA) chairman Dr Shehenaz Mohammed said security would be beefed up at the complex as a result.

Mr Live Wire has no information whatsoever linking the brazen attack to recent COTT and TTCO shakedowns of various local organisations for royalties. Nor is there any evidence that one of the students was unwittingly listening to a pirated version of “Fantastic Friday” at the time.

Just to be safe, Mr Live Wire recommends that soca lovers merely hum along to “Differentology” rather than sing aloud and run the risk of a “Fogging” from COTT’s heavies this Carnival.


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