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Police union head strengthened by immoral activity

Police Service Welfare Association president Sargeant Anand Ramesar declared that he was in great shape and stronger than ever after being found guilty of “engaging in a professional undertaking without permission from the Commissioner of Police, falsehood, and discreditable conduct.”

The charges arose from Ramesar’s representation of a Tobago police officer charged with misconduct in public office for allegedly renting his service firearm.

But, honesty and creditable conduct, Ramesar suggested, has no place in his line of work. And, in an attempt to further assure the Trinidad and Tobago public of the character of its lawmen, the Sargeant claimed that policemen called him constantly to offer their support.

“These are the things that make a president stronger,” Ramesar told the Trinidad Express. “That is what it has done for me.”

There seems to be nothing like discreditable conduct to prove one’s worthiness of higher office in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr Live Wire believes the Prime Minister should immediately strengthen her Cabinet by naming Ramesar as her new Minister of Integrity, Law Enforcement and Rental Services.

And Wired868 also wants to assure readers that, despite concerns about the public being repeatedly given a six for a nine, the Police Service has not changed its emergency number to 666.


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