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San F’do councillor: Silence to the people

San Fernando councillor Shaka Joseph understands that the City Corporation must have monthly statutory meetings, as it is presumably in its bylaws, and the San Fernando residents have a right to be present since, technically, the City’s staff works for them.

But should councillors really be forced to listen to the people too?

Joseph, a Mon Repos/Navet councillor, said he felt offended that Mayor Navi Muradali allowed Gulf City resident and former San Fernando Secondary Comprehensive principal Gene Bacchus to speak.

Bacchus allegedly had a problem with a neighbour and felt that the City Corporation had not resolved the matter since it was a “cesspit of corruption.”

Muradali allowed Bacchus all of two minutes to vent. Wired868 cannot confirm that it was the worse two minutes that Joseph ever endured since he fell off his desk during a nap and had to wait for an aide to pick him up again.

Does serving the people really mean listening? Would councillors not do a much better job of addressing the people’s needs if they just kept their concerns to themselves?

Photo: Silence please; we are trying to concentrate on not listening to your needs.

San Fernando’s Deputy Mayor Sabrina Paul Mowlah-Baksh offered a compromise as she suggested that members find a system of venting their issues before the meeting begins.

Presumably, it was difficult for residents to suggest alternative means of expression to Mowlah-Baksh since their speaking time had expired.

Certainly, though, it is unfair that councillors who already spend so much time ignoring residents are forced to hear them gripe about it too; even if it is just once a month for two minutes.

Mr Live Wire believes San Fernando residents should get off their high horses and drown their sorrows at the bar or in our Good Morning section like everybody else.

Wired868 doesn’t know how to get this point to the San Fernando City Corporation though as verbal communication is out of the question. Maybe the Corporation can start a suggestion box, which can be conveniently placed in a bin to save time.


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