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Olympic athletes still waiting on Gov’t photo finish

Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic athletes continue to wait for their heroic homecoming.

Sport Minister Anil Roberts promised a gala ceremony on September 3. However, this has now been adjusted to a “function” sometime between September 10 and 18.

Wired868 wonders if Olympic athletes who don’t throw javelin and run 400 metres are viewed by the Government with less enthusiasm than a prostate exam. Presumably, no limited edition teacups with photos of MPs rather than sporting stars are waiting either.

Sport Ministry’s media officer Adrian Raymond told the Trinidad Newsday that his Ministry was waiting until as many Olympians as possible were back including the Paralympic athletes.

Wired868 thinks if local thrower Carlos Greene gets a gold medal at the ongoing London 2012 Paralympic Games, it might be the New Year before Kelly-Ann Baptiste and company get a balloon at the Piarco Airport.

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  1. As usual, just a publicity stunt to get votes.

  2. Does anyone know if the governing body for Track and Field in Trinidad and Tobago was ever included in the Olympic Caravan or if they were consulted? As far as I am aware, the NAAA is the body responsible for all track and field athletes and all arrangements regarding those athletes are made by the NAAA It seems to me as if the government kidnapped the athletes and took them on this know your country tour for their own PR purposes without considering the athletes and their programmes.