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Blades drawn in Paralympic scandal

South Africa’s famous sprint amputee, Oscar “Blade Runner” Pistorius, did not defend his Paralympic 200 metre crown yesterday but still caught up to former United States track icon and sour grape extraordinaire, Carl Lewis.

Pistorius lamented an uneven playing field after losing to Brazil’s Alan Oliviera in a race that brought an old question back into focus: Is the size of a man’s tool more important than the way he moves it?

Pistorius, who successfully fought to be allowed to run on blades at the Olympics, claimed Oliviera’s blades were unbelievably longer and that the Brazilian’s time was ridiculous.

Oliviera’s winning time of 21.45 seconds was actually 0.15 seconds slower than the world record that Pistorious himself set in the heats—just 24 hours earlier. The bewildered Brazilian said after that his blades were checked by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and he had been using them for the past month.

Wired868 cannot confirm that Pistorious will lodge an official complaint with Lewis to be filed under “Irony.”



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