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Jack gets tough on criminal statistics

National Security Minister Jack Warner yesterday challenged Trinidad and Tobago’s criminal elements in a showdown at Abercromby Street, Port of Spain.

Not the criminals who destroy lives though; just the ones who are bad for his own reputation.

After a weekend with seven murders, Warner ignored the gunmen and police services and blamed the media instead for destroying the country’s image with ghastly statistics. Warner claimed the Jamaican media does not discuss the murder rate as it is bad for tourism and that island was now nearing 700 murders for the year.

He did not say whether near 700 murders mean it is time the Jamaica media starts paying closer attention to its violent undercurrent. Or if it is the same Jamaica that was besieged by international reporters, two years ago, when a warrant for drug trafficker Christopher “Dudus” Coke turned Tivoli Gardens into a war zone.

Still, Wired868 accepts that Warner’s crime plan shows real promise. But only if the target is maintaining his own debatable image of success rather than saving lives.


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