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Kamla’s ‘Dear David’ break-up letter reveals inner turmoil

Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar has always taken care to present a tempered, conciliatory tone whenever she addressed the media; so perhaps her PR staff was busy on Father’s Day when a response was needed to MSJ leader David Abdullah’s departure.

There were no typos but the PM’s tenor suggests that there might have been Adele music playing and group photographs being mutilated while she dictated that letter.

Although the PM “respects” David’s decision to abandon their union—yes, she said “David”—she also finds him impossible, unreasonable, reckless and self-centred while his criticisms of her way of doing things were vacuous and unproven.

The Lady PM even offered jilted lovers a term worthy of recycling to their commitment-challenged partners when she described David as “trapped in isolationist thinking.”

Naturally, the PM’s closing line was that she is strengthened by “David’s predictable but timely departure.” So there.

Wired868 suggests a government aide immediately removes all tabanca music from the PM’s possession and, just to be sure, checks to see if “Janice Thomas” is writing her memos again.

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