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In September 2021, the Fifa-appointed Normalisation Committee handed Angus Eve a two-year contract as Trinidad and Tobago Men’s National Senior Team head coach, which expired on 31 March 2023.

The proviso was: “if the team earns promotion from Nations League B to League A, Eve’s term will be extended to the 2023 Concacaf Gold Cup”.

Trinidad and Tobago Men’s National Senior Team players prepare for the second half of Concacaf Gold Cup action against the United States in Charlotte on 2 July 2023.
USA won 6-0.
Photo: TTFA Media

Eve accomplished that target—thanks, in part, to Nicaragua’s use of an illegal player and Concacaf’s subsequent penalty for same. In retrospect, he might regret not insisting on an automatic extension by at least a year.

But should he get a new deal?

Under the 51-year-old coach, the Soca Warriors played 14 competitive matches and tallied six wins with four draws and as many defeats, and a goal tally of 24 scored and 18 conceded.

All six wins, incidentally, came against Caribbean opposition: two each against Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and The Bahamas, and one apiece over Montserrat and Saint Kitts and Nevis.

There was also a penalty shootout win over French Guiana and a solitary defeat, albeit by a comprehensive 4-1 scoreline, against Jamaica.

Trinidad and Tobago players discuss their state of affairs during Concacaf Gold Cup action against Jamaica in Missouri on 28 June 2023.
Jamaica won 4-1.
(via TTFA Media)

In six competitive outings against Central American and North American opposition in two years, Eve’s Warriors did not manage a single win. There were draws in the 2021 Gold Cup group stage with Mexico and Guatemala, along with a Nations League B draw with Nicaragua that was subsequently upgraded.

And defeats to El Salvador, Nicaragua and the United States—the latter by a national joint-record Gold Cup margin of 6-0.

Results apart, Trinidad and Tobago are without a settled system or style of play, whether offensively or defensively, let alone a clear core of players.

Trinidad and Tobago coach Angus Eve (right) shows his frustration as Nicaragua make a substitution during their CNL B meeting in Bacolet on 27 March 2023.
(Copyright Daniel Prentice/ Wired868)

Is that a testimony to a coach who is brave enough to experiment and willing to question his own ideas? Or is it uncertainty and the sign of someone promoted beyond their capabilities?

With no technical committee in place, Hadad and vice-presidents Nigel Romano and Trevor Nicholas Gomez—all unelected football outsiders—can unilaterally decide on the most important job in Trinidad and Tobago’s football, without counsel from any stakeholders.

But what do you think?

Does Eve deserve the chance to continue growing with the Men’s National Senior Team? Is there another coach you can identify who you would like to see in place?

Or is there a specific type of coach that the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) should headhunt for the role?

Trinidad and Tobago head coach Angus Eve gestures from the sidelines during a CNL clash with the Bahamas at the Hasely Crawford Stadium on 6 June 2022.
(Copyright Daniel Prentice/ Wired868)

Let us—including the Normalisation Committee powerbrokers—know what you think and please explain your choice. Over to you.

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  1. Responding to the question or whether “Eve deserves the chance to keep growing with the MSNT?” I would say no because we are not at a stage where we have time for the coach to grow, we know the weaknesses in our development system and the lack of leadership at TTFA/NC so we need an experienced coach with a plan that understands or weaknesses and can implement a strategy to move us forward. No more excuses; the FA, the league, players, the pitches, the parents, the former players are who and what they are. If you take the job get it done or step aside.

    Yes we need another coach that is experienced in moving a transitioning player pool over a three year period. We have many players from 29-34 and many from 19-26; an experienced and analytical coach needs to be hired to develop a style based on this pool.

    I want to go backwards, somewhat because we have to accept that we do not have a technical committee and we do not have a structure where the MSNT Coach would report to a Technical Director nor technical committee. Therefore, I believe we need to have a Coach with a high level of competence, education, qualifications and experience. I recently, reviewed the Northern Ireland U21 Men’s Manager Position Notice which required the following:

    Education & Qualifications-Must hold a valid UEFA Pro License or must have at least started the UEFA Pro diploma course

    Experience- Minimum of 2 years experience of management/coaching and /or playing at international or club level. Proven track record of club and/or international management/coaching.

    Skills, Knowledge & Competencies- Excellent communication skills both written and oral form. Proficiency in all aspects of Microsoft Office and Apple Keynote. Competent working with various scouting and analysis platforms such as Wysocot, Hudl

    I will not put the entire Job Description, but if Northern Ireland currently ranked 64 in the World is asking for these qualifications for its U21s, what do we require of our Senior Men’s Coach?

    At some point we have to stop talking about local vs foreign, stop thinking well that is mi padna and look in the blasted mirror and ask ourselves if we want to be the best what do we have to sacrifice. Because you can’t serve two masters, either we want to be the best we can be or we dont.

  2. Angus Eve had some good results for example the 0-0 tie with Mexico and defeating Jamaica earlier this year 1-0. However he had some horrible games too like 1-4 loss to Jamaica and 0-6 loss to USA. USA would their A team isn’t 6 goals better than Trinidad and Tobago. I hope the TTFA forget guys like Latapy and Jamal Shabazz or even Hutson Charles. I not even sure about Dwight Yorke. I trust a guy like Leo Beenhakar (wishful thinking of course) or Stephen Hart can make a return. The results in the Gold Cup was too painful, most of the goals conceded were elementary school errors.

  3. Angus Eve is clearly out of his depth, I think it’s the best time for him to leave.
    In my book, Dwight Yorke is the best technical and tactical competent no nonsense person to lead our coaching staff.

    The players will have greater respect for him and his knowledge of the game.

    #bring #in # Dwight #Yorke!

  4. Thank you Angus for your service , It should be noted an opportunity should be given at Youth level , where its possible for him to continue progressing our youth as a Coach or Mentor. It should also be noted he contradicted his own rules and guidelines regarding Senior Players on his watch. So much is wrong at the Senior level of Football a serious lack of Personal Professionalism Dedication and Desire to represent our Beloved Trinbago. Its so sad to see he ENDORSED AND ENCOURAGED SENIOR PLAYERS TO PLAY IN MINOR LEAGUES TO THIS DAY ! OR SHOULD I SAY NATIONAL SELECT , as i was corrected. Players like Che Benny , semper , ballpest consistently play in minor leagues and it they are still not to standard Physical wise they are horrible and no where near the Fitness levels far less for their Tactical and Technical abilities. I was invited to minor Games this week in the …Poor house And the football by our so called national players….So many of have been encouraged by Mr.Eve to participate in leagues like this in the name of fitness ….we have so many facilities for our players to truly get fit. Thanks Angus and the Normalization committee its time for all you to go and put persons who want progress for our youth and a enhaced Senior team Program ….All players in the Pro league and Super league should be vented and banned from all minor leagues !so the future players have a platform to be seen . By the Next Head Coach its also time to find a disciplined Coach…as we are a very indisciplined team …look to South America and our expats in North America!

  5. I’m not about to pin all of these misfortunes on Angus Eve. Long before his arrival to the Senior Team, we definitely needed to get younger all across the field; especially between the uprights (Phillips 38, Foncette 34 and Frenderup 30). Conceding far too many soft goals is evidence enough. But assuming there are no existing egos between the two, how about Eve sliding over to an Assistant Coaching role with Stephen Hart at the helm? Eve maintains that great camaraderie amongst the players while Hart pushes the winning strategy we desire.

    Honestly Hart never deserved to lose his job in the first place. DJW (RIP) truthfully just couldn’t stomach the idea of a Head Coach whom he couldn’t completely control. And quite frankly, Hart is at his sparkling best once he is left alone to do his job. I think we’ve had our fill of Ex Soca Warriors as Head Coaches (Latapy and Lawrence), so respectfully Yorke can hang back for this one. Let Stephen Hart upgrade the most critical of positions, change the tempo of our attack and bring all of our passionate fans back to Hasely Crawford Stadium where our game rightfully belongs.

    • I say no to Hart being recalled to the national team. He had his time and I dont it was much better than Eve. Lets find a good national coach and give thst person a long term contract. Ibelieve that Eve should be given another 4 year contract.

    • Eve should be given his marching papers because let’s be real: he is clearly out of his depth as a coach. He had his chance and he has so far been unable to demonstrate that he is a competent coach. However, the Normalization Committee also needs to be fired. They more than Eve is responsible for the downward slide that our team continues to experience.

  6. Eve has to go. I read an article Hart may come back which I think is a good choice

  7. The short answer is yes – it is time for us to say goodbye to Angus.

    But his departure alone won’t help us. There is Thd wider malaise caused by a normalisation committee that is somehow *still* in charge of our football. The NC has shown little or no actual vision or planning on how to take our football forward, which in turn means that we will be unable to attract qualified, dedicated applicants for the coaching job.

    There are a lot of things wrong with local football, from the youth game right up to national team level that have to get seriously addressed but it seems that few wish to bell the cat, far less to see to its demise for the betterment of football (and not personal gain).

  8. Unpacking this piece…asking if we should stay squatting in the garden of Eve, is a bit disingenuous.
    Let me explain…
    Angus Even was a celebrated insider. A player with respect and a colleges coach not to be considered a slouch at that level. What’s his record there? I haven’t seen that particular factoid as part of the convo.
    If we concede that Eve’s record as a colleges level coach should be relevant on his palmarès in general, do we then start to question his choice as leader of this company of Soca Warriors?
    In previous pieces, this magazine has compared Eve’s stewardship of the T&T senior men’s squad to others, like Stephen Hart, Tom Saintfiet, Dennis Lawrence and Terry Fen wick, who are, in reverse order, the most recent names above the coach locker in TTFA’s Couva headquarters. Bu why stop there?
    How does Eve compare to Bertille St Claire? Don Leo? Gally?
    The problem I have is with the specific issue of the consistent comparison to allll these other people, yet hinging Eve’s success in the role to one main ingredient—that he was hired by the Infantino-installed Normalisation Committee.
    So let’s lick THAT ice cream then…
    Are we then saying that he TTFA had, over the past eight years since Jack Warner’s FIFA ban, but not including the 1,202 days that the NC have been running the outfit, have run up the $98.3 million in debt that they had to pay off?
    Are we saying that the properly and constitutionally elected TTFA presidents, like Tim Kee and his hand-picked replacement, William Wallace—all dyed in the wool insiders—were BETTER because they were voted in? Better how? By what metric was David John-Williams a better overlord than Robert Haddad? My mother say doh badtalk the dead, but how can we equate Tim Kee—who was POS Mayor and TTFA president at the same time…with Haddad? The same Tong that every Monday morning had a dozen writs on the desk from people who mashup they foot in some open drain? The same Tong that change Raymond Reid and Lystra Lewis courts from free to play and run (in principle) by the organisations that used them, to now it’s a pay-to-play facility that they only clean the courts white people do play on? That Tim Kee?
    The same DJW that name call in Panama…or was that ANOTHER Apullnaris?
    Come nah man!
    Ollie Camps? Was he a better TTFA President, then? The same man who was in the front office when 40,000 people wore something red and packed a 30,000-seat stadium and still ain make a profit from the match? That, democratically elected gentleman was somehow better than Haddad?
    So if it ain’t that, then what is it, really, that’s the problem with Eve?
    We gave him a shot. He missed.
    Talk should done rite dey eh?
    But this isn’t really about Eve, is it?

  9. Based on the losses to opposition like the US “b team” and Jamaica, both ranked above us plus the fact that we were unable to defeat Nicaragua, ranked below us, over 2 legs, in my humble opinion Angus, while definitely an improvement over TF & DL is simply not up to the task of getting T&T through a successful WC 2026 campaign…especially when you consider he had the bonus of working with his final selection of Gold Cup squad players for a few weeks before the tournament. I am of the opinion that one of the greatest tragedies to befall Trinidad & Tobago football was the 2000 sacking of Bertille St Clair, after leading the team to its BEST ever Gold Cup place, STILL valid 23 years later! In close 2nd would the ignoble firing of Stephen Hart, who took us to the next highest (joint) G.C. finish…Bertille got a 2nd chance, so should SH. If not Mr Hart, then Hudson Charles who has shown his winning pedigree locally at both Club & youth level.

  10. to answer the question specifically, we want hart. Let him deal with the unfinished business.

    if we really want the fans back on board we need the interest and what grabs the population interest back as well. it is not a one man or 11 man job!

  11. i have voiced numerous times; that the biggest football suicide to happen in TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Football was the sacking of Stephen Hart. God rest DJW’s soul but that was a decision made on the basis of utter greed and selfish thinking.
    What is clear, is that for quite some time the views of fans, stakeholders, genuine caring citizens, those interested in the development and end result of our football have been ignored for far too long.
    Additionally, and to address Angus Eve himself, it is not all doom and gloom, props to him for trying to push a particular vibe in the camp.HOWEVER, we are not going to reach 2026 world cup with his current approach.
    While it is okay to be pragmatic; it is not okay to ignore what works best for you. It’s not okay that every team starts their best xi but he plugs in players into a formation based on the opposition being played. I speak specifically to the jamaica game where Angus eve ensured we lost that game before a whistle was blown. You simply do NOT make so many changes to a winning xi nor do you send the message to your staff and players that you are taking intimidation and that this team is better than us. You voiced to the players in the dressing room that they are all human and everyone is equal but yet still failed to make the players really believe such.
    I end on the point of addressing the USA match. It is okay to trust in your squad Angus and as a Manager it is indeed your role to say all the right things with regard to selections. But again you shot us in the foot and ended us for good. Like the opportunity you were given when phillips got injured you had an opportunity to call on your tried and tested players and those that fought for you when presented the opportunity. Instead it appeared to be a “who ain’t get enough sweat yet, come through” .

    I THINK I SPEAK ON AT LEAST 99.9 PERCENT of the population of TT when I say if we truly want to be at world cup 2026 drinking rum, champagne and whatever else enjoying our country on the biggest stage; changes need to be made! If not back to HART no problem, but provide us someone better then and IT IS MY HOPE HE CAN BE PAID. comm’on ppl was 2006 not a great experience for us all? Do we not want it again?

    Kindest Regards,
    Tyron Flores – Massive Soca Warrior Fan

  12. Stephen Constantine transformed the India national team and had a huge impact on Indian football .. he was weaseled out of the T&T job a few years back. He’s just what T&T football needs.

    Also Alen Stajcic from Australia was successful in his last 3 roles (women’s and men’s) analysing, planning, reshaping football teams.

    Soca Warriors need a coach who has a broad understanding of the international game, and the link between national teams and the national game – development, performance, culture.

    Good coaches cost money.

    • I sincerely think that go outside and get a foreign coach and take the younger players who is available abroad for example #18 guy from France, gill, Nathan, che beeny , a few outstanding players from England and in a South America too

    • Very interesting comment 👏🏽

  13. Angus Eve cannot be trusted. He started off the Gold Cup saying that he wanted to get out of the group, then ended saying that he wanted to give young players experience. He doesn’t even trust his own players, especially defenders, when with his so called pragmatism, he starts a game with five defenders and two holding midfielders, providing very little opportunity to come out from behind or serve to a proper number nine to hold up the ball. Also gives little opportunity to counter with scarce attacking options.

    If we could not afford a creditable and experienced foreign coach, the obvious local other than Hart would have been Hutson Charles, who has the most experience other than Shabazz. Little wonder Eve apparently didn’t want someone more experienced than him to be his assistant.

    Hopefully our main problem will be addressed by continuous development of our age group players from U13 come up. In the interim period whilst we have to use what we have available, Angus Eve is definitely not the tactician required.

    As an aside, to those who have a problem with foreign based players, most of them were originally local based. If the present local based get foreign contracts are we to forget them then? Jamaica who is miles ahead of us had one out of twenty three local based and very few born in Jamaica.

    • well said and basically stated something similar

    • To start with Angus Eve is not the problem and replacing him is not going to solve the problem. Albeit I don’t think he’s a very good coach but that is neither here or there. Our problem is much deeper and we could say it starts at the youth level, but even that is not completely the problem. We don’t seem to understand that the players are creatures of the society. A society which is accepting of mediocrity. This stems from the fact that we no longer have a football informed society. In my opinion we and by we I mean the footballing public just doesn’t seem to understand modern day football. I’m often left to wonder if we even follow football at the highest level. Because if we do we would understand that we need to develop our football at the youth level which is where the problem starts in that we lack the basics to even perform at an even decent level. This is as a result of poor coaching at the all important level of youth. There are simply too many square pegs in round holes.So many of our youth coaches are theoretically qualified, but posses no practical knowledge. I see them all over having the youths running up and down and at the end of the session they can’t trap, they can’t pass, they can’t head the ball, they can’t control the ball. So it is no wonder that our football is so poor because we do not teach the basics. We do not inculcate the need to control the ball. So we have failed before we even get started. There is no adherence to technical development. So change coach, don’t change coach, we are not going to develop unless and until we adhere to teaching the basics. And that is where our football will continue to fall down. You can’t play if you can’t control the ball and we simply don’t teach that. And that is where we need to start. By teaching the youths the proper way. No amount of changing the coach is going to help

      • Ok, agreed that Eve is not the main problem, but if he’s not a very good coach in your opinion just states why he should be removed.

        I agree on all points about youth development or lack thereof. I’ll add that in the majority of instances, youths are just brought together to prepare for tournaments locally. Some of our so called professional teams even use coaching schools to represent them in tournaments. There may not be many of these coaching schools developing players year round, even during school terms. Additionally as you indicated, the question is the standard of the development, which could only be addressed if the FA had the power to approve the programs of the so called coaching schools or academies. Of course the FA would need to have a competent technical director and committee to monitor these things.

  14. I don’t think he should get a renewal because tbh, having watched us play against stronger opposition than St Kitts, the team looks like they’re winging it most times. A lot is left up to individual brilliance, so once the quality of opposition improves you see the gaping holes. Whether that’s due to our players lack of skill, coaching or a combination I’m not sure but I don’t trust Angus to improve on that any time soon.

  15. Retaining Eve would suggest T&T’s ambitions are to be at the level of Caribbean contenders. Eve has demonstrated that he is incapable of leading our national football beyond that.

    Our ambition should be to achieve the pinnacle of Concacaf and then the world. Why else be in the race?

    I was excited when Hart was mentioned as a replacement. Dwight Yorke may also be good? But a proven coach at higher standards commensurate with the goals stated above should be sought out.

    Definitely not EVE. He may help develop our younger ones. U-15 etc.

    • I just realized why Lasana keeps telling people to leave a comment on the site too.
      I’ll go with what the commenters have already said.
      Angus cannot get the job done.
      A foreign coach with fresh/unbiased eyes willing to make tough player decisions.
      A competent local coach who’s also willing to try and make tough player decisions.
      Lastly, we can’t just forget this generation of players until NC/TTFA get their house in order, and sort out developmental plans…Levi and Real et al hungry to see what they could do for their country.

  16. Definitely cannot continue with Eve, not if growth is what we aspire for. Squad selections,Team Selections, overall Game management, these skills are greatly lacking in him. We need a Coach and Coaching Team that is willing to build. I am not sure of criteria of hiring Coaches and Coaching Staff, but nepotism is certainly not the way, recycling is not the way…

    • To whom it may concern I believe we did give the present national coach the time required, he did the best he could within his capacity, we must now thank him for his national service and move on to the selection of a new national football coach. This job have no room for apprenticeship and hit and miss, therefore the person for the Job must have experience at this level coaching where tactically you are very sound. In defense of Mr Eve all level of support was not offered From the T&TFA or by extension the people in charge for this period. (foot note) all help from out side should have conditions attached where there is transfer of Technical know how at all levels.

  17. Dwight yorke…
    Dwight YORKE

  18. Basic answer for Eve replacement:
    Top English speaking European coach similar to Leo Beenhakker
    Or Dwight Yorke
    Or bring back Hart

    • If it was to be a foreign coach, you would only agree to a European? Any reason you prefer them over coaches from the other continents?

      • The best coaches reign from Europe. However if the CV and tournament experience ie qualifying for world cups and continental tournaments, can compare with the very best options, I don’t care where they are from.

        They however MUST speak English well.
        Cannot be another Maturana situation.

    • High time to relieve Eve of his pragmatism.

  19. Retaining Eve would represent the highest level of incompetence by Hadad and the Normalization committee
    It would confirm that they are there with the only interest of sweeping dust under the rug vs holistic running of T&T football

    What exactly has Eve done to be rewarded with an extension?
    His team sneaked through the back door into the Gold Cup via a technicality and then totally outclassed vs Jamaica and USA (10-1 agg) and that’s the level of opposition we are meant to go against to qualify for WC26

    I am convinced Guadeloupe would have knocked us out in the prelims had we stayed in our original route of failure having placed 2nd failing to beat nicaragua over two games in our nations league group
    But yes Eve is the man to help us advance against El Salvador curaçao and Guatemala in the league A games to come 🤣🤣

    Listen it’s as simple as this
    Renew Eve and the normalization committee will prove they are utterly clueless clowns that have zero football business sense

    Any administration with common sense would know if they can’t hire a top class European English speaking coach with real tournament experience similar to Leo Beenhakker’S impact in 2005/06 then they must go the people’s choice
    Which is obviously the return of coach Hart or something fresh like Dwight Yorke

    Latapy got his chance and doesn’t have the conviction
    His national record is poor
    Dwight is a leader and would be a commanding manager.
    Hart has the respect of every national player that represented T&T under him

    It’s a very EASY decision
    Let’s wait to see if the NC confirm what I and the thousands of fans really think of them or surprise us all by taking off their 🤡 mask for a day

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