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OMG! DJ Bravo waits for third umpire as sponsor caught playing the Adi-darse

At one point in the life of every young cricket enthusiast in the Caribbean, there comes that eureka moment when you realise that: Maybe, I can make a living off of doing this!

Training becomes meaningful, you pay more attention to your diet, seek out the best coaches you can find and absorb hours of footage of contemporary cricket stars.

You turn down party invitations from your friends, say “no” to vacation jobs, swallow your pride in the company of arrogant, discourteous sport administrators and, after years and years of sacrifice, you get your chance on the big stage. And you take it.

Adidas say they want you to be their next global cricket star; you hi-five your agent and sign on the dotted line.

And then, they do this!

Photo: Adidas Cricket "celebrates" West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricket star on its Twitter page. (Courtesy @adidascricket)
Photo: Adidas Cricket “celebrates” West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricket star on its Twitter page.
(Courtesy @adidascricket)

Editor’s Note: So is Adidas’ caricature all in good fun? Or wrong, wrong, wrong? Let us know.

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  1. Linda Louison in your first response “when I first saw this I thought who was this guy”… therein lies the problem. The fact that you couldn’t identify the person they were trying to portray defeats the whole purpose of the ad. Did you see the Virat Kohli ad? For the same cricket exploits?

  2. Linda Louison, in this specific context of Bravo’s depiction by Addias a large global brand, you have woefully missed the point.
    Have other players been congratulated as such by the same company?
    Stop attempting to defend the blatant insult for what it is…
    “Endearing caricature” my ass…

  3. urrm… Linda Louison? What’s the point? that caricatures exist?
    are ANY of those ads featuring white athletes?

  4. People, the problem here is that Adidas could have used a far better artist to do an endearing caricature of Dwayne. They’re too cheap!

  5. Why do I hear Dave Cameron and the WICB laughing their a$$ off after this Twitter debacle….

  6. I will not be supporting this sponsor until they stop this insult and apologize to Mr Bravo and to the cricket loving people in the caribbean.

  7. Bravo should sue they arse for deformation of character.

  8. They can do better than this smh

  9. jiggaboo nigro. watermelon-eating coon.
    #CHAMPION hurt them hard. so they go back to the old standard—call them niqqas…
    what they ain understand is that we been calling ourself niqqas since NWA…but see now we calling ourselves CHAMPIONS…so yeah. BE AFRAID.

  10. Caricatures exaggerate prominent features. Are you people telling me that you are ashamed of black people have super huge, nice very white teeth and thick lips something to be ashamed about?

    This doesn’t make sense. If someone had to do a caricature of me you’d never see the end of my forehead and my nose would be broad. C’mon.

    • I see no problem with it. I agree with you.

    • I think you’re missing the point. Why did Adidas find it appropriate to “celebrate” Bravo’s achievement with a caricature and not an actual picture of him? I think caricatures are meant to be funny. But I’m not sure anybody on this forum who saw that pic buss out laughing.

    • Rose-Marie Ingrid Lemessy-Forde when I saw the picture I thought nothing except ‘who is this guy?’ Then I saw the headlines, then I saw all the comments and it was then that I buss out laughing at all the comments. True story. Lol I was laughing at what people were saying, being thoroughly amused lol

    • Rose-Marie Ingrid Lemessy-Forde also, caricatures are often used as a sign of endearment – true story

    • Linda I totally get what you’re saying. My husband once had a caricature done at a company event and even though I thought it made him look older it was still funny and you could make out his features. But I’m saying these things have their place and context. Adidas using that horrible cartoon of Bravo which let’s be honest harkens back to the days when blacks were rediculed and exploited touches a raw nerve. At best it reeks of insensitivity. At worse it reeks of latent racism as they haven’t rediculed their other stars in this manner. We could agree to disagree but that act “congratulating” Bravo was an epic fail.

    • Rose-Marie Ingrid Lemessy-Forde hmmm I don’t quite agree with all you’re saying but the truth is that it is a sensitive issue. Nothing is more true than that.

      As I said before, I believe Adidas could have used a far better artist and that to me is suspect (I’m using the word ‘suspect’ here for the first time).

      My opinion is is that if blacks or anyone for that matter want/s to get over something, it’s best to ignore the insults. Or be smarter about it. I’d attack them for their cheap-A attitude. Everyone will always be insensitive, also, things are the way we ‘see’ them.

      If we don’t ‘see’ a caricature as demeaning, you’ve solved half your problems. Of course that’s your choice.

  11. Any word from Bravo? Did he sign off on that?

  12. Wicbc pay Adidas’s to do that

  13. Nah man. This is unacceptable, and sad.

  14. I guess his statement has to be diplomatic. Hmm. How do you tell your sponsor firetruck off but pay me mih money?

  15. ..The caricature of Bravo tells you how the black player is seen by those who run the commerce of international sport..

  16. This is how #adiarse have Kholi on their page though

  17. Bravo has promised to make a statement and thanked fans for bringing it to his attention.

  18. Andrea Jackson-Lovell

    Caricature is defined as a picture, description, or imitation of a person in which certain striking characteristics are exaggerated in order to create a comic or grotesque effect. The individual or individuals who sold this ad as a way to celebrated DJ Bravo’s achievement clearly have some other agenda. You do not celebrate someone by causing others to laugh at them or worse yet be repulsed. This was not a roast with the celebrants permission. This is in no way amusing.

  19. yea the world has become an overly sensitive place for all the wrong things.

  20. oh ok my bad I thought he had a problem with it

  21. what he suing 4 that looking just like him his mouth and teeth real big

  22. Yeah. You don’t find he looks like a monkey? ?

  23. Come on fb people vote heavily for them to. Get rid of that stupidness shame on them

  24. i understand the concept of caricature but this looks nothing like Bravo. Like seriously, I would not get Bravo from that.

  25. The person to complain is Bravo! If he had no issue with the caricature which I believe he would have had to approve before release then… what’s the problem? Best to wait until we hear from Bravo on this. Caricatures never look good! In my life time I have seen many and none were ever complementary in my view. From experience, caricatures amplify about 4 to 5 prominent points of a person’s facial image and, to me, never pleasant. West Indians are just not accustom to caricatures. Major over-reaction.

    • The problem with waiting for Bravo is that young sports men are not always the most socially conscious. He may not be able to articulate the historical context behind why people find this picture offensive. Then again he may be. Either way, it is larger than Bravo and thus anyone can speak out.

    • Well, I can relate to the historical content. This ‘caricature’ has nothing to do with racism. The skilled artists identified prominent features of Bravo’s image and created a caricature. It is that simple! The complaints I hear are from those who are inexperienced with the art of creating caricatures many of which I have seen in my lifetime.

    • My issue is not with the art of doing caricatures…they have their place. I just don’t think it was appropriate for this occasion if you wanted to celebrate the athlete

    • Akins Olatunji Vidale I respect your opinion. However, as I have said, it is for Bravo to complain. Not us!

    • why make a caricature of someone you want to represent you. those two dont go together if someoen does research of caricatures. lets research corporate sponsors who shade their agents as caricatures. but i have no regrets or brief for bravo, for all his popular culture constructions and representations in videos and music, he seems to know nothing of black womanhood. so let the reign fall where it may.

      I am proud that others can see this for what it is though, these agents always want to cash in on your parade, but they think shit of you as a human being.

    • Caricatures are never pleasant to those of us who suddenly have to view one of our beloved in that format. I am quite aware of the possibility of racism etc often attributed to caricatures. Experience suggests one cannot be thin skinned when viewing a caricature of your favored president, entertainer, love one etc, especially when the artist is of a different race or persuasion. I have seen it all… claims of racism, sexism, antisemitism etc. Again, the person to complain is Bravo. Not us. This is an unnecessary over-reaction in my view for Bravo’s caricature comes with the territory of being a public figure. My understanding of caricature development suggests that it simply represents his prominent features. This has nothing to do with racist intent.

    • That was not Bravo the world-beater. That was a watermelon-eating, jigaboo nigro from the islands. The only thing missing was a bottle of rum and a parrot on his shoulder and those big-sleeved limbo dancer shirts. #FAIL

    • Dennis Allen bless you. there is another word for that. coonery

    • “Adidas responded by taking the post down and apologised in a follow-up post that said, “We see Bravo’s caricature has upset many. Apologies to those whose sentiments got hurt, this wasn’t intended. He’s our Champion.—#teamadidas”.

      Bravo commented on the post just before 10 o’clock this morning, saying, “Fans, thank you for bringing @adidascricket’s post to my attention. I will be responding soon.””

    • smh. “whose sentiments butt hurt”///who wrote that release a fifth grader?

    • Maven Huggins girl…even coons be like WTH jus happen dey bai?!?

    • Kenneth H. Ransome Jr. I urge you to take a look at the Adidas Cricket twitter feed and tell me you see another athlete depicted in the same way.

      You can start here – https://twitter.com/adidascricket/status/719949914969477120

    • Dennis Allen the level of denial and rationalization i seeing all over the place astounds me. just wrote a post about adidas, bravo, hillary and blasio, the latter two doing a political skit and making fun and derision of the black lives matter activist. the latter is married to a black woman. it gave me an epiphany. racists do interracial marry. just like smart people marry idiots, the smart one does not make the idiot less stupid, just makes the smart one less so. partly stupid. likewise, marrying an ethnic person does not make you less a racist, just perhaps your mate a particpatory and signatory to self hatred to say the least.

      life is deep
      the effort against facing truth knows no bounds

    • Nicole Philip Greene As far as caricatures are concerned, they are never easily acceptable to many. I have never seen an ‘acceptable’ caricature in my life. There are those who would claim racism, buffoonery or whatever. That’s my experience. My response is neither denial nor rationalization. I have said before, in my life time, I have seen many caricatures and as such our reaction to Bravo’s caricature is ridiculously thin skinned. If Bravo has a problem with it then he needs to request no more caricatures. Adidas will then retract and make a statement. It’s a waste of time in my book.

    • As I posted above. Adidas has retracted and deleted.
      What I was trying to show you was that there’s a fairly distinctive theme carried through all their artwork. Bravo’s piece was a huge deviation from this. That’s the context of the outrage.

    • You are missing the point Kenneth H. Ransome Jr. or maybe you are not..either way the issue people are having is that this was just plain nonsense. We have every right to be ‘thin skinned’ and ‘every right to be sensitive. Racism is not somethings that exists purely in our minds, it is institutional and colours almost every aspect of this western hegemony which we do not control. So yes when we see things like this we have to call them out. Caricatures are for poking fun…this is NOT one of those moments. If we don’t demand respect we won’t get it just because…that benevolent world doesn’t exist.

    • with proof of deviations of a long line and history of partnerships at adidas, i wonder how people will see and take that apology. i often marvel at apologies for what is done boldly in broad day light, intentional, and without duress…’just another day at coon desk

  26. No publicity is bad publicity?
    [I just asking eh]

  27. This is unacceptable. It is not an appropriate representation of our Champion . I hope DJ Bravo’s Management team responds appropriately.

  28. Caricatures never look good! In my life time I have seen many and none were ever complementary in my view. From experience, caricatures amplify about 4 to 5 prominent points of a person’s facial image and, to me, never pleasant.

  29. Can’t help but see Donkey from Shrek when I watch this.

  30. Lasana let’s see how Bravo’s management team responds.

  31. And that wasn’t a caricature eh, that was,a coonicature!

  32. Fayola, this is Adidas celebrating Messi after he won his fifth Balon D’or. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CYdfhQzWQAAlGh4.jpg:large

  33. Even if they did a cartoon… No problem. Adidas did excellent cartoons with Messi and Schweinsteiger and so on in the past. They were all doing things with a football, not grinning with oversized lips

  34. WTF am I seeing? that person clearly got a bad batch of ganja cause his/ her vision was f-ed up when they were going through proofs.

  35. I was saying earlier that Adidas wouldn’t dream of depicting an African American athlete this way, but they thought nothing of depicting an Afro Caribbean athlete this way.
    You could tell me this got past the black people working in the marketing department?

  36. Is Adidas one of Bravo’s sponsors? If they are then that “relationship” needs to be seriously examined. And if not then Bravo should @/$&**! dem up in a new remix of #champion.

  37. This is how Adidas celebrated Lionel Messi’s Balon d’Or:




    Do you see the vast difference?! They can celebrate an athlete appropriately, in Bravo’s case, they chose not to. Bravo, call Nike.

  38. It reminds me of the racist cartoons drawn in the 20th century depicting the Black man as having large mouths and small eyes. This scenario was based on early sociological theories that opined that ones physical characteristics depicted their IQ and behaviour. As such persons with large noses were more prone to steal etc.
    One of the main theorists was Lombroso, who wrote:

    “At the sight of that skull, I seemed to see all of a sudden, lighted up as a vast plain under a flaming sky, the problem of the nature of the criminal – an atavistic being who reproduces in his person the ferocious instincts of primitive humanity and the inferior animals.

    “Thus were explained anatomically the enormous jaws, high cheek bones, prominent superciliary arches, solitary lines in the palms, extreme size of the orbits, handle shaped or sessile ears found in criminals, savages and apes, insensibility to pain, extremely acute sight, tattooing, excessive idleness, love of orgies and the irresistible craving for evil for its own sake, the desire not only to extinguish life in the victim, but to mutilate the corpse, tear its flesh, and drink its blood.”

    Look at this cartoon and you will see the similarity: http://www.ferris.edu/jimcrow/cartoons/acme.htm

    This may be how the Company views Bravo.

  39. Lol. Another WFT moment! Lasana gets licks for reporting on Addidas tweet?